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10 Non-Stick Insect TV Actresses Who Are Allowed To Be Confident In Their Sexual-i-tay

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | January 16, 2014 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | January 16, 2014 |

With all the talk of late surrounding Lena Dunham and body shaming and exactly which kind of actress is “allowed” to show her body or embrace her sexuality on television, it should be noted that Dunham is not the only non-rail thin actress flaunting her stuff on television. Perhaps she’s the most nude, but she’s not the only one. Is there anything wrong with slimmer ladies? Nay! Anything wrong with stacked ones? I say nay again. Ladies of all shapes and sizes are welcome to empower themselves sexually on my TV screen and I urge you not to confuse the following post with this off-putting meme.


But I don’t think it’s out of line to suggest that the current aesthetic of Hollywood is more welcoming to women with fewer curves or, possibly, ladies with astronomically disproportionate curves in the manner of Sofia Vergara or Kat Dennings. Once again, that’s not a Vergara/Dennings slam, but it’s nice to see that, more and more, a wider range is being represented. You might cock your eyebrow at the inclusion of some of the women on this list. (The same way we all sneer “you call that ‘plus-size,’ H&M?”) But I’ll have you know that when I put every single one of these names into Google Image Search, the autofill suggested “First Name Last Name Weight” or “First Name Last Name Pregnant” as popular searches. So, there’s that. Certainly there are larger ladies on our TV. But, at least in their current TV roles, the Rebel Wilsons and Melissa McCarthys are still played for laughs rather than viewed as legitimately sexually empowered. Not so the following ladies who, much like Mariska Hargitay, are confident in their sexual-i-tay.

Busy Phillips — Cougar Town
Laurie started the show a little stickier than she is these days, but that doesn’t stop good ol’ Jelly Bean from getting her swerve on. Stride of pride, indeed.

Rhetta — Parks & Recreation
You remember the Meagle motto, don’t you? “Use Him, Abuse Him, Lose Him.” I’m thinking of having it stitched on a pillow.

Jemima Kirke — Girls
I know, I know, you were expecting Lena, weren’t you? But I’d argue that despite Dunham’s assertion that you shouldn’t have a problem with her naked form, the character of Hannah lacks confidence in, oh, every single aspect of her life. The delicious (and obnoxious) Jessa, on the other hand? Sexual force of nature. No wonder Shoshanna worships her.

Mindy Kaling — The Mindy Project
Dr. Lahiri is not without her insecurities which might put her more in the Hannah camp than the Jessa camp. She has, however, managed to nail a parade of eligible TV guest star bachelors and gave some great sexy Santa just a few weeks ago.
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.25.47 PM.png

Dascha Polanco — Orange Is The New Black
Dayanara was subject to some sexual exploitation (as were many of the women in Orange Is The New Black) and put downs from her own mother, but that didn’t stop her from owning her allure.

Margot Bingham — Boardwalk Empire
This is what we like to call “period appropriate voluptuousness” in that Daughter Maitland’s fuller form fits right in with the 20s aesthetic. Bingham is, undeniably, a knock out.

Christina Hendricks — Mad Men
Ah yes, another period appropriate delight. The lovely Joan Harris is, of course, the patron saint of papazow. Her relationship with her sexuality has been up and down (married her rapist, traded sex for professional advancement) but here she is at her happiest and most appealing.

Cecily Strong — Saturday Night Live
They’re still playing Aidy Bryant for Melissa McCarthy-esque laughs, but Cecily Strong here is the resident hottie of the cast and she’s not exactly frail.

Amber Tamblyn — Two And A Half Men
Are we delighted that the lovely Amber Tamblyn (aka Mrs. David Cross aka the best Emily Quartermaine aka “what IF God were one of us, Joan?” aka one of those sisters with the well-traveled pants) is stuck in Chuck Lorrie sitcom hell? No we are not. But we have to admit we’re a little excited that one of the main characters on this particular Chuck Lorrie monstrosity is a stacked lesbian with a healthy sexual appetite. So, moderately well-played, Tamblyn.

Sara Ramirez — Grey’s Anatomy
Another lesbian (or at least bisexual) on the list! In a call back to Season 3, Dr. Ramirez ended an episode the other week by shimmying around in her underwear. It was AMAZING…
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.45.13 PM.png

…and went a little something like this.

Before you get your pink, lacy knickers in a twist, that headline is merely a dated Bridget Jones reference.

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