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Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Stocking Stuffer Boyfriends

By Emily Chambers | Posted Under Seriously Random Lists | Comments ()

David Fincher Now Has 3 HBO Series in the Works

The director's busy with a little something for everyone.

Cindy Davis | Trade News | Comments ()

Bradley Cooper's 'American Sniper' Trailer Will Rip Out Your Soul and Piss On It

Before watching the trailer, please ensure that your therapist is close by.

Dustin Rowles | Trade News | Comments ()

2014's Most Kickass TV Power Couples

By Vivian Kane | Posted Under Seriously Random Lists | Comments ()

Here's a Closer Look at One of 2015's Most Exciting Science Fiction Films

The writer of Sunshine and Never Let Me Go makes his directorial debut with an intriguing look at AI.

Cindy Davis | Videos | Comments ()

What If a Young Woman Traveled to America Looking for That 'Fargo' Money Steve Buscemi Hid?

No, really. The Zellner brothers made a film of the true story about "a true story."

Cindy Davis | Trailers | Comments ()

The 10 Most Forgettable Movies of 2014

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Seriously Random Lists | Comments ()

The Most Smile-Inducing Movie Moments of 2014

Let's turn away from those that wish to make us all feel terrible.

Jodi Clager | Seriously Random Lists | Comments ()

Does Sarah Silverman Seem Old Enough For a Midlife Crisis?

I guess it's just easy to forget she's not a 15 year old boy.

Vivian Kane | Trade News | Comments ()

Bidding Farewell to the Brilliant 'The Colbert Report'

By Sarah Carlson | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()