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Welcome to the Author Archive for Bekka Supp

Conservative Publication The Federalist Asks Why Men and Women Can Never Be 'Just Friends'

ISIS Says US Is Being Run By An Idiot Trump

Reddit's The Place Experiment

Donald and Ivanka Trump's Weird Relationship

Insane Clown Posse Is Getting Sued by Chicken Soup for the Soul Poet

Pregnant Beyonce Made Out of Cheese for London Festival

John McCain Calls Kim Jong-Un A Crazy Fat Kid

Johnny Rotten Defends Trump and Nigel Farage

Robot Burns Trump's Tweets

North Carolina's Bathroom Bill Could Cost the State Billions

If You Liked James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful,' You're 'F*cked Up'

Michael Che Won't Apologize for Calling Boston Racist

United Airlines Needs To Clarify Their Dress Code Policies After Barring Girls From Flight for Wearing Leggings

Dogs Use Deception to Trick Humans

Trump's Secretary of Transportation Allegedly Tweeted That Trump Should Get His Soul Sued

Roger Stone Went on Alex Jones InfoWars Looking Idiotic

Colbert's Big Questions With Ryan Reynolds Reminds Us Why Reynolds Should Always Be Promoting a Movie

Comey Addresses Trump's Tweets as Trump was Tweeting During House Committee Hearing

Ivanka Trump Gets Office in the West Wing But No Official Title

Wonder Woman's Armpits Are Why Some People Hate Feminists

Neo Nazi Richard Spencer's Loses Tax Exempt Status

Get to Know Your Overlords, and Each Other: Pop Culture Origin Story Edition

Evil Blondes Have Poured Over From Pop Culture into Politics

University of Washington's Course on Fake News

Nightmare Casting Ryan Murphy's 2016 Election American Crime Story

Snoop Dogg "Shoots" a Clown Donald Trump in New Music Video for Lavender

Pamela Anderson is Dating Wikileaks Julian Assange and Writing Bad Poetry

Sloth Sanctuary Sleepovers in Oregon

Yogurt is Being Used to Battle Depression in Mice

Founder of Internet Wants to Make It Great Again

Steve Bannon Was a Man with No Address, Poor Jacuzzi Maintenance Skills

More Lipstick For Your Vaginas and Eletrunks

What Mama June Looks Like Now Body Transformation

According to a Bunch of Christians, The Red Hot Chili Peppers Worship Satan

A Day Without A Woman

Pizza Hut March Madness Inspired Shoes Orders Pizza

Emma Watson Uses Pubic Hair Oil

Researchers Want Robots to Prep Skin for Skin Graft Transplants

Donald Trump's Grandfather Asked Not to Be Deported

Sean Spicer Used To Be The White House Easter Bunny

People are Gluing Things to Their Babies Now

Po-Zu's Star Wars Themed Shoes

Trump Troll Doll and Other Defiant and Deviant Art

Arizona Discriminatory State Bills and Phoenix Teacher Resigns over Inflammatory Tweets

Trump Would Rather Talk About Golf Than Job Creation

New Earth-Sized Planets, Space X Rocket Lands and R2D2's Voice

A Male Chiropractor Wants Women to Glue Their Vaginas During Their Periods

Music Note Orgasm Maker

Vin Diesel and Selena Gomez Duet Isn't Good

Next American Horror Story Will Be About the 2016 Election

Vogue Publicly Scorned for Racist Photo Shoot with Karlie Kloss

Best Chili Recipe and Casual Wrongness

Trump Doesn't Know How to Handshake

Emily Blunt's Mary Poppins Update

Off-Brand Racist Barbie Tomi Lahren Set to Host the, Uh, Snowflake Awards

Awful Valentine's Day Cards for Awful People

The Rock's Production Company Breaks a Record

Kentucky Representative Massie Wants to Abolish the Department of Education

Christie Brinkley is Not of This World

Pornhub Online Sex Ed Classes

Oreo Beer and Other Bad Food Combos

Hostess Ice Cream Flavors

We Need to Talk About Lindsay Lohan

Johnny Depp's Debt

This Week in Catholic News

Tone Deaf Comedy Jam Kellyanne Conway

SAG Acceptance Speeches

A Case Study in Hotness: The Thirst is Real Edition

Horrors of Etsy

Promo: Ryan Murphy's 'Feud' Will Suck You Back Into Murphy's Universe

Et tu, Slayer?!?! Get F*cked, Slayer?!?!

World Biggest Penis Holder Suffers Psychological Issues

Greenhouse Plug In Donation

An SNL Writer Calls Barron Trump 'Country's First Homeschool Shooter'

Moth Named After Trump

Gwyneth Paltrow GOOP Rock

Young Thug's Music Video for 'Wyclef Jean'

Game of Thrones Spinoff

Rob Schneider Becomes Civil Rights Expert Overnight

Charlie Sheen on the Way to Curing HIV

Paris Jackson Offended by Fiennes Portrayal of Her Father

Disney's Live Action Dumbo

'Gold' Red-Band Trailer: Mathew McConaughey

Presidential Equilibrium

First Look at Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson

Trump to Meet with Anti-Vaxx Proponent

Monday Movie Trailer Round Up: '13 Minutes,' 'Renegades,' and 'How to Be a Latin Lover'

Trump Diplomacy on Twitter

Looking Forward to 2017 Fashion Trends

Owner of Coachella Allegedly Funds Anti Climate and Anti LGBTQ Groups

Woody Harrelson Maybe Joins Han Solo Spinoff

Pansexuality, Deadpool and Deadpool's Boyfriend

The Circle Trailer

The Pajiba 2016 Burn Book

Soundtrack of 2016

It's a Wookiee Christmas Miracle

Villeneuve Tapped to Direct Dune

Nightmare Fuel Fisherman's Catches

Wes Anderson Stop-Motion 'Isle of Dogs'

PureFlix and Make America Kittens Again

Bladerunner 2049 First Look

Day 16 - Drunkblogging 'Love Actually' Part 1 - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Jackie Evancho Will Sing at Trump's Inauguration

How to Help Syria

U.N. Drops Wonder Woman as Ambassador

Cosby Jokes to Security "Don't Tase Me, Bro"

The Best and Worst Memes of 2016

Madonna's Speech at Billboard's 'Women in Music' Event

'War of the Planet of Apes' Trailer: Directed by Matt Reeves

Pantone Selects the Color of 2017

The United States Is Really Good at Spam

I Hate 'Hamilton: The Musical'

Daytime TV is Literal Hell

So Much Barbie News

Settlers of CanYouNot?

Breitbart's Breakfast Battle Royale

Merriam-Webster's 2016 Word of the Year Is 'Fuuuuuuuuuck'

War on Christmas

Gaslighted By A Gilmore

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