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A Complete List Of All The Fandoms That Got Serviced Last Night On 'Sherlock'

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | January 2, 2014 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | January 2, 2014 |

Not everyone got a chance to watch the Season 3 premiere of Sherlock last night so, if you didn’t, the article that follows involves an entire cavalcade of spoilers.


I imagine we’ll have a full review up when the episode airs in the US, but for now here are all the areas of fandom that got serviced long and hard last night. Was it good for you?

Fans Of Hunting Hats
Sherlock Spoiler 5.jpg

Fans Of Cunning Hats
Sherlock Spoiler 4.jpg

Fans Who Hate The Fandom
Sherlock Spoiler 6.jpeg

Molly/Sherlock Shippers
Sherlock Spoiler 7.gifSherlock Spoiler 8.gif

Matt Smith
Sherlock Spoiler 9-4 (dragged).jpg

People Who Secretly Think Graham Greg Lestrade Is The Dreamiest
Sherlock Spoiler 10.gif

Sherlock Spoiler 11.jpg

Coat Enthusiasts
Sherlock Spoiler 22.gif

Dressing Gown Enthusiasts
Sherlock Spoiler 12.jpg

People Who Think Cumberbatch Is Amazing And All But Also Secretly Suspect That He Was In Danger Of Being Out-Acted By Martin Freeman Last Night And That Freeman Has Quietly Become One Of The Most Understatedly Great Actors On Television
Sherlock Spoiler 15.gif

People Who Have Always Wanted To Date A Girl With A Secret Tattoo. John, You Lucky Bastard.
Sherlock Spoiler 19.jpg

Sherlock Spoiler 21.gif

Whovians (That’s Absolutely A TARDIS)
Sherlock Spoiler 23.jpg

Scarf Gif Makers
Sherlock Spoiler 26.gif

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 8.59.20 AM.png

Fans That Shave For Sherlock

Them What Don’t

Fans Of Terrible Puns (Honestly, Is Our New Supervillain Gene Shalit?)

Fans Who Get Really Irritated When People Insist On The Homoerotic Subtext Of Sherlock
Sherlock Spoiler 13.png
Sherlock Spoiler 14.png

Fans Who Get Really Irritated When People Are In Denial About The Homoerotic Subtext Of Sherlock
Sherlock Spoiler 3.gif

People Who Like Their Jokes As Meta As Can Be
Sherlock Spoiler 24.jpg
Sherlock Spoiler 25.jpg