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'Glass' And 'Aquaman' Seriously Brought The Hype To This Year's Comic-Con

By Andrew Roberts | Film | July 21, 2018 |

By Andrew Roberts | Film | July 21, 2018 |


Most thought that this year’s Comic-Con would be uneventful given the absence of Star Wars and Marvel on the grand stage. But those people are quite wrong. Who needs Star Wars after the year we’ve had? Why would we need to see more Marvel after what we’ve already gotten — and the James Gunn situation. They suck up the spotlight, and some great stuff had a chance to breathe this year without the burden of Avengers 4 or Star Wars Episode IX looming over it all.

We got a slew of great trailers from Universal, Warner Bros., and Sony — some of which were then released to the public. There was some new footage from Venom shown at the event, but it hasn’t been unleashed publicly yet. Typical. But the rest gave us plenty to look over and analyze, likely to the point of exhaustion. And for right now, the fandom seems at ease? It might change, but for now, we can soak up the fun.


M. Night Shyamalan surprised everybody when it was revealed that Split was an undercover sequel for his 2000 film Unbreakable. It didn’t even need the connection to be worth your time, but it did get us to this point, bringing Sam Jackson’s Mr. Glass to the front of the class for a lesson in supervillain team-ups. What will be the twist? Is that joke fucking tired yet? It should be. Shyamalan has been pretty stable since falling from grace with After Earth and The Last Airbender movie. He could certainly fall again, but his recent output — adding in his connection to Devil — has been entertaining.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

All I ask here is that the director not cut away from the giant monster fight that is happening on screen. This is a movie with too many monsters to pull that shit with, and we need to see it. I don’t care if it’s just two hours of this moment over and over with a story as thin as my father’s underwear, I will watch and enjoy it.

Luckily, this one seems like it will have a decent plot. Or just a plot. And it’s got a shit ton of great names in it including Millie Bobby Brown and Charles Dance doing his thing. I’m not sure if the Titans are going to save the planet? Destroy it? Are they all fighting climate change? Who cares, I’m in.


While I’d say this was the most pleasant surprise of the show, that would take away from the Shazam trailer below. But this is another entry in the DC Extended Universe that seems to be more fun and less dreary and fake mustachey. James Wan might be the best man for the job when it comes to bringing Aquaman to the big screen. The silliness of the character is gone, and he has had plenty of time crafting franchises to know what audiences will enjoy and what they’ll stay away from. He’s also got the benefit of following whatever Justice League turned out to be.

I think we all want Jason Mamoa to get a win. He’s gotten a lot of opportunities in his career, and he seems like a fun dude, but the franchises either kill him off like Game Of Thrones or they flounder like Conan or Justice League. His version of Aquaman might seem like the biggest bro to ever bro under the ocean, but he’s fun and better than the super blonde Aryan fish king that probably likes talking about genocide a bit too much.

Also, Black Manta is in the trailer. Black Manta is cool.


If you’d have told me that Shazam would be the most anticipated DC Comics movie coming out of Comic-Con, I’d have slapped you and proceeded to shame you in front of your family while making you sing Billy Ocean songs. But here we are, finding out that Zachary Levi’s super suit looks silly as hell for a reason and that fun is the name of the game for Warner Bros comic offerings in 2019.

Djimon Hounsou as old wizard Shazam is awesome, Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana is awesome, and the fact that this is part of the larger DC Extended Universe means that the next Justice League movie could be something on the level of Guardians Of The Galaxy. And it’s awesome. Maybe people will stop accusing writers of getting paid by Marvel and accuse them of picking up a few DC checks going forward. Ehh?

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

This premiered, but Johnny Depp came with it. Right there on the stage in Hall H. That’s a sour moment for the fans in attendance considering the allegations against the guy, especially since it came right before Amber Heard was on stage with Aquaman.

Is it possible to turn him back into Colin Farrell or something? Maybe that will salvage things.