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Check Out Russell Crowe's Sassy Updo In The 'Noah' Super Bowl Trailer

By Joanna Robinson | Trailers | January 29, 2014 |

By Joanna Robinson | Trailers | January 29, 2014 |

As you know, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson are set to star in Noah, Darren Aronofsky’s splashy, big-budget retelling of the world’s earliest Polar Vortex storm. From the looks of this Super Bowl trailer that has hit the internet early, this isn’t your art house cinema’s Aronofsky. Not even The Fountain can prepare you for the “epic scale” this trailer promises. Are those…those are flaming angels falling from outer space, are they not? Anyway, before the rain comes to wash all our sins and the unicorns away, something hits the earth like the mighty double-headed dildo of god. Is Russell Crowe’s topsy tail enough to keep us all enthralled? We shall have to see.

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