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The Girlfriends of Zack Morris We Never Saw or Heard From Again

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Feel free to add your own, or to shame me for thinking way too much about the sexual politics of a heteronormative, vaguely misogynistic fictitious sex demon.

How The Most Brutal Film Sequence in Cinematic History Helped Me Understand a Generation's Sacrifice

By Brian Byrd | Posted Under Pajiba Storytellers | Comments ()

What happens when a show you love stops returning your metaphorical phone calls?

...And what profession has the worst taste?

Again, we begin with a repeated declaration of the need to "get f*cked up." For being a party animal, I'm beginning to doubt with any sincerity that Miley Cyrus has ever been to a party.

How 'Beauty And The Beast' Warns Girls About Male Entitlement

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Plus Aaron Sorkin's Lucille Ball biopic for Cate Blanchett & Emma Thompson will 'hang herself' if she has to see one more Spider-Man movie.

It's the literature of the ones who would push back the darkness.

Chris Hardwick vs. Marc Maron: Who Is the Better/Worse Podcaster?

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