I Hate You So Much It Gives Me Energy

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I Hate You So Much It Gives Me Energy

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | July 27, 2013 | Comments ()

Jazz Hands Walking 2.jpg

Back when Dustin foolishly allowed me to start doing this on his website every weekend, I included a Bang Out Your Dead! diversion of the celebrities pushing up daises who can still get it. I was so young then, politely dismissing the opportunity for a celebrity throat punch diversion with “but he/she’s a person”. I’m over that now. Mostly. Because of this woman:


Ann Miller. I can’t stand her. She’s dead. She’s been dead for nine years. It doesn’t matter. I bet her wig and teal eyeshadow are still shellacked into freshness. Do you know what her photos are called in my archive? “Jazz Hands Walking” because that is what she is. Every grimacing, tap dancing, desperate showbiz! inch of her. Watch her dance. WATCH HER! It gets quite fantastically annoying around 1:40.

Can you see it? How could you not see it? She is every obnoxious, painfully self-conscious, smarmy Hollywood cliché distilled down into one desperately flailing LOVE ME, LOOK AT ME, LOVE ME human being. Sometimes, I think maybe I’m exaggerating. How bad can she be? Then I watch her on film, or look her up online, and the next thing I know, I’m expressing my irrational loathing in decreasingly articulate words, noises and, finally, squawks to Mr. Julien. Next comes my impression of her as I frantically, nay obsequiously, dance, grin and jazz-hand my way around the room until I finish with fists clenched and stamping feet because so primal is my abhorrence that I can’t even get through my own impression of her without rage overwhelming me.

[cleansing breaths]

So which celebrity annoys the sh*t out of you? Please limit yourself to a Quarter Baldwin of vituperative glee because it’s not so much what you want to do to the Object of Your Execration (who is, after all, a person) as it what it is about him or her that irks you so.

H/T to Dylan Moran for the title.

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  • Anne

    I do not hate any celebrity. Hate is a strong word. But not like Eva Longoria. Perhaps because the press exalts the beauty she has not. Eva is very small and has no breasts. On your visit to my country, Brazil, Eve was the Ipanema beach, famous for its beautiful women. Eve was not noticed by anyone. Sorry, was yes. Eva drew attention of the local press because of his protruding belly. Nobody here spoke of her beauty (?). Because no one saw. Eva also always seems superficial. I do not believe in their charities. Do not have one U.S. dollars to donate to them.

  • Benny Tormoes

    I really don't like Amy Poelher. Sorry. I just cannot stand her, and i love a lot of the people she works with.

    Also, Adam sandler and tyler perry are ruining movies with their shat out garbage. They just get worse with every film.

  • Snick

    You know what? It's Shirley Temple. I know that times were different back when she was a thing but I just can't handle the voice and round little fat smiling face. It was never ok. At least with not with me.

  • wsapnin

    Anne Coulter and anyone who's name ends in Kardashian or Jenner. Or West for that matter (unless first name is Adam).

  • billy

    olivia munn. and just to the record straight, just because her character is the least annoying one on a horrible show does not mean she can act.

  • LexieW

    I'm so late to this party, but I can't resist - Marilyn Monroe.

    I hate how her blatantly manufactured look has somehow become the ultimate sex symbol (seriously, she changed her features SO much with makeup).
    I hate the fact that her being in the first issue of Playboy is somehow a status symbol.
    I hate the breathy, dumb characters she so often affected.
    I hate that she's somehow an inspiration for grown-ass women and girls alike - people who either don't know that she was a deeply troubled and abused individual who quite literally and publicly slept her way to the top, or just don't care because "oooh, she was so sexy!"
    I hate that her overwrought "sexiness" is something so many girls and women aspire to, when they should be embracing their own varying ways of being sexy.
    I hate the freaking quotes that are falsely attributed to her, such as "To all the girls out there who aren't a size zero, you're not the ugly ones, it's society that 's ugly."
    I hate the quotes that actually are hers, like "... if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."Shit like that has been giving dumb bitches the excuse to act bratty for years.
    I hate that she is somehow considered sexier than her contemporaries like Audrey Hepburn and Jane Russell.
    I hate how modern celebrities are styled to look like her for some fashion shoot at least once in their careers.

    So, yeah. I relive this hate every few days when some way-too-famous photo of Norma Jean shows up on my Pinterest feed.

  • Snick

    Sing it sister! Couldn't agree more!

  • apsutter

    I like Marilyn but I've never cared for her breathy sexuality either. I always liked her for kind of hidden qualities like how everyone assumed she was dumb as a box of rocks but she was actually incredibly well read. And I can't hate that she changed her features with makeup because that was completely par for the course back then. You did what they told you to do until you got your studio contract or they kicked your ass out of Hollywood. And I do think that she was sexier than many of her contemporaries. Audrey Hepburn was completely beautiful and classy but she is not someone who I would think is sexy just based on aesthetics.

  • e jerry powell

    Hepburn, very much a Galatea-type. Not in that a man made her, but more that she was so often held up as an object for chaste adoration, as some sort of unsullied feminine ideal. Not that that's a bad thing necessarily...

  • Mrs. Julien


  • e jerry powell

    Okay, enlighten me...

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Yeah, she ended up looking like a completely different woman.

  • Holly Martins

    Leslie Caron. Oldschool. But one of the few persons that will render a movie unwatchable for me. She might have been a lovely person, but she makes me want to throw something at the screen. And I'm too poor to replace my tv.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Because I'm a contrary bitch, I dislike pretty much every Pajiba darling that Rowles waxes lyrically (and endlessly) about. I even started getting tired of Tom Hiddleston and I think he's adorable.

  • Sean Penn. I hate his better-than-thou attitude and his ridiculous over acting playing to the cheap seats.

  • Allijo

    JOHN MAYER. This should be enough for you all to know why.

    And don't even start a reply with "But his music is sooooo good..." BECAUSE IT IS NOT good enough to excuse the douchebaggery. And you know it.

  • Salieri2

    This is thirdhand, so: grain of salt. That said, it's truthy.

    A friend of a friend had an "intimate encounter" with JM during which he serenaded her with "Your Body is a Wonderland."

    He is a good musician. That's what makes his I Gave My Love A Chicken act so horrific.

  • Gunnut2600

    Cuba Gooding Jr. For the life of me, I do not understand why he won any accolades for his acting. If acting is like surgery, he is the drunk asshole with a sledgehammer. He can do one role: Schlock.

    I have never seen Cuba in a role that didn't leave me hating the film with a passion. I have never enjoyed a person's downward decent except everything time I see another shitty, direct to video crapfest headlined by his hack ass.

    Man oh man do I HATE that mother fucker.

  • e jerry powell

    And see, for as much as I agree with you, I'm questioning Helen Mirren's role in Shadowboxer now. Helen Mirren getting some good sexing from Cuba Gooding, Jr. shouldn't make me feel conflicted.

  • BWeaves

    Peter Jackson.

    I LOVED the LOTRs. I even accepted him beefing up Arwen's part. Although I'm still a little bummed he didn't do the scouring of the Shire, complete with Saruman and Wormtongue holing up in Bag End.

    However, I will NOT forgive him for Lucasing The Hobbit. How could he screw up the troll scene? It doesn't even jive with the story Bilbo tells to the little hobbits at the beginning of LOTRs.

  • Nadine


    Okay so who do I hate? Seriously? So many people. Nicole Kidman. I see her face and just sort of growl. If she's in something I have no choice but to watch for some reason, the house is gonna get rage cleaned as fuck. It's EVERYTHING she does and I think for much the same reasons as you've listed. It's the 'like me, like me, love me, look at me, look at my big eyes and whispery voice' and she does THE SAME FUCKING THING IN EVERY FILM. It's like she has this obsession with being seen as this Monroe Style(but not Monroe) Golden Age star who in every performance is all EYES! AND POUT! AND ADORABLE FRUSTRATED NOISES! AND JUST...watching her in Moulin Rouge is just...awful. It's embarassing by proxy. Everyone else, male and female alike in the cast handles the campy theatricalness like a pro.

    But Kidman...ohmygod. Every scene is a cringer.

    Then increasingly there is genuinely Jennifer Lawrence. I just didn't get the first swell of love, it passed me by entirely through sheer business. I didn't see Winters Bone and by the time I realised she was a thing she was everywhere already and everyone was raving about how 'down to earth' she is and I was like 'Oh cool' and then I checked her out and quite often I'm just like...she annoys the piss out of me. Maybe I like my performers to be a tiiiiiny little bit 'on' some of the time, maybe? Like if it's a red carpet or certain kinds of interviews (not all interviews, obviously, but certain types) or something I feel like a little more decorum is just appropriate, maybe?

    Or maybe part of me is, as I've mentioned, convinced her Adorkable Goofiness is a huge great big act. I'm not saying she fell on purpose at the oscars so much,(and to be fair to her how she handled it was pretty cool and smooth)but I do think her like, telling people she's super hungry and acting so openly star struck about other famous people just sort of comes off like...just not totally organic, all the time Or if it is just how she is I want her to grow up a little.

    Then there are the men; RIcky Gervais; Everything about his existence, appearance, attitude, voice, look, presumed smell, any single thing the man has done or touched. It annoys me. I want him to not exist, except he gave us Parks and Recreation by proxy sort of so I'm like, torn? But I hate him. Haaaate him.

    Aziz Ansari isn't funny and thingie that he plays in Parks and Rec. isn't funny and his douche bag friend John Ralphio what the fuck ever, no. No. And the more people who try and convince me of the opposite, the more I want Aziz Ansari to decide to retire from acting and become like, an accountant? A shoe salesman?I don't care. Somewhere I won't have to see and/or hear of him. Ever.

    I could honestly spend like, daaaaaaays doing this. There's Gina Torres, who is by all accounts an absolutely lovely person and was great before the writers for Hannibal forgot she existed(srsly) but I hated Jasmine in Angel and that whole mess of a plot SO FUCKING MUCH that poor Gina just makes me reach for the remote. It's a shame because she seems to rock.

    I sort of hate Joss Whedon. Fuck him and his whedonisms and my personal view his female characters aint all that great.

    Kristen Stewart is one, and the douchey shark face Pattinson. l know a bunch of people celebrate how they shit on Twilight because it's fresh and original to see stars that don't pretend a film is a piece of shit. But they are both now fucking millionaires because of those terrible, films. I just find it so disrespectful and ungrateful. Like, I want to tell them off like children, just scold them for being so horrid.
    Regardless of the actual quality of a film, regardless of the cheesiness or awkwardness or overall just fucking stupidness, if those films single handedly made you millionaires before everyone you went to high school with graduated from college, then you shut the fuck up with your bitching, and you smile and you pretend you couldn't be happier you got involved.

    I need to stop, as soon as possible, my list gets longer every day. SO MANY PEOPLE BOTHER ME.

  • e jerry powell

    See, you hadda go and bring up Ben Schwartz just as I was forgetting how much I hate him for the Soapdish remake...

  • I downvoted. Not because I don't like you, but because I like you so much I want you to get help. Because, DAMN.

  • Nadine

    Right? I can't even...I don't even know, dude.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I thought maybe you downvoted for the Valley Girl-style writing.

  • Jezzer

    I downvoted you specifically for being a snotty turd just now.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    *shrug* Being opinionated means being ok when people disagree with you.

  • Nadine

    *eyerolls so violently I fall out of my chair*

  • Giovanni's Roomba

    Nancy Fucking Grace. She self-aggrandizingly lies about her past. She goaded two woman to commit suicide. She can never admit when she's wrong, which is often. She's a hate-filled, vindictive, splenetic, shrieking harpy. She's evil personified, and my mom loves her. I wish upon Nancy Grace a massive, hideous, permanent, painful, and unfixable facial disfigurement. Let's see how her TV career goes then.

  • She's a hate-filled, vindictive, splenetic, shrieking harpy.

    Oh, my, yes. Wish I'd have thought of her.

  • Captain_Tuttle

    Yes! I am loving that, and plan to appropriate the phrase as often as possible.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Ah, you might've found it for me. I've been reading through these lists thinking: I can see how that person is annoying, but doesn't send me into a rage.

    But Nancy Grace...makes the world a worse place.

    Feel free to spread that little rhyme.

  • Vivianne ValdeMar

    Mel Gibson. Racist misogynist ignorant asswipe. Roman Polansky. Whiny rapist. Woody Allen. Overhyped gross creep. Chris Brown. Abusive misogynist dipshit. Ashton Kutcher. Annoying little twit. Rihanna. Immature twat. Lady Gaga. Hypocritical insecure twat. Kanye West. Immature egomaniacal twat.

    Deep breaths.

    Madonna. Tired attention-seeking cringe-worthy smug twat.


  • apsutter

    Can we add all the celebrity Polanski apologists to this list? Seriously, Johnny Depp, go fuck yourself. Wonder if he'd mind if Polanski drugged his pre-teen daughter and raped her?

  • stella

    Really? Godamnit Johnny Depp...

  • Maguita NYC


    I coldheartedly approve. Yours was the most fun hate to read.

  • Vivianne ValdeMar

    Thank you. As you undoubtedly noticed, I ran out of expletives at some point.
    Good thing they are all twats anyway.
    It was a long, hot weekend, and I was dehydrated and even hallucinating at some point, but this made me feel a slightly better, so thank you, Mrs. J, very much, for the opportunity to vent a little hatred.

  • Wurm

    Lots of people with serious issues here in this comment section.

    Life is too short to even think hard about most of the "stars" mentioned, let alone "hate" them. Punch Shirley Temple? Seriously? lol

  • ,

    Carol Channing.

  • e jerry powell

    I tend to ignore celebrities that grate on my nerves for the most part.

    I would, however, get some serious turducken action with Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh. Helen Mirren would manage the presentation, though I don't know who I'd feed it to. Peggy Noonan?

    I'd count Diana Ross, but nobody else does anymore, so why waste the energy?

  • Captain_Tuttle

    I'm with you. I despise each and every one of them, except maybe Diana Ross. Not sure how I feel about her. But yeah, all those turducken (jackassholen?) dog fuckers need to be somewhere other than on Earth.

  • Maguita NYC

    Ann Coulter.

    I thought I did not hate but then saw her name. That dried-up turd, scum of humanity, keeper of the bigot crypt, one of the very-very few beings I would calmly and without afterthought label a C you next Tuesday.

    Wow. Did not know I had hate in me. Also, kale smoothie.

  • Berry

    Oh, is that the "our blacks are soooo much better than their blacks" lady? I'm pretty sure she's nobody outside USA, so I wouldn't even know her but for The Daily Show. I think it was her. Looks like her. That neck is memorable. But not so memorable as the stupidity.

  • e jerry powell

    Just as well; she doesn't care for anybody outside the US, either. Such an intensely stupid woman.

  • SottoVoce

    I don't hate them, but there are many celebrities both loving and dead who irritate me so much I try to avoid their presence onscreen. They include: Danny Kaye, Andy Kaufman (no apologies--nothing he did appealed to me), Karen Black, Jerry Lewis, Katherine Heigel, Jonah Hill, Juliette Lewis, and Ryan Seacrest.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    It is a notion of how far her star has fallen that nobody else brought up Rainbow Killer.

  • stella

    Fucking julia roberts. I hate her and her stupid face

  • Bananapanda

    Mary Louise Parker. Rat faced nose/mouth combo and speaks out of the side of her mouth with a nasally voice. Everything she does is "hey aren't I cute?" But no emotion.

  • apsutter

    OMG...how could I forget her?!?! I tried to binge watch Weeds on Netflix but I could never watch more than two at a time because she is SO. FUCKING. ANNOYING! All her affectations are the worst. How she'd hold her fucking coffee cups and always be biting the fucking straw. When Andy finally knocked the cup out of her hand I literally cheered from my sofa.

  • Tecuya

    YES! Thank you. I was going to list her but you did it first. I call her "mush-mouth". I can't the way she talks and I really don't know how she keeps getting work.

  • Mitchell Hundred

    I don't keep up with the personal lives of contemporary celebrities enough to really hate any of them.

    BUT: if we are going to stretch the definition of 'celebrity' to its breaking point - and this is my comment so that is what I am going to do - then I will say Arnold Schoenberg. He gave us the ear-grating horror that is atonal music (aka what would happen if you took a bunch of random sounds, put them in a bag and shook it, and then decided that that was a symphony).

    Also, apparently the Nazis called his music degenerate art. So he made the Nazis right about something, that's how bad he is.

  • e jerry powell

    Yes, but even with all that, Verklärte Nacht still wrings my heart every time I hear it.

    I blame Schönberg for the agony of having to spend two weeks pulling row forms out of Webern's op. 22 in 20th century lit class when I could have been having much more fun with the Stravinsky Octet or Bartok's Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion.

    I did have a lot of fun in 20th century lit, but dammit, serialism besmirched the shit out of it.

  • sweetfrancaise

    Frank Sinatra. Man stole EVERYTHING he did from Bing Crosby and didn't even do that well. Smug, greasy, short. I can't stand his singing--drawing out the last syllable in the words you're speaking does not a song make. The only person who can get away with it is William Shatner because it's (mostly) a joke and he's the ShatMan.

    And also? Claire Danes and Kirsten Dunst. That weird sound Danes makes when she's crying is horrible. Don't understand why either still gets work and watching/reading Little Women is an exercise in fortitude.

  • Bea Pants

    My dislike of Dunst is amplified by the fact that I have been told I look like her. I know people are trying to be complimentary by saying that but she's got serious Cabbage Patch Face.

  • apsutter

    I LOOOOOVE.Little Women but Dane's Beth is the weak spot of that movie and Dunst is such a little brat. When she burns Jo's manuscript I want to put her little head in there too. It's ok tho because Susan, Winona, and Christian Bale make up for it tho. And Marmie has one of my favorite quotes about how if Meg sees her value in being purely decorative that's fine but she hopes that her daughters see their inherent value as human beings.

  • sweetfrancaise

    And don't forget Gabriel Byrne!!

  • $2786243

    I never really understood why Jo would choose Bhaer until he was Gabriel Byrne. GET IT, JO.

  • apsutter

    "But my hands are empty"
    "Not anymore."

    Makes me cry every damn time.

  • e jerry powell

    Kirsten Dunst is still a thing? I thought she'd made all the money she could with bitchface and evaporated in the wake of the much more interesting and talented Julia Stiles.

    Oh, that's right. I had blocked that whole Melancholia thing out of my mind when I swore off of Lars von Trier.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Oh no no no no no. There is nothing interesting about Julia Stiles. Stiles is as wooden as Dunst is dead-eyed.

    Pretty much the only thing I remember enjoying Stiles in is State and Main, and yes, that includes most of 10 Things I Hate About You. She's not terrible in that movie, but she doesn't enhance it.

  • e jerry powell

    Okay. I just like Stiles better in comparison to Miss Perpetual Bitchface.

  • sweetfrancaise

    I wish I hadn't agreed to watching Melancholia. "Dunst is really good in this," they said. "Don't be so stubborn."


  • e jerry powell

    Well, as I said, I've been sworn off von Trier for years now, so the only reaction I had was an eyeroll after news of the Cannes Melancholia press conference broke.

    I think I watched an episode and a half of "Kingdom Hospital" (okay, technically that's only a Stephen King adaptation of von Triers's TV series), then Manderlay, and then I was done.

    So much Emperor's New Clothes in Lars. Any time spent on him is perhaps too much by double.

  • CosmoNewanda

    Kirk Cameron makes me want to burn down churches. Idiots like him use religion as an excuse to hate and I hate him for it.

  • e jerry powell

    I don't HATE hate him; I kind of pity him for being such an unformed adult.

    The Christian Right uses Kirk Cameron the same way second-wave feminists (i.e. Andrea Dwokin) used Linda Lovelace to push an anti-porn agenda, and Lovelace was so unformed as a person that she couldn't really see it until after she realized that she was being used to make a quick buck as badly by the feminist establishment as she was by the porn industry.

    But yeah, I could see how people could be really angry about Cameron.

  • Tracey Morgan. I had to come back to mention my hatred, nay, LOATHING of Tracey Morgan and every damned thing that he has ever done. I could never get 30 Rock because effing Tracey Morgan was there mugging it up with his anti-human anti-comedy. People - he is NOT funny.

  • Uriah_Creep

    OK, I have to agree with you on this one. He made 30 Rock unwatchable.

  • sweetfrancaise

    OMG THIS. THANK YOU. He's just horrific.

  • Mariska Hargity. (I don't know if I spelled that right and I don't care enough to look it up.) She gets Emmy nominations and she has the charisma of a telemarketer and could not act her way out of a dried-up McDonalds bag.

    Speaking of dried-up bags: Candice Bergen. She got a career because she was the daughter of a famous puppet and she was never able to be less wooden than he was. Her acting range goes from A to A. The faces on Mount Rushmore show more expression than hers.

    It infuriated me that her TV show got Emmys and critical praise. Ooooh they are edgy and political! Pro tip: Making Tip O'Neil fat jokes is NOT political humor.

  • Anne

    You hates Mariska because she received several Emmy nominations. Vunca you probably saw the series SVU , starring her. Mariska has only 22 indications nelhor actress for this show. And he won an Emmy and a Golden Globe. In addition to other smaller prizes. It is not without reason that she is loved, idolized by his millions of fans. If you give me another reason to hate her, I accepted.

  • e jerry powell

    You're not being fair. Mariska Hargitay is every bit the Hollywood Legacy that Candice Bergen is, but not nearly as old.

    Mariska Hargitay's dad was the bodybuilder turned b-movie actor (Schwarzenegger before Schwarzenegger was a thing, if you will), and her mother was Jayne Mansfield; Mariska (age 3) was asleep in the back seat of the car that Mansfield was in when she was killed, and Hargitay suffered some pretty gnarly injuries to the side of her head (that they still cover with makeup).

    Not defending Mariska, just establishing her place in the Hollywood Generational Scheme. Not quite, say, Carrie FIsher, but certainly in there.

  • There are many, many legacy actors who are as good or even better than their forebears. Hargitay and Bergen are not among them. I mean, going in to the family business is an American tradition. That's fine.

    But if you don't have the chops, you are stealing jobs from real actors.

    And yes, I think Jayne is a better actress than Mariska.

  • Anne

    Sorry, but Jayne has never had the talent of Mariska. She can be sexy, but talented, ever. Jayne distinguished himself by sexy-appeal, by sensuality. Mariska is highly known for talent, and social activism. Not forgetting of course, she is also beautiful, and was even Miss Beverly Hills in his youth. I think your hatred for Mariska is really something personal. Okay, everyone has their opinion.

  • Keira Knightley (esp in A Dangerous Method!), Katherine Heigl and that band Fun. Also, Skrillex too. Oh and Tyler Perry, can't forget the fury he enflames within me with every new 'film' he releases.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I don't really get the celebrity hate (y'all are one motherfucking angry bunch), but I must admit it: if I saw Chris Brown crossing the street, I would speed up and aim directly for his knees in order to inflict maximum misery. He's just an unapologetic bully.

    Oh, and "The Biebs" needs a good punching. That's a given.

  • I would speed up and aim directly for his knees

    Well, there you go, then - most of US weren't advocating violence, were we? [I hate him too. Not the point.]

  • AvaLehra

    Gwyneth Paltrow is too easy of an answer, but there it is. Miss I'd-rather-smoke-crack-than-eat-cheese-from-a-can. Psssh! Elitist.

  • e jerry powell

    And then there was Bourdain ragging on Batali for picking the one (Christian-ish) person in the world to take on a cook's tour of Spain that WON'T EVEN TOUCH THE HAM.


  • It's not nice to speak ill of the dead, but there were some actors that were always presented to me as heroes or love interests that I could just never understand. Guys like Ray Milland or Fred MacMurray or Edmund O'Brien.

    They always looked like the guy who ran the hardware store up the street.

    And they just weren't that good as an actor. Who were they blowing?

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Have you seen MacMurray in Double Indemnity or The Caine Mutiny? He plays sinister really, really well. It's a shame he got typecast and squandered his talents in silly Disney movies and not-very-good TV shows.

  • TCH

    Ashley Judd the woman is uninformed while putting on airs of superiority and polish.

  • TCH

    Down vote away haters, anyone who lumps R&B with the misogyny of rap deserves some hate. Furthermore her contemplating a senate run in a state she barely lives in, against a solid candidate is like a layman fighting against Mike Tyson.

  • e jerry powell

    Barely? Her land is in Tennessee, and until her divorce is final, she still technically lives in Scotland. What was she gonna do, move in with her mother?

  • minxy

    Charlie Sheen, because he is a horrible human being who abuses women and never has to pay for his wretched behavior. His smirk enrages me.

  • DeltaJuliet

    Yup. And a perfect explanation of why Chris Brown also drives me to rage.

  • Kati

    That smarmy douchebag Craig James. Long before he became the world's worst sports helicopter parent, he stunk up college football commentary on both ESPN and ABC. His punchable face combined with his condescending and biased pronouncements made the veins in my neck stand out. It became such a reflex for me to say, "Shut up, Craig!" as soon as I saw that smirk that the phrase persists as a shorthand reference to any incompetent sports commentator. Jesus, that man's whole demeanor makes me want to slap him.

  • Wigamer

    KRISTEN WIIG. I hate her so effing much I get mad when
    I hear her name. I hate every character she ever did on SNL, and hated the shit out of the miserable, insecure, mean-ass bitch she played in Bridesmaids. Perhaps she is lovely in person, but whatever. I'll never know. So I feel comfortable in my hatred.

  • competitivenonfiction

    I want so so badly to like her, but while a lot of the other women from SNL seem like folks I would throw back a few beers with, Wig seems a little like she'd have a beer and then side eye my love handles when I went for a second, you know?

  • the miserable, insecure, mean-ass bitch she played in Bridesmaids

    Upvoted for this.

  • Wigamer

    Downvote away. This hate knows no logic.

  • apsutter

    I disagree with the hate for KW but I love this comment and I know that I love to hate lots of people irrationally so it'd be hypocritical of me to not let you enjoy your irrational hatred.

  • Wigamer

    Thank you. It's visceral!

  • sarah

    The cast of Jersey Shore , Keeping up with the kardashain and all the similar reality tv shows .

  • Mitchell Hundred

    The hatred of them I understand: they've gotten famous without actually accomplishing anything. What I don't get is people who try to make fun of them. Their fame is already such a massive, pretty much perfect joke in and of itself that attempts to top it have always rung hollow to me.

  • Homme-Fatal

    Shailene Woodley. Fuck, I hate her guts. I remember reading that insanely bigoted, ignorant quote from her about how "manly men" are the future of Hollywood and how embarrassed she felt for all the "girly" ones that auditioned to be in her presence for the latest shit movie she'll be in. Add that to the heaps of praise she received for her portrayal of - gasp! - an emotionless teenage girl on "The Descendants", as well as the obsessive need everyone has to present her as Jennifer Lawrence 2.0, despite the fact that she lacks Lawrence's talent and that Lawrence burst into the scene less than three years ago and, yeah... White-hot rage.

  • e jerry powell

    She was on Daily Show and her hair was really pretty!


  • freckles


  • apsutter

    I'll see your Ann Miller and raise you an Ann-Margret. Her voice in Bye Bye Birdie makes me want to rip my fucking ears off. And I love Mad Men so imagine my horror when they highlighted her shitty performance for an entire episode. And then the girl who was parodying her in the Patio commercial had an even WORSE voice. The fact that both try-hards like these two ladies can have long careers and someone as talented as Vera Ellen had such a short and tragic career/life makes me sad. Seriously, just look at her awesomeness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

  • HJ

    Agreed on the Ann-Margret hate. Bye, Bye Birdie is my mom's favorite movie so I was subjected to multiple VHS viewings as a child. I knew it was obnoxious at 6 years old and now 30 years later I can still hear that shrill, nasally voice screaming "Bye, Bye Biiiiirdeeee" in my head and it makes me stabby all over again.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    If you ever want to have the best Ann-Margret schadenfreude, listen to her gospel album. IT IS THE WORST. It is so hilariously bad.


    Seriously, buy the cd from a thrift shop for no more than 50 cents and give it to someone you love to hate in real life.

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