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Tom Cruise Wipes the Floor with Fallon, Wins Lip Sync Battle for All Time

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Devil declines to wage war on Christmas, citing the season as his greatest American accomplishment.

Plus, the latest, barely-there teaser, and other favorites confirmed to return.

'The Nightly Show' had a good table discussion. What is even happening?

Some 4Chan Asshats Tried To Start a Fake Feminist Convention, Forgot Everyone Isn't As Dumb As They Are

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Can they just rename it 'The Project'? Or Maybe 'Four White Dudes And Tamara'?

Full frontal nudity and Fozzy Bear back waxing. What more could we want?

Jon Stewart, White Male Privilege, and the Power of Liberal Denial

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Which future ex-fiancee will Kaitlyn choose?

Plus Michael Fassbender went method for a 'Big Lebowski' live read & Shia LaBeouf is just the worst.

Sweet little Peggy Olson is gone, and in her place, a...psycho?

Who Is The Biggest Jerk On Lifetime's 'UnREAL'?

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The Most Kicka** Moments of "Hannibal": "The Great Red Dragon"

Hulk Hogan Retweets the Equivalent of 'I Have a Black Friend'; Doesn't Realize He Has No Black Friends

Do Not Ask Amy Schumer About Her Ties to the Illuminati

NY Mag Publishes Accounts of 35 Bill Cosby Accusers, Gets Shut Down by a Hacker

Sweet Namath's Ghost: Harvard Predicts Dolphins Winning AFC East

HBO May Have Dropped A New Jon Snow Clue, May Be F*cking With Us

Who the Hell Were The 'Mexicans' in 'True Detective'?

Daenerys' 'Game of Thrones' Body Double Pushes the Limits of Instagram's Nudity Policy

Two Cable Shows Axed, One Rides Into the Sunset

John Green's 'Paper Towns' Is Pretty Goddamn Terrific