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Jennifer Lawrence Thinks You're Going To Get Sick Of Her. Not Likely.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 12, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 12, 2013 |

Mike Ryan, the king of the celebrity interview, had a charming chat with Jennifer Lawrence during which she kept insisting we’re going tire of how adorably, refreshingly goofy and charming she is. (HuffPo)

To which I say …

I mean, sure, it looks like JLaw rolled in some Elmer’s glue and then a vat of Skittles at the Catching Fire premiere, but that’s just part of her charm, y’all, and I’d taste the hell out of that rainbow. (DListed)

Oh, hmm, are we part of the problem? Part of the “Making You Sick Of Jennifer Lawrence” problem? Here. Let me fix it. Guess who Vinnie and the rest of the Entourage boys are going to get their sticky little douchey fingers on for the upcoming movie? (/Film)

Sounds about right.

Here are the most ’80s things in Ghostbusters. No one of them is not Dan Akroyd’s visible jawline. How rude. (Underscoopfire)

Get out your fringiest shawls: Stevie Nicks is going to be on American Horror Story: Coven. (Vulture)

Everyone’s talking about Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut, which means not enough people are talking about whatever the hell it is Jada Pinkett-Smith has done to her head. The better to whip it back and forth, my dear. (GFY)

Dustin has a round-up of 21 new characters and actors from next season’s Game Of Thrones. Sand Snakes? Why did it have to be Sand Snakes? (Uproxx)

Ugh, winter came all over this box of McRib patties. Seriously, do not click on this if you ever want to put that glistening mystery meat in your mouth again. (Gothamist)

Dear Christians who left some sanctimony instead of money as a tip? You’re doing it wrong. (DoTD)

Peter Pan is getting an origin story film and Joe Wright is being considered to direct. That’s not terrible news until you consider that a) there are eight Pan projects in development; b) they’re likening it to Batman Begins, which is waaaay too gritty for Neverland c); that one guy is way too old to play Rufio now; and d) some origins stories just don’t need to be told. Sometimes, I don’t want to know how the McRib gets made. (FSR)

Speaking of Batman, this is definitely the cutest in this series of “what if superheroes had day jobs?” (Unreality)

The group Improv Everywhere has been hitting it out of the park recently with their movies series. This one involving 20 women simultaneously doing the famous deli scene from When Harry Met Sally … is priceless. Come for the line cook’s goofy grin, stay for the uptight customer having none of it. (The Laughing Squid)

What do we think of this Tears For Fears cover on the Catching Fire soundtrack? Beats the pants off of Taylor Swift’s sob-ballad from Hunger Games. (Vulture)

Speaking of pantsless songbirds, Miley Cyrus delivers on this Lana Del Rey cover. Yes, Virginia, she can sing.

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