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What We Learned From Last Night's Sextual FOX Comedies

By Joanna Robinson | TV | November 13, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | November 13, 2013 |

Best Plot Line Morgan Has Ever Had: Ike Barinholtz is one of the head writers on The Mindy Project so it’s fairly incredible it took him this long to write himself a great story line. The sexting plot not only made great use of Morgan but also of Adam Pally’s Peter. I didn’t cringe once at a Pally line and that’s a first. A-plus for all of this.

As Long As Hot Dogs Are Hats, Anything Is Possible: I love it when New Girl gives Jess workplace comedy situations. Zooey is fantastic with kids and I wish they would put her here more often, if only to get us out of the loft. Her tearful delivery here was perfect.

The Rosa Project: Okay, okay, you finally wore me down. Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be getting a heavier rotation in these recaps. This week’s episode was fantastic primarily because of Stephanie Beatriz’s Rosa with a heavy assist from Terry Crews and Joe Lo Truglio. Dustin may be right that this show has the potential to be the new Parks & Recreation. Side note? I did not miss Chelsea Peretti. She is by far the weakest link.

Mindy’s The 2nd Hottest Person On The Floor Since Doug Became Desiree: One of my favorite things Mindy Kaling does is poke fun at herself. Dr. Lahiri is constantly being made fun of for her looks (“you’re obviously very pregnant”) and I love the spiky way she sticks up for herself. Kaling may be using this show as an excuse to make out with the most charming and handsome men in television, but that ain’t all she’s doing.
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It’s Britney, B*tch: Listen, none of us, I MEAN NONE OF US, can resist Brit. Not even Schmidt in a cleaning sulk.

More Of This Please: Can we have an episode that is entirely flashback? I would pay so much money to see Andre Braugher in a parade of terrible suits.

Does Mindy Rely Too Much On Guest Stars?: What was that I was saying about Mindy making out with all the most handsome and charming men on television? She may not have gotten her hands on Glenn Howerton this episode, but that’s gotta be right around the corner, yes? Perhaps a slap fight duel with Ellie Kemper first? Josh Kurp brought up a really good point on our podcast this week about the fact that The Mindy Project relies too much on its guest stars. And it’s true that my favorite episodes from last year revolved around Mark Duplass and Anders Holm. Is Mindy strong enough to stand on its own?
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Just The Right Amount Of Guest Star: Stacy Keach was perfect on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Drunk Jake segment gave Samberg and excuse to act out. He’s been toning it down a bit in the day to day parts of the episodes and that’s been MUCH appreciated. I don’t mind him getting extremely silly in moderation. This was just right.

Much Better Coach Episode, Right?: I thought the training montage stuff was great and if I had found a gif of Damon Wayans Jr. slapping the dumpling out of Jake Johnson’s hands, I would have uploaded it here…and onto my heart.

You’re Welcome Dr. C Fans: Keep on shipping on.