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Is This The Most Potently Adorable New Couple On Television?

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | October 22, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | October 22, 2013 |

This show, Sleepy Hollow, had dreadful written all over it. It was supposed to be a joke. A show so weighed down with its own preposterous premise that there was no way it could succeed. But it is, against all odds, succeeding. It’s not the best show on television. It’s not even the best new show this fall. (That’s still Masters Of Sex.) But it might be the most enjoyable, and I have to lay the credit mostly at the feet of the fizz bang wallop chemistry between Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie (aka Ichabod Crane and Lt. Abbie Mills). It’s not really fair, is it, to give all the credit to the actors when they just lived in the world that Phillip Iscove, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Len Wiseman created. But a recent promotional video popped up that makes me think that the firm of Iscove, Kurtzman, Orci, Wiseman, Wolfram & Hart don’t deserve much credit at all.


In the video (which you can only see over on TVLine), Wiseman admits that not only is Tom Mison the one who decided that Ichabod should call Abbie Mills “leftenant,” but that he, Wiseman, initially tried to correct Mison. The “leftenant” thing, by the way, is one of the shows most endearing quirks. And it’s the quirks that keep the show from sinking into the mire of supernatural procedural. Mison and Beharie play off each other much like the oddball Doctor and his earthbound Companions. But the playing field is a little more even here. The footing a little more equal. In Doctor Who, the Companion is usually responsible for the Doctor’s emotional education but, for the most part, lets him do the heavy lifting when it comes to brains and rescuing. I like these two much better when it comes to solving sticky supernatural situations. They’re a team. And since I heard that “leftenant” thing, I’m willing to give Mison and Beharie all the credit. Hell, I’d even believe they sewed that magnificent coat. Matt Smith, eat your heart out.


Additionally, like the best Doctor/Companion relationships, these two are platonic. Ichabod is pining for his voluptuous, dead witch wife and doesn’t really have eyes for the “leftenant.” He may eventually, but for now we’re spared the mooning. For now.


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