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You Guys, Anne Hathaway Knows Exactly How Much You Hate Her

By Joanna Robinson | Celebrity | January 23, 2014 |

By Joanna Robinson | Celebrity | January 23, 2014 |

I actually get a little uneasy when I think about how much we all love Jennifer Lawrence. Not that she hasn’t earned it by being talented and accessible and goofy and gorgeous and a delight. But has anyone ever been adored quite this much and by all sectors? She’s beloved by both the Taylor Swift-loving tweens and the snobby O. Russell set. She’s got such mass appeal that I’m not worried about backlash as much as I’m worried about her being ripped to shreds in the streets due to the frenzy of our adoration.

But we’re not here to talk about the golden goddess that is JLaw. We’re here to talk about her shadow sister Anne Hathaway who has the unmitigated gall to be merely talented and only mind-boggingly gorgeous. Where are the memes, Anne? Where are the gifs? Stunning performances aren’t enough to win you America’s Sweetheart status in this day and internet age and, as a result, Anne’s slightly off-putting, over-eager demeanor has garnered a truly baffling level of hate. And she knows it. She told The Huffington Post that, barring one brief cameo in 2013, she hasn’t been seen onscreen since her Oscar win. Why, you ask? “My impression is that people needed a break from me.”

YOU GUYS, SHE HEARD US. How did she find out?! Who told her? Was it the discreet bathroom graffiti? Or was it, oh I dunno, the millions of tabloid headlines followed by the millions of think pieces entitled “Why Do We Hate Anne Hathaway?” Seriously, type “Anne Hathaway hate” into Google and see what you find. It’s okay. I’ll wait. There’s even a few videos if all that reading seems tiresome. It’s sort of heartbreaking, isn’t it? In a world of inexplicably famous people and downright reprehensible folks, it’s sort of upsetting that we’ve made Hathaway, who is really unquestionably talented and hard-working, such a target. It’s like she heard the mean girls talking about her in the cafeteria and decided to go eat lunch in the bathroom for a year. So maybe we would forget to pick on her? I mean, sure, her version of eating lunch in the bathroom in going on vacation to Hawaii with her husband. But still. She knows. And that feels pretty shitty.

(via Huffington Post)