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What Do We Have To Do To Get SWINTON On Game Of Thrones?

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Trolls upset that Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig still aren't dudes

"It's big. Ambitious. Uncompromising. Brutal. Crazy. F**king nuts." ... Presumably.

Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara acquit themselves well when confronted with a torrent of assholery.

In Honor of hitchBOT the Hitchhiking Robot, 7 Other Lovable Robots America Insisted On Destroying

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In case you've missed coming up with wild and unsubstantiated theories about the show.

A Love Letter to 'Sense8' and The Wachowskis

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Plus Kylie Jenner is getting paid $100K to get drunk and James Woods is suing a Twitter troll for $10 million.

Best feud since whatever the last thing was we forgot about five minutes after it ended

The Damning Case Against Nic Pizzolatto and 'True Detective'

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Chris Pratt Wants You To Redesign His Facebook Cover Photo, Can Pay In Applebee's Gift Cards

From 'Cam Girlz' to 'True Detective': The Empowering World of Webcam Sex

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Scientology May Have Its Biggest Ever Tom Cruise Fame Claim: Package Enhancement

'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' Review: Rock On, Ethan Hunt. Rock The F*ck On.

HBO Eyes More 'Game of Thrones,' Plus How They Can Keep Insisting Jon Snow Is..

Amy Schumer Lives Our Dream, Becomes Jennifer Lawrence BFF

1000 Musicians Playing Foo Fighters' 'Learning to Fly' Makes It 1000x More \m/

It Turns Out Jena Malone Is Not Our 'Batman v Superman' Robin. So Who IS She Playing?

Nobody -- Not Even Jon Stewart -- Will Ask Tom Cruise a Thing About Scientology