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Here's an alphabetical listing of all our Politics:

'Full Frontal' On Trump's Rigged Election Theory

Donald Trump Embarrasses Himself with His Latest, Needless Lie

Elections Are Broken And We Haven't Even Gotten To The Big Show Yet

Why Trump Isn't Demanding Obama's Resignation for Allowing Orlando Shooter to Buy an AR-15

#NextFakeTrumpVictim Is Every Reason Assault Victims Don't Come Forward

'Bernie or Bust' is the Rallying Cry of Privileged Assholery

'Blacks For Trump' Would Be Hilarious If It Weren't So Devastatingly Awful

'Full Frontal' Forces The Question: Is Trump's Campaign Good For America?

'Full Frontal' Gets To The (Lack Of) Heart Of Trump's Budget Proposal

'Full Frontal' On Jeff Sessions

'Full Frontal' Takes On Kellyanne Conway And Her Massive Deception

'Games of Thrones' George R. R. Martin Campaigns for Hillary Clinton

'I'm a Black Man in America, and I Know a Bigot When I See a Bigot'

'It Is What It Is, Whaddya Gonna Do?' Is Not an Appropriate Response to Harassment

'Last Week Tonight' Looks At Trump's Mostly Dead Budget Blueprint

'Late Night' Interviews Kellyanne Conway Just As Russia's Blackmail Story Is Breaking

'Late Night' Takes A Closer Look At Flynn's Immunity Request

'Late Night' Takes A Closer Look At Repeal And Replace

'Late Night' Takes A Closer Look At Republicans Lies, And KellyAnne Conway Accidentally Tells The Truth

'Late Night' Takes A Closer Look At Russian Hacking And Trump's Ethics

'Late Night' Takes A Closer Look At That Now Resolved Flynn Situation

'Late Night' Takes A Closer Look At Trump Civil Rights Hero John Lewis

'Late Night' Takes A Closer Look At Trump's First Moves

'Late Night' Takes A Closer Look At Trump's Immigration Policies

'Let America Be America Again' Does Not Mean What Scott Baio Thinks It Means

'Look at All the GOOD That Came From the Charleston [Mass Shooting],' Says Oblivious Congressman

'The Daily Show', Tomi Lahren, And The Joys Of Not Listening To The Other Side

'The Late Show' On Military Bonuses Is Enthusiastically Infuriating

'We Are In Crisis,' Joe Scarborough, Accurately, On Donald Trump's Weekend Meltdown

17 Reasons Paul LePage Is the Worst Governor in America

20 Alternatives To Watching the Presidential Debate Tonight: A Literally All of the Things List

23 Comedians Burn Their Election Material For A Cause

26 Cowardly, Unchristian Governors Now Refuse to Admit Syrian Refugees

5 Songs Kim Davis Should Have Played At Her Jail Spectacle Instead of "Eye of the Tiger"

7 Anti-Trump Sentiments That Vaguely Restored Our Faith in Humanity Today

7 Ludicrous Exchanges That Actually Occurred During Last Night's Republican Debate

A Bad Day For Bigots: Trump Enrages R.E.M., Kim Davis Faces "Eye Of The Tiger" Lawsuit

A Brief Guide to the Nightmarish Last 24 Hours of of the Trump Presidency

A Brief Look at the Current State of the Presidential Election Race

A Brief Look at the Staggering Evil & Incompetence of the Last 24 Hours of the Trump Administration

A Calm and Nuanced Reaction to the Latest in American Politics

A Calm, Measured Response to the Concern Trolling Regarding Clinton's Alleged Poor Health

A Chilling Warning from a GOP War Hawk on the Dangers of a Trump Presidency

A Colorado Rep Blames the Planned Parenthood Shooting on Planned Parenthood

A Compelling New Theory Emerges on Devin Nunes and Trump's Ties to Russia

A Complete List of All the Times Donald Trump Has Broken the Law

A Complete List of Undisputed Facts Linking Donald Trump To Russia

A Delightful Hillary Clinton Answers Questions About Her Health, Emails on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

A Desperate Plea In A Time Of Great Anxiety and Anger

A Fascinating Contrast Between How the Press and the Military Viewed Trump's Navy SEAL Moment

A Glance at the Glamourous and Majestic Celebrities at the RNC and DNC

A Guide to Donald Trump and His Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A Heaping Dose of Morning Bullshit Brought to You By Donald J. Trump

A Man Donald Trump Attacked on Twitter Last Night Is Now Receiving Death Threats

A Message Of Support From Europe

A Note to Our Republican Friends: This is Exactly Why Russia is Dangerous

A Photographer Captures the Perfect Storm of Trump Mania

A Playlist For Paul Ryan To Cry To This Weekend

A Republican Senator from New Hampshire Done Went and Stepped In It

A Rowdy Utah Town Hall Leaves GOP House Representative Jason Chaffetz Rattled

A Super Tuesday Prayer Circle for the Swift Eradication of Donald Drumpf

A Tale of Two Presidents: National Prayer Breakfast Edition

A Toast to President Obama on his Final Birthday in Office

A Troubling Percentage of Trump Supporters Are Suffering from Mass Hysteria

A Trump Surrogate Quoted Beyoncé 'Formation'. It Was Weird.

A Video For Everyone Who Has No Idea If Their Voice or Their Vote Can Actually Matter

A Way Forward Over the Next Four Years

ACLU Lands Crucial Victory Against the Muslim Ban

Abortion Rates at Historic Lows, But Will Likely Sky-Rocket Without Planned Parenthood Funding

Abortion and Giving Rich People More Money are All Republican Lawmakers Care About these Days

Actually Bernie Sanders Played The Primaries Brilliantly

African Union Official Offered a Powerful Response to Trump's Muslim Ban

After Sh*tshow Meeting with the Press, President Snow Bypasses Them and Goes to YouTube

After Trolling America for 18 Months, Turnabout is Fair Play for the Trump Campaign

Al Franken Is Good Enough, Smart Enough, and Doggone It, He Is Pissed

All Hell Breaks Loose, as the Press Digs Up More Dirt on the Trump Campaigns Ties to Russia

All of Donald Trump's Comments on Women's Skin Will Make Yours Crawl

All the Stephen K. Bannon Drama That Has Unfolded in the Last 24 Hours

Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Donald Trump

Amber Tamblyn Shares Her Story of Sexual Assault

America Always Protects Its Own, and Khizr and Ghazala Khan Are One Of Us

America's Political Hate Machine Is Tearing the Country Apart

America's Political Press is a Far Greater Embarrassment to This Country Than Donald Trump

America's Racist Uncles Are Out in Full Force This Week

America, Witness Your Republican Nominee For President

American Media is Gas Lighting Hillary Clinton - and All Women

Americans Remember The Good Times With #ObamaDay

Americans View Hipsters, Nickelback More Favorably than Donald Trump

Amid Chaos and Protests, Trump Administration Casts Blame, Scapegoats Insiders

Amid Controversy Over Remarks, Maine Governor LePage Considers Resignation

An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton

An Entirely NSFW Goodbye To Boris Johnson, Mayor Of London

An Impassioned Plea to #UniteBlue

An Incomplete List of All of the Actors to Portray Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

An Incomplete List of People Qualified To Replace the Current GOP Presidential Nominee

An Open Letter To All Of Our Passionate Bernie Sanders Supporters

An Open Letter To President* Trump During His Darkest Hour

An Open Letter to America

An Open Letter to Those Who Said Hillary Clinton Was Just as Bad as or Worse Than Trump

An Open Letter to the National Rifle Association

An SNL Writer Calls Barron Trump 'Country's First Homeschool Shooter'

Ana Navarro Destroys Trump in Two Languages

And Now For the Greatest Political Anthem of Our Time: 'The Hillary Clinton Shimmy' Song

And Then Ann Coulter Turned On Donald Trump, and It Was Beautiful

And Today, It Starts

Anderson Cooper Remembers the Lives We Lost in Orlando Two Nights Ago

Anderson Coopers Teases Potentially Bigger News than the Rachel Maddow News that Didn't Pan Out

Ann Veal To Announce That He's Also Dropped Out of the Presidential Race

Another of Donald Trump's Advisors Is in Legal Hot Water

Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin and Victim Blaming: All We Know Is We're Team Huma

Anyone Enabling a Donald Trump Presidency Deserves the Consequences of Their Actions

Arkansas Judge Once Again Demonstrates the Power of Shame in Cases of Sexual Abuse

Arkansas Law Allows Men to Block Their Wives' Abortions, Since It's 2017 and Women Are Still Property Apparently

Ashley Judd Tells the Least Surprising, Most Vomitous Donald Trump Story

Assigning Campaign Songs For This Year's Republican And Democrat Presidential Hopefuls

Attacks On Planned Parenthood Are Attacks On Human Rights

Because Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Will Debate About Healthcare on CNN Next Week

Ben & Jerry's Says Black Lives Matter; We All Scream for Ice Cream

Ben Carson Got Trapped In An Elevator This Morning

Ben Carson Says the Holocaust Would've Gone Differently if the Jews Had Guns

Bernie Sanders Is Not Here For Trump's Sh*t

Bernie Sanders Needs to Drop Out and Corral His Supporters Before It's Too Late

Bernie Sanders Refutes Donald Trump on Twitter

Bernie Sanders Responds To Trump Victory

Bernie Sanders Takes a Dig at Donald Trump For Failing to Understand that Women Pee

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton: Dazed Reflections On A Turbulent Time In America

Betsy DeVos Confirmed; Twitter Reacts to the Darkest Timeline

Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, and the Value of Identity Politics

Bill Nye Defends Abortion Rights With Science

Bill Nye and Bernie Sanders Livestreamed Their Chat About Climate Change

Bill O'Reilly Calls Andrea Mitchell 'Unruly' For Doing Her Goddamn Job

Bill O'Reilly Just Entered The Great Kelly - Trump War Of 2015

Billy Eichner And Stephen Colbert Collect New Yorkers' Messages To Trump

Breaking Down the Two Sides of the Clinton Foundation Debate

Breitbart's Breakfast Battle Royale

Briefly, Here's Exactly What Will Happen If Obamacare Is Repealed

British Snap General Election is a Move Straight Out of 'Star Wars'

Broadway Stars' Concert for America Is the Most Important Thing Happening on Jan. 20

Bryan Cranston Commending Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign Approach Has Us Reeling

CNN Has Suspended Corey Lewandowski After Learning He's Still on the Trump Payroll

CNN's Don Lemon Gets Cheeky with Bill O'Reilly

California Did Not Legalize Child Prostitution

Campus Sexual Assault, Title IX Enforcement, and Betsy DeVos

Canadian Satirical News Website Beautifully Exposes Hypocrisy of American Restrictions on Reproductive Rights

Charities To Donate To In Trump's America

Charles Krauthammer Is The Voice Of Reason To Bill O'Reilly's Stupidity

Chelsea Clinton Deftly Handles Pathetic, Inappropriate Questions from a Conservative Author

Clinton's Lead Against Trump Shrinks, But Don't Freak Out

Colbert Mocks Rachel Maddow, Who Defends Herself on Fallon

Colin Jost and Michael Che Are the Exact Wrong Anchors for This Era of 'Weekend Update'

Colin Jost and Michael Che Up Their Garbage Game by Saying Nice Things about Donald Trump

Colin Powell Calls Donald Trump 'An International Pariah' In Leaked Emails

Colorado May Cost Ballistic Donald Trump the Republican Nomination

Comedian Jim Jefferies Rails Against Donald Trump

Comey Addresses Trump's Tweets as Trump was Tweeting During House Committee Hearing

Concerned About Kinkshaming Donald Trump? F*ck Off With That Right Now

Congressman Blake Farenthold Would Endorse Trump If He Said 'I Like Raping Women'

Connecticut Republican Grabs Woman by the P*ssy, Calls it a "Joke"

Conservative Cable Newser 'Morning Joe' Will No Longer Book Kellyanne Conway

Conservative Republican Evan McMullin Running for President as an Independent

Conservatives Are Slowly Turning on Donald Trump

Counteracting the Widespread Negativity on Social Media Platforms

Crucial AP Stylebook Modifications Designed for the Trump Presidency

Cruz Takes Iowa. Sanders And Clinton End In Deadlocked Tie

Cruz and Kasich Are Officially in Cahoots to Take Out Donald Trump

Curt Schilling Running Against Elizabeth Warren in 2018

Dan Rather In the Time of Trump

David Cameron Behind a Dirty Deal with Saudi Regime Over Human Rights Seat

David Letterman on Donald Trump: He Is a 'Damaged Human Being'

Dear Donald Trump and the GOP: Payback Is a Bitch

Dear Republicans: Donald Trump Is Going to Jack Your Sh*t Up So Bad

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Will Resign as Head of the DNC

Democratic Superdelegates Sadly Exist to Protect Us From Ourselves

Devin Nunes Finally Recuses Himself From Russian Investigation

Devin Nunes Is Hilariously Bad At Lying

Devin Nunes Was Fed Intel From the White House, and That's Just the Beginning

Did Hillary Clinton Murder Seth Rich?

Did Joe Biden Rig the White House So Trump's Staff Couldn't Turn on the Lights?

Did Marla Maples Leak Donald Trump's Tax Returns?

Did Michelle Obama Murder Joan Rivers for Outing Her as a Man?

Did the Hillary Email Business Affect Early Voting in Florida Over the Weekend?

Dirty, Rude, And Childish Presidential Campaign Tactics Throughout Our History

Don't Pin Your Hopes on that Hillary Clinton Recount

Don't Worry Too Much About the Latest Poll Showing Trump Leading Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Appoints Yet Another Alleged Domestic Abuser, Maybe this Means Something?

Donald Trump Attacks the Former Miss Universe's Weight Again

Donald Trump Calls on Russia to Commit Cyberespionage, Shushes a Female Reporter

Donald Trump Compels 'USA Today' To Break a 34-Year-Old Rule

Donald Trump Confuses 9/11 for 7/11

Donald Trump Continues to Defy Parody at Neil Gorsuch Swearing-In Ceremony

Donald Trump Defends Penis Size, But It's Hillary Clinton Who Just Won the GOP Debate

Donald Trump Doesn't Realize White Nationalist and Christian Terrorists Exist, Apparently

Donald Trump Doesn't Rule Out Quitting After Elected

Donald Trump Has Brought Us to the Brink of a Constitutional Crisis

Donald Trump Has Dug the Republicans Into an Impossible Hole

Donald Trump Has Effectively Given Up

Donald Trump Has a Mental Meltdown During a Pennsylvania Rally

Donald Trump Has an Obamacare Replacement Plan and Is Going to Use Twitter To Pass It

Donald Trump Hit on a 'The Washington Post' Reporter

Donald Trump Invited President Obama's Half-Brother to the Debate But Why?

Donald Trump Is Good and Well F**ked Now, Isn't He?

Donald Trump Is Having Another Bad Day

Donald Trump Is Messing with the Wrong Goddamn People

Donald Trump Is Not Even Trying to Disguise His Unethical Conflicts

Donald Trump Is Not Right in the Head, And We Should All Be Nervous

Donald Trump Is Right: This Election Is Rigged

Donald Trump Is an Asshole

Donald Trump Makes Threats Against Ted Cruz's Wife After SuperPac Slut Shames Trump's Wife

Donald Trump Provides the First Post-Election Example of the Dangers of Fake News Sites to Democracy

Donald Trump Pulls an Undeniably Fascist Stunt with the 'NYTimes'

Donald Trump Rated More Honest than Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Really Hates People Who Voted For Donald Trump

Donald Trump Reportedly Rejected Cabinet Appointment Because of His Mustache

Donald Trump Says He Was Being Sarcastic on Barack Obama ISIS Remark

Donald Trump Seems to Have No Interest in Running the Country

Donald Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Executive Order Literally Surrounded By Old White Men

Donald Trump Sort Of Admits He Just Makes Sh*t Up

Donald Trump Suffers Two Blows: One Debilitating and the Other Bizarre

Donald Trump Supporters Proudly Display their Economic Anxiety

Donald Trump Swears Off Fox News, Congratulates Colbert in World Gone Mad

Donald Trump Talking about Women's Skin Remains the Creepiest Thing Ever

Donald Trump Threatens Berkeley's Federal Funding Over Milo Yiannopoulos

Donald Trump Toys with the Obama-Murdered-Scalia Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump Tried to Kiss a Little Girl on the Mouth and She. Wasn't. Having. It.

Donald Trump Was Not Happy About Melissa McCarthy's 'SNL' Sketch

Donald Trump Will Have Someone Oversee the Intelligence Agencies

Donald Trump Will Not Overturn Federal LGBTQ Protections

Donald Trump Will Not Win The Election

Donald Trump Will Repeatedly Question Hillary Clinton's Health

Donald Trump Will be the GOP Nominee; Here's How to Deal with Him

Donald Trump and Billy Bush Tape: Full Transcript

Donald Trump and the Republicans Are Having a Lousy Morning

Donald Trump is Cooked, and Donald Trump Knows It

Donald Trump is Not a Very Bright Man

Donald Trump is Rage Spiraling Again

Donald Trump is a Whirling Dervish of Stupidity

Donald Trump on His Reading Habits: 'I Love Book!'

Donald Trump on Putin, In His Own Words

Donald Trump to Accept Election Results 'If I Win'

Donald Trump's 'Boring' Scandal Now Has a Smoking Gun

Donald Trump's Aides Sell Him Out, Report Behind The Scenes Chaos at the White House

Donald Trump's Approval Ratings Are Historically Bad

Donald Trump's Campaign Chairman Resigns Amid Scandal

Donald Trump's Candidacy May Signal the End of Political Parties

Donald Trump's Connection with the Mob May Cost Him That One Black Voter

Donald Trump's Disastrous Campaign Is Falling Apart

Donald Trump's Doing That Thing That Everyone Said Would Get Him Impeached

Donald Trump's First #EasterEggRoll Wasn't Exactly Spirited

Donald Trump's Gambit with Bill Clinton's Accusers Was Almost So Much Worse

Donald Trump's Grandfather Asked Not to Be Deported

Donald Trump's History with Rape Accusations

Donald Trump's Latest Line of Attack Is Going To Get Someone Killed

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Cited for 13 Health Code Violations

Donald Trump's Morning Tweetstorm Is Not Helping His Case One Little Bit

Donald Trump's Most Insane Answer Among Insane Answers In His First TV Interview

Donald Trump's Numbers Go From Bad to Worse

Donald Trump's Press Pool Had a Cocktail Dinner with the POETUS

Donald Trump's Proposed Eliminated DOJ's Violence Against Women Grants

Donald Trump's Sinking Presidential Campaign Just Hit Rock Bottom

Donald Trump, As Was Inevitable, Brings Up Vince Foster, Gets Paul Ryan's Endorsement

Donald Trump, Who Has No F**king Clue, Orders Military Strike on Syria

Donald and Ivanka Trump's Weird Relationship

During Press Briefing, Sean Spicer Officially Out-WTF's Himself

Dylan Marron Continues to Be the Best of Humanity, Tells Trump Supporters 'I Love You'

Early Voting Out of Florida is Both Encouraging and Terrifying

Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren Tells Trump to Put On His 'Big-Boy Pants,' As If That's Even a Thing He Owns

Emily Ratajkowski Reminds Us There's So Many Non-Sexist Reasons to Criticize Melania Trump

Every Insane Thing Donald Trump Did or Said That Would Have Ended Any Other Presidential Campaign

Evil Blondes Have Poured Over From Pop Culture into Politics

FBI Arrests Wall Street Pharamdouche Martin Shkreli

FBI May Finally Finally Have Fire to Go with All that Smoke on Trump/Russia Collusion

Finally, Some Great News for the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Finding My Way Forward by Looking to 2018

Following This Donald Trump 'Dr. Oz Show' Thing Is Making Us Sick

For Those Secretly Hoping That Paul Ryan Would Stand Up to Trump ...

Former Bernie Sanders Staffers Start World's Most Ironic Super PAC

Four Seconds of Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke'ing Beyonce

Fox News Doesn't Care That Bill O'Reilly Is a Pig, But Capitalism May Bury the F*cker

Fox News Sexism Supercut Gets The GIF Response It So Deserves

Fox News and Donald Trump Are Trying to Manufacture a Controversy Where None Exists

Free Weed To Be Distributed At Very Important Inaugural Protest

French PM Says Naked Breasts Represent France Better Than Headscarf

GOP Cites Example that Led to Statute in Order to Disregard the Statute

GOP Congressman Jason Chaffetz Can Go to Hell

GOP Healthcare is Back, and It Is Uglier than Ever

Garbage Maine Governor Makes Egregiously Racist Statement

Gather Round, Fellow Bernie Supporters, We Need To Talk

George R.R. Martin Delivers Powerful Post About Syrian Refugees

George Zimmerman's Gun Sale Is Being Super Trolled, and It Is Glorious

Glenn Beck Gets Almost Reasonable & Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Kind of an Asshole

Glenn Beck Says Nice Things about Black Lives Matter and Barack Obama...What?

Gloria Steinem And Madeleine Albright To Female Bernie Supporters: 'You're Feminisming Wrong'

Go Ahead. Vote Your Conscience at the Polls

Good Luck, GOP Congressmen: This Is the Next Six Months of Your Life

Good Morning! Donald Trump Has Gone Mad on Twitter

Good News/Bad News: Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox News

Green Day Launches Into an Anti-Trump Chant During the American Music Awards

Gretchen Carlson Has Tons Of Proof Of Fox News' Sexist Environment, Thanks To Youtube

GrubHub's CEO Ain't Having It With Employees Who Share Trump's Worldview

Guess Who Was Behind Almost Every Anti-Choice Law in 2016!

Gut Check Time: How Does This Election Shake Out (Poll)?

Gut Check Time: How Does This Election Shake Out (Poll)?

Gut Check Time: How Does This Election Shake Out (Poll)?

HBO's 'Show Me a Hero' and the Tragic Real-Life Suicide of Mayor Nick Wasicsko

Hello, Our New Favorite Thing On The Internet!

Her Coward of a Boss Continues to Force Kellyanne Conway Into Making Laughable Statements of Defense

Here Are 85 of Hillary Clinton's Actual Considered Campaign Slogans. They're All Terrible

Here Are the Two Most Pivotal States in Next Week's Presidential Election

Here is the Only Way Out of This Dire Political Situation America Is In

Here's A Preview Of 2017's Hottest Abortion Restrictions, Which Are A Pain In The Ass And Serve No Actual Purpose

Here's Ben Carson's Very Telling Gaffe During His Confirmation Hearing

Here's How Much Money Hillary Clinton Raised Off Trump's Idiotic 'Woman Card' Statement

Here's What 'Alt-Right' Really Means According to #AltRightMeans

Here's What Happened This Weekend in Politics

Here's What Happened in Politics Over the Last 48 Hours

Here's a Story About What a Terrible Person Donald Trump Is That You Haven't Heard Yet

Here's the Difference Between Republicans and Theocrats

Here's the Dot Connecting Between Russia and Trump that the Media Won't Undertake

Here's the Racist, Jaw-Dropping Moment that Ended Republican Sen. Mark Kirk's Chances at Reelection

Here's the Thing That Will Hopefully Kill Milo Yiannopoulos' Career

Hey Liberals! You're Progressiving Wrong!

Hey, Hillary Supporters? You Need To Cut The Sh*t Too

Highlights from Donald Trump and Mike Pence's Awkward '60 Minutes' Interview

Highlights from Donald Trump's Sit Down with the 'NYTimes'

Hillary Clinton Had a Bad Weekend, But Here's Why That Doesn't Matter

Hillary Clinton Has the Drag Vote--Queens Lip Sync as Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Is Going to Enjoy Destroying Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Quickly Turns Mike Pence's Debate Victory Into Ash

Hillary Clinton Tweets Shade at General Michael Flynn After He's Forced to Resign

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Exchange Twitter Burns

Hillary Clinton is a Stone Cold, Two-Faced Political Monster

Hillary Clinton's New Ad is a Potent Reminder of What's at Stake

Hillary's Stranglehold On The Black Vote Goes International

His Yuge D*ck and Other Vomit-Inducing Trump Quotes

Hope: Looking Back at Looking Forward in 2008

Horror Movie Pitches Ready to Sell to the Highest Bidder

Hot Mic Catches Creepy 'Hardball' Host Chris Matthews Leering at Melania Trump

Hot Mic Picks Up Unidentified Voice Calling Paul Ryan Press Conference "Waste of My F*cking Time"

House GOP Caves to Public Pressure, Office of Congressional Ethics Survives

House Republicans Detail Perjury Allegations Against Hillary Clinton

How Could the Trump Skittles Meme Could Get More Idiotic? By Using an Unauthorized Photo...from a Refugee

How Did It Come to This?

How Do We Talk With the Other Side?

How Donald Trump Jr. Got Skittles Trending On Twitter

How Hillary Clinton and those "Animals Representing Her" Responded to the Firebombing of a Republican Office

How It Feels as a Latino to Watch Donald Trump's Latest Hate Speech

How Liberals in Britain View Donald Trump

How Seeing '20th Century Women' Helps Planned Parenthood

How Social Media Reacted to the US Military's Decision to Drop the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan

How To Deal With Toxic 'Friends' On Your Facebook Wall

How We'd Spend Our Birthday if We Were Hillary Clinton

How a Disney Junior Cartoon Predicted the Election

How the 'West Wing' Could Solve President Obama's Supreme Court Dilemma

How the Early Voting Numbers Are Shaking Out for Hillary Clinton So Far

How the Oral Arguments Over the Muslim Ban Shook Out in the 9th Circuit

How the Speaker of the House Vote Just Got Awesome

How to Cope When Donald Trump Has Made Life Actually Intolerable

How to Help Syria

Human Colostomy Bag Donald Trump Insists that He Loves Women

Human Sack of Excremement Promises to 'Grab [His] Musket' If Trump Loses

Human Sloth Ben Stein's 11 Best Quotes on Donald Trump's Idiotic Economic Plan

Human Sloth Ben Stein's 8 Best Quotes on Donald Trump's Idiotic Economic Plan

I Don't Think Black Voters Like Donald Trump Very Much, You Guys

ICYMI, Even the Dictionary is Done With Kellyanne Conway's Sh*t

ISIS Says US Is Being Run By An Idiot Trump

Iceland, the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and the Unforgettable Photo of the Drowned Boy

If I Am a Republican, Why Am I Voting for Donald Trump?

If You Aren't A Republican, Which One Would You Want in the White House?

If You Think Donald Trump As President Is a Joke, These Survey Results Will Make You Cry

If You Think Sean Spicer Has a Bad Temper Now, Read This One Thing He Wrote in College

If You Want to Know What Trump's America Might Look Like for Journalists, Look To Putin's Russia

If You Were Wondering If Ivanka Might Ever Wise Up and Cut Ties...LOL No

Impeachment Is Now the Best Shot We Have To Avoid Being Steamrolled by White Nationalism

In 1999, Donald Trump Wrote about the Dangers of 'Rewriting History and Spreading Fear' to 'Gain Political Power'

In Advance of the Final Presidential Debate, We Bring You Our Harrowing Debate Tale

In Celebration of Nasty Women

In Secret Middle-of-the-Night Meeting, House GOP Says 'No Thanks' to Ethics

In Which Janelle Monae Proposes a Sex Strike

In a Disturbing Town Hall Last Night, Trump Used the Joseph Goebbels Approach to Gauging Public Opinion

In the Wake of Trump's Press Conference, Some Conservatives Are Getting Antsy

Infamous British Columnist Thinks There Is A Conspiracy To Cover Up Terrorism Because It's Not Politically Correct

Intelligence Agencies Continue Zeroing in on Trump-Russia Ties

Iowa Republican Trying to Remove Progressive Professors Caught Telling Embarrassing Lie About His Own Education

Iran Not Worried About "Useless Threats" of "Inexperienced Leaders," Any Guess To Whom They're Referring?

Ireland's Prime Minister Came to the White House and Put Donald Trump in His Place

Is Donald Trump Going To Fire Stephen Bannon?

Is General Flynn a Sacrificial Lamb, or the Beginning of the End for Donald Trump?

Is Glenn Beck the Only Sane Person in the Media Right Now?

Is Hillary Clinton a Sorcerer?

Is It Fair To Ridicule Trump's Staff About Their Looks?

Is It OK To Punch A Nazi? Why We're Asking All The Wrong Questions

Is Paul Ryan Hotter With the Beard or Without?

It Didn't Take Long for Wingnuts to Unearth a Khazir Khan Conspiracy to Justify their Bigotry

It Just Keeps Getting Worse for Donald Trump's First Military Action

It's Different with Jon Stewart, Because It Just Is

It's Election Eve, and We're Debating Whether Trump Fabricated Endorsements from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

It's Not OK to Make Fun of People Falling Off Stage, Unless They're Introducing Ted Cruz

It's Not Over For Bernie Sanders, But It Is Over For Bernie Sanders: A Guide To Coping

It's Not Working, You Orange F*cker

Ivanka Trump Gets Office in the West Wing But No Official Title

Ivanka Trump Gets Waylaid In What She Probably Thought Was a Friendly Interview

Ivanka Trump Offers Bizarrely Ironic Response to Nordstrom Cutting Her Brand

Ivanka, Let's Get Real

Jackie Evancho Will Sing at Trump's Inauguration

Jake Tapper Casually Reminds Breitbart He Owns Twitter

James Comey Isn't a Moron or a Partisan Hack. He's a Spineless Bureaucrat

James Comey Nopes Out of Commenting on Roger Stone's Ties to Wikileaks

Jason Isaacs Slams George Osborne Over Newspaper Role

Jeb Bush Clarifies Remarks Re: School Shootings: He Meant 'Things Happen' Not 'Stuff Happens'

Jeb Bush Clearly Has No Understanding of 'Homeland' or TV Ratings

Jeb Bush Declares He Would Kill A Baby Hitler If Presented With The Opportunity

Jeb Bush Failed Hard When Asked About Marvel Superheroes

Jeff Sessions Gets Roasted on Every Awful Thing He's Ever Done and it is a Delight to Watch

Jeffrey Lord Compares Donald Trump to MLK, Jr.

Jeremy Corbyn: A Primer for an American Audience

Jezebel Reporter Anna Merlan's 15 Best Donald Trump Insults

Jimmy Kimmel Takes Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert to Task Over Molestations

Joe Biden Explains Why He's Not Running And You Should Be Bummed Out By That

Joe Biden Is Amused By Republicans Who Think Repealing The ACA Will Actually Be Successful

Joe Biden Is Really Leaning Into His 'Disappointed Grandpa' Persona

Joe Biden Raging Against Donald Trump Is All Of Us

Joe Biden is a Good Man

Joel McHale Does One Better Than Canceling North Carolina Performance

John McCain Calls Kim Jong-Un A Crazy Fat Kid

John Oliver Didn't Think He'd Have To Care About Trump

John Oliver Hates Boris Johnson So, So Much

John Oliver Makes One Final Plea Before The Election

John Oliver On Maine's Paul LePage, the Worst Governor in America

Jon Hendren Trolls HLN Reporter Yasmin Vossoughian with Edward Scissorhands Defense

Jon Stewart Covers Donald Trump's Break-Up with The Media

Jon Stewart Offers His Opinions on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and He Did Not Mince Words

Jon Stewart Reflects on the Time Donald Trump Called Him a 'P*ssy' on Twitter

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Make Everything All Better

Josh Gad's Response Song to Kellyanne Conway's Lies is Sublime

Just How Real is the Bernie Surge?

Just a Bunch of Barack Obama and Joe Biden BFF Memes Because We Need That

Just a Casual Reminder Michael Flynn Led the "Lock Her Up" Chant at the RNC in July

Kal Penn Has The Best Take On Kellyanne's Couch Incident

Kanye Enters Trump Tower; Twitter Explodes

Keegan Michael Key and Joss Whedon Talk about the Weather (in a Trump Hellscape)

Kellyanne Conway Cites the Bowling Green Massacre, a Mass Shooting that Never Happened

Kellyanne Conway's Clear Violation of Ethics Laws

Kellyanne Conway's Credibility Problem Has Become an Issue

Kentucky Representative Massie Wants to Abolish the Department of Education

Kim Davis Met The Friggin' Pope

Kristen Stewart is Directing a New Movie about Gun Control

Lady Gaga and Jon Bon Jovi Sing 'Living on a Prayer' for Hillary

Language Policing Has Officially Jumped the Shark

Leading Republicans Are Now Turning Against Jeff Sessions

Leave It to Donald Trump to F*ck Up His One and Only Political Victory

Lena Dunham Compares Voting Jill Stein to Being Someone's Sidepiece, We Don't Know, It's Weird

Lesbian NJ Couple Must Have Heterosexual Sex Before Insurance Will Cover Fertility Treatments

Let Joe Biden Passionately Explain What's Wrong With Trump

Let Political Twitter Make You Laugh Before You Cry And Binge Eat

Let's Celebrate This One Planned Parenthood Victory Before Everything Goes to Sh*t

Let's Fancast 'American Horror Story: 2016 Election' With Ryan Murphy's Regulars

Liberals, Meet Us at Camera 3: Don't F*ck This Up

Liberals, We've Got To Do Better: Comedy Edition

Libertarian Gary Johnson Aligns Himself with 90 Percent of America In Not Knowing What Aleppo Is

Lin-Manuel Miranda Switches Up 'Hamilton' For Hillary

Live Tweet Your Period To That Billowing Asshole Trump

Looking Ahead to 2018: Jason Chaffetz Is Out, Ted Cruz Is Losing

Looks Like Trump's Big Attack on Reproductive Rights Isn't Working Out So Great

Louis C.K. Perfectly Sums Up Samantha Bee, Hillary Clinton

Louisiana Rep. Kenneth Havard Introduces Bill to Ban Old, Overweight Strippers

Maine Governor Calls State Rep a 'C*cksucker,' Challenges Him to a Duel

Maine High Schooler Bullied by Students, Teachers for Wearing a Trump Cap

Maine Sen. Susan Collins Should Always Be Remembered for Her Support of Racist Jeff Sessions

Male Lawmakers in Oklahoma Write Law Requiring Written Consent of the Father for Women to Have Abortions

Marco Rubio Might Be Liberals' Newest Ally, And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Marco Rubio, Not Donald Trump, Will Be the GOP Nominee, and That Should Scare You Sh*tless

Martin O'Malley Rolls Up His Sleeves and Torches Donald Trump

Martin Sheen, Debra Messing and Others Urge Electors to Vote Anyone but Trump

Meanwhile, in Antarctica...

Media Praises Leader of Free World For Not Sh*tting Himself for a Full Hour

Megyn Kelly Calmly, Coolly Deflects Newt Gingrich's Crazy in Bonkers Fox News Interview

Megyn Kelly Has Become the Biggest Example of White Feminism at Work

Melania Trump Does Not Deserve Our Sympathy

Melania Trump Just Said the Words 'They're Asking For It.' Really. Like, Actually Really

Melania Trump Straight-Up Plagiarized Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC Speech

Merriam-Webster Slayed With Plenty of Tweeted Debate Shade

Michael Caine Voted For Brexit

Michelle Obama Does 'Carpool Karaoke' with James Corden

Mike Flynn Will Testify Against Trump In Exchange for Immunity

Mike Huckabee Delivers the Year's Most Brutal Twitter Joke

Mike Pence 'Won' the VP Debate, But Donald Trump Was the Big Loser

Mike Pence Finally Weighs in on Khizr Khan's 'Vicious Attacks' on Donald Trump

Mike Pence Gets Booed at Hamilton, Hamilton Cast Has a Powerful Message

Mike Pence Has a Right-Wing Talk Radio 'Mulan' Conspiracy Theory

Mike Pence and His Stupid 'Law School Daze' Comics

Mike Pence and this Hugely Diverse Group of Outsiders Are Here to Shake Up the Status Quo

Mike Pence's Interview with 'Time' Magazine This Morning Turned Inexplicably Awkward

Mike Pence's Relationship with His Wife is ... Something Something

Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart One Day After Posting Plucky Status About How "This Will Not Defeat [Him]"

Milwaukee Brewers Player Has a Helpful Tip for Those of Us Terrified about Losing Birth Control Access: Abstinence

Misogynistic Has-Been Scott Baio Gets Gross All Over RNC Stage

More Bad News for Trump Is Great News for America!

More Donald Trump Tapes Are Coming

More Huckabee-Approved Movie Comparisons for Clinton Vs. Trump

Muslim Teen Shares Message From Her Father About Taking Off Her Hijab

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Goodbye, Bill O'Reilly

Nancy Pelosi Just Took Her F**king Earrings Out

Nationwide Women's Marches Clearly Rattled Delusional Donald Trump

Nearly 50 Advertisers Have Abandoned Bill O'Reilly, But Now What?

Need a Good Laugh? These Pictures of a 'Women Vote Trump' Rally Have You Covered

Neo Nazi Richard Spencer's Loses Tax Exempt Status

Never Forget that Donald Trump Is a Profoundly Stupid Person

Never Forget: Republicans Hate Poor People

New England Patriot's QB Tom Brady Has a Paul Ryan Problem

New Hampshire Brings Landslides For Both Bernie And Trump

Nice Try, Cowards: Not Voting for Either Candidate is the Same as Voting for Donald Trump

No One Is Bullying Bernie Supporters, Rosario Dawson

No One Is More Furious with Donald Trump Right Now than the Press

No, Hillary Clinton Did Not Kill Vince Foster

No, Polls Do Not Show Trump Beating Hillary

No, Ted Cruz Didn't Say The Planned Parenthood Shooter Is A 'Transgender Leftist Activist'

Nobody Likes Donald Trump Anymore

North Carolina Republicans Are a Bunch of Punk-Ass Bitches

North Carolina Republicans Have Instituted One-Party Rule

North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' Hits Them Where It Hurts the Most

North Carolina's Bathroom Bill Could Cost the State Billions

North Carolina's GOP Governor Continues to be a Terrible Loser/Human Being

Now Here's a Story About You Haven't Heard About Tim Kaine

Now That's What I Call Protest and Political Music: 90s Edition!

Now We Know What's at the Bottom of Donald Trump's Drained Swamp

Obama Kills, Larry Wilmore Bombs White House Correspondents' Dinner

Obama Set To Announce Executive Action On Gun Control

Obama's White House on Trump's Golden Showers Allegations: Deal With It (Basically)

Obamacare Premium Hikes Trump Presidential Race

Of Course, Donald Trump Is Not Going to Give Up His Company!

Oh Sh*t: Now You've Done It, Trump. You've Made an Enemy of Dwayne Johnson

Oklahoma Rep. Non-Ironically Calls Pregnant Women "Hosts" to Defend Dehumanizing Anti-Abortion Bill

On the Eve of the Most Important Election Of Your Lives, Coach Taylor Has an Important Message

One Quote That May Give Anti-Trumpers New Life After Yesterday's Disappointing House Intelligence Hearing

Only Donald Trump Could Make News Headlines By Speaking Out Against Antisemitism

Other Horrible Acts of Violence Perpetrated Against Trump Supporters

Our President* Has No Respect for or Understanding of the Office of the President

Our Response to the Pearl-Clutching and Uproar Over a Clinton Staffer Saying 'F*ck' on Twitter

Over Democrats' Objections, Republicans End Betsy Devos' Sh*tshow of a Confirmation Hearing

Owner of Coachella Allegedly Funds Anti Climate and Anti LGBTQ Groups

PETA Remains the Worst, Uses 'Grab a P*ssy' to Promote Cat Adoption

Paris Hilton Voted for Donald Trump, Who Creeped On Her When She Was 12

Pat Buchanan Thinks a Whiter America is a Better America, and That Trump Voters Agree

Paul LePage Suggests that Raising the Minimum Wage is Tantamount to 'Attempted Murder'

Paul Manafort Signed a Contract to Influence American Politics to Benefit Putin

Paul Ryan Is Gonna Get His Ass Handed To Him Over the Obamacare Replacement

Paul Ryan Will Continue to Toe the Line

Paul Ryan Wins Twitter Outrage For Clueless Selfie

Pennsylvania Could be the Next State to Succumb to Anti-Choice Extremism

Peter Thiel is Really, Really Confused

Placing Odds On Which White House Staffer Donald Trump Will Fire Next

Plagiarist Monica Crowley Is Out at the Trump White House

Pornhub's Encryption Won't Save Us From Internet Privacy Rollback, But Congress May Get Their Comeuppance

Post-Election America to See White Baby Boom Thanks to Sex Appeal of Donald Trump

Power Ranking the GOP's Best Dad Bods

Powerful Hollywood People Caught Up in Trump Tapes, Says Tom Arnold

Preparing For the Actual Day and Aftermath of the Presidential Election

President Obama Eviscerates Donald Trump

President Obama Is Going to Look into the Election-Related Hacking After All

President Obama Nominates Merrick Garland for Supreme Court

President Obama Perfectly Frames Donald Trump's Temperament Problem

President Obama Reads Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

President Obama Responds to Donald Trump's Wiretapping Accusations

President Obama Talks Russian Hacks, Trump, and Intelligence Briefings with Trevor Noah

President Obama's Press Conference Tomorrow Could Be a Big Deal

President Obama, Megyn Kelly, and Trevor Noah Pile on Whiny Republican Presidential Candidates

President-Elect Trump Flagrantly Breaks the Law; Skittish Media Drops It

Proof that Donald Trump Is Spreading Russian Disinformation and Propaganda

Props To The Protesters: Share Your Stories Of The Women's March

Public Outcry Has Led to Two Small Victories, So Far (Keep It Up)

Putting Hillary Clinton's Nomination Into Historical Perspective

Quit It with the Idea That Sexual Assault Has Anything to do with Appearance

Race, Politics, and Three Barbershops in Two Countries

Racist Alabama Cop Fired; Racist Alabama Senator Appointed Attorney General

Racists Have Found a New Euphemism for 'Racists'

Ranking the Week's Best Talk Show Appearances by Presidential Candidates

Raven-Symone Schools Rick Santorum On Marriage Equality

Real-time Reactions To Waking Up In A Britain That Voted To Leave The EU

Remember That Time Donald Trump Tried to Get Involved with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Breakup?

Remember That Time Trump Was Like, Hey! Why Don't You Guys Just Murder Hillary!

Rep. John Lewis Is Leading A Congressional Sit-In Over Gun Control

Rep. Steve King Is A Racist, Stupid Piece Of Sh*t

Report: A Smoking Gun in Trump/Russia Investigation Exists

Representative Ted Lieu is the Trump Troll We All Need

Reproductive Rights Are So F**ked Right Now

Republican Leaders React to Donald Trump's Latest Controversial Statement

Republican Senate Easily Defeats Four Gun Control Bills

Revolting Clownstick Donald Trump Doubles Down on Sexist Comments

Rick Perry Being Considered for Energy Secretary

Rob Reiner Accurately States that Racists Love Trump, 'Morning Joe' Hosts Gasp in Horrified Shock

Robert Reich Confronts A Trump Supporter With Facts And It's Delicious

Roger Stone Went on Alex Jones InfoWars Looking Idiotic

Rush Limbaugh Freaks Out Over "Lesbian Farmer" Invasion

Rush Limbaugh: 'Slavery Is Like a Wife Who Cheats On You'

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Isn't Interested In Your Bullshit

STFU, Kellyanne Conway

Samantha Bee 'Apologizes' to Eric Trump

Samantha Bee And Sarah Paulson Share The Smoking Gun Of Clinton's Emails

Samantha Bee Hung Out with a Bunch of Trump Fans. It Went Exactly As You'd Think.

Samantha Bee Is Sorry She Broke America

Samantha Bee Takes on Trump, Taco Bowls

Samantha Bee to Host 'Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner' the Same Night as Actual Correspondents' Dinner

Samantha Bee to Jill Stein: 'Oh F*ck Off!'

Samantha Bee's Team Asks Trump Supporters The Questions We All Have

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is the New Kellyanne Conway

Sarah Palin is Profoundly Dumb

Scenes from the Clinton/Trump Presidential Debate at Wash U

Schizophrenic Donald Trump Tries, Fails to Reach Out to Bernie Supporters

Science Takes To Twitter In Trump Resistance

Scott Walker Tried to Make a Sick Burn, Accidentally Endorses Hillary Clinton

Sean Hannity Takes a Shot At His Fox News Colleague, Megyn Kelly

Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas Loves Pink Ribbons, But Not Insuring Mammograms

Senate Democrats Grow an Inkling of Spine

Senator Rand Paul Is Getting Real Pissy with His Republican Colleagues in the House

Senior Intelligence Official: '[Donald Trump] Will Die in Jail'

Seth Meyers Relishes Trump's Tremendously Bad Week

Seth Meyers' 'Closer Look' Takes Aim at the Rise of Donald Trump

Sexist Trash Monster Donald Trump Has Been Attacking Megyn Kelly on Twitter

Should Democrats Stop Being the Party of Abortion Rights?

Show Your Liberal Agenda By Shopping At Target On Black Friday

Shut the F*ck Up, Ted Cruz

Simon & Schuster Cancelled Milo Yiannopoulos's Book Deal, Which it Never Should Have Signed Anyway

Sleight of Tiny Hand: How Donald Trump Routinely Distracts America

So Chris Christie Spent Valentines Day How You'd Expect Him To

So The Pod Save America Boys Were On Colbert Last Night

Some Old Trump Tweets About Taxes That Look Mighty Different Now That We Know He Doesn't Pay His

Some Suggestions for More Boycotts By Trumpy Supporters

Some of the Best Twitter Reactions to Last Night's GOP Debate

Something Feels Really Off About Jill Stein's Recount Effort

State Governments Are the Last Thing We Should Rely on for Abortion Rights

Stephen Bannon Ousted from the National Security Council

Stephen Colbert Booted From RNC Main Stage Before the Convention Has Even Starts

Stephen Colbert on Donald Trump's 'Horrifying' Threat to 'Wipe His Fat Ass with the Constitution'

Steve Bannon Literally Just Compared Himself to Satan

Still-President Barack Obama Just Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 21 Awesome People

Stop Demonizing Poor People Who Use Government Assistance

Stop What You're Doing and Watch Donald Trump's Communications Director Make an Absolute Ass Out of Himself on CNN

Surely Donald Trump's Announcement Of Sexual Assault Awareness Month Is An April Fool's Joke

Surging Deez Nuts Is Running 5th in Latest North Carolina GOP Poll

Survivor Is Not Happy with Heinous Life Form Kim Davis for Using 'Eye of the Tiger'

Syria: Whether the West Acts or Not, There Will Be a Price

Ted Cruz Calls Ellen Page a 'Liberal Fascist' Who Hates Christians

Ted Cruz Gets A True Taste Of 'New York Values'

Ted Cruz Is An Evil Prick

Ted Cruz Plays the Pity Card, Elizabeth Warren Slices Open His Jugular With It

Ted Cruz Remains a Rancid Little Pissant

Ted Cruz Reportedly a Basketball Star, Still a Total D-Bag

Ted Cruz Reviews 'Now You See Me' to Attack Mark Ruffalo, No One Knows What's Happening Anymore, The World Is Melting

Ted Cruz Takes A, Uh, Bold Stand Against Donald Trump

Ted Cruz Versus Soup Might Be the Strangest Personal Story of this Election

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and the Loss Cause of Party Unity

Ted Koppel Read Sean Hannity To Filth

Teleprompter Trump Says He's Sorry; Twitter Ain't Buying It

Texas Agriculture Commissioner calls Hillary Clinton a c*nt

That Kid Who Started the Fire at Trump's Deploraball Protest Was Drew Carey's Son

That Sound You're Hearing Is Freddie Mercury Spinning In His Grave

That The Cubs Would Win in 2016 Is Nothing Short of Poetry

That Time a 1987 Newsweek Reader Shaded All Future Americans

The Inauguration Performance Condition Trump Won't Dare Accept

The #Resistance Efforts at Town Halls Around the Country Last Night Are Giving Us Life

The 2016 Presidential Candidates As Lord Of The Rings Characters

The 5 Political Journalists that Mattered the Most This Election Year

The Already Ugly 2016 Election Is About to Get Much, Much Worse

The American Political System Has Jumped the Shark

The Appalling Last 24 Hours Of GOP Politics

The Best Reactions to the Trump/Pence Logo Fail

The Best Thing To Come Out Of This Kim Davis Business

The Best Tweets From The First Presidential Debate

The Best Tweets From The Second Presidential Debate

The Best Twitter Reactions to Scott Walker Dropping Out of the Presidential Race

The Biggest Takeaways from Donald Trump's '60 Minutes' Interview

The Bloodbath in the Republican Party Has Begun

The Boring Scandal That Might Finally Take Donald Trump Down

The British EU Referendum -- A Primer For An American Audience

The Calls Are Coming From Inside the White House: Resistance From Within Is Growing

The Celebs Who Joined The Women's Marches Around The World

The Dad of Muslim American War Hero Delivers One of the DNC's Most Significant Moments

The Daily Show's Black Trump And The Importance Of Being Presidential

The Danger of Donald Trump's Delusions

The Definitive Take on Today's Trump Press Conference Comes From ... Fox News?

The Depressing Reality Behind the People Who Actually Support Donald Trump

The Difference Between '50 Shades', Beyoncé and P*ssy Grabbin' with Trump

The Dump Trump Movement Gains a New Head of Steam

The Election Has Forever Broken Me, but Not In Any Way We Could Have Expected

The Election Is Over, but Trump Voters Are Still As Dumb as Dog Piss

The Election's Almost Over. Breathe. You Can Get Through This.

The Election, U.S. Foreign Policy, And Harold Pinter's 2005 Nobel Lecture

The Embarassing Anthony Weiner Documentary Looks Incredible, Painful

The Expressions of Chris Christie and His Wife Were the Highlights of Donald Trump's Speech

The FBI Is Now Investigation Breitbart for Possible Collusion with the Russians

The Full Transcript of Trump's Embarrassing Black History Month Speech Offered without Commentary

The Funniest Responses to Donald Trump's Latest Baffling Tweet

The GOP And Obama Are Playing Politics With Our Goddamn Lives

The GOP Congressmen Debating the Health Care Bill Are Breathtakingly Dumb

The GOP Health Care Bill Is Getting Creamed, and Trump Has No Idea What Is In It

The GOP Is Fallling Apart Over Melania Trump Plagiarism Allegations

The GOP Took The First Step to Repeal Obamacare; Here's What Their Replacement Might Look Like

The Good Guys Lost, America. But They're Still Going To Make 'Star Wars' Movies

The Guy Being Praised by the White House for Pushing the Susan Rice Story Is a Real Piece of Work

The Horrific Hillary Clinton Presidency, As Imagined by Conservative Author Bryce Slattery

The House GOP's New Health Care Provision is a Bunch of Bullsh*t

The House Passed a Bill Making Abortion Pretty Much Inaccessible to Poor Women

The Imperfections of Hillary Clinton

The Intelligence That HAS Been Verified Is Nearly as Damning to Trump As the Golden Showers Claims

The Internet Reacts After Donald Trump Bombs with His Dark, Cringeworthy Roast of Hillary Clinton

The Investigation Into the Trump Wiretap Claims and Collusion with Russia Just Got Weirder

The Least Brexit Supporters Could Do Is Hang The Union Flag Correctly

The Liberal Outrage Machine is Out of Control

The Maine Governor's Hot Take on John Lewis Is Even MORE Moronic

The Media Doesn't Care for Donald Trump's Latest Accusation

The Media Got Us Into This Goddamn Mess, and Now It's Time the Media Dug Us Out

The Media Has Donald Trump Dead to Rights on a Corruption Charge, But Will It Matter?

The Media Has Had It With Your Bullsh*t, Politicians

The Most Galling Lie Kellyanne Conway Told Today Was About the Women's Marches

The Most Heartening Statistic from the Democrats Loss In Kansas

The Most Hilarious/Infuriating Things Kim Davis Said In Her First TV Interview

The Most Infuriating, F*cked Up, Batsh*t Bonkers Statements from Trump's Times of London Interview

The Most Insane Quotes from Donald Trump's 'Time' Interview

The Most Mindboggling Videos to Come Out of This Election Cycle

The Most Nonsense Answers in Donald Trump's Nevada Interview

The NYTimes Drops a Bombshell On Donald Trump's Tax Records

The NYTimes Profile on Rick Perry, Trump's Pick for Energy Secretary, is Terrifying

The Necessary Charade the Media Must Perform Every Time Donald Trump Tells a New Lie

The Nicest Things Ever Done or Said By Donald Trump

The Night That Rachel Maddow Let Me Down

The Nightmarish Last 24 Hours of GOP Politics, Summarized

The Nightmarish Last 24 Hours of the Trump Transition, Summarized

The Number of Americans Who Want Trump Impeached is Growing at an Alarming Rate

The Only Funny Thing About This Nomination Process Is Watching the GOP Rip Each Other Apart

The Perfect Debate Drinking Game for Teetotalers

The Point in the Trump Administration When We Hit the Panic Button

The President Elect Is Lying To You About Everything

The Problem With Bernie Supporters (Speaking as a Bernie Supporter)

The Real Danger of Trump

The Real Story of That Trump Supporter at Hamilton Chicago

The Resistance Is Real And Everywhere

The Rogue Twitter Accounts Allegedly From Inside the White House Are Giving the Resistance Life

The Russians Didn't Hack the Election, Obama Did, Says Trump Advisor

The Scary Reason More Conservatives Are Supporting OTC Birth Control

The Serious Election Issue No One Is Talking About

The Solution To Hillary's 'Bitch' Problem? Lean Into It

The Son of the Incoming National Security Advisor Pushes #Pizzagate Conspiracy, Which Led to Gunfire Yesterday

The State Department's Entire Senior Management Just Walked Out

The Story Behind A Man Arrested for JCC Bomb Threats Is Gonna Get Weird

The Story of the Protests at Standing Rock is the Story Of America

The Supreme Court Delivers a Major Defeat to Racial Gerrymandering

The Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Law HB-2

The Syria Conflict Raises Every Concern We Had About the Trump Presidency

The TL;DR of the Latest Clinton Email 'Scandal': It's Nothing. Calm Down.

The TL;DR on #Pizzagate, the Alt-Nazi Conspiracy Theory with F*cked-Up Real-World Consequences

The TL;DR on the 3 News Reports Linking Donald Trump's Campaign to Russia

The Tenors Change the Lyrics to 'O Canada' To Support All Lives Matter

The Trump Administration: Crazy Or Incompetent?

The Trump Campaign is Irreparably Damaged, So Why Does This Feel So Heartbreaking?

The Trump Campaign's Decision to Target 'The Walking Dead' Viewers Was Brilliant and F*cked Up

The Van Jones Case Provides a Usable Template to Force Stephen Bannon Out

The Weekend's Best Inauguration Story Involved Trump's Inaugural Cake

The Wheels Are Coming Off The Trump Administration

The White House and Donald Trump Weigh in On Kanye's 2020 Presidential Bid

The Winner Of The 2016 Presidential Election: The Ability To Make Us All Feel Like Assholes

The Woman Accusing Trump of Raping Her at 13 Was Bullied Into Canceling Her Press Conference Today

The Women's March Was an Amazing Beginning - Let's Hold On To This Unity!

The Wonderful and/or Horrific Return of the American Statesman

The Working Relationship Among Republicans Is About to Get Really Complicated

The Worst Things Donald Trump Said Over the Weekend

The Youth Will Not Save Bernie Sanders

There Was Sh*tshow On the Floor of United States Senate Last Night

There are Only Two Kinds of People Who Own Confederate Flags: Racists and Super Racists

These Countries Are Picking Up Trump's Slack on Reproductive Rights

Things Are Not Going Well Between Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly

Third Eye Blind Played an RNC Concert Just So They Could Troll Republicans

This 'President Bannon' Business Is Really Starting to Get to Donald Trump's Head

This Congressman Wants to Know What Other 'Sub-Group' has Contributed More to Civilization than White People

This Election Is Not about Policy. It's About Identity

This Hillary Clinton Email Shows What a Crooked Monster She Truly Is

This Is the Best Political Ad of the 2016 Campaign

This Isn't Goodbye, It's Just Smell You Later: A Ted Cruz Love Letter

This Morning's Dire Donald Trump Situation Explained in 12 Tweets

This One Aspect of the Trump Administration is Actually Cause for Optimism

This Photo Says It All About Donald Trump's Mental Illness

This Steve Bannon Guy Is Pure Evil

This Texas County Commissioner Has Made the Perfect Political Ad

This Trump Surrogate Had the Exact Wrong Response to a Wash U Abuse Survivor's Tearful Interview

This Week In 'Seriously, F*ck That Guy': Bigots Abound Edition

This Week in Catholic News

This is What True Courage Looks Like, America

Three Times Pop-Culture Predicted a Donald Trump Presidency

Three Upcoming Special Elections Portend a Bloodbath for the GOP in the Midterms

Three Ways Presidential Debate Moderators Can End Trump's Candidacy Without Facing Bias Accusations

Tim Kaine Will Be Hillary Clinton's Vice Presidential Nominee

Today, the World Will Change, But How Much?

Tom Cotton Gets Destroyed By Woke 7-Year-Old, Ignores Woman Who Says She'll Die Without Obamacare

Tomi Lahren Explodes Into White Rage Over Jesse Williams BET Speech

Tomi Lahren Wants You to Know She Has Black Friends, is Really Proud of Herself

Tomi Lahren's Job Is Reportedly In Jeopardy After Expressing Rare Reasonable Opinion

Trevor Noah 'Offended' Over Tomi Lahren's Suspension from 'The Blaze'

Trevor Noah Helpfully Explains Hillary Clinton's Dumb, Racist Joke

Trevor Noah Politely Dismantles Tomi Lahren in a Face to Face Argument

Trevor Noah's Lena Dunham Impression His First Great GIFable Moment

Trevor Noah: 'I Don't Know What the F*ck Matt Lauer Was Doing'

Trump Aide Actually Thinks He Got the Best Of a CNN Anchor in that Baffling Interview

Trump Campaign Wildly Mistakes Public Opinion On Tacos

Trump Clarifies Nuclear Arms Tweet, and F*ck Me

Trump Colluded with the Russians, Who Have Compromising Information on Him

Trump Didn't Say What You Heard Him Say About Abortion, Says Trump

Trump Files His First #Rigged Lawsuit, Shades His Daughter, Tiffany

Trump Finally Landed a Pseudo-Celebrity for His Inauguration (But It's Not R. Kelly)

Trump Inauguration Team Is Offering Ambassadorships in Exchange for A-List Talent

Trump Invokes 'Frozen' In His Anti-Semitic Tweet Scandal, Twitter Responds

Trump Is Violating the Law by Hiring Jared Kushner

Trump Isn't Just Terrible When He's Bad, He's Terrible When He's Good Too

Trump Likes His Briefings With "as Little [Words] as Possible," and Same, I Guess

Trump Misses The Point In Fiorina Non-Apology

Trump Press Conference

Trump Reportedly Plans to Fire Sean Spicer for His Sh*tty Fashion Sense

Trump Shouted Down A Jewish Reporter For Pressing Him on Anti-Semitic Attacks Against Preschools

Trump Signs Symbolic Bill to Encourage Women to Enter STEM, Probably Just for Photo-Op

Trump Steals an Idea from The West Wing, Wants to Kick the Press Out of the White House

Trump Supporters Are Boycotting Pepsi, Oreos, and Netflix

Trump Supporters Stayed Up Until 4 a.m. Waiting for Wikileaks' 'October Surprise'

Trump Surrogate Calls Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump 'Man-Shaming'

Trump Thinks Jews Are Calling In Bomb Threats to Their Own Preschools but Ivanka Is Jewish So It's All Good

Trump Tweets about His Own Taco Bowl for Cinco de Mayo, Declares 'I Love Hispanics!'

Trump Wants "Some Form of Punishment" for Women Who Have Abortions

Trump Would Rather Talk About Golf Than Job Creation

Trump is a National Embarrassment, but Maria Bartiromo? What the Hell?

Trump on Sexual Harassment: Women Should 'Find Another Career Or ... Company'

Trump's Campaign Manager Has a History of Domestic Violence, Because Of Course He Does

Trump's Choice for AG, Jeff Sessions, Is a Bad Man and You Should Know About It

Trump's Health and Human Services Nominee Seems to be a Worse Criminal Than Martha Stewart

Trump's Latest Reckless Act Leaves Us All Feeling A Little More Helpless

Trump's Secretary of Transportation Allegedly Tweeted That Trump Should Get His Soul Sued

Trump's Washington D.C is a Lie

Trump, Anxiety and the Crushing Weight of Opinions

Trumped Bragged About Spying On Ms. Universe Contestants To Howard Stern

Trying to Make Sense of Donald Trump's Visit with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Tucker Carlson is So! Open! Minded! That He's Shouting! About! It!

Twitter Erupts On The 'Wall Street Journal' for Playing Into Donald Trump's Lunacy

Twitter Is Giving Donald Trump Nicknames And Everything Is An Unfunny Joke

Twitter Is Having a Blast at the Expense of of Donald Trump Jr. Right Now

Twitter Is Mad at NPR for Getting Mad at Cokie Roberts Who Is Mad at Donald Trump

Twitter Makes Shady Move Protecting Politicians From Their Deleted Tweets

Twitter Reacts To Bill O'Reilly's "Well-Fed" Slaves Bullshit

Twitter Reacts To The Democratic Presidential Debate

Twitter Reacts to Donald Trump's $25 Million Trump University Settlement

Twitter Reacts to Donald Trump's Firing Of Corey Lewandowski

Twitter Reacts to Donald Trump's Latest Assault on the First Amendment

Twitter Reacts to GOP Congressman's Assertion that Men Shouldn't Have to Pay for Prenatal Coverage

Twitter Reacts to Roger Ailes Joining Donald Trump's Campaign as Debate Consultant

Twitter Responds Beautifully To Trump's Latest Racist Promise With #MuslimID

Twitter Responses to the Alt-Right's SJW Professor Watchlist

Twitter Suspends the Account of a Conservative Law Professor Instapundit

Twitter Took Trumpelstiltskin's "Easy D" and Ran With It

Twitter has FINALLY Suspended David Duke's Account

Twitter's #ThingsMoreTrustedThanTrump Is Here To Make You Forget WWIII

Twitter's #WarningSignsOfACreep All Point To The Same Odious, Orange Dude

Twitter's Best Reactions to the Mitt Romney Dinner Photo with Donald Trump

Twitter's Rejection of Donald Trump's Speech Was Oddly Comforting

Twitter's Response to Trump's Victory Cake Is the Perfect Election-Day Surprise

Two Birds, One Tweet: Olivia Wilde Announces She's Having a Daughter, Slams Trumps

U.N. Drops Wonder Woman as Ambassador

U.S. Office of Ethics May Forces Trump's Hand, Compel Him to Sell Company

Unhinged Nutjob Alex Jones Hilariously Loses It While Defending Donald Trump During Radio Show

University of Washington's Course on Fake News

Untangling The Alternative Facts Surrounding Trump's CIA Speech

Up is Down, Left is Right: The Political Fall-Out of Trump's Syrian Airstrike

Van Jones to Trump Surrogate on CNN: 'You Need to Back Off'

Voting And Other Normal Things Made Into Waking Nightmares By Anxiety Disorder

Was Trump On Cocaine During the Debate? Twitter Thinks So

Watch Kellyanne Conway's Trainwreck of an Interview on the 'Today' Show

Watch Michelle Obama's DNC Speech

Watch a Flummoxed Anderson Cooper Basically Roll His Eyes at Kellyanne Conway for 10 Minutes

Watch a Trump Surrogate Get Lit Up by CBS's Bob Schieffer

Watching Idiotic Trump Supporters Cry and Rage Into the Void Will be the Best Thing About Election Night

We Are All Tomi Lahren Preaching to the Choir, and We Have to Stop

We Do Not Deserve President and Michelle Obama

We Have Jon Stewart to Blame for Donald Trump

We Just Got Way Too Clear of a Window Into the Mind of a Trump Campaigner

We Made It Easier for Lawmakers to Tweet Their #ThoughtsandPrayers

We Were Wrong About Which 'Parks & Recreation' Character Trump Is

We'd Kiss Geraldo Rivera on the Lips For This If He Weren't Such a Homophobe

We've Been Thinking About Hillary Clinton All Wrong

Wednesday, November 9th

Weird Al, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Blondie Rockout Debate Style

Welcome to the Hellmouth: Your Weekend in Trump - Nov. 24-27

Well, This Is Terrifying: Trump Now Has Access to Nation-Wide, Unblockable Group Texting

What Are Ivanka Trump and Anita Hill Talking About?

What Bernie's Stunning Victory In Michigan Shows Us About Polls, The Press, And The Country

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What Did Mitt Romney Say About Donald Trump In His Speech?

What Else Was On the Ballot Besides Trump?

What Hillary Clinton's s Primary Victory Means To Us

What History Can Tell Us About Hardcore Bernie Sanders' Supporters

What I Saw at Last Night's Trump Rally Should Make You Worry About November

What Is a Stop and Frisk, and Why It's So Goddamn Dangerous?

What Saturday's Election for Chair of the Democratic National Committee Means for the Democratic Party

What Stupid Sh*t Did Donald Trump Say Today?

What To Do If You Ever Run Into Donald Trump Accidentally

What To Think About As Something You Love Is Corrupted By Something You Abhor

What Trump's Trans Rights Move Really Means

What We Accomplished This Weekend

What We Can Learn From a Day Without a Woman

What We Know So Far From the House Intelligence Committee Hearing on Russia

What We Mean When We Ask For Empathy For Trump Supporters

What Wearing A Safety Pin Means Now

What Will We Do Once He's Gone: Fear Of A Post-Trump Planet

What is Spirit Cooking? #SpiritCooking Is Not Devil Worship You Morons

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