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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Seriously, Guess!

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | March 16, 2013 | Comments ()

thin man 3.jpg

Okay, I'm feeling pretty basic this weekend. Let's play dinner party with the following rules:

You are having a dinner party. You can invite anybody living, dead or undead, and, what the hell, you can invite up to 2 fictional characters and/or relatives. You've got 10 spots at the table:


Elizabeth I (a woman with power at a time when no women had power)
Cary Grant
Jim Henson
William Powell
e.e. cummings
Oscar Wilde
Leonardo da Vinci (how original)
Ronald Eustace Psmith
Jane Austen
My paternal grandmother
Mr. Julien

Abraham Lincoln
Kurt Vonnegut
Keith Moon
Billy Wilder
Pete Townshend
William Shakespeare
Charles Dickens


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