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The Best Movies, Television, Music, Books, GIFs and Tweets From the First Half of 2015

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'Terminator Genisys': CGI Yawns, But a Decent Story

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This Week In 'Seriously, F*ck That Guy': Homophobia Up the Wazoo Edition

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Plus the greatest STD PSA video ever & True Detective's Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are a thing.

Maine's Governor makes Rachel Maddow's program after doing another spectacularly dumb thing that may get him booted from office.

13 On-Screen Couples Whose Real Life Romance Might Get You Through The Bennifer Part 2 Break-Up

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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids To Explain Gay Marriage, Hellfire Does NOT Consume Us All

Katy Perry's Feminist Messages Are Very Perplexing

Behold The Stupidest F*cking iPhone Case The World Will Ever Know

Fight the Dead, Fear the Fanboys: 'Walking Dead' Themed Cruise Sails in 2016

What If 'Harry Potter' Was R-Rated?

Yeah B*tches! Aaron Paul Figured Out How to Piss Off Skynet Siri

Jim Carrey Goes on a Twitter Rant Opposing Vaccines with Thimerosal

Michael B. Jordan Just Made The Rocky Movies Exciting Again: 'Creed' Trailer

Check It Out: Kevin Smith Lost 85 Pounds

Hayley Atwell Really Needs to Get Back to Work. Or Maybe an Intervention