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What Happened To Jerry Heller After The Events Depicted In 'Straight Outta Compton'?

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15 seconds of intimidating Imperial crowds, cute robots and emotional heroines, and-- oh yeah, John Boyega wielding a big blue lightsaber.

Virginia Shooting: We're Better Than This. Aren't We?

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Plus Woody Allen fired Bruce Willis and Lisa Kudrow played 'Smelly Cat' to a sold-out Staples Center.

A wistful road-trip movie, less about destinations and more about conversations and shared experiences.

When death and betrayal become frequent in a fiction, they lose their edge.

The 9 Coolest, Rockstar Godparents Celebrity Kids Can Brag About

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Would the booby trap that Walter White set up in the finale actually work?

Yesterday was awful. Today, take a breath with these uplifting tid-bits. This vid's going viral because of how this pair of infant twins react when...

The Top Five Most Plausible Jon Snow Theories

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