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There's Such a Thing As Too Many Sweater Vests, Signed Bad Horse

By Brian Prisco | Industry | March 22, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | March 22, 2010 |

When the brothers Whedon got together and created “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” there was something magical and daring in the randomness. It was a small project, done out of love, where a bunch of friends came together and did something hilarious and fun. And it became a big huge international worldwide smash. As well it should have.

But according to Neil Patrick Harris, they’re thinking about doing the sequel — and your head would have to be the penis to think they wouldn’t follow that motherfucker up — as a full-length feature film. Right now, the biggest obstacle seems to be getting the three leads back together because of their schedules: NPH has “HIMYM,” Fillion is doing “Castle,” and Felicia Day is delighting us with “The Guild.”

I think this is a mistake.

Not the sequel. I would love a sequel to Dr. Horrible. But I think they should keep it online in the short format like they did before. That’s what made it so wonderful. You wanna charge people a couple bucks to cover production costs? You wanna do like Radiohead did and set it up so that people pay what they want? I say go for it.

But I think it would be bad to try to take Dr. Horrible to the big screen. I cite Lonely Island as the precident. In short film format, they’re fucking hilarious. If you try to stretch their antics to a feature film length you end up with Hot Rod or MacGruber. And there are people who are OK with that. But not me, mister. Thinking like that’s what encourages Broken Lizard. Will Farrell cranked out “The Landlord,” and it’s brilliant. He even made a not-as-funny follow-up. But they didn’t take that and try to turn it into a feature length film. Sometimes, things are better in small doses.

But I didn’t come here to rain on people’s parade. And far be it for me to question the genius that created Dr. Horrible in the first place. I just hope that Whedon and Company think long and hard on the project before they go flinging it out at random for us all to see.

The project is my penis.

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