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9 Recent Films That Would Make Amazing TV Series

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | January 8, 2014 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | January 8, 2014 |

FX has released the first two images from their upcoming series Fargo “loosely” based on the 1996 film of the same name. We here at Pajiba and all of you out there in internetland were long ago burned out on remakes, reboots and spin-offs and would much rather encourage films and TV series that were based on original ideas and properties, we can’t deny the allure of this 10-episode series. It’s an all new crime story but Martin Freeman’s character is obviously based on William H. Macy’s Jerry Lundegaard and Allison Tolman’s Deputy Molly Solverson’s is based on the role that won Frances McDormand the Oscar. Here are both Freeman and Tolman in their finest Minnesotan regalia.


Anyone else just a wee bit worried about Martin Freeman’s American accent? Just me? Okay. Regardless, it made me wonder what other films we might see on TV 15 years or more down the pike. Or maybe even sooner? Roll your eyes and bring up the extremely rocky Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. if you like, but there’s always Friday Night Lights, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and (shut your mouth) Shaft to consider.

The Lincoln Lawyer — FX
Where it on CBS, this plot, based on a Michael Connelly novel of the same name, could make for the world’s most boring and irritating high-concept procedural. But on FX? Whooooooo, brother. There are five novels featuring McConaughey’s character DA Mickey Haller, I don’t see why we can’t spin at least five seasons out of that. Move over, Raylan.

Hanna — BBC America
I suppose the more natural fit for Hanna would be SyFy, but after seeing the way they’ve handled everything post Battlestar Galactica, I don’t have a ton of confidence. I’d much rather see this pint-sized killing machine go through growing pains and puberty as a companion piece to the amazing Orphan Black.

The Heat — FOX
FOX is already home to one great cop comedy in Brooklyn Nine-Nine but I wouldn’t be at all disappointed to see a similar show with two ladies holding down the lead roles. No offense meant to Andre Braugher. Some offense meant to Andy Samberg.

About Time — NBC
Think of the sappy sentimentality of early Parenthood with an added touch of whimsical time travel. What? That doesn’t suit you? We’ll then I’ll kindly ask you to get the hell away from my magical cupboard.

Magic Mike — HBO
Bear with me, it’s not all about the wangs. Think of it, an HBO series the reveals the nitty gritty and seamy underbelly of the world of male stripping. Oh and also? Wangs. Yeah I lied. It’s about the wangs.
Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.58.49 PM.png

We’re The Millers — ABC
ABC is already doing a bang up job in the family comedy department (The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, The Middle, Suburgatory, Anything That’s Not Modern Family) and I think this would actually make a much better sitcom than it did a film. The added edge would be welcome.

Chronicle — FX
This could be everything Heroes wanted to be if it kept the story smaller and more focused on the kids and the way their powers hinder or help their every day life. Abrams went to big with Heroes and the whole show shuddered and collapsed under the weight of the mythology. Keep it simple, keep it human and you’ll have a far more fascinating story.

Haywire —AMC
When’s the last time you saw a woman choke someone to death with her thighs? It’s been way too long, no? Why AMC? Oh I dunno, it can’t be worse than Low Winter Sun.

Short Term 12 — Sundance
The Sundance Channel came out of nowhere this year to absolutely kill it in the must-watch drama department. Between Rectify, Top Of The Lake and The Returned they have an absolutely sterling track record. When we talk about Short Term 12, the site’s favorite film of 2013, we often focus on Brie Larson. But this is, in effect, an ensemble piece that features STUNNING performances from the kids in this group home. It would make for endlessly fascinating television.
Short Term 12.jpg

(Fargo images via, you guessed it, Yahoo)