What's On Your Bucket List?

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What's On Your Bucket List?

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | April 27, 2013 | Comments ()

Bucket List.jpg

Okay folks, it's time for your Bucket List. You know the deal, right? It's a list of things you want to do before you die. I hope you've kept your items numbered should just such an opportunity arise.

I should like to meet an elephant, specifically an African elephant because they're bigger. But I don't want to meet an elephant that is in captivity as that is wrong on so very many levels. Nor do I long for a safari in Africa, as I'm really bad in the heat, it often makes me sick, and there is no way I could ever afford it. Clearly, this one is a quagmire. Let's start again.

I should like to see penguins in their natural habitat. I will settle for puffins (this ties in quite nicely with the last item).


Watch big wave surfers in Hawaii, but I would be fine with another big wave surfing venue. Let me be clear: Watch surfing, not try surfing. (H/T to the Accuracy Police for the location edit)

Run five miles. It was 12 years ago. Totally counts.

Take a journey on horseback. I know what you're thinking, but I do actually know how to ride. It was part of my über-WASP upbringing: Lessons during the school year, riding camp in the summer. It's been a while, 20 years or so, but I'm sure that after two or three weeks of excruciating pain during which my muscles remember what to do, but lack the wherewithal to do it, everything would come back. Plus, it has a cool name: Equitrekking.

I want to visit the Maritimes (Canada's eastern provinces) and go to Prince Edward Island and see Green Gables. I am a Canadian woman, but at one time I was a Canadian girl and I am not made of stone.

Puff Sleeves 2.jpg

Okay, that's five. Number six would be to convince Mr. Julien to grow and keep a beard. Seriously, it's magnificent.

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  • BobbFrapples

    Travel Japan and New Zealand, have a perfect cosplay at DragonCon, live in a treehouse, learn to play an instrument well, and learn to speak a foreign language fluently.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    1. Live forever.
    2. The World.

  • John G.

    top on my "bucket list" is eliminating the phrase "bucket list"

  • Uncle Mikey

    I've done my share of awesome/exciting/dangerous stuff and traveling, so I'd go for learning how to play the Moonlight Sonata and seeing my girls grow up healthy and happy.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    It's funny - but I've done most of the things I set out to do with the my life (although I plan to keep traveling) and I feel pretty great about that.

    But the one thing that eludes me, as best stated in the Princess Bride, is Wuv, trewwwwwwwww wuv.

  • chanohack

    One of my bucket list items is to go to France.

    Sub-item with three stars next to it because I want it SO BAD is to trek up to St Mere-Eglise in Normandy and see the church where the D-Day paratrooper got tangled in the steeple and had to hang there for hours pretending to be dead because he couldn't get down and he didn't want to get shot by the Germans (again). He lived.

    That church also has a stained glass window with parachutes dropping down to liberate the town. Chills, right? (Maybe not. I understand I'm weird about D-Day.)

    P.S. I am going to France this summer. I am trying my best to convince Boyfriend that even though this church is really far away from everything and we might have to rent a car, we should still totally go. Jury's out.

  • Strand

    Fuck a 10. And no George Carlin, five 2s don't count.

  • What about two fives? A six and a four?

  • LB

    See Jason Schwartzman in real life (in a play, on a set, walking down the street somewhere - I'm flexible).

    Find and procure a house that I like.

    Run a 10K one more time.

    Save a dog or two.

    Create something that I think is beautiful.

  • Ben

    Two chicks at once.

  • I think you need a million dollars for that.

  • meaux

    Come visit me, Mrs. J! I will show you puffins and Maritimes, and we can skip on over to PEI to visit Green Gables!

    Visiting New Zealand was high on my bucket list, and I gleefully ticked that one off last fall. I think New Guinea, or perhaps the Galapagos Islands will be the next one....

  • Mrs. Julien

    I'll be right over! You know, I drove from Vancouver to Toronto, but the part of the country I've always wanted to visited is The Maritimes and I've never been east of Montreal.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Live till 78

  • Cazadora

    -Dog sledding above the arctic circle - doing that this year
    -Going back to school for a degree in a random subject (still tbd)
    -Build and live in a tiny house on wheels (while going to school?) http://www.tumbleweedhouses.co...
    -Board a ship with my dog for a Transatlantic trip to Europe and we don't come back to a year or more
    -But I think the biggest thing on my list is to spend the remainder of my life giving back. I'm not sure what that means yet, but I am sure that I will figure it out when the time comes.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Hells yeah on that last one. I've been trying to figure out what that means for me this past year.

  • Cazadora

    Who in the world would down vote you for a comment like this? Harsh, harsh world. So as the owner of this post (sort of), I officially upvote you by 1,000,000. So there you go. ;)

  • PDamian

    I have the academic and professional degrees I wanted, I'm told I'm a pretty good writer (I'm published in academic journals, although that doesn't mean much anymore), and I've traveled about as much as I want to, which means I've already accomplished much of what I wanted to in life. So here's what's left. I bought a townhouse a few years ago, and I intend to spend the rest of my life in it. So I would really like to learn how to do simple house repairs and maintenance tasks without botching them beyond belief. I can't paint a friggin' wall without the damn thing coming out streaky and drippy. I can't unclog a drain without getting whatever mess was clogging it all over the floor. I have to hire a handyman if I want a light fixture switched out without electrocuting myself. I can do my laundry, cook a decent meal, and do basic housekeeping like mopping, vacuuming and dusting. I suck at everything else, and it's costing me a fortune -- not to mention making me feel useless as fuck. I watch YouTube tutorials, I buy books and magazines on household repairs, and I watch HGTV, all to no avail. My friends tell me they've retiled their bathrooms and/or put a coating on the garage floor, and all I can do is sit and smile weakly while burning with envy. Dammit, I need to know how to do these things before I die!

  • Rochelle

    I learn these things by doing them. A friend of mine, who is actually a professional handyman, is usually willing to talk me through it and keep me from doing major damage as long as I supply beer. This is a goal you can accomplish so long as you are willing to be bad at it for awhile.

  • I learned how to do all that stuff from my father and uncles. I don't know what your relationship with your father is like or how handy he might be, but that may be a good place to start.

  • e jerry powell

    I'll get back to you on most of it, because I haven't really thought about it.

    I think I will add wine, popcorn and sushi with Mrs. Julien at #35, though. This is going to be a really long list; I need to make sure that's in the top 50.

  • Mrs. Julien


  • Jenn TheYellowDart

    I have one continent left to visit. Antarctica. It is that travel monkey on my back. It will be conquered, or so help me...you will ALL suffer.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I've said live abroad, but I've been marooned in Not My Country for 12 years, so I should probably have been be more specific.

  • A. Smith

    I've laid on a bed of nails, bungee jumped, rode the L and T trains, what's left?

    -finish school then go back
    -find someone to spend the rest of my life with
    -learn Yiddish, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Latin & Cockney Rhyme
    -see the UK, Canada, Italy, Turkey, China, Spain, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Palestine, Israel & Hawaii
    -Learn a martial art
    -Drive Route 66 then take the train back from LA to Chicago
    -learn various programming languages, drawing, book, screen & stage writing
    -learn family tree
    -learn how to motor bike
    -retire to a lake or sea town

  • Mrs. Julien

    I would love to learn more Yiddish. The few words I do know are SUCH FUN to say.

  • toblerone

    1. Find a real life Jaye Tyler and marry her.

    If that doesn't work out:

    2. Win a Volunteer spot in Mars One.


    3. Work for a NGO specially Doctors Without Borders.

  • competitivenonfiction

    Climb Mount Kilamanjaro
    Ride an elephant in Asia (and at a place where they are not mistreated) - Done!
    Become a mahout (I've even got the school picked out)
    Get my Masters Degree
    Teach a university class (and be worthy of teaching)
    Travel to all 7 continents with my husband and daughter
    Adopt old shelter dogs and ensure their last years are good
    Take a train across Canada

  • competitivenonfiction

    Oh and raise a sheep, shear it, spin and dye the woll and knit myself a sweater.

  • Conor

    1. Pass the rugby ball around with Brian O' Driscoll.
    2. Have a healthy few kids with a woman I love and teach them the importance of imagination and thinking for yourself.
    3. Go downtown on Jessica Chastain (because I'm a pig that can't end on a high-note)

  • fasha

    Learn to fly.
    Go into space.
    Meet Sir Patrick Stewart.
    See Rush live in Canada.
    My life will be complete.

  • Going into space would be pretty sweet. You going to go to Mars with Gary Busey?

  • fasha

    If I didn't have kids I would SO apply for Mars One. I suppose I could always get pregnant on Mars. Definitely not having sex with Gary Busey though. Blech.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Rush just kicked off yet another tour this past week in the U.S. They'll be in Canada in July.

  • Leigh

    Prince Edward Island... yes yes yes. #1. It's all about Green Gables!
    Write a book.
    Go to Liverpool and see the Cavern Club.

    I just completed one a few months ago... work on a Rose Parade Float.

  • kirbyjay

    Liverpool has been on my bucket list since I was 10. Finally went two years ago. The Cavern has been gone for years but there is a replica across the street. The Casbah is still standing in the exact condition it was when they played there, and is actually run by Rory Best, brother of ousted member Pete Best. The Bests lived in the rundown Victorian house and the mother let local bands, including the Beatles, play in the basement.
    I highly recommend it.

  • A. Smith

    Always wanted to see a match at Anfield

  • frank247

    The original Cavern isn't there now, it was knocked down and replaced with an electricity sub-station. No joke.

    There are roughly 5 places in Mathew Street called the Cavern though, so there are plenty of opportunities to get your photo taken next to the sign.

  • The current Cavern Club is actually on about half the original space and I believe they used bricks from the original to rebuild it so it's still pretty authentic. I work in a school and some of the kids got to go play there recently.

  • Leigh

    Seriously?! I absolutely hate traveling, so that has always been a dream, yet quite unlikely. But I'm still bummed.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Mr. Julien has an aunt who was a Mother Superior in Liverpool. He got access to all kinds of cool stuff.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Get a job.

    Hold said job for more than a year.

    Earn enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life.

    Find a women who's willing to stay with me for said rest of my life. Maybe have kids.

  • googergieger

    Ironically enough, a bucket. I'm a simple man. A simple man that wants a bucket.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Ah, but what kind of bucket? galvanized aluminum? janitorial? the kind for puking in after eating a wafer-thin mint?

  • googergieger

    The kind of bucket two people won't randomly hate a simple man for owning.

  • Mitchell Hundred

    Speaking just for myself, I hate all buckets and their associates indiscriminately. It's not a personal thing.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Contrarians gonna be contrarianing.

    You should've said the kind of bucket 2 random internet asshats with poorly developed senses of humor can jump in and die. Aw, look, I just said it for you.

  • BWeaves

    1. Die peacefully after having lived a comfortable life with no drama.

  • Bandit

    1. To camp in the Sahara Desert (if only to see the stars).
    2. To get an A-Level in maths.
    3. To poach an egg perfectly.
    4. To own a Mk II VW Golf and to race it on tracks

    I've ticked off a few things already; like live abroad, learn a language and pet a buffalo.

  • Feralhousecat

    Anonymously pay off a sick child's medical bills, fund an animal shelter for a full year, take my mother to Paris and buy my husband the cabin in the Smokies he so badly wants. Too bad I'm not rich. Also, I'd like to learn to play the piano and tango. And see a tiger in the wild.

  • competitivenonfiction

    I like you. You seem nice.

  • Feralhousecat

    Don't say that! I've got a reputation to maintain. What I meant was, I want to punch an old lady and juggle kittens.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Or you could slap an old lady with a kitten. Efficiency!

  • competitivenonfiction

    Just make sure it's the right old lady. Wouldn't it be awful if you hit one just to maintain your reputation and then it turns out she makes vaguely racist remarks while asking strangers if they're pregnant?

  • Mrs. Julien

    She really does.

  • koko temur

    Im currently doing mine - moved to korea. Sadly the novelty wears off after a while. Thanks, mrs J for reminding me i need to update my list!

  • Maguita NYC

    Could you please gently squeeze Rain's lovely bottom for me, and tell him I said Hi?

    I'm learning Japanese right now, and come November, will be looking into moving somewhere around Tokyo, or even seaside Ibaraki, for a few months. Hopefully their job market for foreigners would have improved by then.

  • Tinkerville

    I was actually about to post that becoming fluent in Japanese is around the top of my bucket list at the moment (or at least the most doable one to start on since I'm broke as hell and can't afford to travel, etc.) I know this might take a very long time to achieve but it'd be nice to at least start on the basics.

    Do you have any advice on the best way to go about it? I've been saving up for the Rosetta Stone but have heard mixed things about its effectiveness. Of course the only real way to become fluent is move there and do the immersive thing, but again, not feasible for me so I'd at least like to get a head start.

  • Maguita NYC

    I don't know if this will work, but I have a few links for you starting with pronounciations and basics.





    Also, Koko is right, I started watching subtitled Anime, and that is how I fell in love with the language.

    The more you listen to the language, connect it to action and expression, the faster you start DISCERNING the words; For North Americans, most Asian languages sound sing-songy and not necessarily an enunciation of words . English subtitled Anime is quite easy to find on the internet for free. A lot of it is on YT.

    Have fun!

  • Tinkerville

    Thanks so much for these! Luckily I have an anime collection that could wrap around Jupiter (okay probably not, but maybe a small moon) so that end if it is very much covered. I think the reason I haven't picked up much of the language despite watching so much anime for years is because I end up getting completely wrapped up in the stories without paying attention to the language. I think I'll try watching anime that I've seen hundreds of times already so I can really focus instead.

  • Maguita NYC

    Good luck then! Have you watched Higahsi No Eden? It's on YT and properly subtitled. Why this one? The enunciation is good and proper, also, dialogue is less childish.

    Start with a few words. Whenever you hear a word repeated, enter it with its definition on a spreadsheet. For example:

    Sokka: I see

    Kôméné: I am sorry

    Betsuni: Nothing

    Doso: Please, after you, or go ahead

    Domo: Thank you (casual)


    Your ear will recognize more and more repeated words, while your mind/eye will connect with the subtitled translation within a sentence, and slowly understand the meaning of the whole structure. I got up to 300 words and definitions before starting the lessons from the links. I would review my spreadsheet daily, and try to repeat as many as possible by heart.

    Let me know how it works out.

  • koko temur

    korean and japanese share 60% of the grammar (and im learning languages for a living now), so i'll give you an advice too, if you dont mind.

    The next best thing to the immersive thing is cultural immersive thing.Start watching japaneese cartoons and ideally - soap operas. Something with a simple enough vocabulary and with enough action on screen to help your brain to tie in the imagery with words. People neglect the importance of hearing the language in a natural conversation flow and with natural intonations. Its really is the most important aspect though.

    P.s I had a friend who moved to china that was swearing by whiaatching sports on tv too, when its semi clear whats going on, your brain starts filling in the blanks, after awhile. If thats your thing.

  • koko temur

    Will try, though them local boys seem so tiny and fragile in real life, not sure it will not cause pernament damage

  • Maguita NYC

    From his interviews with Matt Lauer and Colbert, he looked decently built, and not necessarily on the petite side. So go for it, but do not be harsh, his lovely rounded bottom demands gentle fondling.

    Here is a dance-off with Colbert, so full of cheesy goodness:


  • koko temur

    this is so amazing, thank you.
    He looks like a giant compared to average korean! They are getting taller and taller, but still slender, and willowy built. This guy can use both of my hands while cupping his buttp, and cupping i must. So should i say its from maguita nyc? i assume its stated on the restraing order somewhere, so he will know who is that from..?

  • Maguita NYC

    I'm too sneaky for a restraining order, and it is exactly why I'm looking to move to Japan, and not Korea.

  • koko temur

    Funny story - chinese word for japan was "midget" for few hundred years during the middle ages. They eventually decided its easier to rule them if they dont hate you. But it was too late. True story.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I know how to say thank you (2 versions) in Korean, but not you're welcome. I can also say, "If you touch me, I'll kill you". "lunch time", "Go home" and "I love you", but not necessarily in that order.

  • koko temur

    Oh, there is no "you welcome" in korean. They just say "yes" as an aswer. Also - "did you eat breakfast/rice " works as "how are you/whats up" type of greeting.

    Teach me the " if you touch me ill kill you", it seems usefull.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I don't know how to write it here, but -

    San-day-me-un chugah!

  • koko temur

    Thats the thing with language insitutes - i dont know how to say that, but i know whats korean for "ones gunk in the eye"...

    Oh ! I got one for my bucket list! I want to have some very undignified pet animal, like siberian hamster or something, and i want to call him chingis khan.

    also want to know korean well enough so i could tell off an old korean lunchlady. Finally
    I would also love to wear night vision googles and automatic weapons of diffrent callibres and "bag" me some if these hunting enhusiasts of extinct species we got on this thread.

  • Skyler Durden

    I actually have a bucket list. A real, written-down one. Almost all of my things are travel-related. Beer at Oktoberfest, Aurora Borealis in Norway, Carnivale in Rio.

    So far, I've done Flamenco in Seville, Risotto in Venice, and scotch in Scotland.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    "Beer at Oktoberfest"

    Overrated. The beer is - while decent - much too overpriced, and there are only tourists there anyway.

    Go to Cologne during the carnival. (I wouldn't, but according to a friend from Cologne, I'm a humorless Prussian, so what do I know.) It's as pointless as the Oktoberfest, but you might actually meet people from Cologne. The beer sucks, though.

  • I've gone and done most of the stuff I would have had on a bucket list, but there are some that remain undone because they are various degrees and shades of unreasonable, unworkable and/or impractical.

    - I would like at some point to follow in the footsteps of my namesake, go on an African hunting safari and bag myself a lion. I'd include elephants on the safari like the original Quatermain but I'm pretty sure that's still illegal. Besides, there is no way I could eat the whole thing and the waste would just make me feel guilty. Plus I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to sell the ivory.

    - I want to race a Mustang through San Francisco like Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

    - I'd like to visit Thermopylae, Agincourt and the Crusader castles. I'd also like to retrace Wellington's Peninsular Campaign.

  • clancys_daddy

    Actually elephant hunting is not illegal, it is however rather expensive. A ten to 14 day hunt will depending upon area and tags 38,000 to 50,000. A bit cheaper for lion but not much, 18,000-40,000. Those prices do not include airfare hotels etc, just the safari camp PH and such. So figure a big five hunt will run in excess of probably a 150,000.

  • Which is one of the reasons why it remains a fantasy, and not a goal. If I had 150,000 dollars to burn, I'd put it towards home improvements or my still hypothetical child's college education.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I'm betting there's a wildlife safari place in Texas where you could bag an African lion. It depends on your requirements for verisimilitude.

  • For me, the verisimilitude of the whole experience would be the point. Even the armament and equipment I'd use would be close as I could get to the armament and equipment a hunter would have used in the 1880's.

    Just driving to a game preserve or safari place in Texas and popping something kept there for just that purpose would defeat the point of the whole thing and kind of cheapen it.

  • koko temur

    Im not a terribly "tree huggy" type of person, but i do enjoy the irony of you thinking shooting a wild animal in a safari is uncool, but shoting it with an automatic / long range weapon, even if its 1800s one, is fine. do it with a knife, hell, do it with a rock and it will be an adventure even inside a zoo exibition. I'll watch that.

  • It's Quatermain I'm looking to emulate, not Tarzan. I think a black powder muzzle loader is about as far back down the technology curve as I prefer go for a full-grown African lion in his prime. After all, it's a list of 'Things To Do Before I Die' not a list of 'Choices I Regretted Making Right Before I Got My Head Bitten Off.'

  • clancys_daddy

    Using a muzzle loader or a black powder breech loader you would be in the sub 100 yards situation. Not by choice but the limitations of the technology.

  • Which is why I think, given the lion's natural advantages, it evens the odds up enough that I wouldn't need to use a rock or a knife like koko suggested. Although that would be one hell of a badass story to tell, assuming I survived.

  • clancys_daddy

    If you thinking hunting is about killing, particularly with non-disneyfied dangerous game, than you're much mistaken.

    P.S. Define long range? When you're less than 100 yards away you are most definitely in peanut sniffing range and in most certain danger of being sent home in a small plastic baggie if you screw up. As most of the hunting is done on foot, unlike the nice tourist cars for vehicle safaris for tree huggers with cameras, close encounters of 30 yards or less are not uncommon.

  • MrFrye

    1. Bowl with Chris Hardwick.
    2. Play cards with Wil Wheaton.
    3. Snog Felicia Day.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Mrs J - as a fellow penguin/puffin freak, let me give you tips. New Zealand's South Island - city of Dunedin - for penguins. I saw both tiny blue penguins and the awesome crested yellow-eyed penguins in the wild. Puffins I wanted to see in Iceland - I missed their season (lack of research, all I saw was a puffin skeleton on a beach, boo). But I have seen them in Maine, though not close enough for my tastes. But supposedly if you go to Iceland in the summer and stay in the Westman Islands, you should see a ton of them.

    My bucket list...learn Spanish, and live in Barcelona for a few months. Own some sort of country retreat - it can be modest. Perform a leading role on stage again, and give it all my talent and effort.

    Thanks. It's nice to be pushed to commit goals to words instead of ephemeral wishes.

  • Mrs. Julien

    My mum got to see fairy penguins in New Zealand. My dad was a lifelong birder and was very jealous that she got to see a bird that he had not.

    You've been to Iceland? For some reason, I have always wanted to go there. And Monument Valley. And see what it is like to be in the middle of the ocean miles from land. And, HOW DID I FORGET THIS WHEN WRITING THE POST, I want to see a night sky full of stars. In the middle of the desert or some place far from light pollution.

    I need to revise my list. Or add to it.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    A sky full of stars can actually seem quite creepy. Beautiful, but creepy - partially because so many are usually so hidden. It was especially unsettling in New Zealand, with a different night sky.

    I left Iceland 2 days before its currency crashed. Coincidence? You decide.

    Iceland was fairly inexpensive. You can fly there for $600-700. Not everything is cheap, but if lodging is. My big suggestion, though: don't just do Reykjavik. Rent a car and drive some of the Ring Road. We went down to Vik and then swung back up around to Akureyri. Sadly, could not do the boat ride to Hrisey (again, off season) so did not get to cross in to Arctic circle.

    Iceland is wonderful, just out and out wonderful. Giant craggy black lava fields. Basalt columns. Mythology you can feel. Beautiful desolation. Rough roads with single lane bridges. Crazy churches. Thingvellir. Godafoss. Roadside monuments to skalds. Seriously: the country has roadside monuments to poets, because the biggest battle ever fought there had only 2000 people in it, and only 50 died.

    My sister even went back for her honeymoon. Me? I found an amazing place with 5 waterfalls all around - if I find the right man, I'm going back to conceive a magical child with him under a full moon.

    that reminds me though: seeing Aurora Borealis still on my bucket list.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I've seen some aurora borealis in Ontario's cottage country. It was a green glow on the horizon, nothing like the spectacular lights and colours I've seen in photos and videos.

  • linnyloo

    Skellig Michael is also a great place for puffins.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Excellent. My sister and I did a walking vacation in England two years ago, and are thinking we might do Ireland next year (contours.co.uk - they were awesome) ...I might be able to sneak in some puffins if I time it right.

  • Rochelle

    Raise dairy goats and make goat cheese, and not be made crazy in the process.

    Learn how to make mole in Oaxaca. Learn to speak Spanish.

    Ride bears with Vladimir Putin.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Raise dairy goats and make goat cheese, and not be made crazy in the process.

    Does this mean you have attempted said dream and were made crazy in the process?

  • Rochelle

    I tried another dream and was made crazy in the process. Following your bliss is very stressful for a perfectionist with anxiety and depression issues. But I suspect the next time I follow my bliss I'll be better prepared, or have lower expectations.

  • ,

    1. Threesome

  • e jerry powell

    Not to sound discouraging, but threesomes are highly overrated.

    At least the ones I've had were.

    Well, except for the BGB one I had back in 2003...

  • ,

    Seems coincidental/ironic that three people have upvoted this.

    These might just be the three I'm looking for.

  • Mrs. Julien

    This seems extremely doable (phrasing). So, I'm guessing you mean without remuneration to anyone involved.

  • ,


    Also: GBG.

    But if not, BGB

    Not picky.

  • Maguita NYC

    My top bucket list was early retirement on one of the Greek Islands and opening a Center for children with Autism. I wanted to raise dolphins for assisted therapy so they could interact with the children, and help in taking steps forward in emotional connection. There is magic when you first come into contact with a dolphin in its natural habitat, where you feel out of bound, strangely open and at peace.

    Sadly, after watching The Cove, I now know that I can never ever keep a dolphin in captivity. So the center is still way up there on my list, however, I'm thinking of raising horses instead.

    Also, the Dakar Rally (used to be the Paris-Dakar) is in my top 3.

  • Who would downvote dolphin therapy? Hell, the thought of autistic kids seeing dolphins for the first time induces a momentary thaw even in the cold black lump I keep in my chest.

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