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'That's Your F*cking Question?' Cate Blanchett Interviews Are the Best Interviews

By Courtney Enlow | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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'Game of Thrones'' Maisie Williams Previews the First Clip of Arya at House of Black and White

By Cindy Davis | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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About That Time Natalie Portman Got Kanye'd in Germany By Environmentalists With a Satirical Sex Polar Bear

By Vivian Kane | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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Why Jon Hamm's Rehab Announcement Is So Important

By Courtney Enlow | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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Because Someone Had To: Cate Blanchett Explains Women Still Like Movies After Menopause

By Kristy Puchko | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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J.K. Rowling Handily Shuts Down Twit(terer) Complaining About Dumbledore Being Gay

By Cindy Davis | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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Watch Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell Tell a Gay Reporter No, There's No Homophobia in 'Get Hard'

By Vivian Kane | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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Norman Reedus Would Like to Help You Free the Nipple

By Vivian Kane | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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'Broad City' Offers The Perfect Response To Subtle Street Harassment

By Kristy Puchko | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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Mo'ne Davis Forgives the Assh*le Baseball Player Who Called Her a Slut

By Courtney Enlow | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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Rob Kardashian Apparently Thinks Kim Is a Psychopathic Murderer

By Courtney Enlow | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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Hey Maine Governor Paul LePage, Pissing Off Stephen King Is Probably a Bad Idea

By Cindy Davis | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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Gal Gadot Responds To Criticisms She's Not Woman Enough To Play Wonder Woman

By Kristy Puchko | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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LeBron James and Vaginal Tattoos: 6 Life Lessons From Amy Schumer

By Vivian Kane | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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The Stig Rides a Tank to the BBC for Jeremy Clarkson

By Genevieve Burgess | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

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Here's an alphabetical listing of all our Celebrities Are Better than You:

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'Fargo's' Allison Tolman Shuts Down Body-Shamers on Twitter, Is Our Favorite New Person

'Felicity's' Amy Jo Johnson, the Original Pink Power Ranger, Resurfaced Wearing Her Old Power Ranger Outfit

'Guardian' Journalist Endeavors to Find Out if Jonah Hill's Reputation as a Douche Is Accurate

'Jane the Virgin's' Gina Rodriguez Reassesses Her Views on Feminism

'Justified's' Jacob Pitts Has the Best Harrison Ford Story Ever

'Married Christian Man' Kanye West Defends Wheelchair Incident, Throws Ben Affleck Under the Bus

'SNL's' Cecily Strong Calls Out 'Bully Dickheads' for Suggesting She's Pregnant

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Box-Office Prospects Are Seriously Being Threatened

'That's Your F*cking Question?' Cate Blanchett Interviews Are the Best Interviews

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A CumberBUNCH of Videos from The Graham Norton Show

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A Rundown of all the Marriages, Divorces, and Engagements Over the Holidays

A Tale of Two Airheads: Sarah Palin vs Poppy Carlton from 'Almost Royal'

Aaron Paul Is Legit Pissed at the Hypocrisy of Toys 'R Us Pulling the 'Breaking Bad' Action Figures

Aaron Paul Wants What We All Want: To See Him Cameo on 'Better Call Saul'

Aaron Paul Will Never Let Us Forget How Very Grateful He Is

Aaron Paul, Chris Pratt, and The Rock Are Already Doing 2015 Better than We Are

Aaron Rodgers Proves that Not Every NFL Player Has the Soul of a Colostomy Bag

Abercrombie & Fitch vs. The Situation: A Douche Against Douche Cage Match to the Finish

About the Time Charming Potato and Shia LaBeouf Went on a Drunk Vandalism Spree Together

About the Time Pajiban Prince Nathan Fillion Shut Down Justin Bieber's Entourage

About the Time Peter Dinklage Watched a Man Die, and How He Didn't Realize He May Have Been Responsible for the Man's Death

Accomplished Dancer Emilie Livingston Set to Marry Smoking Hot Actor from 'The Fly,' 'Jurassic Park'

Adrianne Palicki Is Open to a (Fictional, Character-Based) Relationship With Jeremy Renner

After Being Misunderstood, Unfairly Maligned and Labeled a Homophobic Bigot, Alec Baldwin Writes a Dissertation on Why He's Leaving Public Life

Ah, The Good Ole Days When Sluts Were Fancier | Celebrities Are Better than You Are

Alexandra Daddario Reacts to the Knowledge that President Obama Has Seen Her Boobs

All You Ever Wanted Was Someone to Take Care of Ya. All You're Ever Losin' is a Little Mascara | An Open Letter to Jessica Simpson

All the Reasons Why Dan Harmon Wins For Best Wedding of All Time

Allison Tolman Talks Fame, Internet Trolls and Making Real Change for Women

Allison Williams Got Engaged, and the 'People' Magazine Comments Section Offers Their, Uh, Congratulations?

Allison Williams Talks About Her Dad's Suspension from NBC

Alright, Taylor Swift, Are We Gonna Do This Or What?

Alyson Hannigan Tweets Darling Ovary Punching Picture of Her Daughters in MacLaren's Pub

Amanda Bynes Has ... AN IMPOSTER!

Amanda Bynes on Psychiatric Hold After Attempted Self-Immolation

Amanda Bynes's Mom Insists Her Daughter Has No Mental Illness Whatsoever, Was Under the Influence of Marijuana

Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson Playing Grabass Is the Only SAG Awards Highlight You Need to See

Amy Adams Gives Up Seat, Demonstrates that Stars Are (Sometimes) Good People Too

Amy Adams and Tim Burton Did a Gorgeously Creepy Thing Together

Amy Poehler Explains to Howard Stern Her Porn Preferences

Amy Poehler Has a New Boyfriend, And It's a Good One

Amy Poehler Honors Harris Wittels

Amy Poehler Speaks Out About Her 'Sad' and 'Painful' Divorce to Will Arnett

Amy Poehler and 'Parks and Rec' Do Make- A-Wish

Amy Schumer Immortalizes Tilda Swinton with An Introduction Speech for the Ages

Amy Schumer Tells Fat Shaming Trolls Where They Can Get Off

An Extensive Investigation into Emma Stone's Qualifications for her new 'Cabaret' Role

An Open Apology to Jenny McCarthy

An Open Letter To Par*s Hilt*n | Celebrities Are Better Than You

An Open Letter to Blake Lively's Publicist

An Open Letter to Chris Brown

An Open Letter to Gwyneth Paltrow

An Open Letter to Jon Hamm's Penis

An Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan and Oprah

Analyzing the Adorableness of the 'Jane the Virgin' Cast's Twitter Accounts

Analyzing the General, All Pervasive Terror of J.K. Simmons

And Bill Cosby Just Dealt with a Heckler In the Word's Most Innappropriate Way

And Now A Word With Lars Von Trier

And Now, Let's Check In With Charlie Sheen | A Pajiba Summation

Anderson Cooper Wants to Know How Alec Baldwin Will Lie His Way Out of Homophobic Slurs This Time; Alec Baldwin Doesn't Disappoint

Andrew Garfield Blames the Studio for the Failures of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Andrew Garfield Didn't Bail on Batkid--He Took Him to Disneyland

Andrew Garfield Plays Basketball with Kids in His Spiderman Costume, Ovaries Explode Nationwide

Andrew Keegan Now Has His Own Religion. If That Sentence Did Not Give You a Brain Aneurysm, You Deserve YOUR Own Religion

Angelina Jolie's Supersweet Wedding Gown Featured the Jolie-Pitt Kids' Drawings

Anjelica Huston Alleges That Ryan O'Neal Beat the Shit Out of Her, Talks Being Arrested with Roman Polanski

Anna Kendrick Thinks It Would Be 'Super F**cking Stressful' To Be on 'Most Beautiful' Lists ... Uh, About That

Anna Kendrick and Taran Killam Geek Out Over the 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Theme Song on Twitter

Anna Kendrick on 'Time' Considering Banning the Word 'Feminist': 'Ugh. That's a F**king Bummer'

Anna Kendrick's Oscar Weekend Diary Proves She's JUST LIKE US!

Anna Kendrick, Liam Neeson, and Eddie Redmayne Get Pervy About Cartoons

Anne Hathaway Hasn't Changed; We Changed, And For the Better

Another Actress Comes Forward to Reveal Years of Rape and Abuse by Bill Cosby

Another One Bites the Dust: Leah Remini Leaves Scientology

Another Open Letter to Taylor Swift

Are You F*cking With Us or Not? Ashton and Demi's Road to the Finish

Are You Guys Trying to Kill Bono? U2 Singer Severely Injured After Second Mishap in a Week

Arguing with Myself About Jennifer Lopez

Arnett Poehler XXXXX

As Reports that Eva Mendes is Pregnant with Ryan Gosling's Baby Surface, We Commiserate Over the Loss of 5 Perfect Celebrity Couples

As a 'Card-Carrying Feminist,' Terry Crews Is Really Excited For the New 'Ghostbusters'

Ashton Kutcher: A True Hero

At Some Point We Must Ask Ourselves, "Is It Me?" | The Aniston Problem

Ava DuVernay Doesn't Give a F*ck About the Oscars, Gives Lots of F*cks About Oprah

Aziz Ansari Remembers Harris Wittels With Inappropriate Work Email

Baby Bumps, Real and/or Imagined: You Guys. Seriously. Hollywood is F*cked Up.

Baby, Come Over, I Need Entertaining. I Had a Stilted, Pretending Day | "Celebrities Are Better than You"

Backdoor Teen Mom Gives the Greatest Interview About Womanity That You Will Ever Read

Barrymore, Timberlake, Hanks, Affleck, Walken: SNL's Five-Timers Club Tell Hosting Tales

Beautiful, Rich, Blonde Women Need to Stop Giving Life Advice

Beautifully Airbrushed Olivia Wilde Breastfeeds Her Baby on the Cover of 'Glamour'

Because I Need These To Be Lies Like I Need Oxygen or Booze | Justin Bieber Remake Rumors

Because Someone Had To: Cate Blanchett Explains Women Still Like Movies After Menopause

Because We Know You've Been Waiting For It: Here's Your Chance to Go to Space With Leonard DiCaprio

Before They Were Stars: Revisiting Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson's Punk Band, The Dreamboys

Being Pretty is HARD, Y'all

Ben Affleck Was Caught Whispering to Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars -- Let's Speculate Wildly about It!

Ben Affleck and Bill Maher on Islamophobia

Benedict Cumberbatch Describes Sherlock Having Sex, and You Should Read This Very, Very Slowly

Benedict Cumberbatch Finally Speaks About That Alleged Fassbender Dance-Off

Benedict Cumberbatch Hates Homophobes, Will "Fight Them to the Death"

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Adorably Terrible At Fallon's Newest Game

Benedict Cumberbatch Knows You Think He Looks Like an Inbred Otter, Is Cool With It

Benedict Cumberbatch Marries, Valentine's Day Tainted for Thousands

Benedict Cumberbatch Proves His Name Has Nothing to Do With Melting Your Panties

Bestselling Author Throws Embarrassing Hissyfit on Twitter After Book Snub

Betty White Is Getting a Lifetime Achievement Emmy

Beyoncé's Sister Solange Attacks Jay-Z in an Elevator in our Generation's Zapruter Film

Bieber Fans Hack Esperanza Spalding's Wiki: I Belieb That Children Are Our Future

Bieber Finally Gets His Boo

Big Man, Little Dog: 20 Celebrity Men with Tiny Dogs

Bill Cosby Rape Victim Wonders Why It Took Hannibal Buress' Joke Before Anyone Would Listen to Her

Bill Cosby Tweets Thanks To His Celeb Defenders. All Two Of Them

Bill Cosby Will Not Dignify Those Rape Accusations with a Response (But His Lawyer Will)

Bill Maher Decided to Play the 'Celebrities Say Offensively Stupid Sh*t About Current Events on Twitter' Game, Too!

Bill Murray Celebrated the Long Weekend by Surprising Fans at a St. Paul Saints Game

Bill Murray Makes His Ubercool Picks for the Ghostbusters 3 Female Leads

Billy Corgan Is Still a Smug, Sniveling Prick

Billy Crystal Clarifies: He's Not Opposed to Gay Sex Scenes, He's Opposed to ALL Sex Scenes

Billy Eichner and His Celebrity Pals Go on a Hilarious Twitter Tirade Against Burger King for Plagiarism

Billy Joel Calls Taylor Swift Haters "Snoots," Takes a Swing at Sexism While He's At It

Blake Lively Announces Pregnancy in the Most Unctuous Way Imaginable

Blake Lively Has Ruined a Perfectly Good Canadian White Boy

Blake Lively Says Things, Frolics in a F**king Meadow

Blake Lively Starts a New Company Devoted to All the Things She's So Good At

Blake Lively's Response To A Bee Swarm Attack Is Open For Interpretation

Bobby Brown's Family Is Filming a Reality Show

Brad Pitt Has a Gun In His House, Despite His Six Kids (And You Might, Too, If You Were Brad Pitt)

Brad Pitt Leads Sing-Along On How to Pronounce David Oyelowo's Name

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Subverted My Plans, and Got Married in France Last Saturday

Brad Pitt, Cool Guy Extraordinaire, Plays the Tambourine Like a Boss

Breckin Meyer Has Very Unkind Things To Say About 'Saved By The Bell's' Dustin Diamond and His Penis

Breezy Had a Seize-y and It's All Your Fault

Brittany Murphy's Mom Attempts to Squash Reports that Her Daughter was Murdered, Raises Eyebrows

Broadway Audiences Simply Cannot Handle Being In the Presence of Hugh Jackman

Bryan Cranston Responds to Toys R Us Evicting His Walter White Action Figure

Calling Out The Craven: George R. R. Martin Offers To Screen 'The Interview' At HIS Theater

Cameron Diaz vs. Kirsten Dunst in the Battle of Vapid Remarks

Captain Tight Pants Has A Birthday Wish That Only You Can Help Fulfill!

Casey Kasem to be Buried in Norway

Cecily Strong Responds to Rumors that She's Pissed About Getting the 'Weekend Update' Shaft

Cee-Lo Green Can Stick His Rape Tweet Non-Apology Up His Ass

Cee-Lo Green Tweets His Definition of Rape, World Cries

Celebrities Who Were Incognito at San Diego Comic Con

Celebrities You Didn't Realize Were 9/11 Truthers

Celebrity Apologies: The Good, The Bad and the *Facepalm*

Celebrity Bullsh*t: 2011's Greatest Gifts of All

Celebrity Couples I Must Befriend At Once

Celebrity Parenting Round-Up: Vaccines and Diapers are Bad, Gwyneth's Life Is Hard

Celebrity Relationships: Confusion over Anna Kendrick's Boyfriend, and Gwyneth Paltrow Dates a Showrunner

Celebs Misunderstand Feminism, Make Me Sexist as a Result

Channing Tatum Writes the Best Emails

Charles Saatchi Divorcing Nigella Lawson Because She Didn't Defend Him When He Choked Her. Wait ... what?

Charlie Sheen Comes to 'Hero' Brian Williams' Defense Against 'Cowards' and 'Oligarchs'

Charlie Sheen Hurls His Crazy Into the Void

Charlie Sheen is an Awful Human Being, Part 6,539

Charlie Sheen to Die in Horrific Car Accident...Cue the Laugh Track!

Cheating, Truth-Telling, PR and Being 22 In Public: Assessing this Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson Mess

Check Out Jared Leto's Hair in that Awkward Stage Between Allman Brother and the Joker

Check Out The Big, Round Hairy Cojones On Meryl Streep As She Rips Disney A New One

Check Out the Latest Edition of Hollywood's Confusing Celebrity Doppelgängers

Chelsea Handler Rips on Britney Spears and her "Two Personalities"

Cher Admits She Might Not Be Flawless, Becomes Flawless in the Process

Chewbacca Is Impressed By Harrison Ford's Quick Recovery After Actor Has Another Accident

Chris Brown Wore a Halloween Costume

Chris Brown is This Generation's Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus, Says Man Who Urinates on Children

Chris Brown is a Lot Like Jesus

Chris Evans And Chris Pratt Continue Their Tour of Awesomeness

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Dominate the Only Super Bowl Photos You Need to See

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Made a Super Bowl Bet to Melt All Hearts and Pants

Chris Hardwick Has A Lot Of Thoughts About Nipples

Chris O'Dowd Handles Loss the Old Fashioned Way: With a Flask Full of Old Fashioneds

Chris Pratt Is Super Honest About What It Means to Be an Actor in Hollywood

Chris Pratt Is an Actual Real-Life Superhero Who Kicks Down Doors and Saves Babies

Chris Pratt Sings His Heart Out at Wrigley Stadium

Chris Pratt Stole Guardians Costume to Visit Sick Kids, Is Flaw-Free

Chris Pratt Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Chris Pratt's High School Photos Are a Thing of Beauty. Awkward, Geeky Beauty

Chris Rock's Top 5 Reddit AMA Answers: Who Was the Smartest 'SNL' Cast Member?

Chris Rock: Ben Roethlisberger is 'the Original Cosby'

Chrissy Teigen and Katie Cassidy from 'Arrow' Are In a Twitter Fight and It's Glorious!

Christian Bale Says George Clooney and Other Celebrities Should 'Shut Up' About the Tabloids

Christina Hendricks Proves There's No Better Way Into Washington Than to Be On One of Obama's Favorite TV Shows

Christina Hendricks Transitions from Gorgeous Redhead To Gorgeous Blonde

Christmas is Canceled: There Will Be No Kardashian Kristmas Special. Please. Remain Calm.

Christopher Nolan Throws the Shadiest of Shade in Marvel's Direction

Christopher Nolan's Older Brother Attempted to Escape Prison After Being Accused of a Contract Killing

Classy Ian McKellen Responds to Damian Lewis' Accusation that McKellan Is a 'Fruity Actor' Who 'Only Plays Wizards'

Co-Stars Who Violently Hated Each Other On the Set of their Films

Colin Farrell Is Impressed with How Humble Ewan McGregor Is About His Enormous Dick

Colin Jost Says Obama's Two Wins Joke Was 'Incredibly Lame', and as Head Writer of SNL, He Would Know

Conan Shames Jake Gyllenhaal for His Traumatizing, Dad-Made Halloween Costumes

Congratulations, Bill Cosby! Your Meme Generator Is Officially the Worst Idea Anyone Had Today

Cops Called in After Alec Baldwin Rightfully Gets Belligerent with Member of the Paparazzi

Could Charlie Sheen (Literally) Win?: A Pajiba Debate

Courteney Cox & David Arquette: Candid and Refreshing, or a Weird Marketing Trick Designed to Make Us Super Uncomfortable?

Craig Ferguson Gives Betty White The Hippo She Wants For Christmas

Curtis 'Booger' Armstrong Explains Why John Cusack Disavowed 'Better Off Dead'

DJ Clark Gregg Proves He Is the Funkiest SHIELD Agent

DJ Tilda Swinton Will Rock Your Goddamn Socks Off

Dame Helen Mirren Says All the Right Things About Confidence and Beauty

Damon Lindelof Admits He Quit Twitter Because Of Hurt Feelings Over 'Lost' Criticism

Dan Cortese Responds to Stefon's Mockery on 'SNL'

Daniel Radcliffe Posits the Radical Notion that Men Aren't Entitled to Women's Vaginas, Earns All-Access Pass to Mine

Danielle 'Topanga' Fishel Responds After Internet Calls Her a 'Fat Cougar' In Her Wedding Dress

Danny Masterson Trashes Scientology Doc, Blames School Shootings on Prozac

David Arquette Got Kicked Out of Justin Bieber's Birthday Party

David Letterman Apologizes to James Corden For Calling Him Tubby

David Lynch Drinks Ten to Twenty Cups of Coffee a Day, Suddenly David Lynch Makes a Little More Sense

David Schwimmer Helped Police Crack the Case in a Prostitute Stabbing

David Tennant and Olivia Colman Get a Look at Broadchurch Fan Art

Definitive Proof that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Vampires


Did Christian Bale Just Take a Backhanded Swipe at Batfleck?

Did Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's New Artisanal Baby Cost Someone Their Job?

Discussing Gender Roles With Izzie Stevens: Katherine Heigl Begins Her Comeback Tour By Addressing 'Those' Comments

Don't Panic: A Cursory Overview of Tabloid-Speak to Get You Through This Troubled Time

Donald Glover Apparently Learned from Dan Harmon How to Get Pissy on Twitter

Drake Refuses to do Magazine Press After 'Rolling Stone' Took Away His Cover in Favor of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman Explains the Proud American Tradition of the Kiss Cam

Earning Forgiveness is Overrated: The Comeback Concept

Eddie Redmayne's Audition for Bilbo Baggins in 'The Hobbit' Was a Disaster

Eddie Vedder's Ice Bucket Challenge Is the Most Dad Ice Bucket Challenge of Them All

Elisabeth Moss Calls Her Short-Lived Marriage to Fred Armisen 'Extremely Traumatic and Awful and Horrible'

Ellen DeGeneres Lays Smack Down On Homophobic Pastor's Rant

Ellen Page's Coming Out Speech Is a Thing of Beauty

Email from Sony Leak Reveals Joel McHale To Be ... the Nicest, Most Down-to-Earth Guy Ever

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Brilliantly Use the Evil Power of the Paparazzi for Good

Emma Stone and Colin Firth Are the Old Bickering Married Couple Vaudevillian Dreams Are Made Of

Emmy Nominees and the Snubbed React on Twitter

Ernie Hudson Changed His Opinion On the New 'Ghostbusters' Really Damn Fast

Evan Rachel Wood Talks About Feeling "like Meat" at Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

Evans, Pratt and Fallon Photobombing Super Bowl-ers Is the Most Glorious Thing You'll Ever See

Ever Have That Unshakable Feeling Like Nothing Will Ever Be OK Again? Me Too | Reality TV's Highest Earners

Every Little Thing He Does is Douchey: Shia LaBeouf Plagiarizes Dan Clowes and Yahoo Answers

Every Time Anna Kendrick Tweets, an Angel Retires To Its Bunk

Every Time Catherine Revved Up the Microwave, I'd Piss My Pants and Forget Who I Was for About Half an Hour or So | Randy and Evi Quaid are Squatters, Crazy

Everyone In the World Has a Big Ol' Fat Crush on Meryl Streep

Everything You Need to Know About Samira Wiley, The Extraordinary Poussey on 'Orange is the New Black'

Everything about John Travolta that Made Everyone Massively Uncomfortable During the Oscars

Evil Sony Hackers Expose a Bunch of Goofy Celebrity Aliases


Examining the Most Forgettable Face in Hollywood

F*cking With People: The Movie! | Uncomfortable Humor & You

FYI: Apparently Alexandra Daddario and Her Siblings Got First Pick at the Gene Pool Draft

Famke Janssen Broke Into Her Own House...or Did She?

Felicia Day Explains to Simpletons Why a Black Human Torch is Good But a White Tiger Lily is Bad

Felicia Day Writes About Her #GamerGate Fears and Unlike Chris Kluwe, Is Immediately Doxxed

Fighting, Finding Jesus and Biting the Hand that Feeds You: This Week in Child Stardom

Five Actors Painfully Unworthy of Their Status | Seriously, What Are You Even Doing Here?

Following His Latest Box-Office Bomb, Here's the First 5 People I'd Audition to Play Nic Cage in the Movie of His Life

For His Latest Career Move, James Franco Calls the NYTimes Theater Critic a 'Little Bitch'

Forget Wolverine and Jean, Here's Why Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy Are the Best X-Men Love Story

Former 'Newsroom' Writer Alena Smith Calls Aaron Sorkin Out for Doxing, Misogyny

Frances McDormand Has Some Very Strong Feelings About Plastic Surgery

Freddie Prinze Jr. Tries to Start a Fight with Kiefer Sutherland, Fails Miserably

From 'Thoughtless Pig' To Interracial Lesbian Relationship: They Grow Up So Fast, Ireland Baldwin Edition

From the Mouth of a Babe: Jessica Chastain Wants to Know "Where Is the Scarlett Johansson Superhero Movie? "

Gabrielle Union Speaks Out Against "The Fappening," Vultures and the Victimization of Women

Gal Gadot Responds To Criticisms She's Not Woman Enough To Play Wonder Woman

Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams Deftly Handles Her First Reddit AMA

Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams Previews the First Clip of Arya at House of Black and White

Garth Brooks Invites You to Have a Conversation In His Rape Van ... er, On His Facebook Page

Gary Oldman Delivers Canned Apology for Dumb Things He Said

Gaze Upon The Terrifying Faces Of Hollywood's Angry, Raging Feminist Beasts

Gene Simmons Tells Depressed People to Kill Themselves, Can Go F*ck Himself

George Clooney Got Into a Profanity-Fueled Shouting Match with a Hotel Tycoon Over an Obama Insult

George Clooney Said the Perfect Thing to a Nervous Anna Kendrick the First Time They Met

George Clooney Would Like To Know 'What the F**k Is Wrong With' Russell Crowe?

George Clooney's Wedding Will Be Held at Downton Abbey, Because That's What You Do When You're George F*cking Clooney

George R. R. Martin Finally Says the Words We've Longed to Hear

George R. R. Martin Is Understandably Flummoxed by Playboy's Sexy George R. R. Martin Halloween Costume

George Takei vs. Baby Goose

Gerard Depardieu Drinks 14 Bottles of Wine a Day, Kills Lions, Is Generally Better Than You

Giant Breasts Do Not An Actress Make | An Argument Against Guest Stars

Gillian Anderson Handily Wins a Make-Me-Jealous Photo Tweet Contest Against David Duchovny

Given the Choice Between Singing and Beer, Anna Kendrick Chooses Beer, Duh

God Dammit, Chris Brown

God Dammit, Justin Bieber: Pop Fetus Creates Racist Graffiti

Going Clear Documentary Reveals Who Was Behind Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's Split

Going Clear's Alex Gibney Says Scientology Bullied the IRS, Addresses Ridiculous Letter

Golden Globe in Hand, Ruth Wilson Speaks Her Mind About Sex Scene Inequality

Good F'ing Riddance: Why Celebrity "Retirement" is the Best Thing for All of Us

Guy Fieri and His Hairdresser Brawl. We Attempt to Uncover the Possible Reasons

Gwyneth Paltrow Cheating on Chris Martin? Delicious.

Gwyneth Paltrow Hosts the World's Whitest Party

Gwyneth Paltrow Invites Friends Over to Watch Films Starring Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks Her Ridiculously Lavish Christmas List Will Make Father Christmas Proud

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are 'Consciously Uncoupling,' Managing to Make Even a Breakup Sound Pretentious

Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Lena Dunham: Who Reigns Insufferable?

Gwyneth Paltrow's Latest, Greatest Advice Is to Steam-Clean Your Vajayjay

Gwyneth Paltrow's Most Sciencey Advice for Living Your Ultimate Life

Hackers: The Hollywood Boogeyman

Hairy Fishnuts? Poor Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Say Penguins

Haley Joel Osment Ate the Kid from 'The Sixth Sense'

Hannah Hart's Got What You Need For An Entertaining Pot Video: Sarah Silverman

Hannibal Buress Calls Bill Cosby a Smug-Faced Rapist

Happy Birthday, Betty White! | A Celebration of Geriatric Awesome

Happy Birthday, TMZ: You Princes of Class, You Kings of Go F*ck Yourself

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends | Here's Some Bullsh*t

Hard to Give, I'm Never Gonna Forget, But Everybody Needs a Little Forgiveness | Celebrities Are Better than You

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Justin Bieber Arrested for Being Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber Being Held Back From Attacking Photographers Is the Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

Justin Bieber Calls Fan a 'Beached Whale', Teases Her Till She Cries, Might Not Be the Kindest Gentlest Elf in the Workshop

Justin Bieber Has His Come to Jesus Moment, Admits He's Not Who He Has Been Pretending To Be

Justin Bieber Takes Racism Game to the Next Level, Sings Song about Joining the KKK

Justin Bieber Thinks He's James Dean. More Like James Oh-My-God-Why-Are-You-Always-the-World's-Worst?

Justin Bieber is Jacked...It's Confusing

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Justin Timberlake: Hollywood Trying to Make "Fetch" Happen

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Korrasami Gets Gorgeous Official Artwork

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Kristen Bell Takes Anti-Vaxxers to Task Like the Boss She Is

Kristen Bell Talks About Being Naked Whilst Naked, Because the Universe Loves You and Wants You to Be Happy

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Are Boycotting Publications that Pay for Photographs of Celebrity Babies, Because They Are Awesome

Kristen Bell's Daughter Has Never Seen 'Frozen'

Kristen Stewart Is Going to Take Some Time Off From Acting To 'Make Stuff'

Kristen Stewart Says You Don't Know "Dick Shit" About Her (Or Anyone, Really)

Kristen Stewart Tells Autograph Seeker to 'Get the F*ck Out of My Face'

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LOVE IS DEAD FOREVER | A Look Back at Tom and Katie, The Greatest Love Story of Our or Any Time

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Leave Britney Alone. Really.

Leave John Travolta Alone, Scarlett Johansson Tells the Associated Press

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Lee Pace Says That Doing 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Made Him Evil, And Doing 'Marmaduke' Made Him Desperate

Leia and Laverne Are a Couple? Huh. I'd Ship It.

Lena Dunham Addresses That Whole Jezebel Clusterf*ck

Lena Dunham Goes Into 'Rage Spiral' Over Sexual Abuse Allegations, and Amanda Palmer Comes to Her Defense

Lena Dunham Is Either the Bravest Person on Television or the Dumbest

Leonard Nimoy's Advice to a Young Girl Is a Heartbreaking Example of Everything He Was

Leonardo DiCaprio Accepts the ALS #IceBucketChallenge, Nominates Prime Minister of Canada

Leonardo DiCaprio Issued a Statement Saying He's Not Banging Rihanna--But Why?

Leslie Mann Says Jaime Lannister Made a Red Wedding Out of Her Face

Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow Squeezing Into a Naked Lena Dunham T-Shirt Is What Passes for a Post During a Holiday Week

Less Classically Beautiful Viola Davis Responds to That NYT Shonda Rhimes Piece

Let These Two Kardashian-Flavored Thought Polyps Sit and Marinate For a Minute

Let's All Collectively Gasp At The Monumental Shade Ronan Farrow Threw At Woody Allen

Let's All Get Very Excited About Ryan Reynolds' Latest Merc-Mouthed Tweet: CHIMICHANGA!

Let's All Skeptically Assess Guy Pearce's New Career

Let's Be Honest: Is Madonna Just Sad at this Point?

Let's Celebrate Dylan McDermott's Triumphant Return to "American Horror Story" with a Ben Harmon Appreciation Post

Let's Play '90s Child Star Mad Libs with Andrew Keegan!

Let's Play a Game: Which Of These Actors Is Older than Wilford Brimley Was in 'Cocoon'?

Let's Play a New Game Called "Is That Sexist?"

Let's Pour Some Out for the Stars Who Never Were

Let's Speculate Not-So-Wildly About the Remaining Three "Most Fascinating People" on Baba Wawa's Annual List

Let's Speculate Wildly About Whatever the F**k Donald Trump is Going On About Now

Let's Speculate Wildly About the Contents of Lindsay Lohan's Pink Bag

Let's Take a Break from Celebrity Divorce to Celebrate the Most Adorable Celebrity Love

Liam Neesons Has A Special Set of Skills For Maggie Grace's Ex-Boyfriend

Life's Hard When You're John Mayer: A Pajiba Pep Talk

Lindsay Lohan in Talks to Play Elizabeth Taylor, and I Tase Myself in a Desperate Effort to Feel Feelings

Lindsay Lohan vs. Amanda Bynes: Two Child Stars Enter, Both Run You Over as They Leave

Lindsay Lohan's Acting Is a Gift to Us All, So She Tried to Count it as Community Service

Lindsay Lohan's Glamorous Hollywood Life (of Being Used Solely to Generate Publicity for Sh*tty Direct-to-Video Fare)

Lindsay Lohan's Photoshopped Selfie Is Embarrassing on So Many Levels

Lindsay Lohan, Kris Kardashian and Fake Babies: The Apocalypse Will Be Televised

Lindsay Lohan, This Is An Instagram Photoshopping Intervention

Little Teeny, Tiny Maisie Williams Holding a Cow's Nipple Is the Perfect Antidote to Dark 'Game of Thrones' Discussions

Lonely Then, Like an Alien: Britney Spears and the Public View of Mental Illness

Long Story Short, Everyone's Terrible: Your A**hole Round-Up for the Day

Louis C.K. Goes on a Glorious, Profane, and Gloriously Profane Anti-ISIS Twitter Rant

Louis CK Was Really Weird On Twitter Today

Love Is Dead FOREVER: Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne Split

Lupita Nyong'o Is Perfection Incarnate, Even When Fearfully Scurrying From a Cobra

Lupita Nyong'o Reads Gossip, is a Flawless Human Being

Lupita Nyong'o's Dress Probably Recovered

Mad Shopping, Bro: Zac Efron Skateboards Around the Grocery Store Like Cool People Do

Madonna Dresses as Daenerys Targaryen for Purim, and It Works For Her

Madonna Sticks Her Foot in It Again: Women Are Still the Most Marginalized Group

Maisie Williams on 'Game of Thrones', the Internet, and Growing Up

Maisie Williams' Terrible Pun Makes for Great Tweet

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Announce Divorce

Marc Maron and T.J. Miller Really Do Not Like Each Other

Marilyn Manson Denies Involvement in Eli Roth/Lana Del Rey Rape Video

Mark Duplass' High School Paper Review of 'Before Sunrise' Is a Snarky Teen Dream

Martha Stewart vs. Gwyneth Paltrow Round III: When You Come at the King, You Best Not Miss

Mary Louise Parker Will Soon Reveal What a Dick Billy Crudup Was For Leaving Her While She Was Pregnant

Master Class in Cool: Bill Murray Sings Bob Dylan's Shelter from the Storm

Matthew McConaughey Admits the First Two Trophies He Ever Won Were Based on Lies and Plagiarism

Matthew Vaughn Joins The Zack Snyder Club, Call Sexism "Empowering"

Maura Tierney Recalls NewsRadio and Recounts a Sweet Phil Hartman Story

Max Greenfield of 'New Girl' Shows Off His Schmidt Moves

Maybe the Children Shouldn't Be Our Future: Jaden Smith Says Things

Mayim Bialik Trashes 'Frozen,' Is Straight-Up Trolling Us Now

Melissa Leo's Oscar Campaign: Sad, or Sadly Necessary? | A Pajiba Oscar Debate

Melissa McCarthy Responds to Rex Reed with Class and Goodness; We Are Reminded that Rex Reed is a Total Butt Chud

Merry Christmas From the Kardashians | Your Daily Dose of Elegance

Michael Cera Has Released a Lo-Fi Folk Album Because Of Course He Has

Michael Sam Gets a Standing Ovation at a Missouri Basketball Game

Michael Sheen Is the New Adam Duritz Of Dating Way Out of His League

Michelle Rodriguez Apologizes For Remarks About "Stealing" White Superhero Roles

Mike Myers Crawls Out of the Woodwork, Speaks to the Kanye-West-George-Bush-Doesn't-Care-About-Black-People Episode

Mila Kunis Does Not Want to Answer Your Boring Interview Questions Anymore, Dipsh*t Journalists

Miles Teller Walks Back Those 'Divergent' Made Him Feel 'Dead Inside' Comments

Miley Cyrus Actually Says Something Quite Smart Here. No, Seriously.

Miley Cyrus Is Smarter Than Julianne Hough And Here Is The Proof.

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez Are Feuding Like Goddamn Millennials

Miley Cyrus' Horrifying New Sex Toy Is, Uh, Not For Rookies

Miley Goes Full Frontal, Is Officially In F*ck It Mode (NSFW)

Miley's Masturbation Promotion Photo Is Offensive (NSFW Again)

Miley-Porn Enthusiasts Won't Be Disappointed In These Images From Her 'Bangerz' Tour

Mindy Kaling Calls Julianne Moore A Liar, And Other #TheDress Reactions

Mindy Kaling Mistaken For Malala Yousafzai

Mindy McCready and the Curse of Celebrity Rehab: Blurring the Lines Between TV and Treatment

Missing Heads, Cannibalism, Gary Oldman, and What Really Disturbs David Fincher

Mo'ne Davis Forgives the Assh*le Baseball Player Who Called Her a Slut

Move Over, Kardashians. There's a New Best Christmas Card Ever.

Muscle: Robert Downey Jr. Joins in the Chant to Give Black Widow Her Own Film

My BFF 4eva Emma Stone: 15 Celebrity Figures I Wish Were in My Life

My Internal Struggle With This Jessica Simpson Baby Weight Mess

NSYNC to Reunite at VMA Awards, Pajiba Writer Cleans and Presses Her Liveblogging Capelet

Natalie Dormer Playfully Calls Kit Harington an Idiot, and Champions Our Nude Equality Movement

Natalie Portman Got Kanye'd in Germany By Environmentalists With a Satirical Sex Polar Bear

Nathan Fillion Is Better Than Joel McHale

Nathan Fillion Wrote the Foreword to a Whedon Biography, and It's a Beautiful Fanboy Tribute

Need A Break from Pop Culture's Oppressive Terribleness? Emma Thompson Is Here For You

Neil Patrick Harris Lost His Hetero-Virginity To a Woman Who Was Dared to Sleep with 'Doogie'

Neil Patrick Harris Took Out His Trouser Snake to Promote 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'

Neil Patrick Harris and Amy Poehler Both Discuss Their Drug Use

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Interstellar's Ending, and How to Meet Friends in Space and Time

Never Fear Martha Stewart Was Humbled by Prison; She's Sending out Her Drone to Capture Her Farm's Magnificence

Nicki Minaj Drops Butt-Baring Album Cover, Rates Sports Illustrated Models' Asses on Instagram

Nicolas Cage Describes the Methods Behind the Nic Cage School of Acting

Nicole Beharie Is Feeling Slighted by Her 'Sleepy Hollow' Producers

Nicole, Your Face Is Hurting Us: A Pajiba Photo Intervention

No Big Deal, Just a Picture Of Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion Wielding Light Sabers

No One But Matthew McConaughey Could Get Away With This

No. Idris Elba's Penis Does Not Have Its Own Zip Code

Nobody Wears No Pants with More Class than Cobie Smulders

Nope: President Clinton Didn't Care Much For Phil Hartman's Impression of Him

Norman Reedus Tweeted Some Very Spoilery Walking Dead Season 5 Photos

Norman Reedus Would Like to Help You Free the Nipple

Not All of Mark Wahlberg's Victims Think He Should Be Pardoned

Not Just Chin and Abs: Arrow's Stephen Amell May Be Smarter Than the People At Warner Bros.

Nude Photos of Nicolas Cage May Soon Leak. Here's How to Prepare Yourself

Nut Shrinkage and Bacne. Oh, Snooki, You Are A DELIGHT | Cannonballers, I've Got Your Next Book

OK Magazine Has A Different Notion Of Tragedy Than We Do | Intimating Miscarriages Is The New Black

Of All the Actors You'd Expect to Hook Up, These Two Are Probably Not Among Them

Oh Shut Up, Internet: Zach Braff Is Not Racist (Just Careless)

Oh, JK Rowling Crashed the Pottermore Website? Well, Emma Watson Brought Down the Whole U.N.

Oh. My. God. I Think I'm Having Palpitations: The Olivia Newton-John/John Travlota Christmas Album

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Welcome Tiny, Presumably Funny Baby Person to the World

On That Time Ben Schwartz Got Jane Fonda to Join His Improv Troupe

On Twitter, Kevin Nealon Pays Tribute to Jan Hooks, His Girlfriend in the 80s

One More 'Breaking Bad' Casualty: Aaron Paul's Emmy Speech Crashed the Kind Campaign Website

Only One Person is Happier About the Selection of James Corden to Host the 'Late Late Show' than James Corden

Only the 9 Most Monumentally Important Answers in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Reddit AMA

Orange Is the New Black's Big Boo Goes Head to Head with NYC Subway Evangelist Preaching Hate

Orange Is the New Black's Samira Wiley Is So Hot...

Orlando Bloom Took a Swing at Justin Bieber Because Bieber Bragged About Banging Bloom's Ex-Wife

Oscar Nominees' First Notable Roles

Our Little Miley Cyrus is a Woman Now | Fred, She's Gotten Her Boobies

Pajiba Tackles the Issues That Matter: The Haircuts Heard 'Round the World

Pajiba's Here To Help: Scamming a Celebrity into a Paternity Scandal for Fun and Profit

Pajiba's Here to Help: Tips for Successful Oscar Presentation

Paris Hilton Buys Dog/Tribble Hybrid for $13,000

Pat Sajak Is Not Who We Thought He Was

Patricia Arquette Removes Foot From Mouth

Patricia Arquette Takes Nobody's Sh*t: Stealing Celebrity Photos Is Deviant, Paparazzi Can F*ck Off

Patrick Stewart's Perfect Twitter Reaction To 'The Guardian' Accidentally Outing Him As Gay

Patton Oswalt Doesn't Just Feed the Internet Trolls, He Beats and Starves Them First

Patton Oswalt Explains His Conscious Unlinking from Twitter and Lessons Learned, Then Jumps Right Back into the Fray

Patton Oswalt Is Checking Himself Into Twitter Rehab

Patton Oswalt Turns His Unparalleled Troll Powers on His Grammy Competition

Paul Feig Calls Out Misogynist Whiners Over 'Ghostbusters' Backlash

Paul Haggis' Sister Completely Trashes Him and His Career Over the 'Scientology' Doc Dispute

Paul Thomas Anderson Told the Most Amazing 'Boogie Nights' Story About Burt Reynolds

Paying Our Respects to the Little-Known Director Behind Two Beloved Films Everyone Has Seen

Paying Tribute to Each of the Previously Eliminated Players in George Clooney's Romantic Life

Paying Tribute to Hayley Atwell's Phenomenal Live-Tweeting, Over-Sharing Twitter Account

Peasants, Rejoice! Gwyneth Paltrow Is Just Like You

People Asked Idris Elba Anything

People Magazine 'Consciously Uncouples' Itself from Gwyneth Paltrow's Good Graces

People Should Be Able to Do What They Want with Their Bodies, Even If It Means Crushing Your Ribs for 7 Years

Phylicia Rashad Ignores Overwhelming Evidence Against Bill Cosby, Shames His Victims

Pictures, Paparazzi and Pleasantries: Do Celebrities Owe Us Anything?

Piers Morgan Is Being a Real Jackass to Larry King on Twitter

Pinpointing the Exact Moment Johnny Depp Became a Human Cartoon Character

Pitt Says LaBeouf Is a Great Actor, I Feel Cold on the Inside

Plath. Austen. Didion. O'Connor. Snooki. | Illiterates Writing Books For Illiterates

Play the New Game: 'Who Is Elisabeth Moss Talking About?' Fred Armisen vs. Scientology Edition

Playboy: Lindsay Lohan's Last Gasp?

Pop Star Smokes Bong Thing, Moms of the World Are Outraged | But Underage Pole Dancing's Still Cool

Pregnant Celebrities Don't Need Your Help

Prince Announces Two New Albums

Public Radio Hero Ira Glass Validates Your Feelings About Shakespeare, If Your Feelings Are That He Sucks

Queen Beyonce Shows You How to Dispel a Pregnancy Rumor Like a F**king Boss

Questionable Pregnancies and Hideous Hatemongering: Your Day in Duggars

Quick Question: Did Katy Perry Make the Honking Sound When She Grabbed Anna Kendrick's Boob?

Quit F**king Calling Christina Hendricks Fat | Celebrities Are Better than You

R.I.P. Richard Attenborough: 1923-2014

RIP, Damon Lindelof's Twitter

Rape and Hollywood's Gravitation Toward Clunky Similes

Ray Romano Gets Lucky, Josh Malina Gets Hate F*cked And Our Top Five Episodes Of The Week

Read Former NFL-er Chris Kluwe's Scathingly Beautiful #GamerGate Denouncement

Read Young Adam Sandler's Stunning Poem On Gender Diff- Nope. It's A Dick Joke.

Ready Your Kleenex: Liam Neeson Talks Natasha Richardson

Really?: Charlie Sheen Given Another Show...And It's a TV Version of Anger Management

Reminder: Amy Poehler's Early Career Stock Photos Are an Internet Blessing

Renee Zellweger Botoxes The Famous Lemon Out Of Her Face

Renee Zellweger Made A Few Changes to Her, Uh, Face

Richard Pryor's Widow On the Hypocrisy of Bill Cosby: "He's a Piece of Sh*t"

Ricky Gervais Responds to 4Chan Celebrity Nude Photo Scandal the Same Way Every Other Sh*thead on the Internet Does

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State Farm Drops Rob Schneider Because He's an Anti-Vaccine Moron

Step Into the Light and Accept Channing Tatum as Your Lord and Personal Gambit

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