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Hulk Hogan Is the Perfect Example of the Race Problem in America

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You may be surprised by how high some shows you watch rank, and even more surprised by how low others do.

Maisie Williams Has Cara Delevingne's Back After Morning Show Jackasses Openly Mock Her

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'Zero Dark Thirty' - any intriguing plot point + two trucks of C4 = I can't care about this.

Colin Jost's AMA Proves He Isn't Adept At Funny, But Did Write A Movie

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Taylor Kitsch is reportedly warming up his fart-sniffing face, should he get the call.

Confessions of a TV Slacker: No, I Am Never Going to Watch Your Favorite Show

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3 Men Watched Videos of Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled, Finally Realized It's Maybe Not So Great

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