Oh Yeah, Who Is That?

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Oh Yeah, Who Is That?

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | August 17, 2013 | Comments ()

han solo 3.jpg

This weekend’s comment diversion is brought to you by fluff_fluff, llp, and your own sexual awakening.

fluff_fluff : I mean, it was definitely prepubescent. Dr. Carter is the first famous person I remember going “OH YEAH WHO IS THAT” about.

llp: That’s a good comment diversion, right there. My first person was Shaun Cassidy in The Hardy Boys. Because I am old.

llp is right. Not about Shaun Cassidy, I was a Parker Stevenson girl, but about the potential for a diversion. Pajiba has been particularly lust-centered of late. Be they moist or firm, our “lions” receive a lot of attention. What we haven’t discussed is the very first entry on your inaugural Pajiba 10, your first celebrity crush.

In the summer of 1977, I was about to turn 10. Star Wars had stormed into theatres and I went to see it at the Town and Country Mall in suburban Toronto. All the girls thought Luke Skywalker was so cute, but he wasn’t. Not really. Wasn’t I supposed to think he was cute? Princess Leia kissed him, so she must like him, right? But all I remember about that first viewing is Han Solo. He was just so… interesting. Just really, really interesting. Han and Leia kept fighting, so I guess she didn’t like him, but I thought he was fascinating. I made a point of learning the actor’s name. “Harrison” struck me as odd.

In the winter of 1983, I was 15. Brother Julien and I attended a Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back double bill before the May release of Return of the Jedi. I was spellbound by Harrison Ford and this time I got it: Han Solo is sexy, and cool, and sexy some more. Thus began a multi-year Harrison Ford phase. My best friend shared my admiration. We were a team. I carried this in my wallet -

han solo 6.jpg

I can’t see it now. Not one iota. I have no idea what I was thinking. But this, THIS started very shortly after my Han Solo “Oh yeah, who is that?” and has never changed. Not one iota.

lifeguard 2.jpg

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Comment diversion suggestions, roofing tar, and antique golf clubs can be sent here.

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