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Here's Who Deserves A Goddamned Oscar For 'Mockingjay - Part 1'

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Budweiser Sending Their Iconic Clydesdales to the Glue Factory

Company promises that its beer will still taste like horse piss, though

Brian Byrd | Miscellaneous | Comments ()

A Timeline Of All the Terrible Sh*t That Came Out About the Bill Cosby Case Over the Weekend

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Everyone You Forgot Was In the Entire 'Scream' Franchise

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Watch Ursula Le Guin's Wonderful National Book Awards Speech

"It's power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings."

Steven Lloyd Wilson | Videos | Comments ()

Are We Rebooting 'Lost In Translation' Already? 'Before I Disappear' Trailer

Remember, screenwriters, the subway is always the perfecting setting for emotional breakthroughs.

Emily Chambers | Trade News | Comments ()

Scoring the Cameron Diaz Hosted Thanksgiving Episode of 'SNL' Featuring Black Annie

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