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Don't Say I Never Did You No Favors: Producer Sh*tcans Plans for Atlas Shrugged Trilogy Because of Critics

By Brian Prisco | Industry | April 27, 2011 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | April 27, 2011 |

I love using my powers for good or for awesome. But, because I’m not Donald Trump (I own up to my beautiful baldness), I’m not going to take all the credit. The Playlist annouced this morning that producer/screenwriter /wealthymotherfucker John Aglialoro has decided to suspend future plans for Parts 2 and 3 of his proposed Atlas Shrugged trilogy. But why? What could possibly sway you from your focused vision for an Dickensian America, dearheart?

Us damned critics. Aglialoro said in an interview, “Critics, you won. I’m having deep second thoughts on why I should do Part 2… Why should I put up all of that money if the critics are coming like lemmings? I’ll make my money back and I’ll make a profit, but do I wanna go and do to? Maybe I just wanna see my grandkids and go on strike.”

Well, now the bitched up dialogue in the script makes sense. But I think the overall delicious irony of Aglialoro’s response is particularly reticent when you consider the content of the film. When the going got rough for Dagny and Hank, when everyone was against them, they never gave up. But not John. He curled up pissing in a corner when the first spanking came down. Even better is the strident message about how the media is nothing but a tool, a hammer or a crowbar or a salad shooter, wielded by the corrupt government to take down the hardworking little man. It’s not like he wasn’t prepped for this. The project itself has been boiling like a bunny for damn near 40 years, but Aglialoro has had creative control since 1992. But I guess the weight of the world was a little too much for him to bear. *snort*

Is this gloating a little unseemly? Perhaps. But on a morning where I wake up to find out a wealthy reality TV star with a Richie Rich haircut piece is taking credit for forcing the President of the United States to release his birth certificate, I’m a little grouchy. Nobody was asking W to submit to a fucking IQ test to prove he should legally be operating the country while wearing a bicycle helmet and mittens.

But this isn’t about politics. This is about economics. The people have chosen. And they chose Scream 4. Nobody gave a good goddamn to see this poorly scrapped together heap of crap. And wallet votes are all that count. Because The Passion of the Christ being the most successful independent film of all time ever and ever amen gets kicked into secular debater faces on a constant basis. Critics rightfully blasted the final product, objectively if not a bit crushingly, because it was a terrible movie. Even fans of the novel and Objectivism admit, it was pretty fucking bad. And I feel you, kids. I still like Jersey Girl.

Aglialoro will make every cent of the $254 he put into Atlas Shrugged, so it’s not like he’s crying to the bank. Plus, this is all probably a clever crocodile tears attempt to bolster DVD sales. It’s not like he has a huge deficit to overcome with production values, so he can make parts 2 and 3 easily. If he really wanted to. If he really wanted to work hard, and be dilligent. But he doesn’t. He wants to feel persecuted. I say, fine, feed him to a fucking lion. Just film it first so it can make as much as Christ Club The Passion.

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