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'The Walking Dead' - 'Conquer': I'm Scared of the Darkness in the Light, I'm Scare of Myself Because I Know I'm Right

By TK | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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The Rock Hosted One of the Best and Worst 'SNL' Episodes of the Season

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Saturday Night Live | Comments ()

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'Arrow' Finds Direction by Focusing on its Core Characters

By Craig Wack | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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The Final Season of 'Justified' Has a MacGuffin Problem

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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With Its Season Finale, 'The Mindy Project' Gets to Hit the Pause Button It So Desperately Needed

By Vivian Kane | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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A Series of Tubes: 'CSI: Cyber' Review

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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Is the Payoff Worth the Slow Burn of Netflix's 'Bloodline'?

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Netflix Movies and TV | Comments ()

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Where the 'The Good Wife' Has Been and Where It's Going Now

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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What's the Deal with the Wolves and the 'W' On 'The Walking Dead'?

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under The Walking Dead | Comments ()

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A GIF Review Of Your New Favorite Show, 'iZombie'

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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Is 'Community' a TV Show Or Is It the Deconstruction of a TV Show?

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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John Krasinski and Anna Kendrick Will Blow You Away in the Trailer for Fallon's 'Lip Sync Battle'

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Videos | Comments ()

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'The Walking Dead' - 'Spend': They're Gonna Set You Up So They Can Take You Down

By TK | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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Did Robert Durst Confess to Susan Berman's Murder On the Final Episode of HBO's 'The Jinx'?

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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If You Loved the 'Serial' Podcast, HBO's 'The Jinx' Documentary Will Pink Mist Your Brain

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under TV Reviews | Comments ()

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'The Walking Dead' - 'Dead Weight': Fallen Heroes Feed The Ground, I Started Pushin' Forward Back

'The Walking Dead' - 'Forget': Forgettable, But Necessary

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'The Walking Dead' - 'The Distance': Who Do You Trust?

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Four Scenarios to Explain the Events of 'Cairo' on This Week's 'The Leftovers'

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Hannibal - Futamono: The Wisdom of the Fool Won't Set You Free

Hannibal - Hassun: Love Is An Open Door

Hannibal - Kaiseki: I've Got You Under My Skin Where the Rain Can't Get In

Hannibal - Kō No Mono: It's Bigger Than You, and You Are Not Me

Hannibal - Mizumono: I've Got a Story, Ain't Got No Moral

Hannibal - Mukozuke: Domination's the Name of the Game

Hannibal - Naka-Choko: There's No I in Threesome

Hannibal - Sakizuki: One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong

Hannibal - Shiizakana: Because Violence Here Is a Social Norm

Hannibal - Su-zakana: We're Caught in a Trap

Hannibal - Takiawase: When Everything That Dies Shall Rise

Hannibal - Tome-wan: Let Them Believe Me, Let Them Wonder If I Lie

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Hey! Look, Kids! Another Procedural! | "Detroit 1-8-7" Review

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Hoarders Review

Hole in the Wall

Holiday In Handcuffs - A Real Time/Video Review | I Have Lost The Will To Live, Simply Nothing More To Give

Holler Back: A 'Justified' Podcast Episode Ep. 5.5 "Shot To Hell"

Holly Saves "The Office," Abed Saves Christmas | The Best Lines of NBC's Thursday Night Comedy Block

Holy Mother of Dragons, the Latest 'Game of Thrones' Trailer Looks Exceptional

Holy Sh*t Ranking Last Night's Homeland: Who's Your Daddy?

Host Woody Harrelson Blazes/Tokes His Way Through a Solid 'SNL' (with a Jennifer Lawrence Assist)

Hot Damn! "American Horror Story" Caught A Serious Case Of The Glees

House of Lies Review - Because Look, The Pod Remains Convinced There's A Burning Platform But We Just Don't Have The Bandwidth To Go Into a Black Factory and Blow Up The Paradigms With A White Paper

How "Arrested Development", The Dark Tower, and The Lone Ranger Are All Connected

How 'Fargo's' Lester Nygaard Introduces a Fascinating New Wrinkle to Television: The Unheroic Anti-Hero

How 'Girls' Became Television's Most Genuine, Honest-to-Goodness Hate Watch

How 'Jane the Virgin' Snuck a Powerful #ImmigrationReform Message Into Last Night's Episode

How 'New Girl' Finally Managed to Make Jess Interesting Again

How 'Sleepy Hollow' Refuses to Let Me Love It

How Are The Summer's Most Promising New TV Shows Faring So Far?

How Can 'The Americans' Be So Repulsive and So Sexy At the Same Time?

How Carrie Mathison Banging Terrorists and the Most Heartwarming Story Of the Year Play into Week 7 of the NFL

How Did the Real Life Nucky Thompson from 'Boardwalk Empire' Actually Die?

How Do I Know 'NCIS: New Orleans' Will Be a Hit? My Dad Likes It

How Do You Like Me Now? | "Mad Men" (S4/E6), "Waldorf Stories"

How Does Mary Louise Parker Manage to Get More Attractive as She Ages? | "Weeds" Season Six Promo

How Far Will You Go to Get What You Want? Business in "Mad Men" Gets Personal

How Far Will the Wife Abuser Strategy Take You? | Last Night on "Survivor"

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother "Rallies" and We Ask for Your Go-To Hangover Cure

How I Met Your Mother Finale

How I Met Your Mother Sweeps-cap: Jesus Fu*king Christ

How I Met Your Mother, "Daisy" Review: The Captain and Boats Boats Boats? I Ship It

How I Met Your Mother, "Gary Blauman": Like the Six Feet Under Finale without the Dying Part

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How Last Night's 'Community' Totally Britta'd Troy's Goodbye. That's Right. We're Taking It Back.

How Many of Last Week's Top 50 TV Shows Did You Watch?

How Much TV Could a Woodchuck TiVo if a Woodchuck Could TiVo TV

How Much TV Could a Woodchuck TiVo if a Woodchuck Could TiVo TV (2006 Edition)

How Nick, Jr. Just Set Feminism Back 40 Years

How Season Two of HBO's "Girls" Sold Out to "The Mindy Project"

How True to Life is 'Masters of Sex'? We Asked Book's Author Thomas Maier

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How the 'True Detective' Finale Demonstrated That It's Great Small-Screen Cinema, But Lousy Literary TV

How the Real Life Lucky Luciano Compares to the 'Boardwalk Empire' Character

How's Your News Review

Hung Review

Hungry For Something Different: "True Blood" S4:E3, "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"

I Am Woman, Hear Me ____ | "Mad Men"(S4/E4), "The Rejected"

I Don't Know Why, I Swallowed a Fly | Last Night on "Breaking Bad"

I Don't Know, and I Don't Care | Last Night on "Rubicon"

I Don't Want the Police to Take Care of It. I Want to Take Care of It | This Week on "Dexter"

I Gave Birth to a Chinese Prostitute | Last Week on "Project Runway"

I Got Fingered by Freddie

I Got Two! I Ate Two Whole Apples! | The Ten Best Lines from NBC's Thursday Night Comedy Block

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I Guess There are Some Things a Hero Can't Save

I Hate You with the Fire of a Thousand Suns | The Season Finale of "Project Runway"

I Have One Simple Request for the 'Fargo' Finale That is Non-Negotiable

I Kind of Love ABC's "Scandal," and Before You Say Anything, F*ck You

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I'm Jack Bauer, and My Blood is in Your Veins

I'm Not The Bad Guy Here!

I'm Pretty Sure Dr. Pepper Was a Dentist | This Week on "Glee"

I'm Sorry I Sent You to that Crackhouse | This Week on "Glee"

I'm Still Not Sure I Get the Premise

I'm Thrilled It's Been Renewed, But Can We Pretend that Last Night's Episode of "Community" Didn't Happen?

I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! Review

Ice Ice Gay-by | Last Night on "Glee"

Ice Road Truckers Review

If I'm Dreaming My Life | True Blood: "It Hurts Me Too" (S3/E3)

If Only In My Dreams | "Mad Men," S4/E2, "Christmas Comes But Once a Year"

If Santa Claus were a Time Lord, It Would Explain a Lot | Doctor Who - "A Christmas Carol"

If There's A Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go: "The Client List" Series Premiere Real-Time Review

If This Were The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of 'Girls' This Season, It Would Totally Be Worth It

If We Lose, We Should Throw Possums | This Week on "Glee"

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If You've Ever Wanted to See the Inside of a Vagina, Have I Got the 'Masters of Sex' Episode for You!

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Paper, The

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Parsing the Good in Last Night's American Horror Story: Freak Show

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Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Ringer" is as Vacant as Her Eyes

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Saved by the Bell Unauthorized Behind-the-Scenes Movie Coming to Lifetime

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Sh*tkicker Ranking 'Raw Deal,' This Week's Snarly Episode of 'Justified'

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Shock Ranking 'Scandal': 'Are We Gladiators, Or Are We B*tches?' Edition

Shock Ranking 'Scandal': 'He Still Owns Me, Too' Edition

Shock Ranking 'Scandal': 'How Presidential Are My Balls Now?' Edition

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Six Midseason Replacements Not Likely to Return, and Two That Likely Will

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So What? You Like "SNL"? That Doesn't Mean You're Gay. It Just Means You're Awful | Last Night on "SNL"

So You Like Showtunes. That Doesn't Mean You're Gay. It Just Means You're Awful | Last Night on "Glee"

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TNT's "Dallas" Review: J.R. Ewing's Smothering Old-Man Eyebrows Steal the Show

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TV Review: 'The Killing' Season 4 is a Great Closer to a Redeemed Drama

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Team Firecrotch vs. Team Skidmark | Last Week on "Project Runway"

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Televised Golf Review

Television's 7 Biggest Blandy McBlandersons

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Tell Your Disappointment to Suck It. I'm Doing a Bottle Episode. | The 25 Best Lines from Last Night's NBC Comedy Block

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