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Daniel Radcliffe Elevates the Absurdity in 'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story'

‘Andor’ Gets Crushed Beneath the Empire’s Boot in the Bleakest Piece of ‘Star Wars’ Ever Made

Cate Blanchett Is Maestra Of Us All In The Career-Defining 'Tár'

'The Banshees of Inisherin' is a Quiet, Simple Story of a Tall Handsome Man in a Dusty Black Coat with a Red Left Hand

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Armando Iannucci's 'Avenue 5' Is Back and Better Than Ever

The Empire Ruined Andor’s Sex-cation, Now It’s Personal

Review: Shudder's 'V/H/S/99' Tackles the Real Horrors of Y2K

The Hype Around ‘Andor’ Episode 6 Is Real

'Halloween Ends' Review: We are Finally Free From this Treachery

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Review: The Third and Final Season of 'Derry Girls'

'Amsterdam' Review: David O. Russell Needs to Be Stopped

Netflix's Halloween Family Movie 'The Curse of Bridge Hollow' Is a Full-Size Candy Bar

NYFF Review: Timothee Chalamet and Taylor Russell Find Love In a Hopeless Place In 'Bones And All'

Review: Hulu's Momo-Inspired 'Grimcutty' Is a Failure

Now on Peacock: 'Beast' Is A Tenacious Blast of Old-School ‘When Animals Attack!’ Savagery

‘Andor’ Reveals an Empire Whose Systems Are Worse Than the Emperor

NYFF Review: Adam Driver And Greta Gerwig Face Down The Apocalypse In Noah Baumbach's Incomparable 'White Noise'

'Smile' Is a Ruthless Indictment of Mental Health Stigmas and Not For the Faint of Heart [Spoilers]

Review: 'Bros' Is A Good Top In Search Of A Decent Bottom

The Empire in ‘Andor’ Is Actually on the Ball and Ruthless As Hell

Christ, the Characters in ‘Andor’ Slap

Review: The Charming ‘Catherine Called Birdy’ Brings Adolescent Angst and Jokes to Medieval England

The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ Is Bad

Boy, That Andor Sure Is a Rogue One (It’s Going To Be Like This the Whole Time)

Review: Crowd-Pleasing 'The Woman King' Revitalizes the Old-School Historical Epic

TIFF 2022 Review: ‘Carmen’ is a Messy Reinterpretation of the Iconic Opera

TIFF 2022 Review: ‘Daliland’ Brings an Iconic Artist to Life but Fails to Live Up to His Vision

Review: A Boy's Best Friend Is Their Mother (Until Not) In The Lukewarm 'Goodnight Mommy' Remake

Review: Mia Goth Sparkles and Slashes in ‘Pearl’

TIFF 2022 Review: Henry Selick and Jordan Peele Are a Striking Creative Pair in 'Wendell and Wild'

TIFF 2022 Review: ‘All the Beauty and the Bloodshed’ Tells the Story of a Remarkable Life and a Battle Against the Opioid Crisis

TIFF 2022 Review: 'Sick' is an Otherwise Worthy 'Scream' Successor Coated in Infectious COVID Droplets

TIFF 2022 Review: Sarah Polley’s Stunning ‘Women Talking’ Tackles Female Trauma and Quiet Power

Review: ‘Samaritan’ is the Next Phase of Superhero Churn

George Miller's 'Three Thousand Years Of Longing' Is a Weird Little Miracle

Review: 'Glorious' Is the Trolley Problem by Way of 'Futurama'

'Orphan: First Kill' is so Much Better Than it Has Any Business Being

The Family Superhero Flick 'Secret Headquarters' Is Surprisingly Old-Fashioned Sweet Fun

Review: ‘Fire of Love’ Shows Volcano Geeks in Love to a Fiery Backdrop

Review: 'Bullet Train' Spoils Dumb Fun with White Nonsense

Review: Gen Z Takes A Beating From The Whodunit Hands of A24's 'Bodies Bodies Bodies'

Fantasia Review: 'Hypochondriac' Is More of the Same But Different

Fantasia Review: Carter Smith's 'Swallowed' Digs Deep Into The Dark Nooks Of Queer-Horror

Fantasia Review: 'Relax, I'm From the Future,' is 'Terminator' by Way of Zany Youth

Review: ‘Not Okay’ Takes on the Narcissism of an Internet Influencer Scammer and Mostly Succeeds

'Don't Make Me Go' Review: Can Hot Dad John Cho Carry This Beautiful Movie Through Its Bullsh*t Twist?

Review: ‘Persuasion’ Is Awful and It’s Also Everything That’s Wrong with Netflix

Review: ‘Dreaming Walls’ Reveals the History and Ongoing Gentrification of the Chelsea Hotel

Review: Alice Krige's Incandescent Face Lights Up The Folk Horror Woods With 'She Will'

Review: Lesley Manville Sparkles As A Cinderella Senior In 'Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris'

The ‘Obi-Wan’ Finale Is Satisfying (From a Certain Point of View)

Review: ‘Elvis’ is What a Baz Luhrmann Biopic of Presley Was Always Going to Be… For Better or Worse

'The Black Phone' Is a Spooky, Scary Horror Movie with a Capital 'H'

Review: 'Flux Gourmet' Turns an Extended Fart Joke into an Empathetic Treatise on Loneliness and the Power of Art

Tribeca Review: 'PEN15' Star Anna Konkle Puts The Boom In Baby Boom With The Dark Comedy 'The Drop'

Now on Digital: Irish Horror Gains Another Unsettling Classic with 'You Are Not My Mother'

In 'Cha Cha Real Smooth,' the Actor/Writer/Director Can't Stop Obsessing Over Himself

‘Obi-Wan’ Just Cemented Darth Vader as a Glorified School Shooter

Tribeca Review: Penelope Cruz And Antonio Banderas Devour The Art-House In The Frantically Funny 'Official Competition'

Tribeca Review: The Mustache Unmakes The Man In The Unsettlingly Sparse 'The Integrity Of Joseph Chambers'

Tribeca Review: How Hungry We Are For Horror, And Here's 'Family Dinner' To Fill Us Up

Review: ‘Interceptor’ is a Casually Unhinged, Braindead Load of Occasionally Amusing Nonsense

Review: 'Jurassic World: Dominion' Is Like a Raptor Claw Across the Belly

Your Boy Obi-Wan Is Feeling Like His Old Self Again

On 'The Boys' Season 3, Starlight Is in Hell

What I Learned Cataloging 'Late Night' with Seth Meyers’ 'Corrections'

Review: Golf Underdog Biopic ‘The Phantom of the Open’ is a Classic British Comedy, For Better or Worse

Review: 'Crimes of the Future' Is a Science Fiction Opus for the Sickos

Review: 'Fire Island''s Big Heart And Speedos Bulge With Rom-Com Magic

Review: Maika Monroe And Karl Glusman Make For Gorgeous Things To Watch In 'Watcher'

'Morbius' Review: It's Morbin' Time!

Is ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi' Saving Its Money for the Back Half?

Review: Terence Davies' 'Benediction' Brings Us The Life, Loves, And Losses Of The Gay Poet Siegfried Sassoon

'Top Gun: Maverick' Is an Intense, Fast-Paced, Heady Bit of Craziness

Review: ‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’ is a Feature Length Episode in the Best Possible Way

Obi-Wan, You Were the Chosen One!

Review: Not All 'Men' But Definitely This F***ing Guy [Spoilers]

Review: Samara Weaving and Eugenio Derbez Give Us A Surprise Sweet Little Winner With 'The Valet'

Review: 'Downton Abbey' Might Have Found 'A New Era' But It's Blessedly Just More Of The Same Ol' Frothy Business

Review: 'Hatching' Is A Finnish Fairy Tale Of Most Fowl Play

Review: Emmy Rossum Takes on Ambition, Billboards, and the Celebrity Machine in ‘Angelyne’

Review: 'Firestarter' Is Stuck Rubbing Two Sticks Together

Review: Christina Ricci's 'Monstrous' Needs More 'Get Away from Her, You B*tch' Energy

Cry Valhalla: 'The Northman' Is Here To Whisper-Scream Us Tales Of Gore

Review: 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore' Struggles To Justify Its Existence

Netflix's Latest Horror 'Choose or Die' Is 'The Oregon Trail' For Sadists

Review: Is ‘Ambulance’ Good or Do We Just Miss the Bayhem?

Review: ‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ Examines Britain’s Most Notorious Abuser

Review: With 'Cow,' Andrea Arnold Offers an Unflinching Look into the Daily Lives of Animals Born for Food

Review: ‘Aline’, the Celine Dion Sort-Of Biopic, is Both Deeply Conventional and Wildly Bananas

Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum Coast Their Myriad Movie-Star Charms Across 'The Lost City'

Review: ‘Big Mouth’ Meets ‘The Office’ in ‘Humans Resources,’ a Hilarious but Uneven Spin-Off

Review: The Somewhat Trashy Erotic Thriller ‘Deep Water’ Lets Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Be Hot as Hell

A Terrific Sandra Oh Elevates 'Umma' To Almost 'Elevated Horror' But The 'Horror' Part Keeps Dragging It Down

Review: Ti West's 'X' Marks The Spot, Sweet And Sticky And Red, Oh So Red

Review: ‘Turning Red’ Will Make You Want to Listen to Pop and Let Down Your Fur

Review: 'The Adam Project' Is All Sound And Atoms, Signifying Nothing

Review: HBO Max's 'Our Flag Means Death' Adds Laughs To The Tale Of A Real Gentleman Pirate

On Showtime: ‘After Yang’ is a Complex Story of Humanity in a Simple Tale of a Busted Bot

Review: Franz Rogowski Puts The Great In The Gay Prison Drama 'Great Freedom'

Now on Hulu: Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones Put The 'Meat' In 'Meet Cute' With The Horror Rom-Com 'Fresh'

Review: Escape the Worst Timeline For a Few Hours with the Fluffy Delights of 'Marry Me'

Stream It Or Nah: Netflix's 'Wu Assassins' Follow-Up 'Fistful of Vengeance' Is Hot Nonsense

Review: Peter Dinklage is Excellent but the Music of ‘Cyrano’ Has Issues

Review: Werewolf Chiller 'The Cursed' Trades Its Soul For Fool's Gold

Don't F**k with the Original? More Like, Don't Mess with 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

Who's a Good Boy? Channing Tatum's a Good Boy With His Just-Shaggy-Enough Star Vehicle 'Dog'

Review: ‘Death on the Nile’ Sees Poirot Return for a Murder Mystery with Diminishing Returns

The Y.A. Adaptation 'The Sky Is Everywhere' Is A Lot Of Flower, Not Enough Power

Thank God 'The Book of Boba Fett' Is Closed

'All Of Us Are Dead' Is Textbook Zombiepocalypse Until It Becomes Something More

Review: Paul Thomas Anderson's Messy And Chaotic 'Licorice Pizza' Is The Stuff Of Life Itself

Roland Emmerich's 'Moonfall' Is Soft-Cheese Gibberish Stew

More Like ‘The Book of Everyone but Boba Fett,’ Amirite?

Now on Hulu and HBO Max: ‘Nightmare Alley’ Sees Guillermo del Toro Dive into a World of Relentless Sleaze

Pam & Tommy’ Is a Whiskey-Breath Body Glitter-Covered Crime-Drama

Now on Hulu: ‘Small Engine Repair’ is Sort of Mind-Boggling in Its Suggestion for How to Counter Revenge Porn

Review: Finnish Oscar Submission 'Compartment No 6' Is A Stirring Little Anti-Romance On Rails

Sundance Review: 'You Won't Be Alone' Is A Fine Folk-Horror 'Orlando' Made For Poetry Majors And Gore-Hounds Alike

'The Mandalorian' Just Ate Whatever Lunch Boba Fett Had Left

Sundance Review: Pop The Champagne Because Bill Nighy's Giving The Performance Of His Life in 'Living'

Review: ‘Memoria’ is a Languid Genre-Bending Drama that Invites the Audience to Embrace the Unknown

Sundance Review: 'Brian and Charles' Is A Lo-Fi Franken-Comedy Bursting With Goofball Charm

‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Says Unionize, Comrades, As It Finally Fixes Its Story

Review: Asghar Farhadi's Got Another Devastating Fable Of Human Failings For Us With His Latest Greatness, 'A Hero'

With 'Brazen,' Netflix Uses the TV Movie Cookie Cutter to Make its Own Batch of Vanilla Snacks

'The Lost Daughter' Review: Hang It In The Louvre

‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Threw the Best Part of the Show Right in the Trash

Review: I Have Now Stared into the Void, and it’s Called 'The 355'

Review: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Fresh ‘Scream’

Review: The Ol' Blind-Girl-in-Jeopardy Genre Gets New Juice With The Atmospheric & Terrific 'See For Me'

In Theory, ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Fleshes out Its Protagonist

Review: ‘Parallel Mothers’ is Mid-Tier Pedro Almodóvar, Still Better Than Most Other Things

Do We Need Boba Fett’s Book After We Just Had a Mandalorian?

Review: Simon Rex Kicks Us Deep In The Crotch of Texas With Sean Baker's Fearless And Funny 'Red Rocket'

Review: ‘Being the Ricardos’ is Another Reminder that Aaron Sorkin Just Can’t Help Himself

Joel Coen’s ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ is an Impeccably Stylish Act of Mimicry

Now On Digital: ‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’ is a Great Zombie Movie, Drenched in Videogame Gasoline, and Lit Ablaze by the 90s

Review: 'Flee' Paints a Moving Portrait of a Refugee's Search for Home and Belonging Despite Some Creative Confusion

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Review: Fan Service with Soul

Review: Paolo Sorrentino Scores An Almighty Goal With His Gorgeous And Aching Neopolitan Bildungsroman 'The Hand Of God'

Spielberg's 'West Side Story' Gives Us Something To Sing About

Review: Filmmaker Jane Campion Probes at the Limits of Hate and Love in Her Exemplary Neo-Western ‘The Power of the Dog’

Review: Paul Schrader’s ‘The Card Counter’ Is an Unwieldy Mixture of Post-9/11 Excuses and Guilt, and Oscar Isaac Holds It All Together

Review: ‘House of Gucci,’ Like Its Subject Matter, Is Divided on Class vs. Kitsch, High-Brow vs. Low-Brow, and the Result Is an Inconsistent Movie

Review: Kristen Stewart Is a Compelling Diana in the Fantastical Ghost Story 'Spencer'

Review: 'Wolf' Will Awaken Things In You

Review: A Real Scottish Lady Reviews ‘A Castle for Christmas’

Review: It's Time for Yet Another Netflix True Crime Series with 'Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier'

Now on Digital: 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' Isn't A Good Movie -- It's A GREAT One

Review: 'King Richard' Serves Up a Fresh Take on the Sports Biopic

Review: Every Moment Matters In Lin-Manuel Miranda's Triumphant "Tick, Tick... Boom!"

Now on Digital: ‘Last Night in Soho’ Is Immersive, Muddled, Reconfirms Anya Taylor-Joy’s Dazzlingness, and Stumbles Over Itself

The Graceful 'Mothering Sunday' Gives Romance to the Ghosts

Review: Season Two of Netflix's 'Tiger King' is Dull, Sleazy, and Bereft of Integrity

The Director of 'Train to Busan' Damns Sinners in Netflix's 'Hellbound'

Review: 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Is a Slimy, Soulless Disaster

Review: Kenneth Branagh's Autobiographical "Belfast" Is His Best Movie in Years

Now on Netflix: Rebecca Hall’s ‘Passing’ Passes But Not With Flying Colors

Now on Netflix: Brazilian Drama ‘7 Prisoners’ Reveals the Inescapable Hell of Poverty

Review: ‘Son of Monarchs’ Crafts a Poetic Blend of Science and Art, Occasionally Forgets Story

Now on Netflix: 'The Harder They Fall' Is a Blistering Tale of Revenge Featuring an All-Star Cast

What Happened to Marta del Castillo? Netflix’s True Crime Series ‘Where is Marta’ Tackles the Missing Person Case

Review: 'Finch' Is Yet Another Movie That Lets Down America's Dad

Review: Benedict Cumberbatch is Back as Another Quirky Historical Figure in 'The Electrical Life of Louis Wain'

Review: The Jokes Are Still There but Season Five of ‘Big Mouth’ Feels Like a Step Down

Review: ‘The Souvenir Part II’ is a Sharply Realized Portrait of an Artist as a Young Woman

Now on Netflix: 'Army of Thieves' Flails Despite the Efforts of Matthias Schweighöfer and Nathalie Emmanuel

Review: In 'Found,' Three Adoptees Search for Their Birth Parents But Find Something Better

Review: Netflix's 'Night Teeth' Is A Vampire Vehicle That Lacks Bite

Review: 'Dune' Is a Spectacular Complement to the Novel But Can't Stand On Its Own

Review: Netflix’s Newest True Crime Series ‘The Raincoat Killer’ Looks Into the Case of an Infamous South Korean Serial Killer

Review: 'Broadcast Signal Intrusion' Is An Unreliable Mystery That Will Leave You Questioning... Well, Everything

Review: 'Halloween Kills' Insists It's Something New While Obsessing Over Everything Old

Review: ‘The Last Duel’ Is a Shockingly Empathetic Story of Male Ego and Violence, and It’s Ridley Scott’s Best Film in Years

Review: Is 'Survive the Game' Part of 'A Christmas Story' Cinematic Universe?

Review: ‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’ Is a Ghoulish Example of Modern True Crime Exploitation At Its Absolute Worst

Review: The Extremely Inconsistent Time Travel Rules in 'Needle in a Timestack' Are Only One Irritant of Many

Review: ‘The Rescue’ Faithfully Recounts the Thai Cave Disaster But Only Tells Half the Story

Stream it or Nah: Kristen Bell Scams the Coupon Industry in Paramount+'s 'Queenpins'

Review: Netflix's Newest True Crime Series 'House of Secrets' Explores One of India's Most Mysterious Crimes

Review: A24's Alleged Horror 'Lamb' Spins a Dull Fable of Delusion

Review: The Always-Welcome Barbara Hershey Helps Geriatric Horror 'The Manor' Feel Like a '70s TV Movie Flashback

Now on Hulu: The Magnificent 'Jacinta' and the Remarkable Prescience of Documentarians

Review: Lackluster Horror ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ Asks if Being Canceled Is a Fate Worse Than Death

Review: Aubrey Plaza and Michael Caine Are a Promising Pairing Who Elevate the Deeply Predictable ‘Best Sellers’

Spoiler Alert: I Have A Bone to Pick with the End Credit Scene in 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage'

Review: 'The Many Saints of Newark' Is An Excellent Reminder Of What A Good Show 'The Sopranos' Was

On Amazon: The Human Factor Elevates Blumhouse's 'Black as Night' Above Its Vampire Tropes

Review: 'No Time to Die' Ends Daniel Craig’s Bond Era with a Bang that Hits Like a Whimper

Review: Melissa McCarthy's 'The Starling' Is Very Bad

Review: Netflix Brings the Musical ‘Diana’ from Stage to Screen But Adds Nothing New to a Very Familiar Story

Now on Netflix: Jake Gyllenhaal is on Fire, Again, in 'The Guilty'

Review: Netflix's Newest Haunted House Tale 'No One Gets Out Alive' Effectively Layers in the Story of an Undocumented Woman

TIFF 2021 Review: Dan Stevens is a Hot, Romantic Robot in the Philosophical Sci-Fi 'I'm Your Man'

Review: There Is An Idea Of 'Dear Evan Hansen,'' Some Kind of Abstraction. But There is No Real 'Dear Evan Hansen' - Only An Entity, Something Illusory

Review: ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’ Is a Great Jessica Chastain Showcase

Review: 'Blue Bayou' Makes a Beautiful Mess of a Heartbreaking Issue

Review: Everyone is Going Full Nic Cage in Joe Carnahan's Astonishingly Good 'Copshop'

TIFF 2021 Review: 'Silent Night' is an Existential Crisis by Way of Michael Bublé Music and Wine from the Bottle

Review: Krysten Ritter Is A Perfect Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl In Netflix's Kiddie Horror Flick 'Nightbooks'

Review: ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ is a Broad but Vibrant Musical of a Working-Class Queer Celebration

Now On Digital: Nia DaCosta’s Horrifically Entertaining 'Candyman' Keeps the Legend Alive

TIFF 2021 Review: The Vampire Tale 'Kicking Blood' Offers Fresh Life to Old Addiction Metaphors

TIFF 2021 Review: ‘Sundown’ Offers a Droll Midlife Crisis Drama with a Few Sharp Twists

'Y: The Last Man' Review: More Like Y THIS LAST MAN, Amirite?

TIFF 2021 Review: Alison Pill Shines in the Deeply Literary Family Drama ‘All My Puny Sorrows’

TIFF 2021 Review: ‘Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash’ Combines Toxic Masculinity, Martial Arts Parody, and Maybe a Sexy Ghost?

TIFF 2021 Review: Argentine Horror ‘To Kill the Beast’ Brings the Tropical Gothic to the Big Screen with an Unnerving Poetic Force

Review: A Self-Aware James Wan Gets Zany in the Deeply Weird and Satisfying 'Malignant'

'Kate' Review: Mary Elizabeth Winstead. That's It, That's The Review.

Review: Ruthless 'Wild Indian' Recounts a Compellingly Potent if Overly Sparse Tragedy of Assimilation

Review: Pablo Larraín's "Ema" Is An Aggressive Slap Of Cinema, Meant To Put Some Color In Our Cheeks

Review: Every Attempt to Describe 'Yakuza Princess' Make It Sounds Very Cool, But Alas ... It Is Not

Review: 'Dating & New York' Suffocates Both In Fairy Dust

Review: Riz Ahmed’s Soul-Searching Freestyle Mesmerizes in Flawed but Winningly Bold ‘Mogul Mowgli’

Review: 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' Brings Much-Needed New Energy to the MCU

Review: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s ‘Cinderella,’ or an Especially Good ‘Cinderella,’ Really

Review: ‘Habit’ is So Busy Pissing Off the Religious Right That It Forgets to Do Much Else

Review: Borne from '90s Nostalgia, Netflix's 'He's All That' Has Shallowness and Product Placement That Are Beyond Satire

Now Streaming: Can 'No Man Of God' Make The Case For More Ted Bundy Movies?

Rebecca Hall Lights Up 'The Night House,' Two Stories Tall With Scares

Review: Jason Momoa Takes on Big Pharma in ‘Sweet Girl,’ a Middling Revenge Thriller with a Bonkers Third Act

Review: Here Lay Neill Blomkamp's 'Demonic,' D.O.A. Dumpster Fire

Now on VOD: Dev Patel Gets Sweaty In David Lowery's Wry and Melancholy 'The Green Knight'

Now on Shudder: Barbara Crampton's Teeth Sparkle in 'Jakob's Wife'

Review: 'Free Guy' is Half of an Amusing Movie Begging to Be Freed from the Weight of Its Premise

Review: 'CODA' Is This Year's 'That Sundance Movie'

Review: 'Don't Breathe 2' Had Me Gagging, But Not In The Good Way

Spoilers: The Sorta Sci-Fi, Sorta Legal Thriller ‘Naked Singularity’ is a Big Old ‘Huh?’ in Movie Form

Review: The Perils of Growing Up Meet Haneke-esque Unease in the Indie Drama ‘John and the Hole’

Review: ‘The Suicide Squad’ is James Gunn’s Frenetic, Ultraviolent Love Letter to the Losers of Supervillainy

Review: 'Enemies Of The State' Offers a True-Crime Mystery With A Hole In The Middle

Now on Shudder: 'The Boy Behind The Door' Brings Stranger Danger Nightmares To Life

Review: Netflix's Blind Date Game Show 'Sexy Beasts' Is Deeply Stupid And A Bit Brilliant

Review: Robert De Niro And Zach Braff Team Up For The Bumbling 'The Comeback Trail'

Review: 'Old' Is M. Night Shyamalan At His Best And Worst

Now on Digital HD and DVD: '32 Malasana Street' Brings Haunted House Horror Home

Spoiler Recap: ‘Fear Street Part 3: 1666’ Nods at Robert Eggers and Stephen King in Wrapping Up the Shadyside vs. Sunnyvale Rivalry

Review: Nicolas Cage's 'Pig' Is Not A 'John Wick' Ripoff; It's Better

Review: Paul Verhoeven's Wickedly Funny 'Benedetta' Kicks Back Against a New Wave of Puritanism

Review: 'Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain' May Not Be The Tribute Doc You're Craving

Review: Olivia Colman And Colin Firth's ‘Mothering Sunday’ is Insufferably English

Now on Netflix: Karen Gillan Kicks Teeth into Dust in the Shiny, Bloody 'Gunpowder Milkshake'

Review: 'Black Widow' Is A Bittersweet, Mixed Swan Song

Recap: ‘Fear Street Part 2: 1978’ Goes to Camp in an Obvious, Entertaining Homage to ‘Friday the 13th’

Review: Netflix’s ‘Sophie: A Murder in West Cork’ Examines One of Ireland’s Most Brutal Unsolved Crimes

Stream It or Nah: Netflix's 'Dynasty Warriors' Just Cannot Pull It Together

Recap: ‘Fear Street Part 1: 1994’ Kicks Off with a Witch, a Curse, and an Intercity Rivalry That Adds Economic Despair to the R.L. Stine Universe

Now on Hulu: Ilana Glazer's 'False Positive' Takes Mommy Horror To Strange True-Crime Terrain

Now On Netflix: Iliza Shlesinger’s Rom-Com ‘Good on Paper’ Delivers Charm And Serious Red Flags

Review: Willem Dafoe's 'Siberia' Is Impenetrable

Now on Disney+: 'Luca' Is Pixar's Best Film in Years

Now in Theaters: 'Werewolves Within' is a Real Awooo-dunnit

Review: 'Miss Juneteenth' Paints a Rousing, Quietly Radical Portrait of Black Womanhood

Review: Clearly I Am Being Punished for Something Because ‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ Is Torture

Now On Netflix: Want to see a Russian ‘Titanic’ on Ice? ‘Silver Skates’ Has Got You Covered

Now On Demand: Patrick Fugit Anchors The Often Suffocatingly Sad Vampire Tale 'My Heart Can't Beat Unless You Tell It To'

Review: ‘Skater Girl’ is a Coming-of-Age Fantasy that Puts Being Inspirational Above All Else

So …What Is The Big Deal About 'Demon Slayer,' Anyway?

Now on Netflix: ‘Wish Dragon’ Combines ‘Aladdin’ with Modern Day China and the Class Gap

Review: 'Censor' Scores An R (For Rad) Rating

Review: 'Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway' Delivers A Rollicking Romp, But...

Review: Nicole Riegel's 'Holler' Could Be The Next 'Winter's Bone'

Now on Netflix: ‘Awake’ Tries its Best to Keep Your Eyes Open

Review: ‘Sublet’ is a Gentle Romantic Dramedy About the Gulf Between Old and Young Queer Generations

Now on Shudder: George A. Romero's Lost Film 'The Amusement Park' Is Here To Terrorize Us To Death, And Ever After

Review: 'Anne Boleyn', Starring Jodie Turner-Smith, Brings a Modern Touch to an Oft-Misunderstood Historical Figure

Review: Filmmaker Christian Petzold Imagines the Fantastic and Again Explores German Identity in the Spellbinding 'Undine'

On HBO Max: 'The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It' Is Bad In A Concerning Way

Now on Shudder: 'Caveat' Delivers a Deeply Creepy Haunted House Tale

Review: Netflix Thriller 'Oxygen' Shoves You in a Box So You Can Brush Up Against Infinity

Review: "Plan B" Should Be Your Plan A For This Weekend

Review: Disney's 'Cruella' Lacks Sincerity and Identity, and No Amount of Jaunty Posing from Emma Stone Can Hide That

Now On Netflix: Zack Snyder's 'Army of The Dead' Is All We Need From Him Right Now

Review: Toni Collette And Her 'Dream Horse' Deliver A Feel-Good Filly Tale

Review: 'Seance' Summons a Familiar Ghost

Is This Timothy Duhamel? Or Josh Olyphant?

Castlevania Season Four: A Bloody Good Time

Review: Director Haifaa Al Mansour Returns to Her Home Country of Saudi Arabia for the Quietly Satisfying ‘The Perfect Candidate’

Now on Netflix: ‘The Woman in the Window’ Tries to Turn a Trashy Pot-Boiler into a Glossy Prestige Drama

Review: Ryan Murphy Once Again Goes for Style Over Substance with Netflix’s ‘Halston’

Review: ‘Profile’ Exhausts the Screen-Only Approach, and Is Also Exhausting

Review: Rainer Werner Fassbinder Biopic ‘Enfant Terrible’ Tries to Make Sense of an Infamous Filmmaker Who Defied Belief

Now on Shudder: You're Not Ready For The Awfulness Of 'The Reckoning'

Now on DVD and Digital: It Would Be Cool If People Didn't Ignore the Guantanamo Bay Legal Thriller 'The Mauritanian' Like They Did 'The Report'

Review: ‘Wrath of Man’ is the Latest Joyless Entry in Guy Ritchie’s Tiringly Bro-Sh*t Oeuvre

‘Sons of Sam’ is Yet Another Example of Netflix’s True Crime Problem

Now on Hulu: Max Landis's 'Shadow In the Cloud' Is Irredeemably Stupid And Tone-Deaf

Review: Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish Team Up for the Middling Buddy Dramedy ‘Here Today’

Now on Netflix: 'The Mitchells vs. the Machines,' from the Makers of 'Gravity Falls'

Review: Taylor Sheridan Dives into American Imperialism with the Infuriating ‘Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse’

Review: Glenn Close and Mila Kunis Face Off In The Addiction Drama 'Four Good Days'

Review: 'Golden Arm' Gives A Female Twist On Sport-Centered Buddy Comedy

Now on Hulu: Spoiler Review: ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ Makes Us Wonder Are The Straights Okay?

Now in Theaters: The Affecting Scottish Drama ‘Limbo’ Captures the Frustrating Bureaucratic Purgatory of Seeking Asylum in Britain

Now on Netflix: The Sci-Fi of 'Stowaway' Doesn't Pass the Sniff Test of an Elementary School Science Fair

Review: 'Things Heard & Seen' Delivers A Warm Hug With An Icy Grip

Review: 'The Virtuoso' Offers a Valid Reason To Be Mad At Anthony Hopkins

Now On HBO Max: 'Mortal Kombat' Delivers Bonkers Finishing Moves But Is Still Trash

Review: 'Boys From County Hell' Delivers A Fresh Spin On Vampire Horror

Review: Morgan Freeman and Ruby Rose Do 'John Wick' Wrong With ‘Vanquish’

Review: 'Monday' Makes Us Manic For The Fun Days

Review: The Psychedelic Freak-Out Folk-Horror of Ben Wheatley's 'In the Earth'

Review: Aya Cash and William Jackson Harper's 'We Broke Up' Isn't The Rom-Com You're Pining For

Review: 'The Banishing' Slips Down A Rabbit Hole Of Folk Horror Scares

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