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andrew-sanford.jpb Andrew Sanford, Staff Contributor: Andrew is a Writer and Performer living in NYC. You can find him on twitter or listen to his comedy podcast Half White Son of a Black Man.

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CONAN Wants To Meet You

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#CONAN Reading Comments About His Hair Is Everything I’ll Miss About Him

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Jimmy Fallon Has A Great Job

Conspiracy Theories Sound Better From Desus, Mero and Larry Wilmore

I Took Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest 'Who's High' Sketch Personally

‘The Daily Show’ Says R.I.P. To Obama’s 'Big Scandal'

Amber Ruffin Will Eat Your Pets!

Jimmy Kimmel Tests Trump’s Claim That 95% Of Black People Will Vote For Him

You’re Damn Right Amber Ruffin Roasted Trump’s Money Troubles With A Song

I Want To Join James Corden’s Huggers Support Group

Even Michelle Obama Mockingly Says, 'Thanks, Obama'

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Live, On Your TV: Late Night Hosts React to the Debate

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‘The Mandalorian’ Returns With A Season Two Trailer

New Details for Rami Malek’s Bond Villain Revealed

Conan O’Brien Hired the ‘Property Brothers’... And Then The Lockdown Happened

Jimmy Fallon Just Had Three ‘SNL’ Legends Play His Aunts

Trailer for Denis Villeneuve‘s ‘Dune’ Has Landed

Creator of Jelly Belly is Giving Away a Candy Factory

Disney+ Adds Tribute Special for Late Actor Chadwick Boseman

Stephen King Veteran Mike Flanagan Wants a Shot at ‘The Dark Tower’

New ‘No Time To Die’ Poster Dropped, Trailer Release Announced

Conan O’Brien Takes Cue From MLB

John Oliver Told Jared Kushner to 'Get F***ed'

Marlins and Mets Observe Moment of Silence, Walk off Field

Someone Made the Perfect RNC Theme Song

There’s a Cats/The Batman Trailer Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed (But You Do)

New ‘The Stand’ Miniseries to Debut on December 17th

Mike Birbiglia’s First Film Helped Me Deal With a Serious Breakup

Olivia Wilde, Kraven, and Batmen, Batmen, Everywhere

‘Lovecraft Country’ is Free on YouTube and There Was Much Rejoicing

Stephen Colbert Debuts an ‘Avengers Endgame’/DNC Mashup

Hasan Minhaj Announces End of ‘Patriot Act’

John Oliver Warns QAnon May Infiltrate Congress

Desus and Mero Call Ben Shapiro on his Bullsh*t

Three Songs Better Than The Movies They Were Made For

Sarah Cooper Guest Hosting 'Jimmy Kimmel: Live' Is the Feel-Good Story We Need Right Now

Comic Creators Dismayed Over Reported DC Layoffs

Stephen Colbert Returns To His Studio

DC Comics Reveals Epic Guest List for FanDome Event

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Former Pro Wrestler Marty Jannetty Confesses to Murder on Facebook

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Our Favorite Shark Movies

‘Castle Rock’ Deserves a Third Season

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Comic-Con Panels Will Never be the Same

Conan O'Brien Was Cut from the 'Coneheads' Movie

Three Classic Bond Villains We Wish Got a Shot at Daniel Craig

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'Jaws 3-D' Released 37 Years Ago Today

Aquaman's Film Embraces His Status as a Mixed-Race Hero

John Oliver Just Made It Easier to Warn Friends and Family about Conspiracy Theories