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Spider-man Says Everybody Gets One

By Brian Prisco | Industry | August 9, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | August 9, 2010 |

In a recent interview, Matthew Vaughn bemoans the oversaturation of superhero films, claiming that it it’s due to come to an end in the next few years because they’re just going to the inkwell a little too frequently:

“[Superhero movies have] been mined to death and in some cases the quality control is not what it’s supposed to be. People are just going to get bored of it. I’ve always wanted to do a big-budget superhero film and I think we’ve kind of crossed the Rubicon with superhero films. I think [the opportunity to do one], it’s only going to be there two or three more times. Then, the genre is going to be dead for a while because the audience has just been pummeled too much. It is a crowded room. It’s too crowded.”

Vaughn’s in a prime position to make such a bold statement, considering he’s made exactly one fucking comic book film, Kick-Ass, where he took the source material and crushed into a soulless MTV version of the scintillating comic book. Of course, he’s currently in the middle of directing X-Men: First Class, which should definitely give you hope as to the quality of that project. I could save the X-Men, but fuck it, why bother, everyone else is doing it so why can’t we soundtrack by The Cranberries.

I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of comic book properties getting showered on the market like a massive Shih Tzu marking a fire hydrant. That doesn’t even count the ever swelling Avengers — which still has something like fifteen bajillion fucking films due to come out before the actual Avengers happens. But there are plenty of comic book films made that people don’t realize are actual comic book films: Scott Pilgrim, R.E.D., The Losers, and so forth. There’s plenty of fantastic projects due out, and soon. Scott Pilgrim is gonna be the second coming if everyone who’s seen it is to be believed. Super isn’t a comic book story, but it’s a super hero vigilante flick from James Gunn, starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page, and it looks to be fucking spectacular. Also, let us not forget “The Walking Dead” which is going to kick your ass out your awesomehole.

Superhero films don’t necessarily have to be subject to just an origins story, where he’s created, whomps a baddy, and saves the girl. If people are willing to take chances on the genre, break the norm, go wild, take things in interesting directions, then superhero movies can be good. The Dark Knight proved that. The Twitteratti were trying to push for Donald Glover to play Spider-man in the update, which would have taken the franchise to places none could believe.

Vaughn himself has a prime opportunity to do some genre-bending schtick with X-Men: First Class. He could really take some chances and go crazy, but if he’s already bemoaning the state of superheroes, you can imagine how much passion he’s got for this project. Still, he can’t do worse than Ratner. Just because everyone else is cranking out crap doesn’t mean you should give up the fucking effort. It just means you need to make yours that much fucking better.

(Source: LA Times)

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