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Burn It All Down: Dark, Dystopic, Conspiracy-Filled 'Little Women' Is A Real Thing That's Happening

By Vivian Kane | Posted Under Trade News | Comments ()

What brought back 'HP,' and what's Simon Pegg got to do with it?

You Cannot Name the Directors Behind Most Of Your Favorite '90s Teen Movies

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Seriously Random Lists | Comments ()

Cinefix isn't so much railing against the differences as they are just pointing them out for NERDS.

Guess which upcoming 'Daredevil' character is already in the running for his own show?

Plus Jesse Pinkman's house is for sale, our new Grumpy Cat, and the battle of the 90s bowl cuts.

Hulk Hogan Is the Perfect Example of the Race Problem in America

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You may be surprised by how high some shows you watch rank, and even more surprised by how low others do.

Maisie Williams Has Cara Delevingne's Back After Morning Show Jackasses Openly Mock Her

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Natalie Dormer Breaks Out a Corset, Films All Her Sex Scenes in a Day

Ben Affleck Denies He's Dating the Nanny Jennifer Garner Had Fired

'13 Hours' Trailer: Michael Bay and John Krasinski's (?!) Benghazi War Porn

Team Gregg/Bennet Admits Defeat to Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy, Makes a New Challenge

Your Evening Awesome: 'You're The Worst's' Lindsay Asked Matt McGorry About Feminist Dating

This Week In 'Seriously, F*ck That Guy': 'You Can't Rape Your Spouse' Edition

Channing Tatum Reportedly Exits 'Gambit,' Somebody Wake Up Taylor Kitsch

Seth Rogen Brings Us A Christmas Story For Grown-Ups, Screw-Ups and Jews

3 Men Watched Videos of Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled, Finally Realized It's Maybe Not So Great

Hulk Hogan Doesn't Understand Why Obama Can Use the N-Word If He Can't & Shia LaBeouf Is Even More Disgusting Than We Thought