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9 Movie New Year's Eves More Exciting Than Yours Will Be

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No One Involved Is Happy with the Way the 'Serial' Podcast Ended

Jay is "ready to talk'; Rabia Chaudry feels like a "failure."

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'The Interview' Review: Seth Rogen Has a Kevin Smith Problem

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Watch Neil Patrick Harris' First Oscar Promo

Give your family the perfect holiday gift: Neil Patrick Harris.

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Merry Christmas: Clark Griswold is a Reckless, Narcissistic Lunatic Who Belongs in a Psych Ward

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Hey Guys! Peter Jackson Won't Do a Marvel Film Because He's, Like, Not a Sell Out

"I don't really like the Hollywood blockbuster bandwagon that exists right now."

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The 25 Best, Recent Netflix Movie Releases (Films Released In the Last 2 Years)

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