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The Best Fake Band Names Created By Pajiba Commenters

By TK Burton | Lists | January 7, 2011 |

By TK Burton | Lists | January 7, 2011 |

One game that everyone loves playing is thinking up great/ridiculous band names. It’s likely a provable fact that the universe is running out of good band names, which is how we end up with names like Death Cab For Cutie and Broken Social Scene. Oy. Decent bands, but yikes. And don’t get me started on metal, my favorite genre — I’m getting a little tired of bands with names like Immolation, Decrepit Birth and Municipal Waste. Sheesh. My personal favorite death metal band name right now is Job For A Cowboy, because it’s so un-death-metally. My second favorite metal band name? Wolves In The Throne Room. Personal current favorite band name, non-metal edition? Either Jackie-O Motherfucker or Split Lip Rayfield.

I digress.

Over the years that I’ve been writing here, we occasionally get some funny motor scooters in the comment threads, and every now and then someone blurts out a gem that the next commenter immediately grabs as their next fictional band name. And I’ve paid a surprising amount of attention to these occurrences, because I get really nerdy about random shit. And so, in what may well be the most random of all Seriously Random Lists (or at least, it was until Dustin’s fucking font list), I present to you The 20 Best Fake Band Names Created By Pajiba Commenters.

The band name is linked to the original article, the commenter name in parentheses.

20. Assplosion (nadine)

19. Scrotal Pirates (apocalipstick)

18. Moldy Crouton (figgy)

17. Portable Sweatshop (Anna von Beaverplatz)

16. Temple of Poon (MM)

15. Puppet Dystopia (Jenilane )

14. Zombie Cannon (the new transported man)

13. Crock Pot Abortion (Doctor Controversy)

12. Boobquake (Fredo)

11. Extraordinary Nutsacks (, (the commenter formerly known as bucdaddy))

10. Crash Test Beautysmith (AM)

9. Odd Ostrich Variation (Ian)

8. Mystical Butt Plug (Slash)

7. Intellectually Stunted Monkeys (Brian)

6. Fistulated Cow (Erik)

5. Sad Puppy Pendant (Vermillion)

4. Friendly Vaginas (Nadine)

3. Muppet Death Threat (Dr. Controversy)

2. The Ben Foster Reach-Around (Odnon.)

1. Hot Mormon Muffins (Anna von Beaverpuppet)

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