Weekend Comment Diversion: How Do You Not Fall Down More?

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Weekend Comment Diversion: How Do You Not Fall Down More?

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | November 10, 2012 | Comments ()

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We all like to think that we are intelligent. My cleverness is self-evident like chocolate being delicious, or snakes being afraid of heights, but being smart does not mean one's grey matter is engaged at all times. Children do stupid things out of inexperience and a breathtaking lack of logic. When I was 7, I singed my finger lighting matches and dropped the lit match in a wastepaper basket full of tissues. It was not a wise thing to do. My parents saved the day because that is their job. For true episodes of stupidity, one must be an adult and presumably in control of one's faculties then do something deeply idiotic. My hamster has fallen asleep at the wheel on more than one occasion and I have actually done the following things as a grown up:

- Run the engine in my completely snow-encased car to warm it up for snow removal.

- Used scissors for a coin toss.

- Bought two lottery tickets with the same numbers to "double my chances".

Those examples might have allowed me to maintain my amateur status for the Harebrain Olympics. This next one forced my transition to Professional Pinhead:

We were watching that charming claymation show about a family of penguins and their friends: Pingu. In this simply delightful episode, they were putting on a snow circus.

Thumbnail image for pingu3.jpg

As I watched the figures rolling around in the snow, I wondered, "Do they have multiple models of each character? It would take so long to re-shape them each time, especially because it's so cold." After about a two second pause, my brain informed me that was the STUPIDEST thought I have ever had. It was right.

Welcome to your weekend comment diversion. In this safe* space, please share your own episodes of stupidity. You can just skip the coy denials and cut to the chase.

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*Safety not guaranteed.

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