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Welcome to Our Box Office Round-Ups Archive

Zac Efron Makes His Debut Among the 25 Worst Movie Openings of All Time

About that Other Film that Bombed This Weekend that No One Is Talking About

Just How Badly "Fantastic Four" and "The Gift" Bombed: Math Edition

'Fantastic Four' Cast Sings 'Bitch Better Have My Money'; Irony Not Lost on Box-Office Returns

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There's a New Record Holder for Lowest Grossing Film in U.S. History

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt May Be the Last Saviors for Big-Budget Original Films

Will 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Be a Turning Point for Action Movies, Or Just a Blip in the Marvel Landscape?

The Biggest Box Office Hits and Flops of the Summer 2015 (A Prediction)

Why International Markets Got 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' First

Tom Hardy Still Can't Open a Movie, As the Dismal 'Child 44' Flops Hard

'Furious 7' Made An Absolutely Insane Amount Opening Weekend

How Much Bigger Are the Box-Office Bombs This Year Than In Previous Years?

'Jupiter Ascending 2' is Going to Be China's Fault

Putting the First Two Months of the 2015 Box-Office Into Perspective

5 Guesses At What Robert Downey Jr.'s Big Avengers-Related Announcement Will Be

How Much Have the Wachowskis Lost For Warner Brothers Since 'The Matrix' Films?

Mockingjay Beats All Contenders To Become The Highest Grossing Film of 2014

Is Johnny Depp Box Office Poison, or the Most Cunning Man in Hollywood?

The Weekend's Box-Office Produced One Record-Breaking Hit and One Spectacular Flop

The Floppiest Flops, Sleepiest Sleepers, and Hittiest Box-Office Hits of 2014

Including Digital Sales, 'The Interview' Has Made 4 Times More than Tim Burton's 'Big Eyes' Since Christmas

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Box-Office Prospects Are Seriously Being Threatened

Different Strokes: 13 Infamous Bombs That Found Massive Box-Office Success Overseas

Evidence that Good Movies Are More Likely To Do Well at the Box Office Than Bad Ones, Michael Bay Notwithstanding

And Now Jennifer Lawrence Knows What It's Like to be the Lead in a Box-Office Bomb

9 Former Box-Office Champs We'd Love to See Reclaim Their Rightful Positions

Badass American Hero Denzel Washington Wins Box Office, Shows Off Dance Moves

The Box Office Hasn't Seen a Weekend This Terrible Since The Week After the September 11th Attacks

The 5 Worst Summer Weekends at the Box Office in the Last 5 Years

Box-Office Facts, Figures and Flops from the First Half of 2014

10 VOD Film Success Stories and Why We Don't Understand More About the VOD Market

The Lowest Grossing Best Picture Winners of All Time (Adjusted for Inflation)

Ukraine, Revolution, and Movies: People Tweeting About Movies While the World Ends

'The LEGO Movie' Whooped 'Robocop's' Metal Ass at the Box Office This Weekend

The Worst Valentine's Day Weekend Romantic Comedies of the Last Decade

10 Massive Box Office Bombs That Opened Better than 'I, Frankenstein' Did This Weekend

The 20 Leggiest Films at the Box Office in the Modern Era

The Unexpected Influence A Forgettable Michael Keaton Horror Movie Has Had on the Box Office

Facts and Figures On the 25 Highest Grossing Films of 2013 (Worldwide)

The 10 Biggest Box-Office Sleeper Hits of 2013

Did You Know the Two Most Enduring Christmas Films of All Time Were Not Box-Office Hits?

Ten Star-Driven Vehicles From 2013 That the Stars Drove Straight Into Box-Office Ditches

The Return on the Investment of the 10 Most Expensive Animated Films Ever Made

The 20 Highest Grossing Films Featuring Female Action Heroines In a Lead Role (Adjusted for Inflation)

The 10 Highest Grossing Black Directors of All Time, and the Little-Known Highest Grossing Black Female Director

Ranking the Box-Office Average of 'Avengers' Actors Without Their Marvel Films

5 Great Indie Directors Who Mishandled Their Transitions to Blockbusters, and 5 More That Might

Ranking the 39 Stephen King Adaptations Based on Inflation Adjusted Box-Office Totals

The 30 Leggiest Adult Films Of the Modern Era

The 20 Biggest Opening Weekends of All Time for Films with Over 90 Percent on Rotten Tomatoes

The 10 Highest Grossing Debut Efforts from Actors Turned Directors

10 Movies That Debuted With Less Than $1,000 at the Box Office in 2013

The Awesome Power of Netflix on the Box Office, and the 10 Biggest Horror Movie Openings of All Time

The Year's 10 Highest Grossing Modestly Budgeted and Art House Films

The 10 Biggest Opening Weekends for Foreign Language Films of All Time (Two of Which Happened This Weekend)

The Box-Office's Top 20 Films of the Summer Prove That Cheaper Is Often Better

How the Weekend Demonstrated Everything We Love About Hollywood And Everything Disappointing About Its Audiences

10 Movies That Made Hundreds of Millions in Box-Office Dollars And Yet Somehow Showed No Profit

Ten Critical and Box Office Hits That Almost Went Straight-to-DVD

The 10 Highest Grossing Box Office Stars Who Have Never Made a Sequel

Ten Cult Classics and the Forgettable Movies That Trounced Them at the Box Office On Opening Weekend

Is "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" the New, Hipster Equivalent of "Dazed and Confused"?

10 Actors Who Hit Career Derailing Box-Office Free Falls

Will Batman vs. Superman Succeed? A Box-Office History of Movies with 'vs.' in the Title

29 Years Ago This Weekend Was the Best Weekend To See a Movie of All Time

The Most Surprisingly Profitable Movie of 2013, So Far

The Ten Biggest Box-Office Flops of 2013, So Far

A Photographic Look Back at the 15-Year Film and Television Career of Melissa McCarthy

How Are the 12 Most Promising Actors of 1991 Doing Today?

Adjusted for Inflation, How Did the Other 5 Superman Films Stack Up Against the Massively Successful Man of Steel

Who Are Today's Leading B-Movie Stars?

The 23 Directors Who Have Been Nominated for Both a Best Director Oscar and a Golden Raspberry for Worst Director

The Awkward, Incredibly Unsexy Early Years of the Leading Men from Fast and Furious 6

Chris Pine's Early Career Is a Lesson In Terrible Haircuts

The Absurdity of One Of Leonardo DiCaprio's Silliest Quotes Illustrated with Pictures

The 25 Biggest International Opening Weekends of All Time

The 10 Romantic Leads with Which Tom Cruise Has Had The Least Chemistry

10 Actors Who Landed Juicy Roles Early in their Careers and Then Essentially Vanished

Ten 2013 Theatrical Releases with Recognizable Stars That Made Less than $10,000 at the Box Office

Titanic Opens Big at the Box Office, But Not Nearly Big Enough

10 Beloved Television Actors Who Couldn't Translate That Success Onto the Big Screen

The 10 Biggest Box-Office Flops Through the First 12 Weeks of 2013

The First Movie Each Year of the Last 10 to Crack $100 Million at the Box Office

16 Oscar Nominees Who Had Their Forgettable Films Unceremoniously Dumped On Oscar Weekend

10 Pairs of Celebrities That You Probably Didn't Know Were Cousins

The 12 Worst Films Ever Released On Super Bowl Weekend

The 10 Directors Who Have Accumulated the Most Box-Office Dollars Without Directing a Sequel

Ranking the Box Office Results of the Last 30 Best Picture Winners, Adjusted for Inflation

The 10 Highest Grossing Opening-Weekend-of-the-Year Movies

The 25 Highest Grossing Films of 2012 Worldwide

The 15 Highest Christmas Day Box Office Grosses of All Time

The 15 Biggest North American Box Office Bombs of 2012

Nearly 11 Million North Americans Watched The Hobbit This Weekend, Which Is Not As Impressive As It Sounds

10 Movies that Should've Made an Assload More At the Box Office Than They Did in 2012

The 8 Films, All Time, To Receive an "F" From Cinemascore

How 15 Shelved Films Released After an Actor's Breakout Role to Exploit His or Her Newfound Fame Performed Financially

12 American Blockbusters That Made Two-Thirds of Their Box Office Overseas in 2012

Ten Movies Released in 2012 That You Had No Idea Were Hugely Profitable Successes

Is 2012 The Year of the Box-Office Bomb?

The 10 Highest Grossing Horror Franchises of All Time

The 10 Highest Grossing "Saturday Night Live" Alums of All Time

Comparing the 10 Most Successful Revenge Movies of All Time to the 10 BEST Revenge Films

The 50 Worst Opening Weekends of All Time, Adjusted for Inflation

The 15 Directors Who Made the Most Films Before Directing Their First $100 Million Movie

The 15 Highest Per Screen Averages of All Time, and Whether They Translated into Mainstream Box Office Successes

The 14 Lowest Grossing Movies to Debut at Number One at the Box Office in the Modern Era

What the Summer's 7 Biggest Box-Office Bombs Says About America's Changing Appetite

The 10 Highest Grossing Movies Whose Actor/Actress Died Before the Release of the Film

The All-Time 30 Highest Grossing Films in the United Kingdom

The 20 Biggest Box-Office Drop-Offs Between an Original Movie and Its Sequel

Six Movie Milestones that Helped Shape Blockbuster Box-Office Release Schedules

10 Movies Starring Recognizable Movie Stars That Were Seen by Less than 200 People in Theaters

Which MPAA Rating Leads to the Highest Grossing Films?

Objectively Ranking the 13 Pixar Films from Worst to Best

Big Stars, Big Bombs: The 15 Biggest Bombs of the 15 Highest Grossing Actors of All Time

The Biggest Second-Place Debuts in Box-Office History

The Avengers Is Now the Number 3 Movie of All Time, But Where Does It Stand Adjusted for Inflation?

The 10 Most Successful Time Travel Movies of All Time

The 10 Highest Grossing Movies Featuring the Debut of a Pop Star

15 A-List Directors and the Biggest Box-Office Bombs of their Careers

The 10 Biggest Second-Week Film Grosses of All-Time

10 of Box-Office History's Biggest F*ck Yous

Life After High Fidelity: John Cusack's 10 Worst Reviewed Films

How Often Do Legitimately Great Movies Have $100 Million Opening Weekends?

How a Byproduct of Millennial Mentality Suddenly Became Hollywood's Biggest Star

10 Films Considered Box-Office Failures That Weren't Actually Box-Office Failures

The 25 Highest Grossing Animated Films of All Time (Adjusted for Inflation)

Jennifer Aniston's 10 Biggest Box Office Failures

The 10 Lowest Grossing Best Picture Winners of All Time (Adjusted for Inflation)

Denzel Washington: The Least Successful A-List Star in Hollywood?

The 10 Highest Grossing Debuts for a Film Opening on the Weekend of or Preceding Valentine's Day

The 10 Highest Grossing Super Bowl Opening Weekends

The 20 Highest Grossing Screenwriters of All Time

The 20 Biggest Second Week Drops in Box Office History*

The 10 Highest Grossing Opening Weekends for a Movie That Opened the First Weekend of the Year

The 25 Highest Grossing Movies of 2011 Are Dominated by the Same Highest Grossing Movies of 2009, and 2008, and 2007 ...

The 20 Highest Grossing Historical Fiction Movies of All Time

Ten 2011 Box Office Failures That Briefly Redeemed Our Faith in Humanity

10 Movies that Should've Made an Assload More Than They Did in 2011

10 Family Movies that Opened Better than The Muppets and Therefore Make Me Question America's Sanity

Box Office: Early Weekend Estimates Suggest Cool Kids Aren't Trying Hard Enough

The 10 Most Successful Pregnancy Movies of All Time

7 Wildly But Inexplicably Successful Directors You Wouldn't P*ss On if They Were on Fire

Hollywood's 10 Most Overpaid Actors

The 50 Best Selling DVDs of 2011 (So Far)

The 20 Highest Grossing Prequels of All Time and the Box-Office Performance of The Worst Movie Ever

The 10 Most Profitable 80's Remakes

The 20 Most Successful Robot/Cyborg Movies of All Time

The 20 Most Successful Christian-Themed Films of All Time

The 10 Biggest Opening Weekends for a Baseball Movie and The Poor Man's Dane Cook

How The Lion King Stacked Up Against 20 Other Re-Released Classics and the Vast Critic/Audience Divide on Drive

Congratulations, Bucky Larson: You've Just Entered the IMDb Bottom 100

The Ten Biggest Box Office Hits and 5 Biggest Bombs of the Summer

The 25 Worst Openings of All Time (Wide Release)

Paul Rudd's Supporting Cast Keeps Getting Older, But Paul Rudd Stays the Same Age

The 10 Films with the Hardest PG-13 Rating

The Slow Rise and Precipitous Fall of Ryan Reynolds' Career

Note to Hollywood: Stop Blending the Western Genre with Other Genres; It Doesn't Work

Is the Superhero Movie Dying?

The 10 Biggest Opening Weekends of All Time and Which Box Office Record Did Deathly Hallows Part 2 NOT Break?

The 10 Highest Grossing Dark Comedies of All Time

Independence Day Box Office: How Hard Up Were You to Sit Through Transformers: Dark of the Moon?

What is the Highest Grossing R-Rated Film Directed by a Woman?

Does Nikki Finke Make Up Quotes? A Pajiba Pseudo-Investigation

Steven Spielberg's 10 Biggest Box Office Hits and Is There a Spielberg Bias Among Critics?

The World Loves a Great Box-Office Disaster: Mandy Moore Edition

Classless Brett Ratner Takes Implicit Swipe at Matthew Vaugh's X-Men: First Class


The 10 Biggest Opening Weekends for an R-Rated Film

POM Wonderful Presents: The Ten Highest Grossing International Opening Weekends of All Time

The Weekend Box Office: When Women Take Over Mankind, I Hope They Kill Me Last

The 10 All Time Biggest Opening Weekends for a Film Kicking off the Summer

Was Fast 5 Really 52 Percent Better than The Fast and Furious? 79 Percent of Critics Think So

The Crossover Box-Office Appeal, or Lack Thereof, of the Twilight Leads

The 15 Films with the Longest Gap Before Sequels

Natalie Portman Is a Better Actor, But at the Box Office, Her Ass Has Nothing on Odette Yustman's

Russell Brand Drops a Nearly $40 Million Easter Egg Turd on the Box Office

If Zack Snyder Were Paid In Internet Opinions, Sucker Punch Would've Opened with $100 Million

Ranking Anna Friel's 9 Biggest Box-Office Performances (Or, A Shameless Excuse to Fawn Over Anna Friel)

Box Office: Johnny Depp's 10 Biggest Box-Office Hits

Box Office: The 10 Lowest Grossing Best Picture Winners of All Time

The Box Office's 10 Biggest President's Day Weekends of All Time

The Weekend Box-Office Report: $31 Million in Moviegoers Recently Went On Their Worst Date Ever

The Ten Highest Super Bowl Opening Weekends at the Box Office

The 10 Biggest Costume Dramas of All Time (Sort of)

I Wouldn't F*ck You If You Were The Last D*ck On Earth

Living in a Gangsta's Paradise

The 5 Highest Grossing Opening-Weekend-of-the-Year Movies

The 10 Biggest Box Office Hits of 2010

Congratulations, Jack Black. You're No Longer Relevant

The Biggest Box-Office Busts of 2010 (Revised)

7 Reasons To Never Conduct Random Twitter Searches

After Successfully Dividing Deathly Hallows Into Two Movies, WB Fast-Tracking Two-Part Movie based on the Beloved Novel Everyone Poops

5 Adorably Hot Reasons to Reconsider Your Decision Not to See Rachel McAdams' Morning Glory

An Assload of People Went to the Movies this Weekend

American Filmgoers Prove Once Again How Boring and Predictable We Are

Katie Featherston Officially a Better Investment than Matt Damon

If You Saw Jackass 3D, You've Lost the Moral High Ground

It's Not Just that Hollywood Makes Crappy Movies, It's That Audiences Love Crappy Movies

The Ten Most Predictably Paranomastic Box-Office Headlines of the Weekend

The Five Movies with the Longest Gap Between Sequels and How They Did at the Box Office

Internet Trolls: Sometimes, They Just Need a Hug

The Five Least Compelling Number One Movies of 2010

The Ten Most Asinine Comments from the Machete-Is-Anti-White-Propaganda Dumbasses

How a Black Film Benefited from Piranhas

One of the Weirdest Anomalies in Box Office History

Geeks Lose. Again

No One Cares About What You Dreamed About Last Night

The Deceptive Infectiousness of Laughter

The Secret of Inception is That There is No Secret

Will Inception Change the Way Movies Are Made? Don't Be So Naïve

Kids Will Watch Anything

Shyamalan's Airbender Outperforms Expectations -- Twist

Tom Cruise's Career Is Completely Over Forever and Until the End of Time

Toy Story 3 and the Pointless Idiocy of Rotten Tomatoes

Ladies and Gentlemen: Jaden Smith -- Your Next Justin Bieber

America Hates Movies!

The Death of the Critic, My Ass

If You Watched "Lost" Last Night, You're Prohibited From Reading This Post

The Older, Fatter Robin Hood Waddles Toward Respectability

< --- Did You Know She's Only 25?

The Burned Rat in the Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

NOW A Dragon Swooped In

And a Dragon Swooped In


Remember the Titans

Dragons. Will. Train.

It's Hard Out Here for a Wimp!

Back Down the Rabbit Hole

Hey, Alice? Eat Me

Still Crazy

Marty Party!

My God, It's Full of Stars

Dear James

Edge of Domination

On a Wing and an Abahdah

And Then God Said, "My Bad, James Cameron, You Were Here First"

Blue is the New Green

Robots and Aliens and Wizards, Oh My!

The Biggest Box-Office Flops of 2010

The Highest Grossing Films of 2010

Every Creature Was Stirring, To Get Out of the House

What's Next, A Blue President?

What's Next, A Black President?

Aw, Geez, Leftovers Again?

Turkeys as Far as the Eye Can See

Bad Moon Rising

Ka-Boom! Ka-Ching!

'Tis the Season to Be Miserable

He Didn't Stop 'Til We Got Enough

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Meeeeeee

They Ate It Up, They Loved It So

America? F*%k No.

Dustin Rowles Clearly Not Alone in Having Zombie Boner

Who Needs Beer in Hell When There Are Meatballs in Heaven?

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Takes the Cake

Nationwide Box Office Covered with T.P.

3-D: It Makes Our Eyes Feel Like Two Friends on a Camping Trip

King Dork by Frank Portman

Summer's Dead, Baby. Summer's Dead.

Note to Hollywood: People Like Watching Nazis Getting Killed

Thank Goodness Rachel McAdams Didn't Star in District 9

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Pavlovian Nostalgia Fodder

You Hear the One About Rogen's Penis? Of Course You Have

27 Million More Rainbows Murdered Over the Weekend

Word of Mouth Is Still (Mostly) Meaningless

Redneck America Verbally Bitch Slapped by a Gay Man. Fabulous!

Mudflap and Skids Inch Ever-Closer to Their Own Spin-Off

Slo-Mo Boobs and Slo-Mo Booms! What Else Do You Want?

Come On Out. Oh, the Weather Outside is Weather

It's Funny Because He's Fat!

I Didn't Know They Gave Out Rings at the Holocaust.

When It Comes to Pixar, We're All Ninnies

The T4 Post-Mortem

Angels Overtakes Star Trek in a Barn Burner

Those Burger King Star Trek Movie Glasses Are a Hit!

Wolverine Claws Out Box-Office's Eyes, Craps In Orbital Socket

Horror Porn for Black Women?

You See This Kid's Face? Get Used to It.

Happy Easter. The Jewish Guy Loses Again.

Fastestest and Furiousest Wins the Giant Ass Panda

My Daily Humiliations and the Number One Film of the Weekend

The Complete Lack of Sideburns Wins Again

Dwayne Johnson Rocks the Box-Office

Four Movies No One Cares About and One We Won't Care About Next Week

Joe Is My Favorite

Oscar Box Office Round Up

Confessions of a Serial Killaholic

Ass Is Now on the Menu

Paul Blart: Zoo Keeper

Paul Blurgh Cleveland Steams

Why Fart and Waste It

You Cannot Apply Reason

The Curious Case of Indifference

The Ten Highest Grossing Films of 2008

The Ten Highest Grossing Films of 2008 Pookie

Yes Man Number One at the Box Office

The Day the Earth Crapped the Bed

Box Office Word Jumble

Strange X-mAss

Friends Don't Let Friends See Twilight

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Bust a Nut

Saw: The High School Musical

Max Payne Talks to Animals

LOLCats the Movie

Yo Quiero Asesinar

Shia LaBeouf Saves the Day

Would You Rather

Punch in the Throat

Let's Kick Some Names and Take Some Ass

A Night Watchman, The Silent Protector, The Dark Knight

Take a Long Walk Off a Short Pier

Bright Light! Bright Light!

Slamming the Pit Fantastic!

Blurb Whore Edition

Don't Stop Believin!

Let's Put a Smile on that Face

Five Finger Mary

Please Feed the Pajiba Troll

Kneel Before Wall-E

This Is an Environment of Welcoming

We're Getting a Team Together

I F*ck You in the *ss

Steaming Pile of Cock

Nuked the Fridge

Lazy Monday

He Is Not Human. He Is A Piece of Iron

It's Downey's Summer, M'Fers

Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle of Death

Them Bitches are Crack-Whore Zombies!

It's Prom Season

Rigor-fied Digits

Horton Hits the Hookah

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Eat a Cadbury Chocolate Covered Dick, Charlotte

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Shirt Off McConaughey

Pajiba Busted Tour 2008

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The Ten Highest Grossing Films of 2007

Biology and the Prejudices of Others Conspired to Keep Us Childless

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