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Pack It Up, President Obama Took A Selfie At Nelson Mandela's Funeral

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 10, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 10, 2013 |

I have drunk deeply and greedily of the Obama Kool-Aid, so it pains me to share that photo with you. The Selfies At Funerals tumblr responded accordingly. At least one Obama had the good sense not to get involved. Michelle, for your totally justified b*tchface, we salute you. (NDN)

Speaking of the b*tchface, one of its most glorious originators, Eleanor Parker aka The Baroness Schraeder (accept no substitutes), passed away this week. (CT)

Let us all bow down before her fabulousness.

Did you know Maurice Sendak made educational posters? He did. They’re amazing. (Neatorama)

There’s going to be a Jack Reacher 2 and FSR’s Rob Hunter is…excited? I didn’t see that coming. (FSR)

All your favorite people are in American Hustle and they all walked the red carpet this week for the premiere. Can we start a petition for all of Jeremy Renner’s suits to be sleeveless? DON’T HIDE THOSE FOREARMS UNDER A WOOL-BLEND BUSHEL, RENNER. (GFY)

Speaking of bare appendages, remember when the thought of Johnny Depp with his trousers down got you all hot and bothered? Well. Ah. Times have changed. (DListed)

The folks at Underscoopfire takes on the four most bothersome parts of Elf. BASICALLY THIS MOVIE SITS ON A THRONE OF LIES. (Underscoopfire)

Have you finished decorating for the holidays yet? No? GOOD. Because these Game Of Thrones snowflakes are incredible. The Greyjoy Kraken ones are my favorite. We do not snow. (Unreality)

And once we all make it through Chrismakkahwanza, we can ring in the New Year with a Happy Endings marathon. The dearly departed show is coming to VH1 and 2014 will kick off with a marathon. (Vulture)

Speaking of dearly departed TV shows, Dustin digs up information on Donal Logue of Terriers fame. Damn I still miss that show. (WG)

I’m not a huge fan of this Disney princess/Star Wars mash-up. (Jasmine as Slave Leia? REALLY?) But I have to admit it’s pretty cute what they did here with Rapunzel’s Padawan braid. (TMS)

Speaking of adorable animated things with fun hair, check out this cute Orphan Black comic strip. Tiny Cosima! (Itty Bitty Orphan Black)

According to Martin Scorcese, he only has a couple more films left. Not because he’s announcing some dramatic, early retirement, but because he’s just doing the math. That hurts. (/Film)

Here, let’s obliterate that hurt with the righteous anger that comes from seeing Kim Kardashian compare herself to Elizabeth Taylor. And that will bring us back to b*tchfaces.

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