Seth Rogen Speaks Truth to Stupidity in Perfect Twitter Response to Nancy Grace

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

Bryan Singer and Roland Emmerich Were Throwing Gay Pride Parties in 2009

Plus, Jon Hamm comments on Sharon Tate theories, and Tatiana Maslany is very, very pretty.

Geek Girl Diva | Pajiba Love | Comments ()

Pedro Pascal's Adorable Instagram Full of Selfies and the Game of Thrones Cast Aren't Going to Ease That Red Viper Crush You're Nursing

By Cindy Davis | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

"Bob's Burgers": Linda, Louise, and Accepting Your Kids For Who They Are

There's something that we need talk about: the relationship between Louise and Linda

Steven Lloyd Wilson | TV Reviews | Comments ()

The Full Season 2 'Orange is the New Black' Trailer Is Next Level Crazy

The most bingeable of the Netflix binge-watch series returns on June 6th.

Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | Comments ()

Science Fiction Thursday: Real Astronauts, Hugo Awards, Eisner Awards

It's that time again, kids. Thursday. When sheep run scared and we talk science fiction news.

Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | Comments ()

A Bundle Of Problems: 7 Silly Ways TV Shows Covered Up Real-Life Pregnancies

By Nadia Chaudhury | Posted Under Seriously Random Lists | Comments ()

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Sued for Drugging and 'Forcibly Sodomizing' a Minor

The allegations suggest other illicit activities involving drugs, alcohol, and luring teenage boys to Hollywood parties for the purposes of having sex with them.

Pajiba Staff | Trade News | Comments ()

DJ Tilda Swinton Will Rock Your Goddamn Socks Off

Because Tilda Swinton is infinitely cooler than any of us can ever hope to be.

Vivian Kane | Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

Mourning Colbert: Why 'The Colbert Report' Matters in Ways Other Late Night Shows Do Not

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Posted Under Trade News | Comments ()

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