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New Scene From 'Catching Fire' Proves That Jennifer Lawrence Is Still Stuck In A Love Triangle With Two Pieces Of Driftwood

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | November 6, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | November 6, 2013 |

One of the biggest issues I had with the first Hunger Games film was the complete lack of sizzle between Katniss/Gale and Katniss/Peta. I’m not some simp who needs a love story in order to enjoy a good movie. I’m right there with those of you who think Legolas and Kate from Lost need to take their shiny hair and puppy dog eyes right out of The Hobbit. I’d be perfectly content to watch Katniss kick ass and fire off arrows and never once bat an eyelash at a boy. But the love triangle was already a key aspect of the story, so here we have it. And they screwed it up. They cast Jennifer Lawrence, who is all sizzle, and two completely flat and uninteresting boys to moon after her.


Thing are supposed to get even more complicated when that hothouse of sexual tension, Finnick Odair shows up in book two. And who did they cast? Sam Claflin? That absolute charisma suck from Snow White And The Huntsman? The one who somehow managed to have less screen presence than Kristen Stewart? What’s worse than driftwood? Mulch? That’s Sam Claflin. Prince Mulching.

Anyway, all that’s to say that in my version of these movies, Katniss runs off with Haymitch. At least he knows how to have a good time. Here’s a clip of the Lesser Hemsworth as stupid Gale being all mopey and unconvincingly brimming with revolutionary fire. I yawn.

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