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Eloquent Eloquence: Slang Wagon Edition

Creative Silliness and Really Short Stories

Eloquent Eloquence: Post-Coitus Lipstick Edition

Your Fictitious Four

Eloquent Eloquence: Ye Olde Methamphetamyne Edition

Your Favourite Movie Music Sequence

Eloquent Eloquence: Hunnam-Ahummana Edition

In a Dream You Are Never Eighty

Eloquent Eloquence: The Full Thirlby Edition

What Got You Through Those Days?

Oh Yeah, Who Is That?

Eloquent Eloquence: Solidarity Highfive of Impatience! Edition

Eloquent Eloquence: Smells Like a Burning Band-Aid Edition

Eloquent Eloquence: Badass Linguistic Solidarity Edition

I Hate You So Much It Gives Me Energy

Eloquent Eloquence: Verbing a Noun Edition

I'm Younger Than That Now

Eloquent Eloquence: Valhallaback Girl Edition

I Do It For You!

Eloquent Eloquence: Fire Power Under a Poodle Skirt Edition

Look on My Geekiness, Ye Mighty, and Despair!

Eloquent Eloquence: SQUIRRELCANO!!!!! Edition

My Brush with Greatness

Eloquent Eloquence: Socio-Politically Meaningful Gay Sex Edition

Doggone It, People Like Me!

Eloquent Eloquence: We Are Guest Legion Edition

What Wrecks Your Willing Suspension of Disbelief?

Eloquent Eloquence: King of the Guys Edition

The Job You Want, The Job You Dread

Eloquent Eloquence: Temper Klaxon Edition

Pivot! (Questionnaire)

Eloquent Eloquence: Entertainment Industry Neologoportmanteau Edition

Words with Pajibans

Eloquent Eloquence: Hating People That Like Things Edition

The Movie Was Terrible, The Nap Was Wonderfully Refreshing

Eloquent Eloquence: Literrhea Edition

What Makes You Happy?

Eloquent Eloquence: TL:DR Edition

Eloquent Eloquence: Thighs of Fassbender Edition

Your Weekend Comment Diversion

What's On Your Bucket List?

Eloquent Eloquence: Professional Teeth Edition

Have You Ever Hit Someone?

Eloquent Eloquence: B*tches Love Magic! Edition

Do You Believe in God?

Eloquent Eloquence: Young Matt Damon Edition

How Drunk Were You?

Eloquent Eloquence: Sylvia Plath Confessional Oven Mittery Edition

Eloquent Eloquence: Kitsch Antics Edition

Have You Ever Had A Crazy Job Interview?

Eloquent Eloquence: Sartorially Corrected Edition

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Seriously, Guess!

Eloquent Eloquence: Fingerhood Ornaments Edition

Tell Us About Your Unusual Job

Eloquent Eloquence: Climb Mount Molehill Edition

What Is Your Theme Song?

Eloquent Eloquence: Public Meat Edition

Who Is Your Celebrity Lookalike?

Eloquent Eloquence: Awesome Facial Concoctions Edition

What's Your Favourite Quotation?

Eloquent Eloquence: Smarmtacularity Edition

If I Had Two Point Five Million Dollars ...

Eloquent Eloquence: Wild Mass Guessing Edition

Who Was Your Worst Boss?

Eloquent Eloquence: Neologism Cotillion Edition

When Did I Become My Parents?

Eloquent Eloquence: Benedict Malfoy Edition

What Is The Most Bizarre Thing You Can Do With Your Body?

Eloquent Eloquence: B*TCHCEPTION! Edition *BRAAAAAAAAAAM*

My Irrational Celebrity Love

Eloquent Eloquence: Disembowel with My Mind Science Edition

I Was Married By a Judge. I Should Have Asked For a Jury.

Egosurfing: Don't Try to Act All Innocent

Eloquent Eloquence: Surprisingly Synchronized Disease-Ridden Whores Edition

Let's Go, But Inconspicuously, Through the Window

Eloquent Eloquence: Cast into the Machinery Edition

You Say Pajiba, I Say ... Pajiba

Eloquent Eloquence: Fuzzy Assed Math Edition

A Tapestry of Obscenities

Eloquent Eloquence: Humdingers Firmly In Place Edition

Bang Out Your Dead!

Eloquent Eloquence: Storm of Vengeance and Whiskey Edition

Eloquent Eloquence: I'm Your Holy Crocodile Edition

Boy, Am I Glad That's Over

Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia

Eloquent Eloquence: Community Hate Fondle Edition

Weekend Comment Diversion: How Do You Not Fall Down More?

Eloquent Eloquence: Fiercely Heterosexual Opera Singers Edition

Weekend Comment Diversion: Been Caught Stealing

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