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'How I Met Your Mother' Is Getting A Spin-Off?! 13 Sidelined Characters More Deserving Of Their Own Show

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | October 31, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | October 31, 2013 |

CBS is plotting to prolong the How I Met Your Mother cash cow with a proposed spin-off called How I Met Your Father. Thankfully none of the original cast are going to be involved. Deadline is reporting that the spin-off would center around a new female character and her friends while she’s on the hunt for her future husband. A female Ted Mosby? Heaven forfend. The unifying link between the two series would, reportedly, be the MacLaren’s Pub set. Hey, why bother building a new set if you’re not going to bother coming up with a new concept? There are a lot of critical things to say about this Season of How I Met Your Mother, but one thing I am most impressed by is how they’ve managed to create a Mother character I’m actually pleased with. Delighted by. She’s adorable. Let’s just get her hooked up with Ted already and call it a day.

It’s entirely possible the new spin-off will not get the greenlight. Look what happened to Schrute Farms, the last attempt to prolong a series well past its expiration date. Then again, there’s always Better Call Saul to consider. I’m opposed to spin-offs in general, I’d much rather see an original property, but if we must rehash an already existing show, I’d much rather see these characters get a taste of the limelight.

Deputies Tim Gutterson and Rachel Brooks — Justified: These two are woefully underused on their own show. Though Dept. Tim did get more plot than ever this season with his dead army buddy/lover and his beefed up part in the magnificent episode “Decoy.” But, seriously, I would be all over a buddy cop show with these two cracking-wise and trading heartaches.

Winston And Ferguson — New Girl: Fine, you know what New Girl? If you can’t figure out what to do with Winston then you don’t deserve him. He should take his sassy songs and his true love Ferguson and get the f*ck out.

Sloan And Don — The Newsroom: Believe it or not, The Newsroom has been renewed for a third season and while several of the characters have become increasingly hard to root for (Will, Mac, Jim, DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN MAGGIE), Don and Sloan have remained fun and engaging and sympathetic and delightful. Give them their own show and get the off the sinking ACN ship.

Eli Gold — The Good Wife: I love that Alan Cumming’s ruthless shark was promoted to series regular, but with the in-fighting at Lockhart/Gardner this season and no campaign for him to run it looks like he’s become nothing more than a leash for the increasingly unruly Peter. That’s no fun. Give him his own show, let the man machinate.

Stan And Ginsberg — Mad Men: There’s been talk of a California spin-off featuring Ted Chaough and Pete Campbell, and I wouldn’t mind that one bit. But I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be more interested in an extra hour with Stan’s beard.

Donna And Tommy — Parks And Recreation: Our beloved Parks is starting to show its age and the antics that once delighted us are not quite as fun anymore, are they? But do you know who’s always fun, Retta and Aziz. Always.

Agents Coulson And May — Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Listen I know I can’t really call them “sidelined” if they’re two of the main characters on the show, but I am having more and more difficulty tolerating all the younger Agents. I mean, I suppose they Phil and Melinda can just stay on their own damn show if the helicarrier crashes soon and takes Gidget, Agent Blue Steel and the two scientists with it. May and Coulson kicking ass and taking names whilst wearing matching aviators? Yes please.

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