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A Great Underappreciated Actor Got a Well-Deserved Stint as Host of 'SNL' This Week

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Saturday Night Live | Comments ()

Chris Pratt absolutely is delicious, I think we can all safely agree on that one.

It won't be tedious at all when they have to explain everything to her again!

Spoilers are not a pit. Spoilers are a ladder. The speculation is all there is.

Pajiba's Comprehensive Guide to Super Bowl XLIX

By Lord Castleton | Posted Under Guides | Comments ()

Maybe let's take foreshadowing into account when naming our new dinosaurs, okay?

Plus Michael Moore says Clint Eastwood threatened to murder him and Obama ruined Rosamund Pike and Chelsea Clinton's friendship.

'The Loft' Review: A Fetid Trash Fire of Misogynistic Bullsh*t

By TK | Posted Under Film Reviews | Comments ()

17 of The Best Television Casting Decisions Made in the Last 10 Years

By Cindy Davis | Posted Under Seriously Random Lists | Comments ()

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