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Bryan Cranston Read His Favorite Erotic Fan Letter When 'Breaking Bad' Took Over Conan Last Night

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 24, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 24, 2013 |

What’s that? Jennifer Aniston ISN’T pregnant? Well blow me down. (Celebitchy)

My darling Wehdonites and other such nerdlingers, Agents of SHIELD debuts tonight. How excited are you on a scale of 1 to OH GOD THEY’RE GOING TO KILL EVERYONE I LOVE? (Blastr)

The lovely Kysten Ritter, she who too briefly put the B in ABC and broke our hearts on Breaking Bad is weighing in with the rest of the world on the series. And, what do you know, she’s steadfastly Team Walt. Feh, Chloe would be. (Vulture)

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.53.02 AM.png

Speaking of weighing in on Breaking Bad, Dustin has a fine theory cooking over at Uproxx about how all the Team Walt meatheads (that’s you, Chloe) are going to be disappointed by the show’s finale. Not, like, Dexter-level disappointed. But still. (Uproxx)

One more Breaking Bad bit (before some other BB bits later), but here’s a smashing infographic of what the AMC show would look like if it were written by George RR Martin. Now I’m just living to hear Baby Holly babble “Valar Ma-mo-ma-morghulis.” (Unreality)

Speaking of smashing images, you sticklers might take exception with the terms “art nouveau,” but these highly stylized Miyazaki character portraits are outstanding. (Nerd Approved)


I might be reading this io9 list of “The 9 Least Competent Jedi” incorrectly, but the answer appears to be “all the ones you can comfortably name, Joanna.” (io9)

Okay so the cast of the new Cinderella movie is, inarguably, amazing. Cate Blanchett vs. Helena Bonham Carter? Yes please. But LaineyGossip is right to point out the very…um…dime store novel look of Cinderella and her heaving bosom. (LaineyGossip)

Speaking of smut! Yay! E.L. James (boo), is launching a line of 50 Shades Of Grey wine. I’m seriously contemplating burning everything to the ground and using her sh*tty, poorly written hooch as a fire starter. (FilmDrunk)

Who pulls off the see-through burka look better than Aubrey Plaza? No one, that’s who. (GFY)

What what what is Kanye West on about, people? He claims he’s “reached the point where my Truman Show boat has crashed into the painting.” Then who’s Ed Harris in a beret? ARE WE ALL ED HARRIS IN A BERET? (DListed)

Here’s a round up of fun and interesting facts you didn’t know about the cast of Homeland. Damian Lewis singing and Morena Baccarin in her altogethers? Yes please. (WG)

Speaking scantily clad treats, here’s a Haunted House you can walk through completely naked. Great, so now everyone will know when you’re peeing in terror. (Geekologie)

Finally, the cast of Breaking Bad took over Conan last night and it was glorious. You can see all the highlights here…
(Laughing Squid)

…but above all else I want you to watch Bryan Cranston read this erotic fan letter. Go ahead, crack open a bottle of 50 Shades wine if you must. Enjoy.

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