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Turn Off Your Brain With Fancy, Fancy Men in Fancy, Fancy Suits

By Rebecca Pahle | Posted Under Seriously Random Lists | Comments ()

Plus Conan O'Brien & Adam Sandler's weird middle-of-the-night texts & get ready for new Adele!

To be an octogenarian, still cowardly, and fleeing from the truth will be his shameful legacy.

The Liberal Outrage Machine is Out of Control

By Brian Byrd | Posted Under Politics | Comments ()

Plus, an open letter to our beloved commenters, who are in a very bad mood right now.

George Zimmerman's Virginia Shootings' Tweets Prove He's A Racist, Idiotic Asshole

By Emily Chambers | Posted Under Twitter | Comments ()

He uses the catchphrase of magicians and snake oil salesmen everywhere. I wonder which one he is...

We Are, All Of Us, Kristen Stewart's Mother (And That's Why She Bugs Us)

By Vivian Kane | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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