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Let Nicolas Cage Instruct You On the Finer Points of Movie Theater Etiquette

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Natalie Dormer's Mouth, Vince Vaughn Is a Dick, and NFL Week 12

Plus, 'True Detective' season two, and yes, Dallas is better than Philly.

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Full 'Jurassic World' Trailer is Here to Satisfy Your Dinoshark Needs

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JLaw and Liam Hemsworth Are Acting on the 'Insane Chemistry' That No One Who's Seen a 'Hunger Games' Knew Existed

Plus Jennifer Aniston opens up about the inspiration behind "The Rachel." (Spoiler: It was drugs.)

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Because I Am Sick And I Am Tired, And I Want You To Be Sick And Tired With Me - A Guide To Understanding Ferguson

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Not Even Spielberg Can Reboot 'The Last Starfighter'

Expert reporting from Seth Rogen, plus the modernized trailer of the eighties classic.

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Matthew McConaughey Lands the Ultimate Stephen King Role

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