You Say Pajiba, I Say ... Pajiba

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You Say Pajiba, I Say ... Pajiba

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | December 15, 2012 | Comments ()


How do you pronounce the site name? I'd been here 2 years before I discovered -

it is pronounced like a part of the female anatomy, if you have a bit of a cold... Any other pronunciation makes us bristle, hack, and contort our faces in very unpleasant ways, particularly those pronunciations that involve long e's.

To which I responded, "FTW", or Fu*k the What?, which was the style at the time. Pajeyebah? Whatever. This is America. I can pronounce it however I want.

I've been wrong before, and not just about the pronunciation, but the being wrong isn't the fun part. Pointing out the manifest wrongness of others is, and correcting each other is blood sport on Pajiba. Admit it, you magnificent captious bastards: We go to the matresses over a detail of importance to no one but us. Being here doesn't encourage so much as give free reign to my innate tendencies because, if I may be so bold, I am one of Nature's Pajibans. I carry the Accuracy Police gene. My family corrects each other, we correct strangers, we correct ourselves. That Disquss thing where you can edit your own comments, meaning I can spout off and retroactively correct myself? It's either Heaven, or a special circle of Hell designed for people like me us.

Now, if you've noticed that I write with an emphatic tone, I speak that way, too. I have the courage of my convictions, even when I'm talking out my ass. I am plagued by the need to a. know stuff, b. let you know I know stuff, and c. correct you about said stuff. When someone corrected my English at work recently, incorrectly I might add, I had to control the urge to go up in a sheet of flame. I'm working on that.

Little Julien inherited the AP gene and Mr. Julien LOVES it when he corrects me. Oh, how he cackles with glee. I admonished Little Julien for correcting me unnecesarily and he said, "It just makes me crazy when people say things that are wrong.". Behold the genetic betrayal that is his legacy. It was a moment of pure schadenfreudeschaden. I've told him that he "can just know he is right on the inside and smile,' because if you understand what someone is trying to say, they don't need to be corrected. You People know thats bullsh*t. Of course it matters, but I'm trying to stop my child from getting punched.

While I'm busy silently correcting people and smiling, please tell us about a time you were wrong; better still when you were right, so very right; how you pronounce the sight name; or take this excellent opportunity to correct my grammar and ridicule my syntax*.

*That's right, a Magnum P.I. quote. Now get. off. my. lawn.


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