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Up With Bulimia

By Brian Prisco | Industry | January 11, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | January 11, 2010 |

As I lament, there are many films that play festivals that we as critics get a chance to enjoy that rarely see the light of day. I’ll spare you my usual Transformers 3 on three billion screen rant, because I am giddy with delight.

One of my favorite surprises at SXSW was getting a chance to catch the screening of The Snake, a film being pimped by Patton Oswalt. He introduced the writer/director/star Adam Goldstein (working with writer/director partner Eric Kutner) beforehand because he knew by the end of the film, none of us would like him very much. However, I fucking LOVE him.

The Snake is a rare mumblecore that doesn’t feel all introspective and arthouse. It’s a dark, dark, horrible comedy about an absolute shitheel named Ken (Adam Goldstein), who desperately wants to bang a super thin underaged girl named Talia (Nina Braddock). So he stalks her to — and fakes his way into — a body image disorder support group so that he can learn her secrets and hook up with her.

There are no morals. There are no life lessons. There are no apologies. Ken is just an unrelenting slimebag and it is fucking spectacular. From start to finish, The Snake makes you cringe with delight.

And now, for those lucky few to possess the capabilities, The Snake is available free on Netflix instant watching. I highly recommend that you watch this film. If it had gotten an official theatrical release, it would have been top three on my indie films list. It’s everything that I wished independent comedy was — namely unapologetic, daring, and painfully funny.

(Thanks to Micah at ReelDistraction for the heads up.)

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