If I Had Two Point Five Million Dollars ...

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | February 9, 2013 |

Unfathomable amounts of instant wealth aren't the point here. The answer to someone asking "What would you do with $100 million dollars?" is, obviously, "Whatever the fuck I want and I said NO EYE CONTACT", so I'm going to scale it back, to 2.5 million smackers. Let's take the practical considerations, bills, as read -

First, everyone gets a pack of gum. Next, I go to Whole Foods and buy whatever I want. Then I buy something shiny in each of the each the vehicular and gemological categories: Audi and Asscher. I'll be killed in a fiery crash distracted by my glittering ring as my groceries and I careen toward my beach house (also new) in my finely-engineered German road sedan, but I'll die happy. Okay, fine, I'd have given money to an assortment of charities first. Dead, but generous.

So CONGRATULATIONS! You have just won $2.5 million, after taxes. What now?


Don't be one of those people who says they "would just keep working and sock it all away". If you have the temerity to spew such nonsense, I will reach through the internet and poke you in the eye with a sharpened stick.

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