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The Ten Most Asinine Comments from the Machete-Is-Anti-White-Propaganda Dumbasses

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | September 7, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | September 7, 2010 |

George Clooney’s The American was number one at the box office this weekend. It made $16.3 million. Machete made $14 million to come in at number two. Last week’s number one film, Takers was number three. It made $13.5 million. At number four, The Last Exorcism made $8.7 million. Going the Distance made $8.6 million, which landed it in the fifth spot. It deserved better.

There is absolutely nothing of note in this week’s box-office round up.

However, here now are my favorite quotes from around the web with regard to Machete being anti-white propaganda. These are real quotes from real people morons:

  • Notice the THREAT to Arizona at the beginning of The Movie Trailer on the Video Page. This soon coming movie is a perfect example of how to start a Race War made easy. This is nothing new. You will see many Illegals and their Progressive supporters wearing t-shirts with The Plan of San Diego on them. What was this Plan of San Diego? — Tom Wilson

  • Why is White/European Nationalism “racist”? “Racism” is a Neo-Marxist psych-ops epithet and meme created to stifle disagreement with Leftism, and to maintain and shore up the massive cognitive dissonance created by the lies and condradictions of the Leftist/Neo-Marxist worldview of psychotic HATRED of Whites/Europeans. You sir, are the one who is “f-cked up”. Not all of us will go down the memory hole. Not all of us will merrily go along with our genocide. People like you must hate that you cannot completely ban our views from being disseminated in alternative media. — Joshua Walter

  • Whites are depicted as incompetent, evil, greedy. The White women in the movie are average to ugly. The Hispanic women are hot and in charge. The whites in this movie do so many stupid things it’s ridiculous! In the end Alba gives Trejo a green card that she got illegally through her connections and he doesn’t even want it - he does not need it. They are making a mockery of Americans. — Some Dude Who Calls Himself Tarzan

  • I’m sooooo sick of being demonized in this “post racial” America! — Lori Wagoner Young

  • Hollywood is run by a bunch of self hating jews with big noses and no moral compass. Who gives a shit about a movie named “Machete” that is unrealistic (especially when it comes to letting the gardeners run the asylum), bad and at long last insignificant. Do you really think it is going to inspire anybody to do anything? With lines like “We did not cross the border, the border crossed us.”, the only long lasting social effects experienced by this film will be an increase in illegals willing to give saliva enemas to IFBB pros for money. Goes by the Name of George Whorewell

  • the anti white chosenite brigade of hollywood have done it again. as with inglorious basterds, its the hero’s that look savage and scary. ill be cheering for the bad guys! — Mark Dawson

  • This film is absoulute garbage and should never be allowed to be made. I know about freedom of the press, etc. but this is a very dangerous subject. A ticking time bomb you could say. The fact is that the majority of illegals are not educated and can easily be incited to violence. This producer will need to be held accountable in the worst case scenario. — White Lightning

  • There’s not been such an openly racist film since the early days of cinema where the pro-KKK ‘Birth of a Nation,’ and films featuring Charlie Chan and other “coolies” epitomized a cruder era of filmmaking full of offensive stereotypes. Today, those depictions have been denounced. Why then would today’s politically-correct culture who denounce these stereotypes accept and praise a racist filmmaker who pans to the Hispanic market? — Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones

  • This Movie about Mexicans ruthlessly killing, terrorizing, & frightening Whites should be stopped as well as the Jewish movie, “Inglorious Basteurds” where Jews bash in the heads of White men with baseball bats. When will our fellow Whites see these movies are not just “innocent” fiction, but entertainment for rich Jews in Hollywood to watch us squirm until our final extinction. — Barbara Ann Nowack

  • It was the blacks taking our welfare to make rappers rich, now, it’s the Meicans throwing our free money away! The movie will be a hit because its welfare supported…. — lost

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