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Your Husbands, Side Pieces, and Messy Ex Are All Here in 'Triple Frontier,' the Upcoming Thriller from J.C. Chandor


'Glass' And 'Aquaman' Seriously Brought The Hype To This Year's Comic-Con

Trailers You Missed: Cage Rage, Predator Hijinks, Eli-Roth-For-Kids, And Dustin's New Favorite Movie

He Made The Jump! The Rock Battles Fire, Terrorists And Gravity In The Latest Trailer For 'Skyscraper'

Looks Like Mark Wahlberg Will Continue His Boring Streak of Hyper-Masculinity With Peter Berg's 'Mile 22'

The Second 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer Will Make You Soil Yourself

Tessa Thompson, Lakeith Stanfield, Armie Hammer, Terry Crews. Is This Movie Made Just For Pajiba?

Freeform is Launching a Show About an Environmentalist Feminist Mermaid, Maybe? Am I Understanding This Trailer Correctly?

Amy Schumer's 'I Feel Pretty' Is Making Us Feel Pretty Apprehensive

Chris Pratt's Facial Hair Lacks Star Power, And Other News From The Latest 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Trailer

We've Got To Talk About 'Annihilation'

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Mad-Science Lab... Check Out The Trailer For 'Deep Blue Sea 2'

What Can We Expect To See In 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'?

Chris Messina Stars In Quinn Shephard's Daring Drama 'Blame'

'Paddington 2' Is Coming To Revive Your Cold, Black Heart

'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' Trailer? Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

'Half-Magic' Trailer: Oh! That's What Stephanie Beatriz Looks When She's Playing a Happy Character

Disney's 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' Looks More Like 'Alice Coraline in Narnia Oz'

The 'Ocean's 8' Trailer Is Here And We're Screaming

This Teen Romance Is Really A Horror Movie, Right?

Peter Jackson's Brings Epic WTF-ery With 'Mortal Engines'

If You Love Your Children, Don't Show Them The 'Woody Woodpecker' Movie

But Seriously, Why Is Ed Helms A Thing When We Have Literally Anyone Else Around?

Yeah, You're Gonna Wanna Watch the Trailer for 'Annihilation,' What with the Crocodiles with Shark Teeth and All

'Black Panther' Japanese Trailer Shows What Else Wakanda Is Hiding

'Alita: Battle Angel' Goes To The Uncanny Valley, Struggles To Find Any Asian People There

The 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Trailer Has Jeff Goldblum

Wild Assumptions, Apropos of Nothing, from the Trailer for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Teaser: At Least Bryce Dallas Howard's Not Wearing Heels

White Jesus Has Risen (Again) In 'Mary Magdalene's Trailer

'Paddington 2' Trailer: Pink Is The New Black

Here It Is: The 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer

'Black Mirror's Latest Trailer Features Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

'The Strangers: Prey At Night' Is Creepy, But Not As Scary As Current Events

Are You Ready For 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'... IN SPAAAAACE?!

'A Wrinkle In Time' Is Our Collective Happy Place

The 'Rampage' Trailer Asks: 'Yes, But What If 'Pacific Rim' Was Rubbish And Dwayne Johnson Was Boring?'

Jim Continues To Break Pam's Poor Heart With His New Film, 'A Quiet Place'

The 'Deadpool 2: Electric Shootaloo' Teaser Is Here, and Holy F--k Knuckles, Is It Great

Christopher Plummer Is A Perfect Scrooge In 'The Man Who Invented Christmas' Clip

'Game Night' Trailer: Bateman, McAdams, Coach Taylor, Landry, and Sharon Horgan Play a Game of Muuuurder

'The Post': The Perfect Oscar Bait For Tr*mp's America

This 'The Disaster Artist' Trailer Focuses on James Franco NAILING IT

The Full Trailer for Marvel's 'Runaways' Looks Like Superhero Teen Angst

#RHSolvesCrimes Trailer: 'You Know What, Sweetie? Elsa Can Suck My Dick'

Horror Movie News Roundup: Dame Helen, 'Jigsaw, and 'Attack of the Killer Donuts'

A New Long, Dark Look At Netflix's 'The Punisher'

Holy Margot Robbie! Watch the 'I, Tonya' Teaser Trailer

It's OK: 'B*tch' Is Literally About A Woman Turning Into A Female Dog. I Think.

Good Morning, 'Black Panther' Continues To Look F**king Amazeballs

Fox's 'The New Mutants' Brings The Creepy On Friday The 13th

'Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi' Official Trailer

'Runaways,' 'Castle Rock,' And A New Sarah Silverman Series: Is Hulu Just Showing Off Now?

Did You Know David Fincher Is Releasing a Netflix Series THIS Friday, Because He Is

Hugh Grant Is Having A Blast In The New 'Paddington 2' Trailer

The 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Trailer Is Here. Don't Bother Trying Not To Lose Your Sh*t

What If 'Black Mirror' Meets Keanu Reeves?

Eliza Coupe 👏 Eliza Coupe 👏 Eliza Coupe 👏 Eliza Coupe 👏

Denzel Will Bless Us with His Presence Again In November; Now Shut the F*ck Up And Watch This Trailer

'Stranger Things' Teaser Reveals the Vast Conspiracy That Was 1984

A Tantalizing Agatha Christie Adaptation WITHOUT Johnny Depp To Spoil Things!

McG's Back With An Evil, Sexy Babysitter Movie, Because The World's Just Not Wretched Enough

Amazon Finally Gives Us Footage of Our Number 1 Freebie As 'Jack Ryan'

DO We Want To See This Christina Applegate / Domhnall Gleeson Rom-Com?

'Never Here' Trailer: Obsession, Stalking, Deception, And Art

There Is No Team, There Is Only Hulk In 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Get Your Jowls Out: The Latest Trailer for 'Darkest Hour', Starring Gary Oldman

Killer Bunnies From Outer Space Attack In 'Cute Little Buggers' Trailer

Watch Natalie Portman Enter An Evil Soap Bubble In 'Annihilation'

Don't Worry, You'll Still Be Uncomfortably Attracted to Taylor Kitsch in 'Waco'

Are You Ready For A Holiday Musical Horror Teen Comedy With Zombies?

'Pitch Perfect 3' Is Going To Leave Us Aca-Empty and Aca-Bored

'Isle Of Dogs': Dammit Wes Anderson, Stop Playing With My Emotions

James Corden Continues To Ruin Nice Things In The 'Peter Rabbit' Trailer

'Gerald's Game': Netflix Has Its Own Stephen King Movie, And It Arrives Next Week

'Revolt': Buff Lee Pace Vs. An Alien Invasion? Sure, Why Not!

The First 'Tomb Raider' Trailer Will Make You Think: Just HOW Far Can Alicia Vikander Jump?!

Blake Lively Teases A Guilty Pleasure Thriller With 'All I See Is You' Trailer

Ansel Elgort's 'November Criminals' Is Everything Wrong with White Savior Bullsh*t

Taika Waititi Is Stoked About This 80's 'Thor Ragnarok' Trailer (And So Are We)

How to Stop a Pajiban From Watching an Eva Green Movie

We Really Hope This A Real Movie And Not An Elaborate Prank

No Idea What's Going On in Guillermo Del Toro's 'Shape of Water,' But We're Here For It

Jennifer Lawrence Snatches Charlize's Look In Eyeroll-Worthy 'Red Sparrow' Trailer

Oh Hai, New Trailer For 'The Disaster Artist'

'Thor: Ragnarok' Trailer Has Us RagnaSHOOK

What Does A Jaden Smith Anime Look Like? This.

Prestige Pics, Crotch-Kicking Moms, And Adam Sandler: A Film Fest Trailer Round-Up

'Insidious 4' Trailer, And Then Something Really Scary

Dan Stevens, Why Do You Do This To Us?

Saoirse Ronan And Greta Gerwig Offer Angst, Humor And Self-Sabotage With 'Lady Bird' Trailer

'Ghost House' Offers Reiteration That Stealing From the Dead Is Stupid

'You Were Never Really Here' Trailer: Watch Joaquin Phoenix Go Full Dad-Bod

Takashi Miike Throws Down The Gauntlet (And Dismembered Hands) With 'Blade of the Immortal' Trailer

Time for What the F*&k Wednesday Movie News!

Can Taran Killam Resurrect Arnold Schwarzenegger's Career?

Drugs, Death, And Star-Studded Re-enactments Set Errol Morris Docuseries 'Wormwood' Apart

Adam Scott, God Bless Him, Is Just Really Bad at Movies

Steve Carell's Sad Dad Eyes Are One the Most Heartbreaking Things in Pop Culture

The Red-Band Trailer For The Movie We're Not Sure Is Real

'American Horror Story: Cult' Reacts To Trump's Election With Humping And Clown-Fear

A Random Collection of Pop Culture Tidbits to Make You Say "Seriously?"

'Gemini': Detective John Cho Is On The Case

Nicole Kidman And Colin Farrell Haunt Us In 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer' Trailer

'The Wilde Wedding': Starring Patrick Stewart's Glorious Hair

'Molly's Game': Aaron Sorkin Stacks Deck With Jessica Chastain & Idris Elba In His Directorial Debut

Is 'Disjointed' The Paycheck Kathy Bates Deserves?

The Full Trailer for Jennifer Lawrence's 'mother!' Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

The New 'IT' TV Trailers Will Make You Wish You'd Worn Your Brown Pants

So Many Thoughts About This Unnecessary 'Death Wish' Remake With Bruce Willis ...

Should We Be Worried About Angelina Jolie?

'Orphan Black' Meets 'Sense8' via Noomi Rapace and Netflix

David Fincher's 'Mindhunter' Goes Inside The Crazy Minds Of Criminals

Here's Patton Oswalt As An Imaginary Flying Horse, Because You Deserve It

We've No Idea WTF Is Going On in the Teaser for Jennifer Lawrence's 'mother!' But We're Excited

'Flatliners' Remake Trailer Has Kevin Bacon Hair and Creepy Scares

Danny Pudi Will Charm Your Pants Off In 'The Tiger Hunter'

What's the Deal with the Channing Tatum, JGL Amazon Series, 'Comrade Detective'?

Clooney And Coen Brothers Team Up For A 1950s Bloodbath With 'Suburbicon'

Sexy Jon Hamm Hologram Gives Us Hope For The Future

It's Still July, So Let's Get Patriotic With Steven Soderbergh's 'Logan Lucky'

New 'Thor: Ragnarok' and 'Justice League' Trailers Made Me Pregnant

Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' Trailer Is Something Something

This Is the Trailer for 'Stranger Things' Season 2; It is a Good Trailer, and You Should Watch It

The Only Team-Up That Matters In 'The Defenders' Is Sigourney Weaver And Madame Gao

It's Spy vs Spy When Eggsy Meets 'Archer'

'Bright' Trailer: Netflix Paid $90 Million for This?

'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Goes All GLaDOS-y And Now We Want Cake

Can a Trailer Make You Faint? Taraji P. Henson's 'Proud Mary' Puts It to the Test

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Replaces Leg-Blades With Electric Lassos As New Favorite Way To Kill

Morning Briefing, Entertainment Edition: Lena Dunham Set to Destroy Everything You Love

What If Samwell Tarly Was In A Band That Made A Pact With Illuminati?

Can Michael Fassbender Overcome the Worst Serial Killer Name Ever?

Guillermo Del Toro Delivers Romantic Monster Movie With 'Shape of Water' Trailer

Trailer: 'Professor Marston & The Wonder Women' Reveals The Women Behind The Man Behind Wonder Woman

Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch Team Up In the Excellent 'Wind River' Trailer

Brooklyn Neighborhood Goes From Hipster To Hell In 'Bushwick' Trailer

James Franco's Movie About 'The Room' Gets Its First Trailer

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Prequel 'Leatherface' Has A Twisted, Bloody Trailer

Second Trailer for 'Blade Runner 2049': Now With More Creepy Jared Leto!

"Be A Warrior": The Gorgeous First Trailer for Ava DuVernay's 'A Wrinkle In Time'

'Big' or '13 Going on 30' But With, Like, Pets? No Wonder the RomCom Is Dead

We're Still Trying To Do This? With This Jagoff? Really?

And The Hits Keep Coming: 'Goon 2' Gets A Trailer


Hey World, Hang In There Until We Can See This Movie, Okay?

White Trash Daniel Craig is the Biggest Draw of August

Love to the Cast and All, But This is Pathetic

'Rick And Morty' Season Three Trailer Hits, For Real This Time

Fine: Here's the 'Jumanji' Trailer

Watch The Trailer For 'The Batman Complex': The Greatest Batman Movie That Will Never Be

'My Little Pony' Is About Petty, Abusive Mean Girls

Hugh Jackman Sings Furiously For His Oscar in 'The Greatest Showman' Trailer

You May Not Like the Trailer for 'A Bad Moms Christmas' But I Ain't Mad At It

New Trailer For 'The Incredible Jessica James' Proves Jessica Williams Is A Damn Queen

There Is A New 'Dark Tower' Featurette and OMG WHY ISN'T THE MOVIE OUT YET

The 'Pitch Perfect 3' Trailer Has Arrived And It's Aca-Crap

'Stronger' Trailer: B for the Trailer; C+ for Jake Gyllenhaal's Boston Accent

A New 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Trailer Has Arrived, and There Are No Words

Who Are You Killing New Years Eve?

Trailer: Keanu Reeves And Lily Collins Headline Netflix's Addiction Drama 'To The Bone'

'Groundhog Day' But With A Co-Ed Stabbed To Death With A Bong

It is Time to Issue an Expiration Date on the Intellectual Man-Child

'Bill Nye Saves The World' Gets A Second Season Thanks To The Haters

The Beloved Bear-of-Very-Little-Brain and His Best Friend: First Trailer for ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’

John Cena Was Born To Play A Lovable Bull In A China Shop

Here's the 2017 'Flatliners' Trailer with Ellen Page and Diego Luna, and Man, We Just Don't Know

You Might Not Be Able To Handle 'Killing Ground'

The First 'Black Panther' Trailer Is Here And We Are Digging It

'Broad City' Season 4 Promises Sex, Drugs, And RuPaul

Tom Cruise Is Angling for Awards Again, and We Are Here For It

The First Trailer For 'Murder On The Orient Express' Is Here, and That Song? WTF? Why?!

Charlize Theron Kicks Ass While Looking Fabulous In 'Atomic Blonde' Brawl

'Batman and Harley Quinn' Animated Movie Sounds A Little...Off

Grab Your Whips: The First Teaser Trailer For Netflix's 'Castlevania' Is Here

Final Trailer For Your New Favourite Film, 'Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets'

Celebrate National Brother’s Day With A Murderous Child Genius

The 'Game of Thrones' Season Seven Trailer Has Arrived, and the 'Great War Is Here'

'Wish Upon' Conjures Ryan Phillippe, Barb, And A Monkey's Paw Scenario

Here's a Trailer for a Thing On Netflix You'll Probably Love

Netflix Revives Jim Henson's 'Dark Crystal' With New Series

Red-Band Trailer for 'The House' and A Final Trailer for 'The Mummy'

Nicole Kidman Leads A Punk Rock Revolt In 'How to Talk to Girls at Parties'

Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, And Adorable Pig Monster, What Else Do You Want From 'Okja'?

'Star Trek Discovery' Finally Has A Trailer -- And There Are Klingons

A Dopey But Important Emma Stone, Steve Carell Movie Is Just What We Need Right Now

The 'Logan Noir' Trailer Give You Feels In Your Tear Ducts

Like 'X-Files' But With Adam Scott, Craig Robinson And Willful Lunacy

'The Gifted' Trailer: Fox Has Mutants, And We Have Reactions

'The Wedding Invitation': A Romantic Comedy Made By And For Women

Trailer: Gwendoline Christie, Nicole Kidman And Elisabeth Moss Join Forces For 'Top Of The Lake: China Girl'

Trailers For Tuesday: 'Mist'-ed, 'The Gifted', and Pennywise Is Twisted

Watch the 'Blade Runner 2049' Trailer with Gosling, Ford, and ... Leto

'The Defenders' Trailer: Luke Cage Is Not a Fan of Iron Fist, and We Are Here For It

'I Kill With My Heart': 'The Dark Tower' Official Trailer Has Landed

Get Ready to Cry at Robin Williams' Final Film

The Trailer for 'The Big Sick' Looks Really Great And You Should Watch It

'It Comes At Night' Gets A New Terrifying Trailer

What's The Deal With That Mandy Moore Shark Movie?

What Even Is This SWINTON Movie?

I Think There's a Wonder Woman Movie Coming Out Soon?

The 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Trailer Introduces Some Goddamn Yanks Into The Mix

Who On The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5’ Crew Has Blackmail On Keira Knightley?

Holy Hell, 'The Little Hours' Looks Hilarious

Trailers 2017: The Good, The Meh, And The WTF

Oh Hey! There's Taylor Kitsch! We Found Him. Someone Let the Authorities Know!

Orphan Black's Final Season Promises a Return to What Matters Most

Here It Is: Watch 'The Last Jedi' Teaser Trailer (Arms Flailing)

Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson Are Peak Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson in the Terrific 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' Trailer

Charlize Theron's 'Atomic Blonde' Trailer Promises All We Want Ever In Action

'Thor: Ragnarok' Trailer: A New Approach, A Spectacular Trailer

Trailer: 'Catastrophe' Is Nearly Back, And So Is Everyone's Favorite Crumbling Marriage

The Cast for Adam McKay's Dick Cheney Film Is Bonkers

The Trailer for the 'Heath Ledger' Documentary Is Still Too Soon

Teaser: Netflix's 'Defenders' Gets a Teaser, Release Date

But Hear Me Out, What If The Possessed Doll Were A Pissed Off Dead Girl?

Just When We Thought This ‘Doctor Who’ Season Might Be Good This Year

This Is Not An April Fools' Prank But An Honest-To-WTF Movie Trailer

'Civil War', 'Logan', 'Apes' or: How I Learned To Not Watch Movie Trailers Anymore

Yes, But Does the Guy Ritchie King Arthur Movie Have a Giant, Fire-Breathing Dominatrix Robot?

It’s Cersei Vs. Daenerys Vs. Jon Snow In This ‘GOT’ Season 7 Promo

HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Season 4 Trailer Is 'Rad'

Anne Hathaway And Jason Sudeikis Intrigue In 'Colossal' Clip

Casey Affleck Is In Another Movie, and Damnit, It Looks Amazing

The Final 'Ghost In The Shell' Trailer Leans Into Its Misunderstanding Of The Original

Legit Question: What's More Terrifying? New 'It' Photos, Or a New Adam Sandler Movie?

Here's the Full Length 'Justice League' Trailer

Watch the Best Movie Trailer of 2017, So Far

The Full ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Trailer Begins With A Huge And Necessary Spoiler

Here's a Teaser for the 'Justice League' Trailer

The Official 'Baywatch' Trailer Probably Gives Away All Of The Funniest Bits

Holy Beat PunchBeef! The 'MST3K' Trailer Is Here!

Netflix's 'Death Note' Trailer Looks Like A Hot Topic Ad, Which Is Perfect

Hi Hello The ‘American Gods’ Trailer Is Perfect

Pixar's First 'Coco' Trailer Is Here Aaaaaand I'm Already Crying

How Are We Supposed To Watch ‘Veep’ Again In 2017?

20 Better Ways To Spend Your Time Than Watching The 20 Second Long New 'Love Actually 2' Trailer

Prepare to Lose Your Sh*t Watching Charlize Theron in the 'Atomic Blonde' Trailer

The New ‘FF8’ Trailer Features LITERAL CAR NECROMANCY

Johansson, McKinnon, Kravitz, Glazer & Bell Are Swimming in Dick in the 'Rough Night' Trailer

Can We Talk About The Weirdest Easter Egg In This 'Deadpool' Teaser?

'Trainspotting 2' Makes Us Want To Choose Sequels

First Look At Sexy Scrooge McDuck With David Tennant Voice

Get A Look At 'GLOW,' Netflix’s Upcoming Series About ‘80s Women Wrestlers Starring Alison Brie

Miss 'Hannibal'? David Fincher's New Netflix Series Should Fill the Void (Trailer)

Netflix Has Let Us Know What We'll Be Bingeing Next Winter

The First Full 'Alien: Covenant' Trailer Shows Us A New, Pretty Underwhelming Xenomorph

Final 'Kong: Skull Island' Trailer At Last Makes It Clear What Kind Of Movie This Will Be

Trailer: SWINTON Plays A Mad Scientist (With Great Hair) In Bong Joon Ho's Okja

'Alien: Covenant' Prologue Introduces Kissing Crewmates

Place Your Bets, Place Your Bets! Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur'. Will It Be Good? Or Will It Be Shite?

Anne Hathaway Shows Off Her Kaiju Dance Moves In New 'Colossal' Trailer

'The House' Trailer: Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell & Jason Mantzoukas Will Make Your Big Studio Summer Comedy Dreams Come True

Activist And Inspiration Amandla Stenberg Has Gifted Us A Tearjerker

All-Female Horror Anthology Gives A Taste Of Its Terrors

Check Out The Texas Cannibal Movie From 'A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night's Director

Bless You, Netflix

'The Assignment' Trailer for Those Who Thought 'John Wick' Was Just Too Awesome

'The Americans' S5 Trailer: They Grow Up So Fast! (Except for Henry, Who Is Still Useless)

The Definitive Ranking Of All The Superbowl Movie Trailers

Holy Shit, The 'Stranger Things 2' Teaser!

The 'SNL' Cold Open Provides Donald Trump a Rare Mirror Into His Presidency

'The LEGO Batman Movie' Presents: Gotham Cribs

'I Am Not Your Negro' Trailer: James Baldwin Dares Us To Look Away

The First 3 Minutes of 'Rings' Wants to Make Airplanes Even More Terrifying

Anne Heche And Sandra Oh Tackle Comedy In 'Catfight'

Welcome Back, Julia Stiles

Promo: Ryan Murphy's 'Feud' Will Suck You Back Into Murphy's Universe

Indie Crush Melanie Lynskey Set to F*ck Shit Up Next Month on Netflix

Because Adam Sandler Won't Rest Until He's Annihilated Any Remaining Love For Him

Old-School James Gunn Is Back with 'The Belko Experiment,' or 'The Office' Meets 'The Purge'

This Week In Glorious Coked-Up Movie Pitches: 'What If Anne Hathaway Controlled A Kaiju?'

Finally, A Comic-Book Series For Those Who Are Tired of Comic-Book Series

Oh No 'Power Rangers' Trailer; What Were You Thinking?

'Logan' Has Brought Us The Hero We Need Right Now

Just What Exactly Is Netflix's New Jason Segel, Rooney Mara Movie, 'The Discovery'?

Woody Harrelson Sparks Cringes And Laughs With 'Wilson'

The Full Trailer for 'The Santa Clarita Diet' Has Dropped and We Are So In

'Raw' Trailer: This Is the Movie that Required Paramedics To Deal with Fainting Moviegoers

The 'CHIPs' Trailer Offers the Break-Out Comedic Potential Michael Pena Deserves

'Lost in London LIVE' Is A Woody Harrelson Movie Being Filmed and Streamed In Real Time

The Timeliest Trailer Drop: A Sad White Dude with a Penchant for 'Gold'

Female-Directed Horror Anthology 'XX' Teases Terror Ahead Of Sundance

Monday Movie Trailer Round Up: '13 Minutes,' 'Renegades,' and 'How to Be a Latin Lover'

Just How Many Sequels Are We Getting in 2017? A Metric F*ck-Ton

'Bright Lights: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher' Will Drown Us All in Our Own Tears

A Real Time Review of the Extended 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer

Hanks+Watson+Boyega = Profit?

What If Your Unborn Child Wanted You To Murder?

On Christmas, Nobody Can Hear You Scream, But Watch the Aliens: Covenant Trailer Anyway

It's Not Too Late, Leah Remini! The Church of Scientology Might Still Take You Back

Dear Wes Anderson, Stop Digging, You've Hit Gold.

The 'Emoji' Movie Teaser Trailer Looks Like 💩

Here's the Best Movie Trailer of 2016

Here's the New 'John Wick: Chapter 2' Trailer. Watch Your Face

The 'Snatched' Trailer and the Sandlerization of Amy Schumer

Amazon's 'Sneaky Pete' Trailer: Evil Cranston! Martindale! Ribisi! Yost!

Wow, The Guy in the 'Taken' TV Series Trailer Has MASTERED the Liam Neeson Over-Yell

Final 'Assassin's Creed' Trailer: Just Get Released Already, So I Can KNOW You're Bad And I Can Get On With My Life!

Trailer: 'Dunkirk' Is Christopher Nolan's 'Titanic' and 'Saving Private Ryan'

Welcome to Your Career Comeback, Katherine Heigl

Netflix Unleashes the Cryptic and Unnerving Trailer for 'The OA'

Zach Galifianakis Bests Jared Leto In Joker Off

Trailer: 'Fate of the Furious' Adds Charlize, Wastes Missandei

'War of the Planet of Apes' Trailer: Hail Caesar!

The 8th 'Fast and Furious' Brings in an Entirely New and Different Word to Its Title (Plus First Footage)

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Looks Like a Burst of Fun But... Is That It?

'The Founder' Trailer: Michael Keaton Aims to Turn Fast Food Into Oscar Gold

Christina Ricci Resurrects Zelda Fitzgerald

The 'Baywatch' Trailer Is About What You'd Expect

The 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer Hurts So Bad (And Not in the Good Way)

'Fist Fight' Looks Very, Very Dumb, But Very, Very Fun

'The Circle' Trailer: Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega, Karen Gillan Star in 'Wow! Look at that Cast!'

The Trailer For The Teaser Trailer For 'Fast And Furious 8' Wants You To Join A Cult, I Think?

Anthony Hopkins, 2016: "Optimus Prime Has Left Us"

A Comprehensive Breakdown of Everything Awfulsome about Lifetime's Britney Spears Biopic

Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley Have an HBO Hit on their Hands

James Gunn's 'The Belko Experiment' Is Basically a Corporate 'Purge' and If That Doesn't Sound Awesome Then I Don't Understand You

'Sherlock' Season 4 Will Be Full of Darkness and Danger and Cumberscruff

Watch the Teaser for Tom Cruise's 'The Mummy' Remake ... Wait, What? Tom Cruise?!

Let's Remember A Better Time With the Some of the Best of 1994 Pop Culture

Now Archie is Getting A Gritty TV Series? Get F#$ked, Riverdale

Watch The First Trailer For 'Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers'

Watch The Trailer For Martin Scorsese's Long Gestating Passion Project, 'Silence'

Never Mind Everything Else: Here's The Brand New 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Season 12 Trailer

In the 'Cars 3' Teaser, Lightning McQueen Is Maimed Horrifically in a Fiery Crash

Everything's Great about Netflix's 'Lemony Snicket' Trailer Except Its Release Date

What Makes a Good Biopic?

The First Trailer For 'Ghost In The Shell' Is Here

Choose Life, Choose a Job, Choose a Sequel. 'T2: Trainspotting' Trailer

Let’s Breakdown All the Bonkers Nonsense Stuffed Inside Vin Diesel’s New ‘XXX’ Trailer

Isn't This Space Thriller 101? Don't Poke the Alien Organism!

Uwe Boll Has Announced That He Intends To Stop Making Terrible Movies

M. Night Shyamalan's Latest Looks Intriguing, Potentially Disastrous

Dwayne Johnson Humble Brags Hilariously In 'Moana' Clip

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Life' Looks Terrifying, Could Stand to Be a Little Gayer

A Legend Returns: 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Trailer, And The Fate Of John Marston

Recut Movie Trailers Prove Music and A Good Editor Are Everything

Wash That Debate Taste Out Of Your Mouth With The New 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Teaser

'Logan' Trailer: Wolverine as a Washed-Up Drunk May Be The Best Thing to Happen to the 'X-Men' Franchise

Fiercely Feminist Thriller 'Always Shine' Gets Release Date, Trailer, And A Badass Poster

7 Thoughts We Had While Watching the New 'Assassin's Creed' Trailer

This 'Star Wars' Videogame Trailer is Better Than Most of the Movies

F**K YEAH: David Attenborough's 'Planet Earth 2' is Coming

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Reunite for 'Best F(r)iends'

Here's Where Season 3 of 'Black Mirror' Is Taking Us

'Salt And Fire' Trailer: Werner Herzog, Michael Shannon, Gael Garcia Bernal

The 7 Most Pants-Creamingly Awesome Parts of the 'John Wick: Chapter 2' Trailer

'The Edge of Seventeen' Trailer: Hailee Steinfeld Learns The Danger Of Hasty Sexting

Jordan Peele (As In 'Key and') Made a Horror Movie and It Looks TERRIFYING

Here's the Trailer for Lifetime's 'Who Killed JonBenét?' to Make You Feel Uncomfortable

'Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' Trailer

Here's the Trailer For James Franco's Porn Mogul Murder Movie 'King Cobra'

Watch Claire Foy and Matt Smith in the Trailer for Netflix's 'The Crown'

Den. Zel. Mother. F*cking. Washington. 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wait, Ella Enchanted and Kurt Buckman Are In A Monster Movie?

Here's The Movie People Are Blaming The Brangelina Break-Up On

The Trailer for 'Passengers,' the $150 Million Gamble that Sony Made on Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

The New Trailer For Louis Theroux's Insightful Scientology Documentary Has Landed

'Fifty Shades Darker': For People Who Don't Know How To Find Porn On The Internet

'White Girl' PSA Tells You All Need To Know About Cocaine

Ben Affleck Is Determined To Make You Forget 'Batman vs. Superman'

Netflix's Dual 'Amanda Knox' Trailers Are Pure Speculative Brilliance

Oily Slick-Talking McConaughey is the Best McConaughey

Will Smith's Next Film Is Opening Against 'Rogue One.' Good Luck

Netflix's Newest Original Movie 'ARQ' Is A Home Invasion 'Groundhog Day'

A Goth Nun Family Dramedy? Yeah, We'll Bite.

Today In This Is An Actual Movie That Really Exists

'Shameless' Season 7 Has a Trailer & New Poster

'Lion' Is Either Going to Be a Feel-Good Crowd Pleaser or the Worst Movie of 2016

The Trailer for the Movie That Made Everyone at Sundance Sob Like a Little Child

'Rings' Trailer: 'The Ring' Is Back, and Now There's a Movie within the Movie

Terrence Malick's Latest Movie is About Everything

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I Know We Can't Kill the Zombie Genre, But This Is a Promising Direction

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'Personal Shopper' Talks To Dead Brother And 'Sickhouse' Was Born On Snapchat: A Tale Of Two Horror Flicks

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That's How You Get a Second Season: 'UnREAL's' Season 2 Teasers Are Here & They're Heavy on the Manipulation

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'Southside with You' Trailer: Fall in Love with Barack and Michelle Obama All Over Again

Viggo Is Back! First 'Captain Fantastic' Trailer

'The Killing Joke' Trailer Proves Jared Leto's Joker Is Not The Craziest, But The Try-Hardest

Chris Hemsworth Is A Gorgeous, Glorious Dummy In 'Ghostbusters'

Stop Doing That Thing With Your Voice, Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Lovers of 'Absolutely Fabulous' and Haters of Kate Moss Will Adore This Trailer

'Independence Day: Resurgence' Second Trailer: 'They Like To Get The Landmarks'

Born-Badass Jason Bourne Is Reborn in the Newly Birthed Trailer For 'Jason Bourne.' Born.

Two of the Most Kick-Ass Women in Hollywood Team for Gripping Missing Person Thriller

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Say Bye Bye Bye To The Undead: The N'Sync/Backstreet vs. Zombies Movie Trailer Is Here!

The 'Ben Hur' Remake Trailer Is a Dumpster Fire of Generic Swords-and-Sandals Tropes Tossed Into the Zack Snyder Filter

Seth Rogen's 'Sausage Party' Trailer Is Food Porn Meets Torture Porn Meets Disney

'Everybody Wants Some' Red Band Trailer

'Did I just see you do drugs with a junkyard Elmo?!' Welcome Back, Kimmy Schmidt

Ian McShane Drops Another 'Game of Thrones' Spoiler While Also Belittling the Show's Fans

'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Reveals a Huge Spoiler in Split-Second Frame

Finally, We Get to Watch Meryl Streep Be Very, Very Bad At Something

Who Thinks It's Funny For a Man to Be Hit in the Face with Meat? Walton Goggins, That's Who.

Spider-Man Is All Up In The New Civil War Trailer!

Everyone Is in the Lonely Island's 'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping' Red-Band Trailer

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Stringer Bell And Robb Stark: Ass-Kicking, Roof Jumping, And Conspiracy-Stopping (Trailer For 'Bastille Day')

Yes Please: 'The Night Manager' Pits Tom Hiddleston Against Hugh Laurie

RED ALERT: SWINTON Plays A Glam Rock Star In 'A Bigger Splash'

This Is a Real Movie. Really. No, REALLY.

New SFW Jokes Revealed In 'Keanu' Green-Band Trailer

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Bros Can Be Queer Too, Says '4th Man Out' Trailer

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Let's Talk About The New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer

'Neighbors 2' Trailer: We Want to Fornicate with This Movie's Hairy Back

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JJ Abrams Kind Of 'Cloverfield' Sequel Looks Intense

'Money Monster' Trailer: Clooney and Roberts Make a Summer Thriller Disguised as an Issue Movie

The Coen's 'Hail, Caesar!' Is Going to Flat Out Kill Us, Isn't It?

You Haven't Had Enough Hiddleston Lately; Let's Remedy That Right Now

Netflix's 'The Crown' is 'Deep Throat' of Royal Porn

Let's Tread Lightly, But Baz Luhrmann's Netflix Show Might Be Worth Getting Hyped For

Countdown to 'Agent Carter': Get a Load of Hayley Atwell's Awesome Arsenal

The Trailer for Tina Fey's Afghanistan War Comedy Is Not A Funny or Die Video (It's Real, and Looks Great)

Accio: 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Trailer!

Here's The First Trailer For Ben Wheatley's Adaptation Of J.G. Ballard's 'High Rise'

The New Star Trek Trailer is Worse Than Hitler

Get a Closer Look at the Clues in This New 'Sherlock' 'Abominable Bride' Teaser

'Independence Day: Resurgence' Trailer Features Everything You Want Except Will Smith

The 'X-Men Apocalypse' Trailer Introduces En Sabah Nur and He's a Total Asshole

Secret of the Oooooooh: The New Turtle Trailer Looks...Pretty good?

Jillian Bell Gets The Show We've So Badly Wanted For Her With 'Idiotsitter'

'The BFG' Teaser Will Thrill Your Inner Child

The Star-Studded People vs. O.J. Simpson Trailer Is Strangely Intriguing

The New, City-Destroying, Humor-Injected 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Has Landed

The Outlander Season 2 Trailer: Jamie and Claire Go To France ... To Stop a Rebellion and Take Off Their Pants!

Supes is a Total Dick to Batman in the Latest 'Batman vs. Superman' Teaser

Educate Yourself On 'Krampus' With This Comprehensive Featurette

Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Has Landed

'Central Intelligence' Trailer: Honestly, Is There Anything Dwayne Johnson Can't Do?

Martha Stewart Meets 'Troop Beverly Hills' In Melissa McCarthy's 'The Boss'

'Fifty Shades of Black' Is Probably Better Than The Flick It Parodies

Tit Punching & Pubic Hair Discussions Don't Really Constitute Reinventing a Genre, Do They?

She's Back! Hayley Atwell Kicks L.A.'s Ass in the 'Agent Carter' Season 2 Teaser

'Now You See Me 2' Trailer: The Sleeper Hit of 2013 Returns with Daniel Radcliffe and Lizzy Caplan

'The Huntsman Winter's War' Trailer: So Much Scenery Chewing

'Zoolander 2's Gives Us Androgynous Benedict Cumberbatch And The Death Of Justin Bieber

Bill Murray Shows Us the True Meaning of Christmas: George Clooney

The 'Gods of Egypt' Trailer Looks So-Bad-It's ... Terrible. Yep. Just Terrible

'Broad City's Ilana Glazer Jizzes All Over Anthony Mackie In Red-Band 'The Night Before' Trailer

Trailer: 'Finding Dory' Seeks to Undo the Trauma Inflicted by 'Finding Nemo'

Why We Keep Making Boxing Movies

The 'God Is Not Dead 2' Trailer Proves Religious Nuts Aren't Serious About Ending Abortions

'Hateful Eight' Needs To Get Here Yesterday

Simon Pegg Is The Overzealous Man Of Your Dreams In Latest 'Man Up' Clip

It's Been 7 Years Since Charlie Kaufman Ripped Your Heart Out & Blew Your Mind. Let's Welcome Him Back

If 'Preacher' Can Live Up to Its First Trailer, We're All In For a Hell Of a Ride

This Looks Like the Most Fun Movie Of November, and Maybe the Rest of 2015

'Shameless' Teaser: Will Noel Fisher's Mickey Return In Season 6?

Aziz Ansari Tackles Racism, Sexism, Ageism And Settling Down In 'Master Of None' Teaser

The New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Is Pure Joy and Unbridled Excitement

Lauren Cohan's 'The Boy' Trailer Is Superfuckingcreepy

Before You Do Anything Else Today, Watch the Coen Brothers 'Hail Caesar!' Trailer

The Befrocked Bennett Sisters Go Medieval on the Undead in the Trailer for 'Pride Prejudice and Zombies'

Steven Moffat Eschews Explanations for the 'Sherlock' Christmas Special

Forget the Halloween Movies; John Hillcoat's 'Triple 9' Looks Like a Real Horror Show

How Is Natalie Dormer Having This Hard a Time Finding Decent Roles?

Tom Hardy Did What He Had to Do to Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Revenant,' But Leo's Still Winning That Oscar

A Brand New 'The X-Files' Trailer: We Have a Small Problem

Nic Cage's 'Pay the Ghost' Trailer Is Nic-Cage Perfection

'The Jungle Book' Trailer Is Here, and It Will Make Your Children Cry

Did George Clooney Play Sandra Bullock's Butt Double in 'Our Brand Is Crisis'?

Sarah Silverman Just Got Dramatic As F*ck

Tom Hiddleston Does a Helluva Great Hank Williams' Impression

'Krampus' Trailer: Christmas is Coming and Your Children Will Die. Happy Holidays!

Which Terrifying Justified Actor Makes His Debut in 'Arrow's' Fourth Season?

'The Danish Girl' Trailer Makes Us Nervous

'Knock Knock'! Who's There? Keanu. Keanu Who? Keanu Reeve's Erotic Threesome Horror Film

Welcome to Downtondome: 'Downton Abbey' Final Trailer

This New Surprise 'Star Wars' Teaser Is An Awakening... In Our Heartspaces

'Ash vs Evil Dead' Trailer Drops: Is It Halloween Yet?

'The Final Girls' Are Here To Bring Some Humor to Your Halloween

Will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Sexy-Times Film Leave Them As Broken As Tom and Nicole?

Get Yourself to a Place Where It's Safe to Poop Your Pants: 'The Witch' Trailer

Stop What You Are Doing And Let The 'Puli' Trailer Change Your Life

No Need to Watch Ridley Scott's 'The Martian', The Whole Movie Is Right Here!

Today's the Terrible Day That Harry Potter Became a Monster, But Bald McAvoy's Oddly Hot

Is NBC Just Trolling Us Now? 'Heroes: Reborn' Details and Trailer

Watch the Trailer for 'Bite,' The Movie That Reportedly Caused Two People to Pass Out

Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' Trailer Looks Spectacular

Here's Your First Look at 'Westworld,' the Sci-Fi Western HBO Hopes Will Be the Next 'Game of Thrones'

'Vinyl' Is the Rock & Roll Cure For Our HBO Fatigue

Season Two of 'The Leftovers' Looks To Be One Hell of a Fresh Start

'Deadpool' Trailer For Poor People That Weren't At Comic-Con Finally Drops


The 'Stonewall' Trailer Has All the Subtlety You'd Expect From the Director of 'Independence Day'

The Deadpool Teaser for the 'Deadpool' Trailer is Pure Ryan Reynolds' Goodness

The Official 'Zoolander II' Teaser is Both Official and a Teaser

Seth Rogen Brings Us A Christmas Story For Grown-Ups, Screw-Ups and Jews

In News Your Heart Already Knew, Elisabeth Moss Is 'Queen of Earth'

'Victoria' Is A 2.5 Hour Heist Flick Filmed In One Long Take and Here's the Intense Trailer

This Looks Like the Best Indie Flick of September, and Maybe of the Fall

Is Bond Bored? The New 'Spectre' Trailer May Leave You Longing for Idris, Idris Elba

This Is the Judy Greer We've Been Asking For: 'Addicted to Fresno' Trailer

You're Off Your Game, Pixar! 'The Good Dinosaur' Trailer Only Made Us Well Up Six Times!

Here's the 'Attack on Titan' Live Action Trailer a Few of You Have Been Waiting For

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy Go Full Beard for Iñárritu's Heart-Pounding 'The Revenant'

Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell's 'Joy' Looks Phenomenal

Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Should Not Do Other People's Material

Kirsten Dunst Channels Her Inner Midwestern Lady Macbeth in the First 'Fargo' Season 2 Trailer

'You're The Worst' Finally Gets a Season 2 Premiere Date And a Sexy First Trailer

Warner Bros. Finally Releases the Bonkers 'Suicide Squad' Comic-Con Trailer in Glorious HD

The Trailer for David Simon's New HBO Series Looks Tremendous

'The Bastard Executioner' Is Here To Ease Your 'Game Of Thrones' Withdrawal

'Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice' Trailer Just Handed Me My Ass

Get Pumped for the New Evil Dead Series on Starz

'Con Man' Trailer: 'Firefly' Is Reunited and It Feels So Wonderfully Fillion and Tudyk

Bill Murray Made His First Comic Con Appearance Today, So He's Got That Goin' For Him

Damien Lewis Returns to Showtime with F*ck You Money to Spare

Southpaw Jake Gyllenhaal Shows Emu How It's Done; Plus, a Great Big Apology

The 'Goosebumps' Movie Looks Pretty Good, Actually

Julia Roberts Seeks Bloody Vengeance In 'Secret In Their Eyes' Trailer

It's a Big Day For Heartbreaking Comedy: Tig Notaro & Chris Farley Have Trailers You Need to See

Legend: Double Your Pleasure with Two Killer Tom Hardys...Plus an Eccleston

Is This The Film That Will Finally Make Alison Brie a Legit Movie Star?

Take a Tour of 'Wet Hot American Summer's' Camp Firewood

The First 'Dark Places' Trailer Is Here. Let the Book Reader Judgment Begin!

New HBO Documentary on Gun Violence is Depressingly Well-Timed

The 'Peanuts Movie' Trailer Completely Nails the Warm Fuzzy Smart Nostalgia We All Crave

Kristen Wiig And Will Ferrell's Lifetime Movie Trailer Is Everything We Hoped For

Just In Case You Missed the Most Exciting Part Of the 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Trailer...

‘The Martian’ Trailer makes ‘Cast Away’ Seem Like a Weak-Ass All Inclusive Resort Vacation

Further FIFA Schadenfreude With Their Movie "United Passions"

See the Trailer for Tom Hanks's New Cold War Thriller

Thursday Trailergasm: 'Everest,' 'Macbeth,' 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' and 'The Walk'

Look Out Oscar, 'Suffragette' Is Coming For Your Boys Club

Pixar's First Trailer For 'The Good Dinosaur' Has All the Childhood Wonder You've Given Up Expecting From 'Jurassic World'

Jesse Eisenberg Is a Surprisingly Impressive Stoner Jason Bourne

Will AMC's Artificial Intelligence Drama Series Be Its Next Big Hit?

Rape Culture's Reckoning Comes In NSFW 'Felt' Trailer

The Trailer for the 'Point Break' Remake Is An Affront to Humanity, Looks Decent

Need a Good (Really!) Memorial Day Cry? Let 'Batkid Begins' Rouse You from the Dark Night

'Cooties' Trailer Has More Unruly Children Than A TLC Reality Show

'Scream Queens' Trailer Is Hot Garbage Doused In Blood and Bad Dialogue

Do We Really Need An EmoPretty Version of Harry Potter? SyFy's 'The Magicians' Seem to Think So

I Skillfully Dissect the Characters of 'True Detective' Season Deuce Using Only An Intense Talk Trailer

Netflix's Plague Series 'Between' Will Be Their First That You Cannot Binge Watch

You Have Nowhere Else to Go: The New 'Crimson Peak' Trailer Screams to Be Watched Right Now

'Jem' Trailer, All You Had To Do Was Be Truly, Truly Outrageous

Lesbian Sex, Strip Searches, Naked Cat Fights: 'Orange Is the New Black' Is Almost Back

Rosamund Pike Continues to Cash In On that Beautiful, Demented WTFery She Does So Well

Mike Can't Touch This Magic: 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell' Trailer and Clip

The Trailer for the National Lampoon's 'Vacation' Sequel Contains Chris Hemsworth's Package

You'll Definitely Want to Check Out Meryl Streep's 'Ricki and the Flash' American Flag Back Tattoo

'Fifty Shades Darker' Has Already Released A Teaser Trailer. Ugh.

Bow Before the Worst Trailer Ever To Plague Mankind and the 10 Terrors It Hath Wrought

M. Night Shyamalan's New Movie Looks Distinctly Un-Shyamalanian

First 'Black Mass' Trailer Reminds Us That Johnny Depp is a Great F*cking Actor When He Tries

If 'The Little Prince' Ends Up Being Anywhere Near As Beautiful As This Trailer, We're All In For Something Magical

The 2nd Full-Length 'Jurassic World' Trailer Isn't Really Helping Matters

The International 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer Reveals New Footage and Possibly All the Dialogue

'Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Trailer: Dawn Of Depression Is More Like It

Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' Teaser Trailer Splats Onto the Internet

The New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Teaser Is Pure 'Star Wars' Magic

Here's a 20-Second 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Teaser Trailer

You Brought This On Yourselves, Jackasses: 'Joe Dirt 2' Teaser Trailer

The New 'Ant-Man' Trailer Is Chock Full of Schlock... But Not In A Bad Way

'Dark Matter' Trailer: Space, Swords, and Amnesia

Which Would You Rather Watch: 'Human Centipede 3' or 'Hot Pursuit'? (Serious Question)

Warning, Netflix May Be Trying to Drown Us In Awesome Trailers Today: 'Grace and Frankie'

The Excellent 'Orange is the New Black' Season 3 Trailer Has Arrived

This 'Jurassic World' Clip Might Make You Want to Punch Chris Pratt in the Face

Charlize Theron Meets The Kill Club In 'Dark Places' Clip

George and Brad Takei's 'It Takeis Two' Is a Warm, Cuddly, Snarky Blanket of Adorableness

Stop Everything and Watch This 2nd Full-Length 'Mad Max Fury Road' Trailer NOW

The First Trailer for 'Fear the Walking Dead,' 'The Walking Dead' Spin-Off Has Arrived

New 'Mad Max' Teasers Dropping All Over Twitter

'Spectre' Teaser Gives Us Our First Shadowy Look at Christoph Waltz

A Fully Debauched Patrick Stewart Is Heading For Our Televisions

Watch a Jacked Jake Gyllenhaal Demand an Oscar Nom in the 'Southpaw' Trailer

The 'Dope' Trailer Is Infinitely More Engaging and Well-Made Than Most Full Movies

Fassbender Wears a Cowboy Hat and Rides a Horse; We Say Giddyup! 'Slow West' Trailer

Cruise Gives New Meaning to 'Catching a Flight' in the 'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation' Trailer

New 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Trailer Reveals Great Teamwork and Quicksilver's Sexy Accent

M. Night Shyamalan Made a TV Show. Here's the Trailer

What's Really Going On in Alex Garland's 'Ex Machina'?

Donkey Kong and Pac Man Attack Earth in 'Pixels,' The First Interesting Adam Sandler Movie In Over a Decade

Ooh! Tentacles: 'Monsters: Dark Continent' Trailer

The Trailer For 'Clown' Is The Most Adorable Thing You'll See Today

The First Trailer for 'Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck' Wants to Punch You In Your Feelings

Netflix's Newest 'Daredevil' Trailer Hits All The Right Notes

We Want To Go To There: 'Tomorrowland' Trailer

You Had Us At Amy Poehler, 'Inside Out' Trailer Reveals A Plot

'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Trailer: The Gods Demand Justice

This 'Nina Forever' Teaser Starring 'Utopia's' Fiona O'Shaughnessy Is Everything a Trailer Should Be

The 'Veep' Season 4 Trailer Gives Us a Hilariously Incompetent President Meyer

Here's the First Look at Gillian Flynn's Creepy, Murdery 'Gone Girl' Follow-Up

First Full 'Mr. Holmes' Trailer Manages To Be Heart-wrenching and Intriguing

'Ex Machina' vs. 'Chappie' (vs. 'Eva'): Will a Sexy Robot Beat the A.I. with Heart?

The Exciting 'Community' Season 6 Trailer is Streets Ahead of that Streets Ahead Joke

New 'Age of Ultron' Teaser Hints at a Huge, But Very Unexpected Romantic Relationship

Get Ready for 'House of Cards'' Return This Friday with Two New Trailers

Trailer for 'Welcome to Me', Kristen Wiig's New Dark Comedy

Disney Continues To Milk Marvel Like The Cash Cow It Is: 'Guardians' Gets A Cartoon Series

Rifftrax Live: 'Sharknado' Is The Best Way To Watch 'Sharknado' While Sober

Good Old Guillermo del Toro, Always Good For Some New Nightmare Fuel

Did You Forget Guy Ritchie Was Directing 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'?

Jessica Williams Named Jon Stewart's Successor...In 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2'

Are You Ready to Have Cameron Crowe Back In Your Life? The First 'Aloha' Trailer Is Here!

The ‘Hitman: Agent 47’ Trailer is Here Because We’re Apparently Now Rebooting Video Game Adaptations

Steve Buscemi Wants a Piece of Your Pie in Re-cut '50 Shades of Grey' Trailer

Coach Taylor Did A Bad Thing in Full Trailer for the New Netflix Series 'Bloodline'

The Trailer for NWA's 'Straight Outta Compton' Is Out, and It Don't Give a F*ck

Watch Rinko Kikuchi Go From Battle Bots To Treasure Hunting In Minnesota

'The Poltergeist' Remake Trailer Is Here, and Of Course the F**king Clown Is In it

Sir Ian McKellen Is 'Mr. Holmes' In This Pre-Trailer Clip

Channing Tatum's 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer Pays Homage to 'Flashdance' and the Male Form

The First Full Trailer for Netflix's 'Daredevil' Shows Off Charlie Cox's Ab Work

'Home Sweet Hell' Trailer Gives Us Katherine Heigl Killer Crazy, And We Like It

Ryan Gosling's Terrible Movie Has a Terrible Trailer

What Fresh Hell Is This? 'The Walking Dead' Teases Its Return with New Footage

It's Here! The 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Trailer Is Bowie-Level Awesome

Yes, We Would All Watch Kristen Wiig's Whackadoodle Talk Show

Martin Starr Warms The Chilly Cockles Of Our Hearts With Amira & Sam Trailer

'Ted 2' Trailer: Is There Any Chance in Hell This Is as Good as the First Movie?

The Secretary Gets Rebranded To Cash In On Fifty Shades Of Grey Fervor

Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace Reunite, Rekindle, and Rock Russian Accents

Netflix Has Released Our First Look At 'Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp'

The First Trailer for The 'Fantastic Four' Has Finally Arrived

What's the Deal with the 'Iconic' Tampon Scene in '50 Shades of Grey'?

Are Any of These Teens Really Smart Enough to Pilot a Time Machine?

It's Here, It's Here! The 'Hannibal' Season 3 Trailer Is Here!

I Spy a Spinning Sand Snake Sparring in This 'Game of Thrones: A Day in the Life' Trailer

This Death Squad Trailer Looks Like '80s Action Parody, But It's Just A Living Hell For Its Stars

Idris Elba, Javier Bardem and Sean Penn Walk into a Bar...

Mae Whitman Flirts, Makes Faustian Deal In The DUFF Trailer

Is There Such a Thing As Too Much 'Chappie' Footage? Chappie Thinks Not

They Made a Movie About That Guy You Know, and It Looks F*cking Brilliant

WTF: Liam Neeson Replaced By Marionette In Inexplicable 'Taken 3' Trailer

Can ZILFs Really Be a Thing? Rob Thomas' 'iZombie' Trailer

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'Dear White People' Can Finally Tell You Off Red Band Style

Dear God, Please Let There Be Room For One More in This Leighton Meester/Gillian Jacobs Life Partnership

Bradley Cooper's Got That Oscar-Grabbing Weight Gain in 'American Sniper'

Get Out There and Save the World: The Final 'Interstellar' Trailer Brings Hope and Chills

Jessica Lange Will Cover Lana Del Ray, and the First Full 'AHS: Freak Show' Trailer

Liam Neeson Shoots People, Menacingly Talks On The Phone Again In The 'Taken 3' Trailer

This New 'Interstellar' Trailer Reveals a Wicked Cool McConaughey Sidekick

Stop Whatever You're Doing Right This Second. Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice' Trailer Is Finally Here!

Chris Hemsworth Goes Full Loki in Michael Mann's Kickass 'Blackhat' Trailer

How Bad Do You Think a Movie About a Ouija Board Could Be? Yeah, This Is Probably Worse

New 'Kingsman' Trailer Goes Light on Plot, Heavy on Colin Firth Dapperly Kicking Ass

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Tim Burton's Bringing Christoph Waltz's Sexy Back: 'Big Eyes' Trailer

Robert Downey Jr. Leads a VERY DRAMATIC All-Star Cast Through a Very Flat 'Judge' Trailer

Jason Reitman Is Here to Show Us How 'Men, Women & Children' Are All Equally F*cked Up

'Dracula Untold' Clip Looks Like Garbage: I Can't Wait to Watch It!

Better Dead than Red: "Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead" Trailer

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Anyone Got Mulder's Number? "Extraterrestrial" Trailer

Chris Evans' New Movie Can't Actually Be This Bad, Right? Is It a Joke? Performance Art? Please?

Dude, Keanu Reeves Totally Found His Inner Badass, and Ian McShane...and a Dog

Ryan Hansen Promises More Dick Than We Can Handle, But It Seems Like Just the Right Amount

Netflix's 3D Printing Documentary 'Print the Legend' Looks Equal Parts Amazing and Terrifying

Maybe Not Today, Maybe Not Tomorrow: 'Phoenix' Trailer

Cronenberg's 'Maps to the Stars' Trailer is Too Much Crazy For One Little Movie to Handle

There's a Trailer for the New 'Mockingjay' Trailer. We're at Threat Level Overkill, People

Helen Mirren Is Insulted Hackers Didn't Attempt to Steal Naked Selfies from Her Phone

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Is Turning Japanese, I Really Think So: Behold the Trailers!

Extended American Horror Story: Freak Show Trailer Lets Us Peek Behind the Creepy Curtain

The Trailer for the Sequel to Gareth Edwards's 'Monsters' Forgets Everything That Made The First One Great

Snake Plissken Jr. Careens Samuel L. Jackson Over a Cliff in a Freezer: 'Big Game' Clip

One Scary, Scraggly Benicio Del Toro, One Tiny Josh Hutcherson, and a Whole Bunch of Drugs: Now THAT'S How You Make a Movie

'The ABCs of Death' Trailer Is Educational AND Disgusting

The Man You Either Love to Hate or Hate to Love: New 'Harmontown' Trailer

New Trailer for 'Downton Abbey' 5th Season

Then They Came For Gael García Bernal: 'Rosewater' Trailer

Yer a Goat, Harry:: "Horns" Trailer

Horror Trailer-Off: 'The Pyramid' vs. 'As Above, So Below'

CW's 'The Flash' Releases A Trailer, Assuring Us That Special Effects For Being Fast Still Blow

Get Ready: Amazon's 'Transparent' Will Probably Make Us Ugly Cry

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You'll Make This All Go Away: Here's the New 'Gone Girl' Trailer That Premiered During Last Night's Emmys

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Lifetime Movies Continue To Be A Thing That Happens: Brittany Murphy Biopic Trailer

When I Am King You Will Be First Against the Wall: Ibáñez's 'Autómata' Trailer Is Chillingly Brilliant

There's Nothing Left Alive: Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight' Teaser Is Predictably Bloody in an Unpredictable Way

Eva Green's 'Mommie Dearest' Meltdown in 'White Bird in a Blizzard' Looks Amazing

Mmmm Brains: 'Walking Dead' Teaser

The New 'Gotham' Sneak Peak Shows Us All the Plot We Already Know

Let Us Take a Moment to Honor That Ancient Chinese Hero, Nic Cage

Biz Break: Pierce Brosnan's 'November Man' Is Already Getting A Sequel And Superman Has A New Outfit

You Can Keep a Secret If You Die of Boredom: Stephen King's 'A Good Marriage' Trailer

Don't Tell the Babysitter Mom Could Be Dead: 'Homeland' Season 4 Trailer

The 'Saved By the Bell' Trailer Is Just as Terrible as You Want It to Be

Two Names You Never Thought You'd Hear Together: Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey -- 'Open Windows' Trailer

'Community' Season Six Teaser

No, It's Not Matthew: Let's Play Spot the Anachronism with These New 'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Photos

The 'Wetlands' Trailer Is Not Suitable For Work. Or Home. Or Life

William H. Macy's Directorial Debut Looks Like a Crudup-Filled Cry Fest

'Downton Abbey's' Matthew Crawley Goes Full Bad*ass: 'The Guest' Trailer

Watch Colin Farrell and Jessica Chastain Make a Mockery of...Everything? 'Miss Julie' Trailer

New Trailer for 'Pride' Shows The Softer Side of Miners

A Good Man Goes to War: The Sons of Anarchy Final Season Trailer Finds Jax Embracing His Dark Side

The Trailer for the Stephen Hawking Biopic 'The Theory of Everything' Is Better Than Most Actual Movies

Antonia Banderas and Wesley Snipes Bring Their Bromance to A reddit AMA

Poor Man's 'Walking Dead': "Z Nation" Trailer

'Stonehearst Asylum': Because the World So Desperately Needed a Less-Good 'Shutter Island'

'Birdman' Gets a New Trailer. I Still Have No Idea What This Movie Is About, Still Can't Wait to See It

Adam Driver Compares Adorable Daniel Radcliffe to a Moldy Banana: 'What If' Clips

Rage Against the Dying of the Light: Interstellar Trailer

The Maze Runner Trailer: Lord of the Grievers

'The Longest Week' Trailer: You Had Me at "Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde Taking a Bath"

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Red-Band Trailer Double Dips Naked Eva Green

An End in Sight: 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Gets a Trailer

Maybe Hollywood Has Not Forsaken Me: 'Deadpool' Test Footage Touches Me In All The Right Places

Watch As Daniel Radcliffe Un-Potters Himself In The New 'Horns' Trailer

New 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer

'Walking Dead' Season 5 Trailer: Brand New Season, Same Amount of Head-Stabbing

'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' Red Band Trailer Has Boobs, F-Bombs, And Farts

Pierce Brosnan Is the Master CIA Agent Targeted By His Own Protégé: The November Man Trailer

'Nightcrawler': What the Hell Is This Movie and Goddamnit, When Can We See It?

Trailer Tuesday with 'Game of Thrones': Ygritte Takes A Honeymoon and Jaime Finds A Baby

'Predestination' Trailer: Heinlein, Hawke, and Mixed Emotions

Finally! Here Is the Trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch's 'The Imitation Game'

'Homeland' Season 4 Trailer Takes Place Mostly Outside Carrie's Homeland

Showtime Plays to Its Strengths: Sexy People Having Sexy Times. And Maybe Murder or Something

If Anyone Can Reinvigorate the Romantic Comedy, It's Elisabeth Moss: The One I Love Trailer

Don't Buy Creepy Dolls, Dumb Dumbs: The Teaser Trailer for 'Annabelle' Is Here

'Ouija': The Movie Starring A Fancy Piece of Cardboard. And A Ouija Board.

'Gold' Trailer: Maisie Williams Goes Small And Indie, Doesn't Stab Anyone

'My Old Lady' Trailer: Kevin Kline Heads Back to Paris But Instead of Meg Ryan, Finds Maggie Smith

Joe Hill's 'Horns': My Favorite Horror Novel Written By Stephen King's Crotch Fruit Gets A Teaser

'Doctor Who': Into Darkness...Finally, the Series 8 Full Trailer We've Been Waiting For

Filed Under 'Things You Definitely Don't Have Time For': This 72-Minute-Long Movie Trailer

Dogs and Cats Living Together! Here's a Sparkly New Trailer for the 'Ghostbusters' Re-Release

We've Entered Phase Two of Reese Witherspoon's Public Image Resuscitation

Angelina Jolie's Moving 'Unbroken' Trailer Does Louis Zamperini Justice

The Gaby Hoffmannaissance Has Now Reached the Horror Genre

The New 'Mockingjay' Teaser Is What The Entire Advertising Campaign Has Been Leading Up To

Thus Spake Gilliam: 'Zero Theorem' Trailer

Ridley Scott's 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' Trailer Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Get Cherry Bombed By This New 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Extended Trailer

That's What I Love About 'Sharknado' Movies. I Keep Getting Older, They Stay the Same Level of Suck

'Gone Girl' Trailer 2: Things Are Looking Pretty Sh*tty for Ben Affleck

If Stallone's 'Reach Me' Trailer Were a Machine Gun, and Cliches Were Bullets, We'd All Be Hole-Riddled Corpses

I Smell the Vapors of Hell: Starz' New 'Outlander' Trailer Feels Like a Warmer, Fuzzier 'Game of Thrones'

'Jimi Hendrix: All is By My Side' Trailer

Nicole Kidman Tries to Dig Herself Out of the Disaster Pit That Was 'Grace of Monaco,' Starting With a Generic Unthrilling Thriller

The New 'Foxcatcher' Trailer Chooses to Focus Less on Steve Carell, More on Channing Tatum in a Onesie

'St. Vincent' Is 'About a Boy' If You Replaced Hugh Grant With a Drunk Bill Murray

It's Like Someone Made a List of All the Things That Would Make Us Happy, and Then Put Every One of Them Into the 'Skeleton Twins' Trailer

James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain Are Here to Destroy Your Soul

New Doctor Who Teaser Demonstrates the Power of a Good Coat

Franco May Be Out of His Depths With Cormac McCarthy's Dark, Mumbly 'Child of God'

The Latest 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Trailer Is Here And...WHY DO I KEEP WATCHING THEM??

Kevin Kline and Dakota Fanning: A Match Made in Ick

With Six Days Remaining to Strike a Deal, the Resurrection of 'Community' Looks Unlikely

Simon Pegg Is So Much Better Than The Tripe He Picked For His Dramatic Breakout Role

Now We See What Tom Hardy Was Doing With That Puppy

John Lithgow and Alfred Molina Are This Summer's Cutest Couple, Hands Down

Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini and Noomi Rapace Desperately Try to Avoid Trouble: 'The Drop' International Trailer

The 'About Alex' Trailer Doesn't Try To Avoid 'The Big Chill' Comparisons, and It Really Doesn't Matter

The 'Dear White People' Trailer Will Forever Ruin 'Gremlins' For You

A Kitten, A Baby Penguin and Someone Fishy: The New 'Gotham' Teaser Introduces a Few Villains

Steven Soderbergh's New Show Gets a Trailer, and It's Full of Coked-Out Doctors, Bloody Organs, and Clive Owen's Moustache

Bored with Buddhism, Sick of Scientology? The Church of Christoph Waltz May Be the Answer for You

Trailer-Off: Sleek, Sexy 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' vs. Sweet, Gorgeous 'The Boxtrolls'

'The Interview' Trailer Has Franco and Rogen Being BFFs and... That's As Far As Anyone Thought This Through

Frank Miller's Long-Winded reddit AMA Answers: The Man Does Not Hold Back

Shailene Woodley Has Found Her "I'm Not a Kid Anymore!" Role

Just Can't Get Enough: This 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Poster Is the Second Best Thing You'll See Today

The New 'Constantine' Trailer Teases a Certain Helmeted Sorcerer...or Two

Pierce Brosnan Turns on That Old Bond Magic: 'The November Man' Trailer

Weiner Update: The 'Are You Here' Trailer Is Out, and It Looks Not At All Terrible

Here's Spoilerific Thanos News, and a New 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Teaser

'A Walk Among The Tombstones' Trailer

If You Could Pick Any Celebrity to Give You Relationship Advice, Who Would It Be? That's Right, John Stamos

The New 'Hercules' Trailer Is A Glistening, Shouty Mess

Wondering How to Get Through Summer without 'Hannibal'? Meet 'Borgman,' Dr. Lecter's Slightly Less Sophisticated Cousin

Harry Potter and Adam Driver Join Forces For a Healthy Dose of Twee Romance

Jorge Gutierrez's Stunningly Beautiful 'Book of Life' Trailer Is a Feast for Your Eyes

Jeremy Renner Helps Prove 90 Percent of Men Look Hotter with Facial Hair: 'Kill the Messenger' Trailer

'The Congress' Will Likely Be the Weirdest Movie of 2014

David Bradley Warns NYC About a Nasty Visitor: Guillermo del Toro's Creepylicious 'Strain' Trailer

The 'This Is Where I Leave You' Trailer Will Make You Hate Your Own Family

I Want to Live in Michel Gondry's Magical 'Mood Indigo' World Forever

The Elmore Leonard-Based 'Life of Crime': For the Discerning Jennifer Aniston Fan

Warning: The Trailer For the Roger Ebert Documentary 'Life Itself' May Cause a Lot of Feelings

Can Daniel Holden Keep It Together? 'Rectify' Season 2 Trailer

Woody Allen's 'Magic in the Moonlight' Trailer Is Way, Way Better Than You Want it to Be

The 'Happy Christmas' Trailer Is Here, Chock-Full of Drunk Anna Kendrick

Colin Firth Gets His Bond On: 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' Trailer

David Michôd's 'Animal Kingdom' Follow Up Delivers the Guy Pearce We Love, and the Robert Pattinson We Never Knew

Steve Carell Goes Full Robin Williams As Charming Potato's Demented Coach: 'Foxcatcher' Trailer

Why Is 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Hiding Lee Pace's Beautiful Face? At Least We Still Have Chris Pratt's Abs

We're Not Meant to Save the World, We're Meant to Leave It: Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Trailer

The 10 Most Promising New Shows of the 2014/15 Network Season

The Best New Sitcom of Next Year May Just Be Rashida Jones' 'Angie Tribeca' on TBS

'The Homesman' Trailer Needs All the Tommy Lee Jones Side Eye It Can Get; Luckily, It Has Plenty

The Asylum Vs. Mainstream Films: 8 Blockbusters And Their Poor, Inbred Cousins

The Trailer For NBC's 'Constantine' Will Cleanse Your Filthy Soul

Watching Trailers With The Sound Off: 'And So It Goes'

The New Red Band Trailer for Bong Joon-ho’s 'Snowpiercer' Will Make Your Neck Hair Stand on End

'Tammy' Trailer: Susan Sarandon Is the Drunken Grandmother We've Always Wanted

The Most Disappointing News of Your Day: 'Cyber-Seniors' Isn't a Movie About Elderly Cyborgs

Here's the Brilliant 'Jawzilla' Trailer Mashup Your Tuesday So Desperately Needs

F*ck It, I'm In: The Full-Length 'Gotham' Trailer Has My Attention

Kevin Spacey Is the Beyoncé of Shakespeare

Jemaine Clement's Horror Comedy 'What We Do in the Shadows' Looks Like Bloody Good Fun

‘Locke’ Review: Trapped In a Car with Tom Hardy? There Are Worse Ways to Spend Your Time

How Many Romcom Tropes Can David Wain Cram Into One Movie? All Of Them, Apparently

If You Haven’t Coughed Up $5 to Watch Joss Whedon’s New Movie Online, Here’s The Trailer to Help Get Your Ass in Gear

'The Leftovers' Trailer: Rapture-tastic

It Goes By So Fast: After 12 Years, the 'Boyhood' Trailer Is Finally Here

Stop. Viggo Time: 'The Two Faces of January' Teasers Will Jolt You out of That Late Afternoon Slump

'Trust Me' Trailer: Clark Gregg Wisely Reassembles 'The Way Way Back Cast' for His New Comedy

Ahoy There! 'Luther's' Neil Cross Teams with John Malkovich for NBC's 'Crossbones'

'Showrunners': I Don’t Know What They Do, But I’m Sure Glad They Do It

Can Scruffy Ryan Reynolds Win Back Our Affections with Cannes Entry 'The Captive'?

Damn It 'Jersey Boys,' Stop Manipulating My Emotions Through Song!

David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' Trailer Is So Dark...

And the Tears Keep Flowing: Another Philip Seymour Hoffman Trailer

The First Battle Clip From 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Does A Lot Of Things Right

'A Most Wanted Man' Is a Bittersweet Gift from Philip Seymour Hoffman

'The Giver' Adaptation Just Got Slightly Less Awful

'Decoding Annie Parker' Trailer: Blinded By the Glory of Aaron Paul's Luscious Mane

'Wish I Was Here' Trailer: Is Zach Braff Remaking 'Garden State'?

The New Red Band Trailer Just Moved 'Neighbors' to the Top of the 'Want to Be Watching Right Now' List

Jon Favreau's 'Chef' Trailer is 2 1/2 Minutes of Food Porn

Hey Baby It's Me Again --Tom Hardy. Oh, and My Dad, Chips ...

Robin Williams Hates Everything, Including Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, and Melissa Leo

Imagine a Typical Adam Sandler RomCom. Whatever You're Picturing, That's 'Blended.'

These New 'Godzilla' Teasers Will Make You Want to Your Nearest Theater

Brittany Murphy’s Last Movie Is Finally Being Released and it… Looks Pretty Terrible

It's the Abusive Show You Keep Watching No Matter How Many Times It Hurts You: 'Game of Thrones' Gets an Honest Trailer

There Is Only One Word to Describe the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Trailer

'Let's Be Cops' Red Band Trailer: Impersonating An Officer Is The Key To Success!

Don't Even Try to Pretend You Can Resist Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise in a Sci-Fi Movie: 'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer

The New 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Trailer Goes For High Drama, Mutants, And Lots Of Robots

'The Giver' Trailer Turns Your Childhood Memories Into Every Other Bland Action Movie

The Lannisters Aren't the Only Ones Who Pay Their Debts: Here's the Final 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Trailer

The First Trailer for Paul Feig's 'Peanuts' Movie Would Do Vince Guaraldi Proud

Kevin Feige Warms Us Up for Spader's Ultron, Plus Marvel's 'Assembling a Universe' Teaser

Tatiana's Back, and That's All That Really Matters About 'Orphan Black'

The 'Locke' Trailer: Compelling And Intriguing While Leaving Details To The Imagination.

At Present, There Is Very Little We Can Think of That Brings Us Joy...Except Christoph Waltz in This New 'Zero Theorem' Clip

If This New Boxtrolls Trailer Doesn't Make Your Heart Sing, You're Officially Dead Inside

'Transformers: Age Of Extinction' Trailer: More Of The Same, But Now With Dinobots!

The New 'Godzilla' Trailer Will Wreck Your World

'The Final Member' Trailer: Two Men in a Bizarre Race to Donate the First Human Penis to the Icelandic Phallological Museum

Charming Potato and Jonah Hill Are the Chris Brown and Rihanna of the Latest '22 Jump Street' Trailer

Watch the Terrific Full Trailer for the Whedon-y 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

My Money Was on Fuchsia: 'Orange is the New Black' Season 2 Teaser

'The Purge: Anarchy' Trailer: Stop Trying To Start The Car AND RUN, DUMB DUMB!

Finally, 'Species' for Pompous Film Nerds: 'Under the Skin' Trailer

Gentlemen, We Can Rebuild Him: New 'Transcendence' Trailer Features Johnny Depp As Skynet

'The Double' vs. 'Enemy': Which One of These Doubly Dorky Doppelgängers Deserve Your Dough?

And Then There Was Schwarzenegger: The Sabotage Red Band Trailer Spews Blood, Bullets and All the F*cks

Move Over, 'Citizen Kane.' 'Zombeavers' is the Most Important Cinematic Experience of All Time

Divergent, Derivative, They're Like Right Next to Each Other: 'Divergent' Trailer

Whelp, 'A Million Ways To Die In The West' Just Shot To The Top Of My 'Must See' List

Check Out Russell Crowe's Sassy Updo In The 'Noah' Super Bowl Trailer

'Fault In Our Stars' Trailer Throws Some Serious Shade At Your Favorite 80s Movie

You Had Me At Terry Gilliam: 'Zero Theorem' Trailer

'Wiccan Good and Love the Earth and Women Power and I'll Be Over Here': 'Salem' Trailer

"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small": 'Better Living Through Chemistry' Trailer

Bringing A Hammer To A Knife Fight: The BAMFiest Moments From The New 'Raid 2: Berandal' Trailer

This One Gets Zack Snyder an Island: '300: Rise of an Empire' Trailer

It's A Trailer Off! 'Son of Batman' Vs. 'Maleficent: FIGHT!

Iron Men with Wooden Teeth: 'Turn' Trailer

'Nurse 3D' Promises To Make At Least One Pair of Breasts Fly At the Camera. I Assume...

I Only Watch Documentaries with Exclamation Points in the Title: 'Doomed!' Trailer

But Where's the Kurgan? 'Outlander' Trailer

Um, Here's A Preview Of The Preview For Next Season's 'Game Of Thrones'

All Seven of Them? 'Bad Words' Trailer

Sundance Launching Another Light Comedy: 'The Red Road' Trailer

'House of Cards' S2 Trailer: Don't Sit Too Closely, Or Kevin Spacey May Mistake Your Face for Scenery and Chew It Off

First Clip From 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Reveals How Wes Anderson Is Bringing New Levels Of Whimsiquirk

He's Electric: 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Teaser

'Community' Animated Trailer

New 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Trailer Proves That In Wes Anderson's World, Every Month Can Be Movember

Hiccup And Toothless Show The Khaleesi How It's Done In The 'How To Train Your Dragon 2' Trailer

It's Christmas, Must be Time to Kill a Doctor: 'Doctor Who' Trailer

Because the Universe Hates You: Another Adam Sandler Trailer

Biz Break: Are You More Interested In Apes Taking Over the Planet Or Thieves Taking A Book?

Hook Hand! Fleeting Glimpse At Season Four 'Game Of Thrones' Footage Will Make Your Inner Dire Wolf Howl

Trailer For Christina Ricci's Lizzie Borden Movie Is Good For More Than 40 Whacks

Brand Spanking New 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' International Trailer Puts The Emphasis On Comedy

'Community' Is Back And, From The Looks Of This Trailer, It's Better Than Ever

'Groundhog Day' in Power Armor is my Spirit Animal: 'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer

The New 'Godzilla' Trailer Is Astonishingly, Bed-Wettingly Terrifying

Watch the Brand-Spankin' New Trailer for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

It's French, So You Know it's Classy: 'Beauty and the Beast' Trailer

"Cossacks Sodomizing My Cranium": Ladies And Gentlemen, The 'Don Hemingway' Trailer.

You had me at History: AMC's 'Turn' Trailer

I Can't Believe It's Not '300': 'Hercules: The Legend Begins'

The Doctor Lied, People Died: "Doctor Who" Christmas Special Details

Salacious New 'Nymphomaniac' Trailer Puts The "N" In "NSFW"

Lift a Pint for the 'World's End' Gag Reel

Tina Fey And A Hidden Hiddleston Threaten To Overshadow Kermit In The New 'Muppets Most Wanted' Trailer

'Need for Speed' Trailer: Definitely Broken and Bad

'Day of the Doctor' Clip: 10+11=Nifty, it's Math

Movie Trailer F*ck, Marry, Falcon Punch: 'Crave' 'Some Velvet' 'Furnace', Won't We?

Angelina Jolie's Reign Of Fear Boners Continues In The New 'Maleficent' Trailer

Is This The Last Great Time War? 'The Day of The Doctor' *Two* Trailers Break Out Early

'Winter's Tale' Trailer: Colin Farrell, Lady Sybil And Some Damn Flying Horse Star In The Most Saptastic Film Of The Year

That DNA Looks Human: 'Helix' Trailer

Everything Is Awesome! It's 'The Lego Movie' Trailer! AWESOME!

Blomkamp Light: Sci-Fi Short "Lunar"

Apparently Rob Thomas Didn't Take the Kickstarter Money and Run: "Veronica Mars" Movie Releases a Clip

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Trailer: Now With More Chaos

Does This Mean the Nazis are Winning: 'The Monuments Men' Delayed

It's A 10-Second Teaser For A Trailer, But DAT CAP ASS: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

'Hours' Trailer: More White People In Peril

But Where's the Cow? 'Almost Human' Trailer

Like Fire and Ice and Rage: 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Trailer

'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' Trailer Fails To Skid Your Underpants, But Succeeds In Giving Away The Whole Plot.

The New Wes Anderson Trailer Looks C*ssing Amazing

Rosemary's Found Footage: 'The Devil's Due' Trailer

Headline About Literal Movie Title: 'Big Ass Spider' Trailer

'That Awkward Moment' When You Are Actually Excited To See A Zac Efron Movie? It's Here.

Optimism Wins This Time: Nine Lost 'Doctor Who' Episodes Recovered

Did Somebody Say Man Candy?: Kellan Lutz Introduces His Teaser To You.

Mads Mikkelsen and Shia LaBeouf. Wait, What? 'Charlie Countryman' Trailer

'The Starving Games' Trailer: It Looks Just As Bad As Any Other Parody Movie Hollywood Ever Puked Up.

Point Comma Missing The: 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' Trailer

Let Benedict Cumberbatch's Voice In The New 'Hobbit' Trailer Desolate You

'A Case of You' Trailer Cannot Be Saved, Even By An Effeminate-Sounding Peter Dinklage. Love Is A Lie!

A Little Something for Everyone: "Little Favour" Teaser

Finally, a 'Species' Reboot: 'Under the Skin' Trailer

13-Year-Old Young Lady Would Like You To Kickstart Her Horror Heart: 'Carver' Needs You.

Whedon Talks SHIELD

Incoming Yuppie Cocaine: "Downton Abbey" Series 4 Clip

Well at Least the DNA Doesn't Look Human: "Last Days of Mars" Trailer

Bro, Do You Even Understand THAC0? "Zero Charisma" Trailer

'Open Windows' Lets You Creep Over Someone's Shoulder and Terrify A Woman. Vicariously, Of Course!

No Tridents Yet, Footage at Eleven: "Anchorman 2"

'Homefront' Trailer: Statham. Franco. Which One Will Get Flogged With a Kitchen Utensil?

'Escape From Tomorrow' Trailer: Bad Things Happen Everywhere, Including Copyright-Protected, Character-Based Theme Parks

Was Kevin Sorbo Busy? BBC's "Atlantis" Trailer

The Double Trailer: Jesse Eisenberg's Doppelganger Isn't Michael Cera, So Shut Up.

More Anti-Equestrian Propaganda: "Sleepy Hollow" Trailer

They Call This the Robocop Trailer, But I Call It The Entire Movie In Two Minutes.

Runner Runner Trailer Looks Stupid Stupid

Trailer Break: Only One Of These Films Has Jared Leto In Full Drag

Well the Bigger Boat Idea Didn't Work: Captain Phillips Trailer

More Like "Derivative": Divergent Trailer

J.J. Abrams' Production Company Releases Mysterious Teaser Trailer for Unknown Movie or REALLY Cool Cologne Ad

What's The Director Of Wanted Been Up To? Oh, You Know, Just Making A Movie About Flesh-Eating Squirrels

His Body Abused But His Mind Still Free: Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Trailer

A.C.O.D. Trailer: I Would Put Something Clever Here, But My Parents Are Divorced.

Three Trailer Thursday: Feel It! Feel It! Feel the Vibrations! In JGL's Pants!

Silk Spectre II, Alice Cullen, and Professor Snape Walk Into A Bar...: CBGB Trailer

More Power Armor than You Can Shake a Prawn At: Elysium Extended Trailer and Clip

Oh a Time Travel Story with a Time Pun in the Title, How Original: About Time Trailer

Stress Is Like An Adorable Killer Muppet In Your Ass: Bad Milo Gets A Red Band Trailer.

Lack of Money, the Root of All Evil: Cheap Thrills Trailer

Where's Agent Smith? 47 Ronin Trailer

What do Captain America, an Ice Age, South Korea, a Train, and Class Warfare have in Common? Snowpiercer Animated Prequel Clip

It's Time To See What Evil Feels Like: Kick-Ass 2 Comic Con Trailer

In Space No Can Hear You - No Wait the Radio Still Works: Gravity Trailer

If You Had Lost Dat Cap Ass, You'd Be Immersed In Work Too: Marvel One Shot: "Agent Carter" Clip

"The Walking Dead" Season Four Comic-Con Trailer: I Got My Fist, I Got My Plan, I Got Survivalism

Meh, They're No Veridian Dynamics: Robocop Corporate Propaganda

Ooh, Shiny: New SHIELD Footage

Dear Mr. Watterson Trailer: The Calvin and Hobbes Documentary Has Finally Arrived

12 Years a Slave Trailer Drops As We Contemplate How Far We Haven't Come

Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Trailer

The Canyons Trailer: Linday Lohan Was Paid $100 a Day to Deliver $10 Million Worth of Awful. What a Bargain!

The B-Movie to End All B-Movies: "Sharknado" Full Trailer

'Lovelace' Trailers: One's Woman's Rise To Success While Being Held Down

Giant Robots, People, Giant Fricking Robots: Final Pacific Rim Trailer

Let Us Compare the Respective Portrayals of Elizabeth Taylor By Lindsay Lohan and Helena Bonham Carter

It's Like Ken Burns. On Acid. The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek Trailer

Q: What If Sharks Got Caught In A Tornado? A: SyFy Would Make A Movie About It Starring Tara Reid.

Trailer Tuesday: Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams Kiss Angrily. Need I Say More?

The Wolverine Featurette: A Little Bit of Stupid, A Lot of Awesome

Hell Baby Trailer: Oh, God Rob Corddry. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Trailer Tuesday Is Indie-tastic! Paul Rudd Shows His Serious Side With Crap Glasses and Nasty 'Stache.

Worst Traffic Jam Ever. World War Z Clip

Biz Break: Just When You Thought John Travolta's Hair Couldn't Get Any More Batsh*t Insane, IT DOES.

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer: DiCaprio's Wicked Sense of Humor Continues to Reveal Itself

"When was writing ever your profession? It's never been anything but your religion.": Salinger Trailer

The 300: Rise of an Empire Trailer Would Like To Love You In Slow Motion.

Surprisingly Not an Eskimo Fetish Snuff Film: Snowpiercer Trailer

Have You Had Enough of Man of Steel? Then Don't Click on This Post

Luther, Jackson, The Walking Dead; GRRM Messes with Our Heads: Six Trailers to Help You Forget "GoT" Won't Be Back Until 2014

Get In, Get Out, Getaway Gomez Goes Head To Head With The Hunter Becomes The Hunted Hudgens.

Paranoia Trailer: Espionage Is The Secret to His Success. Also The Ridiculous Handsomeness.

Sometimes They Come Back: First Three Minutes of "In The Flesh"

Bang, Marry, Falcon Punch: A Mob Family vs. Aussie Black Comedy vs. Unclear Plotline. GO!

The Film You've Seen Before But With a Better Cast: The To-Do List Trailer

Oh, Lifetime. You've Really Outdone Yourself This Time: "The Anna Nicole Story" Teaser

Prisoners Trailer: Now It's Hugh Jackman's Turn to Go All "GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER"

Why I Drink, Zombie Edition: World War Z Clip

Ooh a War! Maybe That'll Thin the Ranks of Irritating Characters: "True Blood" Season Six Trailer

Bang, Marry, Falcon Punch Trailers: It's Going To Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You.

Prepare to Get Annihilated: The World's End Trailer

Ninjas! Samurai! Snake Women! The New Trailer For The Wolverine Will Cut You

It's That Time Again! Time To F*ck, Marry, or Falcon Punch Some Trailers!

Riddick Trailer: Now Can You Clap For Them Killers

Red Band Rapture-Palooza Trailer: I Guess Dropping F-Bombs Doesn't Make Everything Funnier.

"People writing songs that voices never share": Berberian Sound Studio Trailer

I Have No Idea What I Just Saw: The Congress Trailer

The Best Television Promo You'll Ever See in Your Entire Life

How Far House Stark Has Fallen: Sean Bean in Trailer for TNT's "Legends"

A Stephen King Miniseries, It's 1995 All Over Again! "Under the Dome" Trailer

Yeah I'm Sure Swords Will Do the Trick: The Wolverine Trailer

Finally, a Heartwarming Movie About Teenage Assassins: Violet & Daisy Trailer

I Don't Remember Eating the Lightning, But I'm Sure Crapping Thunder Now: Rocky: Das Musical Trailer

What Happens In The Kremlin, Stays In The Kremlin: Full-Length Trailer for Red 2.

It's The Trailer Thunderdome!: Three Enter And You F***, Marry, or Falcon Punch?

Thor: The Dark World Trailer: Start Praying To A New God

Keanu Reeves Has Directed Actors In The Art of Acting. Also, Tai Chi: Trailer for The Man of Tai Chi.

Kick-Ass 2 Clip Hollow and Uninspired

It's Time To Play F*ck, Marry, Falcon Punch With The Trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness, The Lone Ranger, And The Great Gatsby.

"Zombieland" Series Off to Inauspicious Launch

Byzantium Trailer: So, Gemma Arterton Is Lestat and Saoirse Ronan Is Louis?

Why Do Movie Scientists Keep Doing Research in Antarctica? "Helix" Teaser

Man Of Steel Trailer: The Hero I Want To Believe In

Meh, It's No Sandlot: Kings of Summer Trailer

"She Has Become A Beacon Of Hope For Them": The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Teaser

Kryptonian Crossword, Three Letters and He'd Really Prefer it if You Knelt Before Him: Man of Steel Viral Stuff

NSFW Trailer Break: A Depraved, Debauched, Degenerate James McAvoy Like You've Never Seen Him

But Where Did The Lighter Fluid Come From?: The Now You See Me Trailer Is Full Of Illusions.

Do You Prefer Matt Damon As Serious Action Star Or Serious(ly Gay) Dramatic Actor?: Elysium vs. Behind the Candelabra Trailers

Chris Hemsworth Goes Crash, Boom, Kerplow in the Trailer for Rush. Does It Pass the Insanity Test?

Pray For Forgiveness: The Full-Length Carrie Remake Trailer Is Here and It Is Crap

Baz Luhrmann's Latest Gatsby Trailer Will Blind You Until All You Can See Are Green Lights

I'd Like To Conjure Patrick Wilson, If You Know What I Mean, Heh Heh: 6 Trailers For Your Wednesday Morning.

Man Knows Little: Ragnarok Trailer

Let's Curl Up "Under the Dome" And Watch The World Die

They're All Going to Burn: "True Blood" Teaser

Will 2003 Be The Year Of The Comic Book Movie?

We're All Alone, No Chaperone: A New Era of "Doctor Who"

Dark Days Ahead: Last Place NBC Renews Lowest Rated Show On Television

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream… that In the Alien 3 Trailer, “The Bitch is Back!”

These May Not Be The Droids, But This Is The Film We Are Looking For: Episode I Trailer

Coming This Summer: Which Of These 7 Possible Blockbusters Will Get Your Money?

Here Come Peter Cottontail, Hoppin' Down the Murder Trail! You're Next Trailer.

Finally, the Hero Gotham Deserves: New Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

Based Only On The Trailers, Which Of These 4 Movies Are You Most Likely To See?

Last "Doctor Who" Trailer Before the New (Half) Season

Based Only On The Trailers, Which Of These 5 Movies Are You Most Likely To See?

Statham VII: The Stathaming ... Hummingbird Trailer

Here's the Second Best Reason to Watch AMC This Summer

I Will Walk Over Your Cold Corpses: Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

First Three Minutes of BBC's "Orphan Black"

New Iron Man 3 Trailer Is 30 Seconds Of Pun-less Action And Somber Looks.

The Only Mystery Worth Solving: New "Doctor Who" Trailer

I Thought I Had Food Poisoning. Turns Out, It Was Just The Trailer For Scary Movie 5

Act Like a B*tch, Get Slapped Like a B*tch: The Red Band Trailer For 'Kick-Ass 2' Is Here

Hold the Fava Beans, the Chianti is Here: "Hannibal" Extended Preview

Psycho Prequel, "Downton Abbey" Sequel, Or Both: First Six Minutes of "Bates Motel"

The New Teaser Trailer For The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Is Quite Literal And French!

Jaden Smith Is Ready To Twist Ending Your Ass In The New Trailer for After Earth.

Finally a Movie About A Quirky Young Hipster in New York City: Frances Ha Trailer

You Guys! Seriously! The Internet is Scary and Mean! Disconnect Trailer

She's The Hero We Deserve, But Not The One We Need Right Now: The Best Wonder Woman Film You'll Never See

Trailer Break: A Sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatb ... Oh, Look! Kristen Stewart's Mom Is a Director

Sundance Channel Goes Miniseries: Top of the Lake Trailer

When Hell Is Full, The Dead Will Walk on the BBC: "In The Flesh" Trailer

Josh Duhamel Goes From Getting Into Julianne Hough's Safe Haven To Beating The F*ck Out Of Dan Fogler: Scenic Route Trailer And Other Tales Of Friendship

Guys, I Found Wesley Snipes. He's Fighting Zombies In The Old West. It... It Doesn't Look Good: The Gallowwalkers Trailer

Not Another Winter Coming Pun: "A Game of Thrones" Deleted Scenes

Are Horror Anthologies Making A Comeback?: Sanitarium Red Band Trailer Wants Us To Think So.

Needs More Elephants: NBC's "Hannibal" Gets a Teaser

Welcome To The Trailer Park: Robin Wright And Naomi Watts Are MILFS In Two Mothers And You Stopped Reading, Didn't You?

Trance Red Band Trailer Is Trained To Rock Your F*cking Socks Off

New Oblivion Trailer: Tom Cruise Does A Bad Wall-E Impression

A World in Flames: Lore Trailer

This. Is. Saint. Louis! "Defiance": Teaser and Game Trailer

Good news, everyone! "Futurama" Season 7 Trailer

The Mostly Disastrous Movie Trailers that Aired During Super Bowl XLVII

Trailer Dump: Steve Carell Does Illusions, Michael! Tricks Are What Jim Carrey Dates!

Now That's a Creative Name for a Show: "Vikings" Trailer

Upside Down Trailer: Your Sci-Fi Mindf*ck Of The Week

Trailer Roundup: The Elusive Bruce Willis Has Emerged From His Solitude To Gift Us With Movies!

They're Trying to Take Your Precious Bodily Fluids: "The Americans" Title Sequence

S-VHS Trailer: The Blood Splat Rating System

Based On The Stars And Trailers, Which Of These Movies Will Get Your Money?

Where's the SciFi in This Pile of Hippies? The East Trailer

Trailer Round-Up: Amanda Seyfried Opens Up Like A Flower And Enjoys Sex

It's Just Not Oblivion Without a Patrick Stewart Voiceover: New Oblivion Television Trailer

Tommy Lee Jones Is General Tard the Grumpy Cat In Emperor: Trailer Time!

Red 2 Teaser: One, Two, Helen Mirren Is Coming For You, Three, Four, Why Lock The Door?

Sam Raimi's 1981 Proof of Concept Film for Evil Dead

I've Got My Pride, I Drink My Wine: First Trailer For Matthew McConaughey in Mud

Danica McKellar Gots To Get Paid, Son; Joins SyFy Original Movie: Trailer Round Up

I Am Become Death: "Fringe" Finale Trailer

Trailer Round-Up: Beyonce is Singer, Actress, Mother, And Director Of Her Own Damn Documentary

Trailer Round-Up: Woah! When Did Abigail Breslin Become a Bland CW Star?

Needs a Little More Harmon-y: "Community" Season 4 Trailer

Boy Saint Louis Has Gone Down Hill: "Defiance" Trailer

Giant, People-Filled Robots Will Save Us In The New Pacific Rim Trailer

I Remember When That Word Meant Something: Hansel and Gretel Redband Trailer

Oz: The Great and Powerful: Look On My Works Ye Yada Yada.

Dead Man Down Trailer: I Think I've Seen This One Before

This is OUR Independence Day, We Band of Buggered!: Pacific Rim Trailer

"Like a drifter I was born to walk alone": The Sorcerer and the White Snake Trailer

There's A Whole Other World Out There: The Five Best Trailers You May Not Have Seen Yet

The Brand Spankin' New Star Trek Trailer Will Cumber Your Batch And Zach The Hell Out Of Your Quinto

"You Build Little Worlds, Little Stories, Little Shells Around Your Minds, and That Keeps Infinity at Bay": Showrunners: A Documentary Trailer

Pacific Rim: Great Giant Robot Movie, or Greatest Giant Robot Movie

Mawwiage. It's Wat Bwings Us Togeveh Today. I Give It a Year Trailer

Post-Turkey Trailer Round-Up #2: Cops And Robbers Edition (Featuring The Rock, Magical Bank Robbers, And Fat Jokes)

Post-Turkey Trailer Round-Up #1: Sci-Fi Edition (Featuring Felicity And Large Hadron Collider Zombies)

Epic Trailer: Otherwise Known As How Fatherhood Has Made A Mess Out Of Me

Jack The Giant Slayer Trailer: What If They Made A Movie About "Jack And The Beanstalk" And It Didn't Look Terrible?

This Is 40: They're Calling It a Red Band Featurette Trailer. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad.

World War Z Trailer: Brad Pitt Battles The Next Great Threat - The Zombiepile

Why Frodo? Why? Trailer for Maniac

I Still Don't Trust My Toaster: "Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome" Trailer

Need That Extra Little Push Before Jumping? Ten Minutes of Breaking Dawn Clips

Everything Wants To Kill You: Which Of These New Horror Movies Gets Your Blood Spurting?

It's Certainly a Different Approach to Nurse Fetishes: Silent Hill Revelations Trailer

Finally, a Dark and Edgy Mermaid Movie: Empires of the Deep Trailer

Now That's a Different Kind of Americana: Trailer for Ken Burns' The Central Park Five

Iron Man 3 Teaser: Heavy Metal Rhythm From A One Man Band

Move Over Jackson, Fincher's Got Halo (Sort Of)

Jack Reacher Theatrical Trailer: Little Actor, Big Pants, Lots Of Boom

No Showers After the Apocalypse: "Walking Dead" Season 3 Clip

More Like the Uncanny Chasm: Tarzan 3D Trailer

Someone Really Didn't Like Therapy: "American Horror Story" Trailer

Dear Filmmakers: There's More to High School Than Losing Your Virginity. Probably.

It's Slipping Now: End of Love Trailer

It's a Game! It's a Show! It's a Game and a Show! (But not a Game Show) Behind the Scenes of "Defiance"

Somebody Stole the Funny: Identity Thief Trailer

As Sweet as Vinegar Strokes: "The League" Teasers

Life, the Universe, and Everything (i.e. Baseball): Trailer for 42

Choose Your Nightmare: Which Of These Three Horror Movie Trailers Makes You Cry Blood?

New Hobbit Trailer: And the Fish Upon the Docks Are Dying

Sinister Red Band Trailer

Personally, I Think the Carnies are Behind it All: Conspiracy Trailer

Texas Chainsaw 3D Trailer: A Lesson In How To Make A Boring Movie About A Chainsaw Wielding Maniac Who Slaughters People Wholesale

A Late Quartet Trailer: What's the NPR Equivalent of a Nerdgasm? An Ira Glassgasm?

"I do expect it will cease to be divided": First Trailer for Lincoln

This Week In Hilariously Crappy Trailers: Which Of These Is The Least Embarrassing?

All Pain Ends Eventually: Final Trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn

I Have No Idea What's Going On in the Wachowski's Cloud Atlas Trailer, But It Sure Looks Neat

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Gets The Most Wonderful Trailer Ever

Frozen Ground Trailer: Prepare For A Cast That Will Absolutely Wreck Your Sh*t

Finally a Todd Akin Horror Film: Trailer for The Hole

Head Games Trailer: Because I Needed One More Thing To Worry About

Finally, a Gritty Film About Los Angeles Police: End of Watch Trailer

Better Dead than Red: Lawless Redband Trailer

A Million Dead, But the King has a Hangnail: The Impossible Trailer

On Any Other Day, That Might Seem Strange: The Trailer For Nic Cage And Con Air Director Simon West's Stolen

Bring the Popcorn and LSD: "Fringe" Season Five Teasers

Is The Heinlein Estate Getting Royalties? Looper International Trailer

Helena Bonham Carter Does a Great Helena Bonham Carter Impression in the Trailer for Mike Newell's Great Expectations

"The Great Circuits Fall Quiet, One By One": Clip From "Revolution"

Someone Needs Their Coffee: First Ten Minutes of The Awakening

You Had Me at "Zombie Vigilante": The Revenant Trailer

The Dark Knight Returns Trailer: Is A Hope That Somehow You, Can Save Me From This Darkness

Silent Hill Revelation Trailer: Can Two "Game Of Thrones" Alums Save This Middling Horror Franchise? I've Got Five Words For You: "The Director Of Solomon Kane"

5 Things So Important, Nikki Finke Would Mow Over a Litter of Kittens to Report Them

Finally a Crappy Version of Bridesmaids: Bachelorette Trailer

Whichever One You Feed More: Crave Trailer

Darkness, Imprisoning Me: "The Walking Dead" Season Three Trailer Pulls Me Back In Again

No Word if He'll Sing "Rocket Man" on the Soundtrack: Shatner Presents Documentary of "Star Trek" Fans Called Get a Life

This Week In Inexplicable Trailers: The Midget Plays A Giant and Taken 2: The Takening

Because Grant Morrison Could Make Watching Paint Dry Great: First (sort-of) Teaser for Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

Yes, That's A Man Getting His Eyeball Punched Out. RZA's The Man With The Iron Fists Is Like Chopsocky On Acid

The Return of the Greatest Character in Movie History: New Total Recall Trailer

With A Brand Spankin' New International Trailer, Looper Continues To Look Positively Kickass

It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature: The Prototype Trailer

Surprisingly Short on Time Piece Jokes: The Watch Trailer

Dredd Trailer: "I Am The Law." Yes You Are, Karl Urban. Yes. You. Are.

That's Like a DVD for Old People Right? V/H/S Trailer

Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer: Let's Not Bother Pretending That There's Another Reason You Watch These Movies

Never Let Zemeckis Motion Capture Again: Flight Trailer

This Town Needs an Enema: Dark Knight Rises Footage

The Universe Hates You, Sparkle Edition: Stephenie Meyer's Second Film Series Arrives

Emancipate This: Two More Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailers

Bill Murray As FDR May Top My List of the 5 Most Inspired Casting Decisions In History

What's in the Box? Possession Trailer

Piranhaconda Trailer: Oh Bless Your Big, Dumb Heart, SyFy (And Is That Michael Friggin' Madsen?)

You Had Me at Vampire War: "True Blood" First Full Season Five Trailer

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Trailer: A New Father's Thoughts On Your Creepy Pod Baby

Gangster Squad Trailer

You just gotta keep livin' man, L-I-V-I-N: Killer Joe Trailer

Politics! Politics! Politics! The Campaign Ads Are Almost Too Real

This Season of SVU is Really Weird: "True Blood" Trailer

Welcome to the Bathtub: Beasts of the Southern Wild Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises Again In The Movie's Last, Awe-Inspiring Trailer

I Think He's Mad As Hell: New "Newsroom" Trailer

Now With More Running and Exposition for the BBC Crowd: Prometheus International Trailer

You Really, Really Shouldn't Steal From Jaime Lannister: The Headhunters Trailer

Break Out Your Spanish Language Albums of the Doors: The End Trailer

Let's Get Drunk And Wreak Havoc: The Lawless Trailer

Total Oscar Bait: G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer

"Piled Higher and Deeper": PhD: The Movie Trailer

The Bourne Legacy International Trailer: Killing In The Name Of

America's Sweetstoner, Doug Benson, Is Pilfering From Morgan Spurlock (Again)

Charming Potato Shows Us His Spuds in Soderbergh's Magic Mike Trailer

The Baytown Disco Trailer: If You Like Your Men Hot, Southern, Sweaty, And Psychotic Then I've Got A Treat For You

There is No Mouse: Error of the Human Body Trailer

Finally, Found Footage with Velociraptors: Area 407 Trailer

Oh That Statham, He's Stathaming Again: Trailer for Safe

Russian Trailers For Prometheus And Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: [Insert Hackneyed Yakov Smirnoff Joke Here.]

Finally, the Looper Trailer: One Of My Favorite Actors Joins One Of My Favorite Directors In One Of My Favorite Genres And I Think I Need To Lie Down

A Fantastic Fear Of Everything Trailer: Simon Pegg Goes Crazy. How Else Would You Explain That Haircut?

I Know That Voice Trailer - Why Not Zoidberg?

The Savages Trailer: Oliver Stone Returns With Drug Cartels, Boobs McLegsy, Tim Riggins And A Scary As F*ck Benicio Del Toro

Two Out Of Three Looper Trailer Teasers Ain't Bad (UPDATE: Three Is Here)

First Five Minutes of Lockout: At Least Nine Minutes Worth of Guy Pearce

"It was you drew my heart in a snare": Lovely Molly Trailer

Finally, Almost Famous For Idiots: Rock of Ages Trailer

Total Recall Trailer: Get Your Ass To Mars

He's Mad As Hell: "The Newsroom" Trailer

WANTED: Someone To Go Back In Time With Me. Safety Not Guaranteed.

It's Die Hard in Space, and I'm Okay with That: Lockout Teaser and Clip

Angel Made Do with Blood Banks: "True Blood" Teasers

Life Happens Trailer: Can These Three Women Help Wash Out The Taste Of What To Expect When You're Expecting?

Breaking Dawn — Part 2 Teaser: Bella Gets Laid, Becomes Beautiful Eternal Monster Who Eats Bambi

Your Joy Will Turn To Ashes In Your Mouth, And You'll Know The Debt Is Paid: Choose Your House Wisely

Welcome To The New Hotness: The Trailer That Will Make You Tingle

Misunderstanding The Lessons Learned From The Back Half Of The George Lucas Catalogue: The "Blood & Chrome" Teaser (UPDATED)

At Last Our Long National Nightmare is Almost Over: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser

Chernobyl Diaries Trailer: Scaring The Pants Off Of You, Now Available In Russian

For Once, A Post On Pajiba About Boobs That Isn't A Pun: The Pirahna 3DD Red Band Trailer

The First Rule of Suburban Cult Club... Sound of My Voice Trailer and Clip

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Full Trailer: Let's Just Go Ahead And Pretend This Isn't Totally Ridiculous

First Four Minutes of Iron Sky

More Hulk! The SHIELD Helicarrier! Hawkeye! More Aliens! Gwyneth Paltrow! (Wait, What?): The Japanese Avengers Trailer Is Full Of Goodies

Meeting Evil Trailer: Evil Sam Jackson Might Be My Favorite Sam Jackson

And They Said It Couldn't Be Stupider: New Battleship Trailer

"Game Of Thrones" Trailer — "The More People You Love, The Weaker You Are"

Fat Kid Rules The World Trailer: Let's Rock

"The only people for me are the mad ones": On the Road Trailer

Um, Someone Spiked the Horror with Some Sci-Fi: Cabin in the Woods Trailer

The Japanese Trailer For Brave Is All About Merida And The Frightening Forest

Anyone Can Be Killed: New "Game Of Thrones" Season Two Trailer (Plus Bonus "Simpsons" Awesomeness)

It's All About the Big Hats:We Have a Pope Trailer

Disney's 11th Hour Marketing Campaign: The First 10 Minutes Of John Carter

ParaNorman Full Trailer: Taking On A Zombie Apocalypse In A Thoroughly Adorable Fashion

"Life... Give My Creation LIFE!" (The Frankenweenie Trailer)

Neighborhood Watch Trailer: You Hear The Bass From My Trunk When I'm On The Block... And Then We Fight Aliens

I Don't Want Your Life: Touchback Trailer

The Dueling Natures Of The Piranha 3DD Trailer: "Whatever It Is, I Don't Like It..." And "Let's Get Wet!"

New Trailer For The Avengers: It's Time To Save The World And Look Good Doing It

Disney Panicking, Desperately Releasing New John Carter Trailers

"Game Of Thrones" Season Two Trailer: War Is Coming

Sadly, Not Literally About Moths: Moth Diaries Trailer

Struck By Lightning Trailer: Chris Colfer's Screenplay Puts "Glee" To Shame

A Tale Of Two Movies About The End Of The World As We Know It, And I... Have Heartburn: Wrath Of The Titans And 4:44 Last Day On Earth Trailers

Why The MPAA Can Suck It: The Trailer For Bully, A Film That Kids Should See, But Can't (UPDATED)

What's History Doing on the History Channel? "Hatfields and McCoys" Trailer

Well There Goes March: Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Silent House Trailer: Martha Marcy May Don't Scream

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines Trailer

Dude Took the Red Pill and the Blue Pill: NBC Releases Full Pilot of "Awake"

The Good, The Bad, And The WTF, Seriously?! (Trailers For Intruders, Dark Tide, And Pizza Man)

Damsels In Distress Trailer: There's Enough Whimsy Here To Kill A Man... But I'm OK With That

You've Got a Time Machine, I've Got a Gun: How to Build a Time Machine Trailer

Seven Score And Ten Years Ago Abraham Lincoln Hunted Vampires, But It Wasn't Nearly As Radass As It Sounds (UPDATED)

Retro Eighties Sci-Fi and Shrooms, What Could Go Wrong? Beyond the Black Rainbow Trailer

Kirk Cameron Knows How We Can Make It Through America's Current "Growing Pains": Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Children?!

The Question Isn't "Why Is There A Zombie Osama Bin Laden Movie?" The Question Is "What Took You So Long?": The Three Most Ridiculawesome Trailers Of The Week

The Bourne Legacy Trailer: It's Not Jason Bourne, But It Might Be The Next Best Thing

"Awake" Extended Preview: Lucius Malfoy Loses His Family, Breaks Your Heart

The Amazing Spider-Man Theatrical Trailer: The Same, But Different. And Quite Possibly Better.

Want To See The Hulk Falcon Punch A Plane? Earth's Mightiest Heroes Assemble For The Avengers

Gustav Klimt Fingered His Paintings And 9 Other Things I Learned By Watching 9 Minutes Of This Means War

You Gotta Have No Illusions, Just Keep Going Your Way Looking Over Your Shoulder: Cillian Murphy Looks Sharp Under the Red Lights

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor: The New Hunger Games Trailer

The 5 Most Obnoxiously Exclamatory Voice Over Lines in New Toddler-Friendly The Phantom Menace 3D Trailer

Two More Reasons You Don't Need To Watch The Super Bowl: Darth Vader vs. Cobra Commander Edition

Trailer Roundup: Ghosts On A Plane, Hunting Rare Animals, Or Henry Cavill Shirtless - You Choose

Yeah, It's a Teaser for a Commercial for a Movie That Won't Be Released for Months. But's It's The Avengers, So Shut Up

Julianne Moore Goes Full Retard in the Full Length Trailer for "Game Change"

Finally, the First Great Movie of the Year

Where's The Human Centipede Doctor When You Need Him: "The Client List" TV Series Is Happening And I Hate You All

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them: The Madness That Is The God Bless America Trailer

We Know How This Game Is Played: "Game Of Thrones" And "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Trailers

Choose Your Fairy Tales Wisely: New Trailers For Mirror, Mirror And Snow White And The Huntsman

Seeking Justice Trailer: Bald Guy Pearce? Terrifyingly Sexy. Nic Cage's Wig? Just Flat-Out Terrifying

Motherf*cking Space Nazis From The Dark Side Of The Moon: The Iron Sky Trailer

Your Free Time Shall be Exterminated: "Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock" Game Trailer

So, Just What Are Those Two Surprise Foreign Films Nominated For Best Animated Feature? (A Cat In Paris and Chico & Rita Trailers)

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. I Am Not a Hipster Trailer

Jason Segel Who Makes Movies Is Jeff, Who Lives At Home

I'm Still Alive: Peter Jackson Produced West of Memphis Premieres New Evidence

Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer: Paul W.S. Anderson Misses The Point Yet Again, But Hey! Milla's Ass!

You Better Start Swimmin' Or You'll Sink Like A Stone: Investigate The Future Of Movies In The Side By Side Trailer

ATM Trailer: No, Not That ATM, You Goddamn Degenerates

Lol trailer: Oh, I'm Laughing All Right.

How Do I Reach These Kids? Detachment Trailer

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Meet FDR, American Badass

The First Law of Robotics is Don't Talk About Robotics: Meaning of Robots Trailer

Me No Habla: Casa de mi Padre Full Trailer

The First Five Minutes Of Haywire Will Make You Spit Blood (But In A Good Way)

Okay, So Maybe Calling An End To The James Franco Backlash Was A Bit Premature: The Broken Tower Trailer

A New Season of MTV's "The Challenge" Is Almost Here! (And You Know It Makes Me Sick To Be On That List)

Trailer Trash: Greg Kinnear and Billy Crudup Are on Thin Ice

There Is No Hope For Any Of Us: "The Walking Dead" Season 2.5 Trailer And Promo Clips

"Lilyhammer" Trailer: I Love F*uckin' Cheese At My Feet! I Stick Motherf*ckin' Provolone In My Socks At Night, So They Smell Like Your Sister's Crotch In The Morning. Alright?

Kirsten Dunst Seems To Really Enjoy Kissing Upside Down

YouTube's 25 Most Popular Trailers of 2011 (Unofficial)

The Original Alien Trailer, Now with More 5 Times More BRAAAAAAAHM

Former Big Man On Campus Taylor Kitsch Is The Big Man In Japan: Japanese Trailers For John Carter And Battleship

Hollywood's Still Trying To Make Danny Trejo Happen: Bad Ass Trailer

Oh, The Latest Underworld 4 Trailer Is Frightful, But Kate Beckinsale Is So Delightful... Let It Blow, Let It Blow, Let It Blow

Paul Bunyan As A Horror Movie Monster? It's Real, And It's Not Spectacular

Finally, The Prometheus Trailer: Welcome To The Beginning And The End

I Love You, New "Spartacus: Vengeance" Trailer (Yes, And You, Too, Crazy-Eyed Lucy Lawless)

It's Totally Not A Bughunt: The Second Prometheus Trailer... Um... Trailer

Game Change Teaser: Julianne Moore Goes Full Retard

Our Precious Is Back Again: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer

Brand New '21 Jump Street' Trailer Reminds Us that the Movie Still HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TV SHOW

Wrath Of The Titans Trailer: Now With Actual Titans!

Prometheus Teaser: This Will Not Be A Bughunt

New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Will Damage Your Liver, Puncture Your Lungs

Madre De Dios! Will Ferrell's Spanish Is Impeccable In The Casa De Mi Padre Teaser

It's Hard To Think Of A Less Appealing Title Than Salmon Fishing In The Yemen, But Here We Are

Without "Community" The Return of "30 Rock" Isn't Nearly As "Exciting" As NBC Would Like You To Believe (No Matter How Much Tina Fey Exposes Herself)

Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer Trailer Passes Up Golden Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum Catchphrase Opportunity

New Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Trailer: Gonna Hitch A Ride, Head For The Other Side

The Dictator Trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen Rules With An Iron Fist. And Stupidity

Which One Was Spartacus? "Spartacus: Vengeance" Trailer

Guy Pearce Chews Even More Scenery (And I Mean That In The Best Possible Way) In The New Lock-Out Trailer

The Expendables 2 Trailer Is Basically A Planet Hollywood Owners Reunion (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That)

How the Darkness Descends: Perfect Sense Trailer

Thursday Night TV News and Video Round-Up: "I'm Attributing The Quality Of Our Show To God."

Rock of Ages Trailer: Tom Cruise as a Metal Rocker? It's So Much Worse Than You Imagine

The Flowers Of War Looks Like A Master Oscar-Baiter: U.S. Trailer (And Posters)

There's Something on the Boat, Some Thing: "The River" Trailer

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer: Suck It, Stephen Sommers

What To Expect When You're Expecting Trailer: Born Annoying

The Men in Black 3 Trailer Is Not Really that Exciting

The Lucky One Trailer: Nicholas Sparks Creates Another Nauseating Landslide Of Schmaltz (Now With Extra Efron!)

April Is Coming: "Game Of Thrones" Season Two Trailer - Cold Winds Are Rising

Battleship Trailer: You Sank My Nostalgia (And Then Pooped On It)

I've Got The Need, The Need For Speed; Specifically 299,792 Kilometers per Second: The C Trailer

Three Of TV's Most Huggable Sitcom Stars And Emily Blunt Are In A Five-Year Engagement

Today's Straight to DVD Disaster: Snow White: A Deadly Summer

A Very Special Holiday Message

Even Rob Schneider Seems Confused As To Why He Has A New CBS Sitcom Starting Next Year

The Trailer For Division III: Football's Finest Is Merely An Excuse For Me To Tell My Andy Dick Story

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: "Doctor Who" Christmas Special Trailer

Lockout Trailer: So It's A Besson-Produced Sci-Fi Space-Battle Jailbreak Film That - Wait, Did You Say Guy Pearce? Sold.

Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods is Real! There's Even a Trailer and Everything

Today In Mesmerization: The 8 Minute Preview Of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Let's Play Master and Servant: "Downton Abbey" Season 2 Trailer and Christmas Special Photos

If The Director Of Rubber Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right: 50 Seconds Of WTF?! Perfection

John Carter Trailer: I Dunno If There's A Set Of Abs On Any Planet That Can Save This Goofy Looking Flick

I Really Like To Ride The Train, Especially When I Forget Where I'm Going: Turn Down The Lights For The Shame Red Band Trailer

The Trailer For Loosies Looks Like Engaging And - Wait, Did You Say Peter Facinelli? And... Um... Vincent Gallo?

"Power is not a means, it is an end": Khodorkovsky Documentary

I Knew The Little F*ckers Couldn't Be Trusted: Gnomes Attack! Trailer

It's Easier For Me To Get Closer To Heaven Than Ever Feel Whole Again: The Darkest Hour Trailer

Winter Is Coming (In April, But Still): "Game Of Thrones" Season Two Production Trailer

Rampart Trailer: Bad Cop! No Doughnut!

Gone Trailer: My Open Letter To Amanda Seyfried

"Doctor Who" Christmas Special Trailer: The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe

On Behalf of All the Women Who Prefer Blood and Guts to Twilight I Say: Jump Up My Ass, Relativity Media

Near, Far, Wherever You Are, I F*cking Hate You All

Griff The Invisible Trailer: Kick-Ass, But British Australian, Charming And With A Lot More Heart

Are Campers Just Supposed to Hold It? Don't Go in the Woods Trailer

Pixar's Brave Trailer: Ooooooh. Shiny!

Mirror, Mirror Trailer: Whose Snow White Is The Fairest?

Catch .44 Trailer: You're Brain Dead, You Got A F*ckin' Bullet In Your Head

Hunger Games Trailer: Nailed It!

Safe Trailer: Jason Statham Project #435, Adorable Moppet Edition

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Trailer: What... I Don't Even...

Haywire Trailer: Come For The Excellent Trailer, Stay To See Fassbender Get His Ass Handed To Him

Calling It: Strippers Vs. Werewolves Could Be One Of The Worst Movies Of 2012 (And By "Worst" I Mean "Worst")

Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer: Charlize Theron, Pretty Hate Machine

"A Thousand Words" Trailer: Christ, Eddie Murphy. Is There a Butthole You Can Hide In? How About Your Own?

"The Walking Dead" Not Doing It For You? Give "Viva Berlin!" A Shot

The Lady Trailer: "Big men are scared of her. Armed to the teeth and they still run scared."

Fun With The Call Of Duty Trailers: Is This What It Takes To Make Sam Worthington Interesting?

They Grow in Blackest Night: The Flowers of War

The Goon Trailer and Why Can't Kevin Smith Hang on to a Muse?

We Need To Talk About Kevin Trailer: I'd Like To Thank You For Preying On My Darkest Fear

The Innkeepers Trailer: You Can Check In Anytime You Like, But You Can Never Leave

A Simple Test To Determine if Someone is an "Actor" or a "Movie Star"

Underworld 4: We've Still Got Kate Beckinsale In Skintight Leather: The Trailer

Todd Philips Completely Abandons The Concepts Of Story Or Comedy For The Sake Of Showcasing Nubile Flesh

The New 21 Jump Street Trailer Is About As Funny as Richard Greico Looks

Damon's Going Full Noah: We Bought a Zoo International Trailer

Warning, Children's Entertainment: ParaNorman Trailer

Your Morning Bile: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Clip

Why's Everybody So Serious? A Roundup Of Trailers For Very Serious Movies (Now Featuring Angelina Jolie Directing!)

Actually, There Will Be One More Harry Potter Movie: When Harry Left Hogwarts: The Trailer

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Trailer: Trading Detecting For Destroying

Chronicle Trailer: Superheroes In A Found Footage Movie That Might Be Worth Seeing

The Trailer For Madonna's W.E.: If You Can Make It Through This Without Rolling Your Eyes, You Win A Prize

11-11-11 Trailer: Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You The Worst Trailer Narration Of All Time

The Descendants Trailer 2

The Devil Inside Trailer: Me And The Devil Blues

Marshall And Lily Show Us Their Goods, And Once Again Jason Segel Proves His Superiority: The Muppets and American Reunion Trailers

Boy Wonder Trailer: What Would Happen If Batman Was Young, Broke, And Psychotic?

Chris de Burgh Rumored to be Writing the Theme Song: Woman in Black Trailer

A Classy Excuse To Watch Michael Fassbender Have Sex With All The Things

Act Of Valor Trailer: Call Of Duty Goes Real. Like, Really Real, With Actual Navy SEALs

American "Being Human" Season Two Teaser

The Avengers Trailer: Assemble, Motherf*ckers

Another Happy Day Trailer: You Solipsistic F*CK!

The Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close Trailer Makes Me Hate Myself

But Why Will You Say That I Am Mad? The Raven Trailer and New Photos

Charlize Theron Is A "Bad" Writer: Young Adult's Dueling Trailers

In Episode Three, Kiefer's Kid Gives Hurley Some Magic Lotto Numbers

Dragon Age: Redemption Trailer: Felicia Day Will Kick Your Ass And Look Cute Doing It

Contraband Trailer: By-The-Numbers Action Starring Wahlberg And The Ben Foster Reach-Around

Beards, Blood And Beasties: The International Trailer For The Thing That Isn't The Thing, But An Entirely Different Thing (From Another World)

"Revolution Becomes a Right": Tahrir: Liberation Square Trailer

If You Thought The Only Thing Missing From Marvel's Thor Was A Sarcastic, Anthropomorphic Hammer... Then Boy, Do I Have An Icelandic Animated 3D Movie For You: Legends of Valhalla: Thor Trailers

"American Horror Story" Opening Scene

Two, You Bait the Line: Five Freaky Films You May Not Know You Want to See

It's Not A Spoiler, It's In The Title: John Dies At The End Trailer

Well That Misses the Point: Human Centipede 2 Full Trailer

One For The Money Trailer: No Rainbows Were Harmed In The Making Of This Picture

Man On A Ledge Trailer: The Quest To Make Sam Worthington Happen Continues

You Can Tentatively Add "Big Miracle" to the List of Bad Movies with Great Casts

The Trailer For Liam Neeson's The Grey Shows Us What We Should Already Know: That Canada Shouldn't Be Trusted

He's Coming Back Around Again: Jackie Chan's 1911 Trailer Gives Me Hope

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Extended Trailer

"Unforgettable" Review: Exactly what TV Needs: Another Boring Goddamn Procedural

13 Trailer: With This Cast, It's Gotta Be Good... Right?

The New "Walking Dead" Promo Is 30 Seconds Of Gun-Filled Gory Goodness

The Thing Red Band Trailer: No, Not That Thing, The Other Thing. No, The Other Thing, Damn It!

We Are the Sinners: J. Edgar Trailer

[REC]³ Génesis Trailer: Welcome To The Perfect Wedding

Wocka Wocka Wocka: The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo Trailer (A The Muppets Parody)

This is an Outrage! Well It's a Trailer for Outrage Anyway

We Bought a Zoo Trailer: Cameron Crowe and Matt Damon Give You Their Hearts. Hold the Pen

They Get You Ready To Fight, The Fuse Is Ready To Blow: The Goon Trailer And Posters Are Special Gifts For Our Canadian Friends

The New "Walking Dead" Teaser And Poster Does A Lot With A Little

It's Breaking Something Alright: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

"How I Met Your Mother" Season 7 Trailer And 13 Things I Learned About HIMYM From Carter Bays and Craig Thomas

There's All Kinds Of Bad Ways To Die: The Trailer For The Raid Has A Few To Show You

Gene's the Real Star: "Fringe" Recap Webisodes

Judging By Its Trailer, The Big Year Probably Isn't Going To Have One

Jay And Seth Vs. The Apocalypse Is, Like, Totally Happening, You Guys

Well That's Not Orange and Rocky: The Thing Clip

"Terra Nova" Trailer and Clips: Won't Someone Think of the Children?

I'm Happy, Hope You're Happy Too: Tom Tykwer's Trepidatious 3 Trailer

How Many Until it's a Millipede? Human Centipede 2 Trailer

This Sh*t Is F*ckin’ Filthy But It’s Better Than Balls To The Chin: An In-Depth Look At The Dirty Mouths On “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

Now That’s What I Call Music: Another “Community” Season 3 Promo Is Hilarious Harmon-y (With Bonus Material!)

Baby Goose Is Charmingly Dumb and Tom Hardy Beats Some Ass: Clips From Warrior and The Ides Of March

Alps Trailer: Dogtooth Director's Second Film Shows The Weird Getting Weirder

"Community" Season 3 Promo Is Good, Man, John Goodman. But Is He Really The Show's trongest Selling Point? (WARNING: There Be Man-Flesh Here; Lady-Flesh, Too.)

Finally, a Movie Title for Grammar Nazis: The Skin I Live In Trailer

You Are Not Allowed to Watch this Film: Fireflies in the Garden Trailer

Hunger Games Teaser Trailer: The Forest Looks REALLY Authentic

Rum Diary Trailer: Briefly, Disney Lets Johnny Depp Borrow His Own Soul

3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy Trailer: That 3D Porn Movie Isn't Really All that Porn-y

I Am Glad Our Son Kicked the Sh*t Out of Your Son and I Wipe My A** with Your Human Rights: Carnage Trailer

The Way I Figure It, We Can Either Fight Or Give: Sam Shepard As Butch Cassidy In The Blackthorn Trailer

The Sun Will Never Shine On This Cold Dead Heart Of Mine: New Clips From "The Walking Dead," Season 2

In A New HBO/Scorsese Documentary, George Harrison Is A Material Girl Living In The Material World

Machine Gun Preacher Trailer: Gerard Butler Saves Africa And Why I Hate Hollywood

Hellraiser: Revelations Trailer: Seriously, Get Back In The F*cking Box

"Ghost Riding The Whip" Takes On A Whole New Meaning In The Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

Sam Worthington Channels James Van Der Beek's Southern Accent in the Texas Killing Fields Trailer

Trespass or the Straw Dogs Remake? Which In-Home Hostage Thriller Will You See? We Break It Down

Half Nelson Meets The Rainmaker: Chris Evans Displays his ACTRESSIN' Talents in the Puncture Trailer

Resident Evil or Underworld? Alice or Selene? Which Gun-Wielding Creature-Destroyer Do You Prefer?

Harry Hanrahan's Wall-E: The Cannibal Years Trailer

Daniel Radcliffe Is About to Introduce Pediophobia to a New Generation of Teenagers

That Peculiar Institution: 12 Years a Slave Being Adapted to Film

This Movie Opened in the Summer of 2004 and Featured Jane Lynch and Steve Carell. Can You Name It?

The Smell Of Success Trailer: Billy Bob Thornton, Tea Leoni, And What Is Likely The World Record For Poop Jokes

In The Hysteria Trailer, The Vagina Finally Gets Its Day In The Sun

Look, Pants! New Immortals Trailer Crushes Those Nasty Comparisons To The Banana Hammock Sausagefest That Was 300

The Most Dangerous Man is the One Able to Think Things Out: New "Doctor Who" Teaser

The Dance Of The Dead, It’s All In My Head: Footloose Trailer #2

Taiwan Needs Brains: Zombie 108 Trailer

Make You A Sword Of Me: The Trailer For Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus

Christmas Came Early This Year, Too Bad The Stocking Is Full Of Coal: A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Trailer

We Need To Talk About Kevin Trailer: Because I Want You To Share This Crippling Sadness

Do Your Tattoos Whisper To You In The Darkness? The Trailer For Comforting Skin

Congratulations On Your Creepy New Pod Baby: The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Trailer

Jonah Hill's The Sitter Trailer: New Hollywood Myth: Profanity Magically Transforms Something Unfunny into Something Funny

Do You Love the New Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Trailer Because It's Great? Or Because You Think You Should Love It?

The Darkest Hour Trailer: In Soviet Russia, Invisible Energy-Devouring Aliens Destroy You

Are You Not Entertained By The “Spartacus: Vengeance” Trailer?

In Honor Of Shark Week, Here's A Collection Of The Awesomest Shark Movie News I Could Wrangle

Twixt Trailer: Coppola's Dream Will Either Change The Game, Or Bite The Big One

The Consultant Trailer: Marvel's One-Shot Series Seeks To Give You More Hero For Your Buck

If You've Ever Been in an On-Again, Off-Again Relationship, Please to Enjoy the Devastation of the Trailer for Like Crazy

Let Me Have War, Say I: Footage And Images From Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus

"Tron: Uprising" Trailer: I'll Make The Most Of It, I'm An Extraordinary Machine

The Avengers Throws 12-Second Teaser Teaser Online Like Thor Launches Mjolnir At Frost Giants

Red Tails Trailer: Real World Heroes Getting Their Due

Move Over, "The Silence." There's a New Creep in Town: Imaginary Forces Trailer

Funny, Mine Are Usually Neither Good Nor Old Fashioned: The A Good Old Fashioned Orgy Trailer

Will Tower Heist Be the First Funny Live-Action Movie that Eddie Murphy Has Made in 13 Years?

How Your Opinion on Kevin Smith's Red State Does Not Make You a Good or a Bad Person

The Ides of March Trailer: I Assume Gosling Stabs Clooney on the Floor of the Senate?

Dirty Girl Trailer: Girl Is On My Mind

And There Is Violence in My Heart: Full International and UK Trailers for The Skin I Live In

Battleship Trailer: It's Just Like the Game! Only with Aliens and Brain Damage!

Remember When I Predicted the Entire Plot of New Year's Day Based Only on the Cast? Here's the Trailer. How'd I Do?

Can You Use Kidnapping, Rape, And Torture To Make A Statement? The Trailer For Lucky McKee's The Woman

I Have Nothing Left to Fear: Move Over G+, Bryan Singer's H+ Is Nigh

The Margin Call Trailer, or How I Engage in a Little Self-Indulgent Humblebragging About Regrets and the Lack Therof

Watch This Trailer or Jab a Pencil in Your Ear? Colin Firth, Orlando Bloom and Patricia Clarkson Will Make You Wish You Chose the Latter

"Doctor Who" Trailer for (The Rest of) Series Six

Knights Of Badassdom Trailer: I Never Knew LARPing Could Be This Awesome (No, Seriously)

Haywire Trailer: You're The Pretender, What If I Say That I'll Never Surrender

"The Walking Dead," Season Two Trailer: Long Road To Ruin

And When I Die I Expect to Find Him Laughing: "Dexter" Season 6 Full Trailer, Now with More Adrenaline, Action and Adama

Shorter of Breath and One Day Closer to Death: JT, Cillian Murphy and Amanda Seyfried Heat up the In Time Trailer

Drive Trailer: A Trailer So Good that I've Run Out of Places to Get It Pregnant

You Give It All Away: Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Find Their Dream House

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer: More of the Same, But That's Not Such a Bad Thing

Kill List Trailer: How I Could Just Kill A Man

The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser: I Had Reservations Until I Found Out C. Thomas Howell Was in this Bitch

I Admit It, I'm Hell: Camp Hell Trailer

"Dexter" Finds Religion: Season Six Teaser

Cowboys, Aliens, And Captain America: Clips For You To Choke On

Planet of the Apes Clip: Who Let Caesar Watch King Kong Again?

Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution: The Perfect Age Of Rock 'N' Roll Trailer

The Official Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer: Why Doesn't Batman's Cape Ever Get Stuck in the Motorcycle Wheel?

New Red Band Trailer For Friends With Benefits: Mathematical Evidence Of How It Should Kick Natalie And Ashton's Asses

John Carter of Mars Trailer: If Taylor Kitsch's Abs Could Talk, They'd Tell His Mouth to Shut Up

Official Trailer for The Thing: Go Gargle Battery Acid

Juan De Los Muertos is Juan Of The Dead, He Kills Your Beloved Ones So You Don't Have To

Hugo Trailer: Martin Scorsese Makes a Spielberg Movie. But Why? What's Going On Here?!

At Least Madagascar Will Be Safe: Contagion Trailer

Sherlock Holmes 2 Trailer: For Such a Pretty Man, Robert Downey, Jr. Does Not an Attractive Woman Make

How Marketing Can Destroy What We Love: How To Ruin A Movie With Giamatti, Cox, Jacobi & Flemying

Did Zemeckis Put a Mo-Cap in Spielberg's Ass? The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Trailer

Amigo Trailer: John Sayles Directing Chris Cooper And Garret Dillahunt? Yes Please.

New Final Destination 5 Trailer: Screws Fall Out All The Time, The World Is An Imperfect Place

Jack and Jill Trailer: Katie Holmes Has Found Something More Undignified than Marriage to Tom Cruise

Sarah Palin Shows Hers: It's Real, and It's Spectacular

The Iron Lady Trailer: Why Does Margaret Thatcher Sound Like Julia Child?

Five Days Of War Trailer: Yes, That Is Hollywood's Newest Terror -- Giant Val Kilmer

The New Conan Might Be Worth Seeing For Beardless Khal Drogo, Even Without a Giant-Metal-Chain-To-Horse-Face Shot in the U.K. Trailer

The Myth of the American Sleepover is a Contemplation Not on the Loss of Innocence, but on Hanging on to It

The Project Nim Trailer Goes From Chimpan-A to Chimpanzee

Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be: Studio Ghibli's Arrietty Trailer

The Captains Trailer: To Boldly Go Where Six Actors Have Gone Before

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy Teaser Trailer: Look! They Put All Your Favorite Sexy British Dudes in ONE Film

You Just Keep Me Hanging On: "Torchwood" Trepidation, Tribulation and Trailers

Steven Spielberg' War Horse Trailer: Heroic Horses Bring Hope in the Midst of War (*Cue Rousing Music*)

The New Three Musketeers Trailer: I Can Think Of Five Good Reasons To See This Movie

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Trailer: Now Clear, In English, And With More Awesome

Will Someone Please Tell Nick Swardson To Stop? Pretty Please? I'll Be Your Best Friend: The Bucky Larson Trailer

New Immortals Trailer: In The Midst Of All The Glistening Eye Candy, There Might Be A Great Film Hiding Here

Just Relax Jodie Foster: Horrible Bosses Red Band Trailer

The Official Teaser Trailer for Pixar's Brave is Absolutely Stunning

Apollo 18 Trailer: The Killing Moon Will Come Too Soon

"Rescue Me" Final Season Teaser

The Leaked Trailer For Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: Blurry, French, Confusing, But Kind Of Awesome

So Anxious, We Don't Care How Crappy the View: Even from Between the Seats, Brave Trailer Looks Fantastic

"Courage, New Hampshire" Trailer: Harkening Back to a Better Time, Before Womens Got All Up In Our Grills with "Opinions"

The Much Better UK Trailer For Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Is A Study In How American Marketing People Are Even Stupider Than You

The Killer Elite Trailer: The Statham, Clive Owen, And Yvonne Strahovski Will Rock You Like A Hurricane

Fassbender, Viggo, Spanking and Sex: A Dangerous Method Trailer

Flypaper Trailer: McDreamy Has A Big-Ass Gun, Robs A Bank, And I Am Confuzzled

Footloose (Remake) Trailer: Were You Born in the 1970s? If So, This Trailer Will Break Your Soul

Let's All Suffer Together

After Three Parody Trailers, the Official The Muppets Trailer Promises to Deliver Exactly What We Want

New Conan The Barbarian Trailer: All I Can Say Is, There Better Be Camel-Punching

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer. Is This the Last We'll See of Harry? Maybe. Maybe Not

The Muppets Green Lantern Teaser Trailer: Beware My Banjo, Green Froggy's Light

Hunky, Tubby, Pasty and Andy Dwyer Bring Drama to Baseball Statistics in the Moneyball Trailer

Anger Is An Energy: Violence, Flamethrowers, Mad-Max Cars, Sex and Apocalyptic Love

New Cowboys And Aliens Trailer: We Deal In Lead, Friend

Now You've Stolen All the Magic: Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel and Bob Hoskins Head to "Neverland"

You Should See How It Feels: Bryan Cranston and Ben McKenzie Near Perfection in Batman: Year One

The Help International Trailer, Or; How to Make the Civil Rights Movement Cinematically Friendly for White People

The Guard Trailer: Brendan Gleeson, Don Cheadle and Mark Strong. Need I Say More?

Undefeated Trailer: Sarah Palin, You Have Got to Be F*cking Kidding Me with This?

Killer Apes, Giant Robots, Aliens And (Shirtless) Tennant: New Clips To Help You Get Your Geek On

Prettier, Smarter Funnier Heroes? SyFy Premieres Zak Penn's "Alphas" Trailer

Rachel McAdams in ... Regarding Charming Potato's Notebook

Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 Trailer: I'm Bored. When Do We Get To The Disemboweling?

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer: Because Who Doesn't Love Seeing The Enslavement Of The Human Race?

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" Feature Clip

My Business Is a Little Cloak and Dagger: "Breaking Bad" Season 4 Premiere Date and Trailer

Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World Trailer: Wherein The Spy Kids Betray Their Parents, Destroy Their Masters, And Blood Runs Through The Streets

New The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer Is Safe. For. Work. Damnit

If You Can Look Past Joey Potter, There's Much To Be Said For The Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Trailer

50/50 Trailer: "I Have Cancer" is a Great Pick-Up Line, But Only If You're Joseph Gordon-Levitt

David Fincher's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Teaser: The Quality is Crappy, but Dayumm, The Trailer Is Not

I Don't Know How She Does It Trailer: Just Once, I'd Like to See a Movie Where a Woman CAN Balance Work, Family, and Sex

The Only Way This Could Be Worse Is if Eliza Dushku Starred and It Aired on Lifetime: Buffy's "Ringer" Trailer

Neil Patrick Harris Manages to Enliven the New Trailer for The F*cks

The Descendants Trailer: You Ever Watch a Trailer that Just Makes You Feel Good?

Shark Night 3D Trailer: This Is My Kind Of Stupid

The War Has Begun: A Mess Of X-Men First Class Clips Show All Manner Of Mutant Mayhem

Jim Carrey, Penguins And Nut Shots: New Mr. Popper's Penguins Trailer Will Make You Curse Your Gods

And She's Waiting for Passion or Humor to Strike: "True Blood" Season 4 Trailer

After Watching the New Muppets Trailer, My Childhood Took a Time Machine to the Present to Give Me a High Five

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" Full Trailer

Can the Power of Jenna Fischer's Cuteness Redeem A Little Help?

A Trio of Trailers - Take Two And Throw The Third In The Bushes

New Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Trailer: Welcome To the Next Kaboomaganza

Space Lord, Mutha Mutha: New Green Lantern Trailer Gets Epic

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" Teaser and Pics

Moon Nazis, Devil Women, And Evil Mutants: The Best International Trailers You Haven't Seen

A Rage That Knows No Right or Wrong: Almodóvar‘s The Skin I Live In Teaser

Do You Love Rosario Dawson? Then Welcome To The Promised Land

I Don't Know How Much More Of This I Can Take: Beautiful Boy Trailer, Starring Michael Sheen & Maria Bello

The Adventures of Tintin Trailer: Spielberg Puts a Mo-Cap In Yo' Ass

Super 8 Sneak Peak

Small Town Murder Songs Trailer: Peter Stormare Finally Gets His Chance (And It Looks Fantastic)

The Trailer For Fright Night Makes Me Want To Kill My Neighbors... In A Good Way

I Don't Know My Way Home: Straw Dogs Trailer

We Need To Talk About Kevin Clips: Prepare To Be Absolutely Destroyed

Horrible Bosses Trailer: It's The Hangover Meets The Combover ... Err ... Just Shut Up and Watch It

Real Steel Trailer: I've Screen Grabbed Hugh Jackman Shirtless So You Don't Have to Watch the Ridiculous Trailer

"Dexter" Season Six Trailer

The Future Trailer: Talking Cats, Conversations With The Moon, And A Lethal Dose Of Twee

Beautiful Freaks: X-Men: First Class Character Trailers

Colombiana Trailer: Zoe Saldana Will Bloody Your G*ddamn Nose and You Will Say THANK YOU

Battle of the Terrible Trailers: Ironclad vs. The Ledge

Conan the Barbarian Trailer: Choke on a Sword, F*ckos!

Martha Marcy May Marlene: The Best Movie of 2011 So Far Gets a Trailer. And It Stars an Olsen Sister

Green Lantern Trailer: In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Gaudy Bright Lime-Green Light Shall Escape My Sight

One Day: I'd Make Sweet Movie Love to the Poster, but I'd Kick the Trailer Out of Bed. I Don't Sleep with Dumb Movies

"Hell on Wheels" Trailer: AMC Aims for Deadwood

Intruders Teaser Trailer: Lose The Creepy Kid, Pack Your Sh*t, And Leave

"Terra Nova" Trailer: Jurassic Park IV: Time Travel Boogaloo

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II Trailer: Harry Potter is the Movie Equivalent of Invisible Ink

New Transformers Dark of the Moon Trailer Will Make Your D*ck Hard. Then It Will Castrate You With Stupidity

Two New X-Men: First Class Trailers Show How Mutants Saved The World From Communism

Somebody Spikes the Drink and a Single Becomes a Pair: Last Night Trailer

The Bridesmaids Marketing Machine Wants You To Know What Sex With Jon Hamm Would Be Like

What's Your Number Trailer: Another Demonstration of the Power of Romantic Comedies to Suck All of the Talent Out of Their Casts

And Then They Were All Disemboweled By Ninjas: Monte Carlo Trailer

Immortals Trailer: I. Am. SPARTA (Or Tarsem Singh's Weak Facsimile Thereof).

Sleep Tight: Not Bloody Likely After Watching This Trailer

Another Earth Trailer: "That's Why I Would Go"

Troll Hunter Trailer: Get Me A Bridge And A Goat, STAT!

Reach Out And Touch Crazy: The Devil's Double Trailer

I Despise Forrest Gump, I Loathe Julia Roberts; Why Can't I Hate Tom Hanks? Larry Crowne Trailer

Our Idiot Brother Trailer: You Cannot Make This Cast Less Hot with Beards, Bad Haircuts, and Hair Dye

Two New Thor Trailers Will Blow Your Sh*t Away

30 Minutes or Less Trailer: Finally, Aziz Ansari In More than Small Doses in Ruben Fleischer‘s Follow-Up to Zombieland

The High Cost of Living Trailer: Zach Braff Unleashes His Inner Bonebag

There's Nothing Like This Built Today: David Lynch and Interpol Collaborate on I Touch A Red Button Man

Disneynature's Chimpanzee Trailer: This Kind Of Cuteness Is F*cking Reprehensible And You All Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves

X-Men: First Class Trailer: Peace Was Never An Option

Change Up Trailer: Is Lady Pooping the New Comedy Trend of the Summer?

Terri Trailer: Why Do Movies About Overweight People Go for the Easy Fat Jokes? Because the Alternative Is Too Painful

Sing This Corrosion to Me: Bellflower Teaser

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II Trailer: At Last, The End Of The Boy Who Lived

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away: First Clip Of HBO's "Luck"

I Believe The Children Are Our Future, And I Also Believe That We Are F*cked: Prom & Go For It! Trailers

Date Rape for Pay: Sleeping Beauty Trailer

Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbeardman: He Says Not a Word, But Damian Lewis Owns "Homeland"

Will Ferrell's Spanish language Telenovela Casa de mi Padre Trailer: I Don't Get It, But Hey! There's Ron Swanson

Cowboys And Aliens Trailer: You See Us Coming And You Altogether Run For Cover

Fly Away Trailer: One Of My SXSW Faves

Abduction Trailer: Taylor Lautner Brings The Next Generation of the I. Don't. Want. Your. Life. Style of Acting

Finally a Movie With ALL the Genres: Priest Trailer

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer: The Origins Story for Our Apathy

The Silent House Trailer: Darkness, Imprisoning Me

"Love, Wedding, Marraige" Trailer: Stop Embarrassing Your Husband, Mandy Moore

Stake Land Trailers And Clips: I'll Be Damned - Vampires Are Scary Again

The Perfect Host Trailer: Who Knew Niles Crane Could Be Such A Delightful Psycho?

This 4-Second Teaser for Rise of the Planet of the Apes Tells You All You Need to Know About These 4 Seconds

Passion Play Trailer: Your Monthly Excuse to Disparage Megan Fox

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, Ah-Nuld Returns, And The Newest Avenger Revealed: Your Geek News Roundup

Exodus Fall Trailer: A Look At The Art Of The Movie Trailer

Daydream Nation Trailer: Manufactured Whimsy, Counterfeit Comedy And The Art Of Film Trailer Manipulation

Dolphin Tale Trailer: Of All the Trailers We've Posted Today, This Is the Only One About a Dolphin

Trailer: Johnny English Sequel Renamed, May God Help Us All

Warrior Trailer: Tom Hardy Stars in .... From the Director of Miracle

Meloncholia Trailer: Oh, Just Shut Up Already, Lars von Trier

If You Don't "Get" the Trailer for Roland Emmerich's Anonymous, It's Only Because You'll NEVER Understand His Genius

Snowtown Trailer: Your Best Friend Is A Killer, And You Might Be Too

Crazy, Stupid, Love Trailer: Where Else Are You Going to See Ryan Gosling's Abs Today?

An Invisible Sign Trailer: I'm Sorry, Did You Say Jessica Alba As A Math Teacher, Or Did The Universe Just Implode?

The Way We Were: How Disney Animation Used to Be Made

Cat Run Trailer: You Had Me At "Paz Vega"

Finally, a "Doctor Who" Series 6 Trailer Dumbed Down for Amerikuns

First 15 Minutes Of Game Of Thrones: Ours Is The Fury

Everything Must Go Trailer: The Return of Stranger than Fiction Will Ferrell

Animated Thor, Live-Action Thor, Motion Comic Thor: You've Been Thunderstruck

WonderCon Green Lantern Footage: Uh, What Kind of Goofy F**knuttery Is This?

Hangover 2 Trailer: You Know, You Can't Just Make the Same Movie Again and Put a "2" On It

Want To See Kat Dennings Kick Thor's Ass? New Thor Clip

"Doctor Who" Season Six Trailer: Oh, Amy Pond. When You Hurt, I Hurt

"Teen Wolf" Trailer: Where's The Werewolf Doing A Handstand On Top Of Stiles' Wolfmobile And Making A Fool Of Himself?

Chicken Little Ain't Got Nothing on Noah: "Falling Skies" Trailer

(Lee) Pace is the Trick: Ceremony Trailer

Miss Representation Trailer: You Want a Real Female-Empowering Kick-Ass Action Flick? Here's an Idea: Let a Woman Direct It

The Three Musketeers Trailer: All For One, And One For What The F*ck?

"There Are No Monsters in the White House": Doctor Who Series 6 Teaser and Mini-Episode, Torchwood Poster

Filthy Curves and Muddy Buttocks: New Your Highness Red Band Trailer and Posters

Mr. Popper's Penguins Trailer: Damnit, Jim Carrey. Stop Softening Children's Brains

3 Names: William Fichtner. Sam Elliot. James Van Der Beek. Yeah, You'll Watch the Trailer for The Big Bang

Full-Length Captain America Trailer: Coming Again To Save The Motherf**king Day, Yeah

New Clip From Captain America: "ET" Ruins Everything

Attack The Block Poster and Trailer: Because Nick Frost Would Want You To See It

Bang Bang Club Trailer: Oh, Taylor Kitsch. Please Don't Talk

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Trailer: How to Lose Consciousness Without Falling Asleep

Vincent Gallo, Now with More Pants: Essential Killing Trailer

Friends with Benefits Trailer: Shut Up, Katherine Heigl, Indeed

SXSW Trailer Roundup

Conan The Barbarian Trailer: Contemplate This On The Tree Of Woe

Be Still My Heart: Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller Do Danny Boyle's Frankenstein*

Stand By J.J.: New Super 8 Trailer and Poster

Bunohan Trailer: Rampant Badassery

How Slow of a News Day Is It Exactly? This Slow

What the Heck Type of Freak Show Is This? Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula

New Fast Five Trailer: Lonely, Bitter Critic for 4th-Tier Website Looking for Rough Trick with Deep Voice

The Doctor Would Not Approve. And To Be Honest, I'm Not That Comfortable With It, Either

Cars 2 Trailer: Eh, It's Pixar. You'll See It Eventually. What Choice Do You Have?

Pirates Of The Carribean:On Stranger Tides Trailer: Wait, There's A Guy On Our Team Who Dresses Like A Pirate?

Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night Trailer: Brandon Routh Fights Zombies, Werewolves, Obscurity

Super Theatrical Trailer: Now With 100% More Fillion

Puss In Boots Trailer: Get Bent, Dreamworks

Detention Trailer: That's My Kind Of Prom Queen

Kate Winslet: A Thoroughly Modern Millie

A Tale of Two Trailers: "A Game of Thrones" and "Terra Nova"

Devolved Trailer: That Girl Your Teenage Daughter Grew Up On Now Says *%^#$ A Lot

White Irish Drinkers Trailer: We Drink And We Fight And We Bleed And We Cry

Paul Red Band: Profanity Makes Everything Better Except ...

A Better Life Trailer: Chris Weitz Looks to Atone for Twilight: New Moon, Golden Compass, Revive About a Boy Warmth

Hangover II Teaser -- Fact: Men Who Walk with a Pronounced Swagger Are Overcompensating for their Small Penises

Seventh One's the Charm: New Game of Thrones Trailer

Bereavement Trailer: That Ain't No Way To Raise A Child

Bad Teacher Trailer: Cameron Diaz, Now in Red Band (*Wince*) (*Shudder*)

Sucker PunchTrailer: Is She Really About to Kick that Minotaur Dude with the Flamethrower Thingie in the Face?

Age of Dragons Trailer: What if Moby Dick Were a Dragon? What If Captain Ahab Was Too Old for This Sh*t?

New "Falling Skies" Trailers: Noah Wyle: Defender Of The Universe

The Bleeding Trailer: You Will Watch It, You Will Love It, And You Will Hate Yourself

It's a Sharktopus! It's an Alien! It's SyFy's Latest Cheesetastic, Killer Critter!

Grammar Nazis Who Complain About This Title's Capitalization are Racist: blacktino Trailer

Hesher Trailer: If This Site Were to Genetically Engineer an All-Star Celebrity Cast, It Might Look Like This

Trailers For Apollo 18 And Transformers III: This Is The Year The Moon Destroys Us All

Something Borrowed Trailer: Why Is Kate Hudson Ruining This Jim Halpert Reaction Shot Montage?

Thor Trailer: The Hammer Of The Gods

Dear Nerds: You're Welcome

In Her Skin Trailer: Daddy, Our Baby's Gone

Hanna Clips, Because Children Weren't Evil Enough Without Assassin Training

Clips From the The Adjustment Bureau

Cracks Trailer: She Cries Your Name

Oliver Sherman Trailer: I'll Build A Wall And We Can Keep Them On The Other Side

Atlas Shrugged Trailer: Too Bad They Didn't Go Galt

11-11-11 Trailer: Did We Learn Nothing From The Number 23?

X-Men: First Class Trailer: I Halted That Illusion, I'm Not Your Average Guy

And I Ain't Seen the Sunshine Since I Don't Know When

The First Trailer in the History of the World that Not Even "Under Pressure" Could Save

How To Fight Loneliness

Russell Brand, I Get It. James Marsden, You Need to Cut It Out

La Nuit des enfants rois

You're Much Too Young, Girl

J.K. Simmons Will Wreck Your Tear Ducts

I'm Hell

Needs More T-Rex

Gods And Robots And Painful Stereotypes

Heroes, Pandas And Pirates

Wherein I Combine Minotaurs, The Civil War, The Magna Carta, Tom Hardy, and Tony Todd All In One Post

A Quantum Singularity of Suckitude

You Are Everything That Is Wrong In The World

Well, Of Course, The Fat One Belches

Like Tron, But French... And Sexier

Absolutely No Sparkling Within

Now This Is How You Make A Friggin' Ensemble Comedy

I Hope It Lasts (Forever)

Jackass 3.5: Just F**k Each Other Already, for God's Sake

Wild And Bereft, Assassin Is Born

Welcome To The Most Insanely, Awesomely Ridiculous Thing You Will Ever See

Let Me Take You in My Arms and Make It All Better, Liam

Believe Me, I Know You Work Insidiously

Some Who Say I've Lost My Mind, Brother Try And Hope To Find

The Charming Potato Image Re-Invention Project, Vol. 2.0

I Don't Remember Half The Time If I'm Hiding Or I'm Lost

So Let's Kick, And Push, And Coast

If You Wanna Find Hell With Me, I Can Show You What It's Like

What Crappy Movies You Have

It's The End Of The World But Eva Green Is In Your Bathtub

Who's the Bigger Dick? Bruce Willis for Being One? Or Kevin Smith for Calling Him One?

Really? We're Going to Get Excited About a Movie About a Tire?

Can't You See What You Have Wrought Here, Bloody Battles Will Be Fought Here

Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy

It's Sci-Fi, Not Porn, Maybe

If You're Gonna Scream, Scream With Me... Moments Like This Never Last

You Know What Romantic Comedies Are Missing These Days? More Cancer!

Stanley Tucci And Patricia Clarkson Together Again

Ridding the World of Cynics, One Cliff Dive at a Time

Welcome To The Most Baffling Trailer Of The Week

Who Knew Falling In Love With The Dead Could Be So Charming?

The Sun's Gone Dim And We Are Screwed

Have Faith In Me, Cause There Are Things That I've Seen I Don't Believe

Because More Noomi Rapace Is Never A Bad Thing

I Don't Know What's Going On, But I Think I Like It

They Call Me... They Call Me... Stalker!

It Doesn't Look Like a Very Silly Place

Whoa Dude

A Study In Boobs, Butts, And Blood

"It's probably something else"

I Had A World Where I Still Had You, Oh I Wish I Was Crazy Again

Cthulhu Is Calling, And He Is No Longer F**king Around

We Want Information ... Oh Wait, You're Not Number Six

"I wear a Stetson now"

Dead Baby Movies Aren't Nearly as Funny as Dead Baby Jokes (Note: Dead Baby Jokes Aren't Funny, Either)

What Happens If I Take the Red Pill and the Blue Pill?

My Savior Makes Me Whole Again

I'll Have You Know James T. Kirk is From Iowa

"Burn her anyway!"

Remorse Is For The Dead

I Was Comin' Down The Mountain, Met A Child She Had Pin Eyes

I Don't Know What The F*ck Just Happened, But I'm Interested

If I Were the Type of Exceedingly Lame Person Who Still Used the Word 'Geekgasm,' I'd Use It Here

Water for Elephants Trailer, with YouTube Comments Section Commentary

Sometimes, There's So Much Beauty ... in the World ... I Feel Like I Can't ...

Can't Hardly. . .Waaaaait A Minute

Go To Sleep My Brothers, I'm Alright To Drive

The Pirate In Me Is Lost Somewhere At Sea

On And On South Of Heaven

Yet Another Rowlesian Work Of Whimsy... Featuring John Cleese

Australia Wants To Scare The Sh*t Out Of You - For Free

"Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all"

Is That You Bay, Or Just A Brilliant Disguise

What Is He Doing In The Woods With His Hat?

Because Everything Is Better With More Olyphant

Hayden Christensen Scared of His Own Shadow

Only 383 Shopping Days Remain Until Christmas 2011

"There is no middle ground"

I Mean, Really? How Much of a Fight Would We Really Put Up for L.A.?

The Greatest Thing In The History Of The Universe

In Space No One Can Write You Subtitles

High School Puke-ical

And Now The Screaming Starts

Give Me Sweet Lies, And Keep Your Bitter Truths

Somehow, Someone Has Made Russell Brand Adorable

Happy Thanksgiving, Pajibans.

The Search For More Money

That Girl Is Dope

Buffy Remake Still Happening; Second Headline Same as the First

What's Cuter than Baby Monkeys? Baby Elephants, Of Course!

In the Battle of the Greens, Hornet Just Overtook Lantern

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Matthew McConaughey Is Best When He Owns His Sleaze

Ranking the Five Blockbuster Movie Trailers Released This Week

Nobody's Getting Laid in this Prom Movie

Don't Muzzle the Statham. Liberate Him!

This Sh*t is Pajiba Kryptonite

On A Steel Horse I Ride

The Trailer to the Sequel to Everyone's Least Favorite Pixar Movie

What Big Eyes You Have, Amanda Seyfried

"Magic, Motherf**cker"

In Brightest Day...

The Statham Gets a Competitor in the Bad Ass Department

The Unofficial Faster Trailer Makes You Want To Smash Things

The Blinky Teaser Makes Me Feel Funny in My Belly Button

Time, Mr. Freeman?

Nicolas Cage Battles Witches, Hairstylists, And Narcolepsy

Love is a Funny Thing

A Sneak Peek at the Trailer for Green Lantern

Los Angeles Go Boom!

Charming Potato: Legionnaire

They're Finally Focking Running Out

Get Your Coat, Love, the Doctor Is In

Woah! When Did Charlotte Bronte Become Such a Bad Ass?

Fun Fact: Eva Mendes Could Eat Keira Knightley Whole and Still Have a Better Ass

The Island Is Silent Now, But The Ghosts Still Haunt The Waves

Blubberella vs. The Third Reich

Pajiba's Daily Contribution to Your Overall Apathy

Prove Yourself. A Pajiba Test Of Wills

At Last, A Remake Of A Film That Hasn't Even Been Released Yet

It's Funny Because He's Fat

We Are One Step Closer To The Inevitable Pirates Vs. Ninjas Movie

Why Does the Guy with the Sh*t-Eating-iest Grin Get to Tap The Portman?

The Farrelly Brothers Return with Hall Pass

There Was Blood and Teeth Everywhere

Pajiba Loves You, We Will Keep You Safe

Honky Grandma Be Trippin'

The E! Network Is About to Cut 12 Bitches

She Wanted To Be A Secret Girl, A Waking Dream

How Can You Say That This Town Is Insane? Perhaps It's We Who Are Insane.

Welcome To Awesometown

Undead Cowboys And The End Of The World

I Will See Your Statham, TK. And I'll Raise You a Farrell 2.0 (In Bruges Version)

The Statham. 'Nuff Said.

I Think You Stepped In Something

Machine-Gun Wielding Killer Clowns

This Is Not Your Old Man's Moby Dick -- It's the Devil Himself


Did I Just Have a Glitter Stroke?

A Terrifying New Serial Killer Movie! By Which I Mean... Stupid.

I Bet Tolkien Wished He Wrote This

A Sex Scene Between Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling Emotionally Intense Enough to Trigger an NC-17 Is a Scene I Want to See

Spoiler: The Serpent is the Bad Guy

Things I Wish I Could Unsee: Jim Carrey Committing Sodomy

Look Away, I'm Hideous

Liam Neeson Does the Reverse Bourne

We Want Sex (Equality)

You Asked The Question, Here's The Answer. Let's Get Bloody

I Messed Up. I Was Called On It. Here Are My Amends.

It's Hard To Believe We Need A Place Called Hell

She's Not a Witch! She's My Wife! Oh, Wait ...

"Eli Roth's" Clown Trailer. It's Pee-Squirting Time

All My Cat Does Is Bite People

Scream 4 Teaser Reveals the Wrinkle in the New Series is ... YouTube?

I Think It's a Metaphor for Scandinavian Socialism

Suck Out The Poison

A Little Dose of Monday Morning Hope for the Future of Mankind

E.T. Grows Up, Hits the Bong, and Parties with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

I Just Want Your Extra Time And Your...

Classy Girls Don't Kiss in Bars, You Fool

Crazy-Sh*t, Basket-Case Cage Drives Angry, Motherf**kers

A Really Great Movie, Minus the Great Part. So ... Ummm ... a Movie!

You Had to Know that a Perfect Life Couldn't Remain Perfect Where Kirsten Dunst Is Involved

Just Keep Walking

Whipping You Up Into An Undead Fever Pitch

Why Can't We Brothers Protect One Another

Call Sign Of Cthulhu

Will These White Girls Never Learn?

Oh, Sh*t. Did the Conservative Right Finally Find their Michael Moore?

The Rock Finally Stops F*cking Around

I, Robot Meets the Subcontinent

They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!

You People Deserve To Die

Noomi Meet Poots. Poots Meet Noomi


Tragedy Plus Time = John Landis' Late Career

Things You Don't Need to Bother Your Pretty Little Head With Part XXVII

I Want to Have This Movie's Babies and Raise them to be Outlaws

I've Got a Girl In the War

Is Burlesque the Biggest Studio Film Ever to Pander to Gays?

They Did An All "You People" Version of Hello, Dolly That Was Very Successful

Well At Least We've Got "Two and a Half Men"

They Should Have Sent A Poet

The Jackal's Eaten Enough For Today

Knowledge of Non-Knowledge is Power

Now Begins My Reign Of Horror

Santa Claus Will Straight-Up Murder Your Sh!t

The Coen Brothers Head West And Damn, Does It Looks Badass

We're Not Done Yet

It Was a Very Goodyear

Eh, It's No Equus

The Mother Of All Garden Gnome Movies. No, Seriously.

Walk This Way


Single White Biebmale


This Comedy is Gay. Not Homosexual Gay. But Ron Howard Gay

Holy Mouseketeer, John Turturro! What Did They Do To Your Face?

Dad, You've Been Just Like a Father to Me

I Hope Mose Is In It

We Drink And We Fight And We Drink And We Die

Introducing: Tyler Perry's Transparent But Futile Attempt to Win an Oscar

"Take the Lie as His Principle"

Murder And Other Family Matters

Untempered Happiness Gives Me Indigestion

A Faithless Preacher? Or A Mean Motherf**kin' Servant Of God?

Insufferable, Sanctimonious Privileged Goop Lady to Play Down-Home Country Singer


Janice Ian Gits Her Gun

Uwe Boll Tries To Win "Most Loathed Director" Award

The Bums Will Always Lose

Don't You Tell Me You Don't Remember Me Because I Sure As Heckfire Remember You

Legen... Wait For It...

Just How Deep Do You Believe? Will You Bite The Hand That Feeds?

The Zombie Apocalypse -- Bringing Back My Faith In Television

You Did a Bad, Bad Thing

The Save Idris Elba Campaign Might Be Working

Just Another Happy Bloodbath

Pajiba Challenge: Can You Stay Awake All the Way Through Zellweger's Horror Movie Trailer?

Action/Thriller/'Splosey Movie About Not Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction

It's Baby Punching Time

Don't Trust the Darkness, Don't Trust the Light

RIP, Wes Craven's Career

It's Superbad, Only SUPER F**KING BAD

Oh, Now I Understand! They Left Out the Dying Girlfriend Twist!

Prepare To Witness Everything I Hate

I'm a Mountaintop Water Drop. I Don't Belong Here

Face The Thing That Should Not Be

Well, Somebody Has to Listen to Russell Crowe Grunt

The Chronic(WHAT!)les Of Narnia

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway Elicit Double Rainbow Dry Heaves

Just Another Stupid Love Song

Try To Ignore The Cliches

Would You Fight with Another Man Over Reese Witherspoon?

Middle-Aged, Suburban White Man Porn

Not THAT Illusionist

Come To Me, Nerdlingers, And Let Us Plan Our Takeover

Far Too Cute

Turk Does The Dance With Aliens

Women Don't Hate You, Sam Rockwell

We're Going to Run This Bitch Down

My Deepest, Deepest Shame: I Love Jackass

And On That Day, The Mother F**king Avengers Were Born

Christina Aquilera Flaunts; Kristen Bell Is Nowhere to Shimmy

Felicia Day: Werewolf Killer

The British Have No Taste

Dear Dustin: No. Hell No.

Ok, Now I'm Not Going

I Like a Woman that Can Pour Herself into a Pair of Shorts

To Fight The Horde, Sing And Cry: Valhalla, I Am Coming

Titanic II: The Water Hose

Because You Are All Beautiful Snowflakes

Ray Harryhausen Would Be Proud

Only In My Dreams

Dragons, Samurai, and Giant Robots. You Will Be Unprepared

The Power of Christ Compels Him

There Is No Day Greater Than New Nic Cage Hair Day

"Do You Think There's Such a Thing as Evil?" I Do Now

Conscience is a Killer

I, For One, Welcome Our New Tentacled Overlords

Como Se Dice "Blood and Titties"?

Fear, Suffering, Death. You Haven't Seen Anything Yet. Blah Blah Blah Blah

Tron 2: Electric Boogaloo (Hey That Kinda Fits!)

Mystery Solved: It Was Sinestro Who Buried Him Alive

"I'm a 37-Year-Old Loser!"

Nobody Kills Me Until I Say So

Caesar and the Queen


The Rock Returns

Battling Seizure Robots!

Affleck, You Were the Bomb in Phantoms, Yo!

It Can't Be More Boring Than Benjamin Button

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, The Downey, and Galifianakis

Trapped in an Elevator With M. Night Shyamalan

A Rallying Cry for the Reversal of Shriveling Testicles

She Will Hide in Silence, Then Her Day Will Come

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Does Whimsiquirkilicious

Needs More Pepper

A**-F**ki*** H****wive* A** a B** *** (NSFW)

Do We Still Care About Woody Allen?

Box-Office Poison x 5 = Box Office Hit?

The Stripper with the Heart of Gold Glitter

The Movie Movie F**kholes Tackle Twilight. Here's Your Morning Punishment

I Love Them Whores They Never Judge You

Meet the World's Deadliest Assassin


Let Me Out. Now, Motherf**kers

Paranormal Activity 2: In My Pants?

Heeeere, Lizard Lizard Lizard

Johnny Depp Is a Chameleon. No, I Mean a Literal, Actual Chameleon

All Your Base Are Belong to Us -- Great Trailers Don't Need No Stinkin' English

Things That Are Not Twilight for $500, Alex

Part "Zodiac," Part "Pi?"

Ha! I Just Facebooked Your Mom! Burn!

I'm Sorry

Sean Connery Wants That Beaver

I'm Gonna Have Me Some Fun

Yes, That's Helen Mirren. With a Machine Gun

Disney's Newest Fairy Tale Is Decidedly Not Grimm

Too Much Skinny Rogen, Not Enough Christoph Waltz

Milla Jovovich Will Kill Zombies In Your Lap

I Know It Isn't Your Scene, It's Better Than a Sex Scene


The Cutest Woman of 1999 Resurfaces

What a Difference a Song Makes

I'll Take Oscar Grubbing Over Cash Grabs Any Day

The New Scott Pilgrim International Trailer Superlative Exclamation Point Hyperbole!

Words Fail Me

The Part of the Internet Al Gore Didn't Invent

The Moppet And The Annoying Kid Get On A Boat

Can Someone Explain the Giant Sandwich?

Keira Knightley's Shoulder Blades Should Be Registered as Lethal Weapons

To Keep Your HBO Subscription or Not. Decisions, Decisions.

Cinema of the Bored and Apathetic

When You Play the Game of Thrones, You Win or You Die. There Is No Middle Ground.

The Intellectual Property That Cannot Die

Jay Baruchel, Monica Bellucci and the Continuing Adventures of Nic Cage's Hair

Can We Start an Official "Save Idris Elba" Campaign?

Michael Jai White in The Unthinkable

Lady, What You Don't Know About Jack Abramoff Is Enough to Fill a Warehouse

Your Daily What the F**k Trailer

"My Super Sweet 16" Just Got Replaced in the Human Centipede of Spoiled Princess Defecation*

How Is It Possible for 4 Minutes of Gratuitous Sex to Be This Excruciatingly Tedious?

The More I See of Scott Pilgrim, the Less Interested I Become

Are the Harry Potter Movies Instantly Forgettable?

Does Rob Reiner Still Have One Left in the Tank?

I'm Really Sorry to Do This to You

New Expendables Trailer Awesome If You Like Block Letters

Back Into The Nightmare

District 9's Sharlto Copley - Director? With Bonus Rutger Hauer!

Comic Book Geekgasm Overkill?

Rainbow Killer Now Guaranteed to Negate Baby Cuteness


I Bet Possessed Women Are Awesome in Bed

I'm Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy Asking Him to Host a Morning News Program

Further Lessons in How to Make a Movie Poster

Our Time Honored Tradition of Cannibalism

I Like to Keep This Handy for Close Encounters

Megamind Trailer: I Will Crush You With My Custom Baby-Seal Boots

Can a Drew Barrymore Rom Com Succeed Without Adam Sandler? I Think So

You Can't Just Say P*ssy?

The Next Great Horror Innovation?

What Kind of Crazy Person Would Mess With Danny Trejo's Family?

Adventures in the Awesomely Awful, Starring Kevin Sorbo... And Boobs

How Is It That a Movie That Doesn't Exist Has Such Awesome Trailers?

Zac Efron Enters Phase 2 of His Career

What's Underneath All the Fake?

Too Much Cuteness. Can't Resist.

What If You're Not Meant to Love the One You Love?

If Russia Got Cooler, It Would Be Fictional

A Generic Spielbergian Crowd Pleaser?

Easy to Govern, But Impossible to Enslave

Sigh. Yet Another Mexican - Indian Romance/ Revenge/ Kidnapping Movie

Silly Marketing People Make Everything So Hard

You F***king Wish

A Special Cinco De Mayo Message to Arizona

<---- You Remember That From Last Year, Right?

I'm Gonna Have Me Some Fun

Diane Lane Races Horses, Is Still Beautiful

It's Gonna Be Hell On Wheel

Do Not Attempt to Resist the Clooneyness

The Most Brutally Painful Trailer of the Decade

Who Am I Rooting for Here?

Piranhas, Holes, and Joe Dante

Welcome to Black Hell

Boromir Gets a Second Chance


And We're Worried About Illegal Immigrants?

What the Hell Is Leelee Sobieski Doing Here?

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Get in the Water

Mutilation Is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

"An Army of Vampires" Just Doesn't Sound as Exciting as It Once Did

John Woo Getting Back to Greatness

The Awesome Movie You'll Probably Never See

Now That's My Kind of Crazy

Oh Neil Patrick Harris, What Do They Have On You?

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Hold Back Those Tears

Well You're Kinda Looking at Me Like I've Got to Set You Free

An All Star Cast of Fat-Bottomed Suck

Philosophy! Drugs! Boobs!

Alice in Wonderland Gets the Second-Rate Cockney Treatment

Is It OK to Say "Fag Hag" If the Movie is About a Self-Described "Fag Hag"?

Ryan Reynolds Is Excellent. Captain Excellent

More Anchorman, Less Land of the Lost

This Is WAR. This Is SACRIFICE. This Operation Is TERMINATED.

But I Think I Will Have Seen Everything When I See an Elephant Fly

Just a Feast of Gore and Blood, We Bite

In this Country, You Gotta Make the Money First. Then When You Get the Money, You Get the Power. Then When You Get the Power, Then You Remake the Movies!

Hey! I Like Being Charmed Into a State of Enlightenment!

Carrie Me to Hell (But Only If John Corbett Is There)

Nice Sidelocks, Jesse

Where Have All the Good Urban Films Gone?

Car Crash? Mid-Coitus? Or Eating Dinner? You Decide

Brad Dourif Is Still Creepy, and How to Make a Great Movie Poster

Lost In Translation

I Wanna Jump in the Ocean and Play-Wrestle and Make Out With This Trailer

I Can't See the White and Blue Because of All the Pure Seething Red

Milla, Kicking Your Ass in 3-D

Not As Bad As You'd Imagine. Trust Me.

You'll Beg for the Centipede After This

These Hybrid Moments

Jason Statham and the Washed-Up All Stars

Jon Hamm Gets His "Give Me Back My Daughter" Moment

Family First

Less Rourke, More Cheadle

Very Anxious to Learn the Business

Watching the Marmaduke Trailer Feels a Lot Like Having a Shampoo Bottle Shoved Halfway Up Your Ass

Wonder Twins Activate: Form of ... Dumb

If Anyone Can Prevent Michael Cera's Career from Spiraling, It's Edgar Wright

Cancer Is Never Funny, Unless It's a Clown With Cancer

Abandon Your Friends

Pop Quiz: A Celebrity is Standing at the Urinal Next to You. What Do You Do?

Shake Your Body Down to the Ground

Get Ready To Break Your Brain

I Want to Cuddle with This Movie

How Does It Feel to Be Hunted?

You Might Consider a Battery-Powered Turkey Baster

Transformative? Or Smug and Self-Indulgent?

The Awesomeness of The Statham Cancels Out the Awfulness of Simon West

Suicide Bomber Comedy. Need I Say More?

Pacino. Kevorkian. HBO.

You Had Me at Ed Harris, But the Rest Is Pretty Damn Interesting Too

All I Want ... Is This Show to Start Airing Now!

White Liberal Guilt Is Hilarious!

She Says the Jungle... It Just Came Alive and Took Him

Stop Calling Him the Fat Robin Hood!

What's Worse than a 10-Second Twilight Eclipse Trailer

How Many Pairs of Panties Can Team Jacob Moisten in Under 10 Seconds?

How to Market a Movie Properly

Greetings, Programs

Is There Too Much Going On in Iron Man 2

Zack Snyder Made a Movie about Some F**king Owls. Here's the Trailer

Copycats and Needless Remakes

Why Don't You Love Me?

One, Two Michael Bay's Coming for You

They Should Make Bank on Product Placement

As Long As There Is Plenty, Poverty Is Evil

"That's Where I'm a Viking!"

Holy Slithering Naked Woman: A Showgirls 2?

Vikings at the Gates

I Got No Sympathy for the Devil; But I'd Take Financial Advice from Him

Original? No. But Hey... Rip Torn!

It's Probably Just Henna

The Descent, "The Wire," and "Doctor Who"

I Was Gonna Watch, but Then, Um, I Just Carried on Living My Life

Focus on the Family Turns Against Toy Story 3

I Thought Avatar Had Blue People?

Something Fishy

Does This Look Infected?

George Lucas: Hero or Heretic?

Yo Momma! No, Your Momma! Oh, F**k You. Yo Momma

Super Bowl Spots Two Days Early

The Boy That You Loved Is The Man That You Fear

Eddie Murphy. Richard Pryor. Bill Cosby

"It's a Kingdom of Horror"

Don't Call Me a Geek, Toolbag

By the Beard of Zeus!

Woah! Ricky Gervais Has Emotional Depth?

The First Trailer for DC Comics' The Losers Gloriously Lacks Success

She's Out of My League Now She's Out of My F**king League, C*cksu*ker

Greed is ... Thumpy!

Mama Told Me Not To Come

The Grapes of Maynard James Keenan's Wrath

Only an A**hole Gets Killed for a Train

From a Vagina with Teeth to a Family Drama

A Fat Kid, a Wimpy Kid, and a Ginger Kid Walk into a Bar ...

Wet Hot Tub Time Machine American Summer

Are Polygamists Republicans or Democrats?

The Best Trailer for a Movie that Doesn't Exist ... Yet

Great Caesar's Ghost

Hold On ... Hold On ... Hold On ... *Boom*

Eat You, Eat Me

A Case of the Mondays

Up, Down, Up, Down, Up Yours

Another Great Story Made Boring

Let's All Try Out Our Gay Voice!

I'll Take The Rapist for $1000, Alex

Up in the Air From the Other Perspective

Side Boob. Front Boob. Everything's Coming Up Boobs!

Bad Ass Travolta and the New Director of Dune

Sex Drive Without the Sex. Or the Drive

Choose Your Own Pajiba!

Missile Command, a Spanish Remake, and Yours, Mine, and Ours on a Boat


It's Like Braveheart Except With Jet Li

World's Dullest Dragon Movie

Mark Antony Goes Van Helsing

The Water! Don't Drink the Water, Leo!

Which Of Us Was Spartacus Again?

Kevin Smith Really Shouldn't Have Released this Trailer the Same Day I Saw Up in the Air

Everything You Ever Wanted In A Liver

Christopher Nolan Is Gonna Dance on Your Face

Camel is Better than Camel Toe, I Suppose

There's Only So Many Ways I Can Ask for My Mommy

Will Smith Procreates and We Have to Suffer the Damage

Are You Ready to Be ... Who You Are?

"Oh Child, You Always Knock Me For A Loop!"

A Whirlygig of Nauseousness

Jumpin' Baby Jesus, Please Don't Say It's Forever

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry Bomb ... Woah. Put on Some Clothes, Dakota

Iron Man Lives Again

"Haven't You Seen Wild Hogs?"

Alice Goes to War

Take a Look at These Crazy Eyes, Mama Tell Me if I'll Be All Right

I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Ooh, Free and Shiny

In This Life or the Next

More Titans Clashing and Krakens ... Um... Krakening

Hey Everybody! Look! Look! It's New Nic Cage Hair Day!

What Did Happen to Dave Foley?

Awkward, Stammering Nebbish Ladies' Man

So You Wanna Be a Screenwriter? You Might Want to Rethink That

"Tea Can Do Many Things, But It Can't Bring Back the Dead"

The First Look at the Final Chapter

Steve Buscemi and a Whole Lot More

Brittany Murphy Is Gonna Get Herself Shot

Tim Allen *twitch* Just Ate My Face Off

Martial Arts Kickassery ... In French

Little Stephanie Tanner Trades the Meth for Some Down-Home Earnestness

Clash of the Tweens... Now Featuring Sean Bean!

I Don't Think "Based On" Means What They Think It Means

Searching for Ben Linus

People Don't Always Shiva Because They Chilly

Needs More Jet Li, Less Crappiness

Which Sign of the Apocalypse are We Up To?

Like a Punch to the Ovaries

Star Wars and The Family Guy Finally Meet!

Matthew Broderick and ... Omar?

Life Is Wasted on People

I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife

Robert Pattinson Acts, Doesn't Sparkle

Behold ... I Will Destroy You All

The Dude Sings Country and Western

Deep Rising on a Plane

Starring Edward Norton and Edward Norton

"Torchwood" Series 4 Teaser

Amy Adams Makes an Ass Out of Me

Woo Hee! I Just Got Knocked Upside the Head by Some Feel Good

Kristen Stewart Throws Bella Down the Stairs, Starts Acting for Real

Let's Play "What the Hell Is This Movie About"

You Ready to Get Whacked Off?

Introducing the Next Great Superhero

The Reason Why We Love Movies

They Don't Make Scorpions Like That Anymore

I Thought I Might Be Racist, But Maybe They All DO Look Alike

Curiouser and Curiouser ...

Six Degrees of James Marsters

A Trailer with Two Actual Buttholes!

Two Buttholes Walk into a Bar ...

Sweet Mother of Jolie Spin Kicks

That Sand's Gonna Get Everywhere

Night of the Living Rednecks

Let's Play "Phrases That Don't Belong Together"

Uplifting Music Makes Me Suspicious

I'm Screaming Revenge Again

Better than a Sandwich at the Chuckle Hut

The Weed. It's Evil.

The Blue People Are Coming to Take Our Wallets

Now Drink to Desolation, Drink to God's Demise

Imagine There's No Heaven.

Freeman? Damon? Eastwood? There's an Oscar in there Somewhere

Jason Bourne Goes to Iraq

It's The End of the World As We Know It

Oh Winona: What Happened, Sweetheart?

I Hear the Soylent Green on This Planet is Fabulous

The Head. Cut Off the Head

Werewolves, Sherlock Holmes, and Woah! Put That Thing Back In Its Holster, Mister

It's Like The Pacifier. But Worse.

Knick Knack Paddy Wax, Stop Your Flow with Tampax

Hipster Claymation

What Is God?

If You Want to Make Peace With Your Enemy, You Have to Work With Your Enemy.

I'm in the Middle of a RAGING Period

Give Me Back My (Dead) Daughter!

Dear John: Let that Door Hit Your Ass on the Way Out

Alt Title: "Hot Women Without Clothes"

Blow Up the Outside World

I Like My Coffe Like I Like JGL: Smooth and Delicious

Choke On a Sickle and Die, You Insufferable Twit

Pixar's Still Got It

How Far Would You Go to Give Your Child Some Inner Peace?

Dumbass Trailer Editors Just Horse Tranquilized Nic Cage

The One Where I Rip Your Brain Waves in Half

No Whining Wednedsay? But How About a Little Soul-Scraping Agony?

It's All a Lot of Simple Tricks and Nonsense

With a Name Like Fillion, It's Gotta Be Good

Torchwood for Tots

DiCaprio Just Bein' the UnDiCaprio

Polanski, AlabamaPink, And a Few Other Site Notes

It's a Mad World

"You Can't Handle the Tooth"

Is It Too Early for that Lump in Your Throat?

This Movie Is Already Killing My Inner Hipster

Do Not Like. Make It Stop

Here Is Something You Can't Understand

... and the 2010 Oscar for Best Picture Goes To?

Rage, Rage Against Jude Law in Drag

"I think I popped my implant."

"Not In This Life Time"

Greasy Werewolf Boners. Oh My!

Denzel Gets Righteous, Motherf**kers

Where the Wild Things Looks Good Even without Arcade Fire

Never Sleep Again

Cause Really, We're All A**holes

Of Lives Stacked Upon Lives

A Girl, A Wolf, Some Goggles

These Random Killings Don't Make Sense!

Michael Caine Will Mess You Up

Jim Carrey is Gay. And Kind of Awesome.

Celebrity Clusterf**k

Harmless Shoot Em' Up Escapism

I Hope They Serve Meth in Hell Along with the Beer

I'm Fine. You're Fine. We're All Fine. Now Shut Up

The One Where Milla Jovovich Gets Passed Around

Is It Too Early in the Morning to Be Freaked the F**k Out?

Antichrist .... ummm ... vs. ... ummm ... Vaginal Holocaust

That's Not A Moon, That's A Battlestation

What's Worse than a Video Game Movie? A Dragon Movie.

An Unofficial Heat Remake Starring Hayden Christensen?

Morbid Curiosity Strikes Again

Bah Humbug Is About Right

Seriously: I'd Rather Hump Trash than Watch This Movie

Because Only Russia Can Handle James Purefoy

Wow ... Just ... Wow

Prime Directive: Exterminate The Whole Human Race

You've Been Tricked, Motherf**ker

They're Heeeere

African Americans Are Finally Getting a Little Disney Love

Possibly the Best Movie of the Oscar Season '09

The Weakest Zombie Movie Director Today?

White on Rice vs. An Evil Leslie

One Night Only

A Post Full of Pretty

Second Verse, Same As The First

A Napoleon Dynamite Superhero Comedy?

Gimme Some Sugar, Baby

I Will Split Your Ass Sideways, Butt Wagon

"You Need to Start Killing, If You Want To Stay Alive"

150 Seconds of Cerebral Self-Mutilation

Did You Just Sh*t Your Pants, Or Are You Happy to See Me?

Open Your Eyes

George Clooney: Hairy-Lipped Military Psychic

Roland Emmerich Sucks in Japan, Too

Homosexuality Is the Best All-Round Cover an Agent Ever Had

Who Needs an 80's Remake When You've Got the Real Thing?

Everybody Wants Some ... I Want Some, Too

The Traile for -- WAKE UP -- The Burning --- WAKE UP -- Plain

I Haven't Been Mind F**ked Like This Since Grade School

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm

And the Winner for Creepiest Trailer Song Goes to ....

A Smug Voice in a Sea of Whining

I'm Bad. I'm Bad Bad.

Build Me Up, Buttercup Baby, Then You Let Me Down

The Beast Will Have Its Day

Lord of the Star Wars, Reign of the Fire

Dance Candy, It Is Not

Never Trust a Godd*mn Vampire

Werner Herzog Plus David Lynch

Avatar Teaser Trailer

What's Worse than 14 Seconds of Twilight? 102 Seconds.

Kristen Bell: Welcome to Rom-Com Hell

It's Going to be Biblical

Palin for Punchlines '09

I Want To Believe

Men like Mr. Seth Bullock There Raise the Camp Up.

Fantasy Fiction Meets Napoleon Dynamite

God Hates Us All

Those Aren't Pillows!

Poor Stay at Home Mommy Forced to Be with Her Children

Nobody Taught Us How to Deal with this Scenario at Hipster School

I Got Machine Guns in My ... Butt

The Worst 14 Seconds of Your Tuesday

Did We Mention this is Heath Ledger's Last Film? Because It's Heath Ledger's Last Film. Heath Ledger.

Celebrity Actor Cramming

Something Had to Give

Clive Owen Holding Back Tears?

There Is Reason Go To On in a Post John Hughes World

Sh*tkickin' Zombie Goodness

Tired of Teenage Vampire Movies?

Chris Rock Documentary on ... Hair

Bring It On Into ... Relationshipville?

A Feel-Good Thriller About Family and Rape (Just in Time for Christmas!)

Pappa's Gotta Brand New Bag

Douchey Douchenstein and Doucher St. Douche Get All Douchey

One Feel-Good Guilty Pleasure Coming Up

Torture Porn without the Torture. Or the Porn.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer

The Coen Brothers' A Serious Man Trailer

I Like 'Em French Fried Potaters

Your No Whining Wednesday Post


I Smell a Rat!

Oscar Wilde Will F*ck You Up

The Hitchhiker Knows What You Did Last Summer

I Have Hair on My Balls and I Sell Cars

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

My Dad is Killer

It's Too Hot in the Hot Tub

TRON Legacy Teaser Trailer

From Victorian Hell to a Futuristic One

The Saw Franchise Goes Bureaucratic On Your Ass

James McTiegue Pulls Out the Throwing Stars

Zellweger Jumps on a Runaway Train toward Obscurity

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Teaser Trailer (Now in HD)

Whiteout Further Demonstrates the Death of Noir

He Could Do Bad All By Himself, But Why's He Got to Drag the Good Down?

Let the Oscar Grubbing Begin!

Whatever I Feel Like I Wanna Do. Gosh!

Cue the Sun!

Jim Carrey Goes International

Elementary My Dear Watson

Yo Yo Yiggady Yo

Remember When Steve Carell Used to Be Funny in Movies?

The Best Dick Lit Author of All Time Steps Into the 60s

Chris Columbus Set to Destroy Another Fantasy Franchise

Is He a Dot, or Is He a Speck? He's No Impact Man!

A Symphony of Bad Assitude

Greeeeeeeeys iiiiiiiiin spaaaaaaaaaaace!

The Gremlins Trailer

If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Ball


E.T. F--ked Up Your Home

2012 Shut Yo Mouth Edition

I Want to Bleed the Beast

Gyllenhaal Gets His Freak on with Portman; Maguire Goes Freak Sh*t

Sprinkle Some Fries on those Cupcakes

Dwayne Johnson is a Skinny White Alien

She'll Sex You Up. And Eat Old People's Medicine

Death Comes Ripping

Arrested Development: The Movie Trailer

What Does the Rainbow Killer's O-Face Look Like?

Buy this product, vote for this candidate, go to this concert ...

Tubby Matt Damon in a Moustache? Sold!

Go Get Yourself Some Strange Ass. Please!

We're the Basterds. Ever Heard of Us?

Is That Gum in Your Mouth?

Don't Assume. It Makes an "Ass" out of "U" and "Me"

Don't Let Bad Vampire Movies Ruin the Good Ones

Who Knew Amelia Earhart Has So Many Teeth?

Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right!

I Hate It. No. Seriously. I Hate It

Details of Your Incompetence Do Not Interest Me

Somebody Pushing Your Buttons

There's No Sex in Your Violence. Or Something.

Spielberg and Hanks Return to World War II

How Do You Bastardize Miyazaki?

The Teaser for M. Night Shyamalan's Latest Teases You Into Unconsciousness

Enough Battlestar Galactica Already!

I Want My Nazi Scalps

Serial Killer Mistakes: #43

World's Greatest Dad Trailer

How To Permanently Scar Your Children For Life

Guess What I'll Never Get Tired of? Zombies!

Where's My Film Degree? Also Soup or Salad?

Burdened by Your Soul? Get Rid of It!

Zach and Jason are Too Bored to Make a Porno

Misleading Headline

Roland Emmerich's Latest Dick Swinging Destruct-O-Picture

The Bad Touch

Aaron Eckhart Shirtless Only Gets You So Far

Adam Sandler in Baby Daddy

The Gay Has Gone Away!

Kate Beckinsale Forced to Wear Layers

Why You Gotta Slaughter on the Dolphins?

The Crypt vs. The Perfect Sleep

What We Need is a Fresh Start. A Blank Slate. Let's Call her Tabula Rasa.

Michael Moore Smugs It Up for His Latest Doc

Don't Even Bother Clicking

Died at 30; Buried at 60.

Barry, Hit the Lights. It's Boner Time!

Gentleman, Welcome to Shutter Island

You're Making My Dreams Come True

Why Aren't Aliens Prettier?

I Hate Valentine's Day, Too

Another Movie About the Dangers of Technology

Death by Car Wash!

Zombie Nazis? Awesome. Zombie Babies? Creepy.

G.I. Joe Gets the Worst Hatchet Job of the Year

Red Band = Baby Masturbation

The Twilight New Moon Trailer

To Infinity and ... You Know the Rest

We are Gonna Get Drunk and We're Gonna Head-butt Some Goddamn Kangaroos.

"From the Producers of Resident Evil" is Not How to Sell a Film

Full-On Unhinged Crazy-Cakes Nic Cage is Back!

Let's Play a Game

How Great Life Would Be If Jared Leto Actually Was Mr. Nobody

Making Men Obsolete One Lesbian Film at a Time

That's Captain Green Tight-pants to you!

Star Wars Turns 32

Aliens and Witches and Face Slaps, Oh My!

Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare and Elijah Wood Just Doesnt' Jibe

Bruce Willis in Another Dreaded Hairpiece Role

"Second chances are a powerful thing."

Adam Sandler's "First" Horror Movie

ABC's New Shows are Looking Flabby

Spielberg to Produce a MLK Biopic

"We're past life specialists. We think one of those girls has been reincarnated into our client."

The Sherlock Holmes Trailer

You Don't Know The Real Paris

I'm Walking on Sunshine

Vonnegut's Dystopian "Harrison Bergeron" Gets the Cinematic Treatment

A Musical with Oscar Potential Starring Kate Hudson and Fergie?

Michael Vartan Reappears (Naked)

Giant Shark + Giant Octopus = Hell F**king Yes!

Jean Claude Van Damme is Back! Again! Damnit.

Is That a Southern Accent or Are You Just Happy to See Me

Ebony, Ivory, and Frog

Gerard Butler To Try On The Statham's Pants

Ahhhh! So Wrong. So Wrong.

"My Little Pony" Meets Michael Bay

Suck My Sinatra!

Computers with Consciousnesses? It's Sooner than You Think

Hetero-F**k Buddies

I'm Obnoxoius!

Crouching Tiger, Kung Fu Vampire

They're Eating My Mom!

A Thoughtful Sci-Fi Film? Who Could Imagine?

Another Two Minute Glimpse at What You'll Be Wasting Your Money on this Summer

Yo Joe!

This May Quietly Be One of the Better Movies of the Summer

Meryl Streep and Amy Adams Wrestle in Butter

If You're Not in Love with Olivia Thirlby Yet, I Must Be Doing it Wrong


Will Someone Please Criticize this Movie for Me?

Jeffster Lives, Man!

Another Creepy Kid Horror Flick

This Ain't No Amish Paradise

Because I Must Hate You All

Eric Roberts Plays a Cookie Thief

Where Your Author Gets So Flummoxed HE USES ALL CAPS

Fast Food vs. Organic. Vegetarian vs. Omnivore!

"Does My Vagina Make Me Look Fat?"

Take Me Now. In Front of All These People!

Blood Blood Glorious Blood (Blood)

One Movie. Three Kinds of Batsh*t

Awwww. The Emo Muppet Gets a Girlfriend

This is Why You Can't Get a Date with The Beautiful People

I Am Disrespectful To Dirt. Can You Not See I Am Serious?

Dude. Dude?! Dude! Dude.

The Darkest Time Is Upon Us All

Matt Dillon and Jean Reno Are In It?!

Cancer Movies: The Cynic's Kryptonite

Soderbergh Does Porn

The Bomb Squad. Times a Million.

An Old-School Legal Drama

Jesus Turns into the Antichrist

Nobody Puts Billy Zane in a Corner

She's Got Another Rainbow in her Sights

I'm Just Crewman Number Six

A New Trailer for Michael Mann's Public Enemies

The New Trailer for Mike Judge's Extract

Robert Rodriguez Returns to What He Loves the Most

I'll Never Ask You to Do Another Con Again

Supersonic Bionic Robot Voodoo Power

The Hangover That Won’t Go Away

You Wanna F**k? Take Me to F**ktown!

Ron Weasley is Bad. Ass.

Jessica Biel Plays a Dirty Stripper

Where I Completely Lose the Desire to Live Forever

Where Sacha Cohen Baron Tests His Borat Goodwill

If Travolta Has To Be in Movies, He's OK as the Villain

What If a Ballerina with a Gentle Soul Were Stalked by Satan?

Doin' a Little East Coast Fling

Hell Hath No Fury Like the Ball of a Dragon

Sometimes, You Just Don't Deserve a Another Chance to Rehabilitate Your Image

Here’s Why All Our Kids Grow Up to Love Twilight

Ang Lee Directs a Demetri Martin Woodstock Comedy. And It Looks … Funny?