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Welcome to the Author Archive for Brian Prisco

Bernie Review: This is Just a Tribute! You Gotta Believe Me!

Hysteria Review: Hey Diddle Diddle With Your Cat I Want to Fiddle

Battleship Review: Putting the Bro in Hasbro

Hick Review: Mickey Mouse and Mallory

Headhunters Review: The Job Market is a Real Bitch

The Raven Review: They Tried to Quoth the Raven, but All They Did Was Give Poe the Bird

God Bless America Review: Don't You Hate Pants?!

Bully Review: We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope Review: Klaatu Barada Nerdlinger

Go Then, There Are Other Worlds Than These: Universe Building and Fictional Crossover in Literature

Goon Review: The Fist of F*cking God

Game Shows Touch Our Lives: How My Father Would Fare in the Dystopian Game Shows of the Future

Casa de mi Padre Review: Buenos Tardes, Amigo

This Is Not A Film Review: Message In A Bottle

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Review: The Joke's On You!

Undefeated Review: Blindsided by the Friday Night Lights of the Titans

Safe House Review: Ultrasuede and Wallpaper Paste

W.E. Review: The King's Piece

Pastoraliyawn: The 2012 Academy Award Nominated Animated Shorts

They Didn't Kill Superman. They Killed Death: Max Landis's The Death and Return of Superman

Chronicle Review: Who Knows If Clark Kent Is A Superman? Or If He's Just An A**hole.

Kill List Review: Eyes Wide Wickersh*t

Mistakes Were Made: The 2012 Academy Award Nominated Live-Action Shorts

Red Tails Review: Fear of a Black Pilot

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Review: Cover Up Your Trembling Hands

Netflix Watch: Weekend Review -- Finally, The Gays Are Free To Be Just As Boring As The Straights!

A Separation Review: Pride Goeth Before The Fall

The Iron Lady Review: Backwards and In High Heels

War Horse Review: No, Sir, I Don't Like It

My Week With Marilyn Review: Look At The Stars, Look How They Shine For You

A Dangerous Method Review: Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar

The Artist Review: The Most Wonderful and Delightful Film of the Year. So Far. Until Next Year

Carnage Review: Parenting: The Other White Guilt

Don't Belittle My People!: A Cinematic Hanukkah Celebration

The Undefeated Review: The Worst Thing to Happen to American Cinema Since The Ku Klux Klan Discovered D.W. Griffith

We Need to Talk About Kevin Review: Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up

Coriolanus Review: One Motherf*cking Bad Ass

Albert Nobbs Review: I Put On Some Makeup

The Glorious Reappearing: Seven Actors Who We Wish Would Make a Triumphant Return from Retirement

The Devil's Double Review: Hussein in the Membrane, Hussein in the Brain

A Little Help Review: Parents Just Don't Understand

The Perfect Host Review: My Name is Keyser Snooze

Thumb On The Lens: Directors Who F*cked Up Their Own Films By Acting In Them

You're All Going to F**king Die! Summer Reads to Get You Sweaty

Wait, They Don't Love You Like I Love You: The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai

Uphill Both Ways Through The Snow: 8 Super Sh*tty Cinematic Childhood Experiences

Midnight in Paris Review: Yes We Can-Can-Can!

Jackass 3.5 Review: Dance, Prank Monkey, Dance!

Priest Review: Holy Sh*t

There Be Dragons Review: You Won't Fool The Children of the Revolution

Forks Over Knives Review: You're Vegetarians. Nobody Cares What You Think.

Passion Play Review: Just Call Me Angel of the Boring, Angel

Exporting Raymond Review: Glasnost In Translation

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night Review: The Woeful Parable of Dean Cain

Bin Caught Feldman Once When I Was Five: Edgar Frog Takes Credit for the Snuffing of Bin Laden

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday: Celebrity Deaths That Most Affected You

Don't Say I Never Did You No Favors: Producer Sh*tcans Plans for Atlas Shrugged Trilogy Because of Critics

Henry's Crime Review: Neo vs. Chekhov: Bullsh*tastic

The Conspirator Review: Surratt/Merde

Atlas Shrugged: Part I Review: And Sisyphus Farted

Soul Surfer Review: With Arm Wide Open

Trust Review: Where Do We Go Now, Sweet Child O' Mine?

Super Review: Wasting Another Night On Planning My Revenge

Rubber Review: When I Was Seventeen, It Was A Very Goodyear

My Sucky Teen Romance Review: It Takes A Village To Snuff Twilight

The FP Review: Come Talkin' That Trash and We'll Pull Your Card

Hobo With A Shogun Review: I Wupped Batman's Ass

Silver Bullets Review: Loup Garbage

Better This World Review: The Truth Is, I Thought It Mattered

Kumare Review: When That Loves Come Down Without Devotion

96 Minutes Review: A Complete Waste of Time

blacktino Review: BLACK! FAT! LATINO! MOVIE!

Jane Eyre Review: I Love Little Girls They Make Me Feel So Bad

Black Death Review: A Plague O' Both Your Houses!

Happythankyoumoreplease Review: Supercalifragilisticwhimsiquirkilicious!

Brotherhood Review: If You Give A Pledge A Pistol

I Saw the Devil Review: I Can't Stand It, I Know You Planned It, I'mma Set It Straight

Through A Lens Darkly: The Uniqueness of a Movie Watching Experience

Finding Roses In The Rubble: The 2011 Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts

Murderous Children and Misplaced Woo: The 2011 Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts

Don't Say A Word, Baby, We're All Beautiful In Our Own Way: The 2011 Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

The Eagle Review: So This Is What It Sounds Like When Doves Cry

The Closest Tyler Perry Will Ever Come to an Oscar Nomination

They Can't All Be [email protected]

Once You Go In, You Don't Come Out

Death Race 2 Real Time Review: Go That Way, Really Fast. If Something Gets In Your Way, Turn.

I Must Break You

A F*cking Hula Hoop Has An Agent Before I Do. And I Do All My Own Nude Scenes.

From Prada to Nada Review: Colonel Brandon Is My Homeboy

Vanishing on 7th Street Review: Ha! I Got The Knife! Now Turn On The Goddamn Lights!

I Get Two Paychecks This Way

Gimme My Money Back, You B*tch (And Don't Forget My Black T-Shirt)

The Passion of the Jaa

What Do I Do With All This Hate?

Yippie-Kay-Yay, Motherf*cker!

Move Ovah! Let Your Sistah In The Pictchah!

Hack and Gash

What Did Tony Danza Ever Do To You?!

Super Punch-Out!

Fill Your Hands, You Sumb*tch

I Wouldn't F*ck You If You Were The Last D*ck On Earth

It's A Long Hard Road Out of Hell

A Fool and His Money Are Soon Pajiba

B*tch, I Told You Not To Go In That G*ddamn House!

The Discreet Harm of the Bourgeoisie

You're It Until You're Dead Or I Find Someone Better

F*ck, Don't Tell Me My Princess Is In Another F*cking Castle Again!

A Textbook Example of a Textbook Example

Covering All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Take This Sinking Boat And Point It Home

Gonna Break My Rusty Cage

We Went Down To The Courthouse And The Judge Put It All To Rest

Like Lost in Translation Choked on TMZ and Vomited Up Hunks of the Disillusionment of Celebrities

Second Prize Is A Set of Steak Knives. Third Prize Is You're Fired.

Sonnet #155

It Doesn't Take A Big Man To Knock Somebody Down, Just A Little Courage To Lift Him Off The Ground

Into The Blue Again, After The Money's Gone

Money Quote: Rose McGowan Tries for Something Between Ophelia and Oh F*ck No, and Dear God Does She Miss

You Can Get It If You Really Want

As Sure As The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

A Poor-Man's Version of Every Robin Williams in a Beard Film

Sinners In The Hands of An Angry Saint

There Goes My Hero, He's Ordinary

For Your Commiseration: Ten Oscarbatory Hopefuls That Will Come Up Short

Noblesse Oblige

It Takes a Village

Rock and Roll All Night (And Pare Away At Your Arm Every Day)

And Heck's Coming With Him

They're Finally Focking Running Out

That’s The Name of the Game

When God Comes And Calls Me To His Kingdom, I’ll Take All You Sons of Bitches When I Go

I Just Want To Save You While There’s Still Something Left To Save

Head Like A Hole, Black As Your Soul, I'd Rather Die Than Give You Control

No Surprises Under This Skirt

Family's All I Got

Grab That Cash With Both Hands and Make A Stash

Human Sacrifice! Cats and Dogs Living Together! Mass Hysteria!

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down

Who Gets The Dwarves In The Custody Battle?

I Got a Rock

The Incontinental

Turning Perfectly Good Currency Into Monopoly Money

One Small Slash for Censorship, One Giant Axewound for Mankind

Weed Don’t Need No Education

Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb

Hey, Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone!

Pretty Bird

Ain't Too Proud to Ted

Love Will Tear Us Apart Again

A Blue Harvest

Hong Coen Phooey

Portrait of the Artist as a Hot Mess

F*ck, Yes, Me and Hard

Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away


Always Bet On Black

Av Atari

Viagra for Dick Jokes

You're Messing With The Wrong Guy!

Smart but Boring


Help Me Get Away From Myself

Just Another Stupid Love Song

Chumps Actin’ Ill Cause They’re Full of Eight Balls

The Boring Parts of Porn

Four Score and Seven Years Ago, I Kicked Ass For The Lord

Twilight for the Twilight of Your Life

Spider-man Says Everybody Gets One

A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Rage Against the Machine

I Would Do Anything for Love But I Won’t Do That

In a Dark Room on a Bed He Kissed Them All

Balls Out

He That Outlives This Day, And Comes Safe Home, Will Stand a Tip-Toe When This Day Is Nam’d, And Rouse Him at the Name of Crispian

Nasty, Brutish and Short

Look Away, Look Away, Look Away, Dixie Land

VH1 Presents: Where Are They Now? Stars of the '90s Edition

A Smushy Handful of Stinky Seal Guts

Now Is The Winter of Our Discontent

That’s My Mother You’re Pissing On

Rich People Say F**k Yeah Hey Hey

The Smart Kind of Dumb

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Killer Extinct: The Death of the Boogeyman

You Know What the Best Way to Get the Damn Kids Off Your Lawn Is? A Woodchipper

Kimche Western

What a F**king Rip

And We're Worried About Illegal Immigrants?

America's Greatest Living Actor Crushes Your Hopes and Dreams

Exclusive: Meerkat Manor Coming to The Big Screen! As a Cartoon?

Salads Have Feelings Too

Too Soft to Slay:The Pussification of Children’s Movies

The Crew Stood In a Circle While He Got the Sh*t Slapped Out of Him. It Was Just Like My 12th Birthday.

Wednesday Addams: Suicide Girl

My Heart's As Full As a Baked Potato

A Whole New Generation of Dirty Hippies to Get Lost

Three Ways the "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" Sitcom Could Be Remotely Watchable

Estate Sales Are Not Great Places for Dates

World's Smallest Penis Throws Jimmy Hat In Reality O-Ring

Right Now My Job Is Like an Ambulance Chaser. I Get Jobs Where White Guys Are Falling Out.

Do You Want to Bang Heads With Me?

There Once Was a Teddy Bear From Nantucket

Sacred Geometry

But I Think I Will Have Seen Everything When I See an Elephant Fly

And the Day It Ends and There’s No Need for Me

How Do You Make Sparkly Vampires Gayer?

Spinning Into Butter

Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky and They All Look Just the Same

Everything Looks Snow White Through Mouse-Colored Glasses

I Can't See the White and Blue Because of All the Pure Seething Red

I Was Gonna Go to Work But I Got High


Panhandling Misery

Knight and Day Trailer #2

Family First

Pacino Goes On Mercy Killing Spree

Maybe She'll Carry Her Duct Tape in a Hello Kitty Purse

When All Else Fails, You Return To Your Roots

Genuine Jailbait

There's Such a Thing As Too Many Sweater Vests, Signed Bad Horse

While You Watch Big Brother, Big Brother Is Watching You

The Only Card I Need

Now, I Cannot Forget Where It Is That I Come From

Run For Your Life

The Stars At Night, Are Big And Bright

Thanks for Trying Out, Here's Your Rom-Com

Well, It's Not Thirty-Seven

Creationism Gets All Up In Your Grill

Desperately Seeking Shermer

At Least They Started With Their Heads Up a Horse's Ass, So There's Nowhere to Go But Up

For the Academy, with Love and Squalor

This'll Get You Over That Work Week Hump

Aural Stimulation

Tell Me, Mum, When Your Little Girl's on the Slab, Where Will It Tickle You?

All Looks Yellow to the Jaundiced Eye


Now That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball!

Alaca- Peanutbutterandjelly schmaltzbitches!

This ______ Movie Really Made My ______ All ______

Have You Ever Wondered If There Was More to Life than Being Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking?

Salute Your Shorts

An Enemy Deserves No Mercy

The Ghost in the Machine

Smith Decides to Hit Us With a Nice Stiff One

Two Roads Diverged, So Don't Take the Wrong F--king Path

We Deal in Lead, Friend

The First One’s for Free

You Can't Polish a Turd, But You Can Put a Bow On It

Country for Old Men

If It Ain’t Broke, Cyril Raffaelli Probably Didn’t Kick It Hard Enough

It's the End of Neo-Tokyo As We Know It

Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

The Way She Moves

It's Not Easy Making Green

Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Sabrina, Don't Just Stare at It, Belt Out an Aria

At Least We Know It Won't Be a Slur

This Is Going to Make Some of You Go Gonzo

The Schlitz of Miller

And You Thought Jar-Jar Binks Was the Worst That Could Happen

Only an A**hole Gets Killed for a Train

Burke's the Butcher, Hare's the Thief, Knox, the Boy Who Buys the Beef!

Throw It Back, Throw It Back! Throw It Back and Dynamite the Lake!

Breaking Loose with the Brontes

Why Must You Turn This into a House of LIES?

Well, There You Are, Old Friend

This Is Why I Worship At The Altar Of Indie Flicks

Max Fischer Saved Latin, Mel Gibson Takes Care of Every Other Dead Language

Who You Gonna Call?

Eat You, Eat Me

I Got Me The Jonah Hill Street Blues

Up, Down, Up, Down, Up Yours

Sooner or Later God’ll Cut You Down

It’s Nobody's F**king Loss

I’m Seriously Not Going To Make The 500 Days of Spidey Joke

I’ll Be Back....Maybe

Should We Be Excited?

Green Is The New Blah

I’m Breathing So I Guess I’m Still Alive; Even If Signs Seem To Tell Me Otherwise

I Hate To Break It To You


How Do You Feel When Half a Plan Comes Together?

Up With Bulimia

Needs More Active Verbs

It’s My Own Damn Fault For Eating Stale Pie

How Stella Got Her Spooge Back

You Can’t Spell Smart-Ass Without Smart

Choose Your Own Pajiba!

This Is The Guy Behind The Guy Behind The Guy

If Only This Were A Documentary

The Ten Best Indies of 2009

The Thing With The Thing

Dickless Kevin Smith Finally Hits Somebody

It Always Leaves You Hungry for More

Love Makes You Do Some Crazy Sh*t

Crazy, Crazy for Feeling

Eating Mishaps on Film

Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Greatest Villains Portrayed by Comedians

I Thought I Might Be Racist, But Maybe They All DO Look Alike

One-Flick Wonders

The Space Man Says Everybody Look Down, It’s All In Your Mind

We Drink and We Die and Continue to Drink

This Day Anything Goes

Let’s Do It Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

Quit Hitting Yourself! Quit Hitting Yourself!:

Thundercraps of Lameness

I Ain’t Seen the Sunshine Since I Don’t Know When

I’m Sorry I Pimp Slapped You Into That China Cabinet

I Am Doll Parts

How Many A’s Are There in "Daaaaaaaammn?"

I Keep Thinking That Times Will Never Change

I Don’t Wanna Wait for Your Lives to Be Over

The Dick Monologues

Where The Wild Things Aren’t

I Smell Like I Sound

Let’s Cruise Past All The Golden Poo

Pajiba's Top Twelve American High Schools

Hirohito Dynamite

And Then Gummo Jumped Off A F**king Bridge

Beautiful Disaster

On The Road Again. And Again. And Again. And Again.

Second Verse, Same As The First

Faith and Begorrah

I Hope They Serve Milk In Hell

Blood: There's No Soy Substitute for That!

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm

Top Ten Terrible Decisions to Play Terrible Strippers

Fear and Loathing in Anaheim

The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance

Hey, We Did The Gulf War Twice, And That Worked Out Pretty Good For Us

The Quarks of Quirk

Hasbro Presents: Buy More Toys!

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Definitely. Definitely Quirky Rom-Com. Yeah.

Tender Is The Butt

You Can’t Fight In Here! This is the War Room!

Smurfs Don’t Lay Eggs! Papa Smurf Has A Fucking Beard! They’re Mammals!

You Know, Hunting’s A Sport, Too

There’s No Neutering in Baseball!

So This Is What It Sounds Like When Balls Fly


E.T. F--ked Up Your Home

I Will Take My Anger Out On My Own Body – We’re Going to Denny’s

A Pyrrhic Victory

#100: Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris

Mensch Housing by Proxy

#99: Turn Coat by Jim Butcher

#98: An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England by Brock Clarke

#96 The Wheelman by Duane Swierczynski

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

How To Permanently Scar Your Children For Life

#94 The Universe in a Single Atom by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Where's My Film Degree? Also Soup or Salad?

We’re Gonna Need A Better Boat

The Bad Touch

Same Old Song and Dance

Fool by Christopher Moore

The Grasshopper King by Jordan Ellenberg

#91: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Shut Up or Die!

Book 90: Out of My Skin by John Haskell

The Tourists by Jeff Hobbs

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Book #87: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Rendezvous in Black by Cornell Woolrich

Holiday! Celebrate! A Movie for Every Holiday

We’re Passing the Savings On to YOU!

Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan

Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

I'm Walking on Sunshine

Hollywood to Break Own Neck Trying To Suck D*ck

World War Z by Max Brooks

Fly Me to the Moon

Deep and Crisp and Even

Espresso and Matchboxes

When's Arbor Day Going to Get Respect?

Ibid: A Life by Mark Dunn

Veni Vidi Vicious

What I Did For Love

Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl

A 2009 Book Preview

I’m Gonna Fill You So Full of Lead You’ll Be Using Your Dick for a Pencil


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith

Well, That’s a Damn Shame

100 Books in a Year: #75 The Annunciations of Hank Meyerson, Mama’s Boy and Scholar by Scott Muskin

100 Books in a Year #74: Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy

Know When to Walk Away, Know When to Run

100 Books in a Year #73: Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O'Neill

You And Me Have A Disease

100 Books in a Year #72: Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

100 Books in a Year #71: Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston

This is Why You Can't Get a Date with The Beautiful People

I Am Disrespectful To Dirt. Can You Not See I Am Serious?

Dude. Dude?! Dude! Dude.

100 Books in a Year: Tourist Season by Carl Hiaasen

Shakespeare with Shivs

100 Books in a Year #67: Rust and Bone by Craig Davidson

100 Books in One Year: #65 Clown Girl by Monica Drake

I’m Not Having Fun And I Want To Go Home

Grand Theft Office Space

100 Books in a Year: #64 The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston

Mi Vida Mierda

100 Books in a Year: #63 The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie

Your Best Bet Is To Stay Away, Motherf**ker

100 Books in a Year: #62 Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

100 Books in a Year: #61 Hell House by Richard Matheson

100 Books in a Year: The Plot Against America, by Philip Roth

The Warrior Queen’s Parting Words and the Retirement of Eloquent Eloquence

That Thing You Probably Shouldn’t Do

You Missed a Spot

100 Books in One Year: Every Dead Thing by John Connolly

Buenas Tardes, Amigos!

Our Whole Future Is Ahead of Us

Drag Me to The Rio Grande

Touching Me, Touching You

I F**ked A Mannequin For Nothing!

100 Book in a Year: # 58 UR by Stephen King

100 Books in One Year #55: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathon Saffron Foer


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