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21 (More) Actors Whom You Forgot Were Hot as F*ck

By Rebecca Pahle | Posted Under Seriously Random Lists | Comments ()

"Sometimes dads come up to me with their daughters, and they'll be like, 'Lick my daughter..."

Do You Want to Know What Pregnancy Is Really Like? I'll F*cking Tell You

By Courtney Enlow | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Tweets from Furious Anti-Vaxxers, Who Compare Him to Cosby Drugging Women

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Videos | Comments ()

Boobs and blood vs. metal with a heart; who will win? And what about the robot children?

Spencer Pratt Has Driven Anna Kendrick to Suicide Threats on Twitter

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()