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TK-Burton.jpg TK Burton, Editorial Consultant: TK Burton stumbled into the Pajiba offices 10 years ago and drunkenly declared himself Executive Director, and no one ever bothered to tell him to leave. South Africa-born and Boston-raised, he enjoys whiskey, tacos, video games, and plotting Seth's murder. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

At the End of 'Daisy Jones and the Six,' We Finally Want More

The Mole on 'Quantum Leap' Is Creating Some Real Cognitive Dissonance

A Phenomenal 'Shrinking' Season Finale, But What the Hell Was that Ending?

Twitter Users Ponder the Dumbest Way A Huge Turning Point in History Began

Zachary Levi Goes Triple Cringe in His Defense of 'The Truth' After 'Shazam 2' Flops

Watch Out Spielberg: Tommy Wiseau Is Taking On 'Jaws'

Renewals and Cancellations: 'Accused,' 'The L Word,' 'Animal Control'

After Jamie Foxx Meltdown, Cameron Diaz Is Poised to Quit Acting Again

Chef on Chef Action Everywhere

'Extrapolations' on Apple TV+ Is the Sean Penn of Television Shows

Will Superhero Movie Fatigue Ever Finally Hit Hollywood?

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Which Movie Has the Best Opening Of All Time?'

'Ted Lasso' Is Getting to Be Quite a Handful

Boston Radio Host Who Used Ethnic Slur Actually Meant to Be Sexist, Not Racist

Jordan Klepper Takes on Trump's Empty, Vile 'Protest' Rally

How do Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's Ex, Bridget Moynahan, Get Along?

Hey Celebrities, It's Never a Good Idea to Shill for Crypto

Scientology Is Reportedly Still Banning Tom Cruise From Seeing Suri

Andy Samberg Doing His Best Nick Cage

Hilary Duff Is Dating John Corbett in 'How I Met Your Father' And It's Not Weird

Why JK Rowling Doesn't Deserve Your Money

Aaron Sorkin Suffered a Stroke, Wants to a Write a Jan. 6th Movie

Chris Martin Eats Only Lunch So He Can Be Like Bruce Springsteen

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are Officially On the Outs

'Daisy Jones And The Six', 'Ted Lasso', 'Shadow And Bone', And More On Podjiba!

Selling Out Is Not Cool Again

Wendi McLendon-Covey on Jeff Garlin's 'The Goldbergs' Exit: It 'Was a Long Time Coming'

Everyone’s Pointing Fingers Over Why ‘Shazam 2’ Bombed

Review: ‘Marlowe’ is One of the Biggest Disappointments of 2023 So Far

'Tetris' Is an Amped-Up Stranger-than-Fiction Saga that Shoots for the Stars

Adam Goldberg's Relationship with Christina Ricci Was Messy

'Wreck' Doesn't Come Together

'Agent Elvis': The King of Rock & Roll & Espionage

Now on Shudder: The New 'Children Of The Corn' Is an A-maize-ing Garbage Fire

And the Award For Best Black Sabbath Cover Goes to ...T-Pain?!

'I Am Done Hiding': Watch the Trailer for Season 2 of 'Sweet Tooth'

Two Old White Men Bet $20 On The Country's Future

Did 'The Great British Bakeoff' Host Prue Leith Intend to Wear a Ball Gag as a Necklace?

Fox News Sues Fox News Producer Who Is Suing Fox News Which Is Being Sued by Dominion

Victoria Alonso Is Out at Marvel Studios

'Daisy Jones and the Six' Review: It's All There But the Magic

Bella Hadid Exposes the Dangers of Blind Gossip Conspiracies on TikTok

Just How Biased Is the Oscar for Best Costume Design?

No One Is Safe from Slaughter in the Messy But Entertaining 'Evil Dead Rise'

The Unbearable Contagion Of Terrible Beings

Rupert Murdoch Used to Be Married to Anna Torv's Aunt, Anna Torv

Conan Has Jack White To Thank For His Theme Song

Let's Talk about the Potential Indictment of TFG (Obligatory)

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Eva Longoria vs. Eric Braeden

Box Office Report: Sha-damn?

Gwyneth Paltrow Swears She Eats More Than Bone Broth, You Guys

So, Do You Feel Lucky?

AMC's Terrific 'Lucky Hank' Is Built to Outlast Its Source Material

'Shazam! Fury of the Gods' Is Not What One Would Call 'Good'

DC's Troubled 'The Flash' Movie Has an Unexpected Champion

Stephanie Hsu's Next Project Is A Raunchy Road Comedy

Jenna Ortega and the Perils of Being Called Ungrateful

Keira Knightley Is Back and on the Case of the 'Boston Strangler'

'The Last of Us': The Fireflies Were Never Going to Save the World

Oh God Jesus, 'The Mandalorian' Tried To Be 'Andor'

'The Wrath of Becky' Trades Kevin James as a Nazi for Sean William Scott as a Racist

'The Long Game' Is a Predictable Feel-Good True Story About Golf and Racism

Three Docs About ALS, Women's Football, and Civic Engagement Share an Interesting Throughline

Movie Trailers Were Quite Different Back in 1998 Compared To What They Are Now

Jane Fonda And Lily Tomlin Test Their Friendship

M. Night Shyamalan's 'Servant' Is Over. What Was It About?

Student Athlete Is Seen On Camera Pushing Someone's Wheelchair Down A Flight Of Stairs

Emily Ratajkowski Broke Up With Eric Andre Before He Posted That Nude Photo (Yikes)

Shadows, Bones, and Basketball

Review: 'True Lies' Is Not a Good Television Show

Let's Talk About the Ending to Season 4 of Netflix's 'You'

Netflix's 'Sex Life' Season 2 Is a Hollow, X-Rated Hallmark Movie

Pajiba's New 'Ted Lasso' Deep Dive Podcast Is Live

The Nerds Are Rising

A Celeb Feud Gets Weirder After Eric Andre Joins the Chet Hanks Birther Movement

'Justice League' Was Ben Affleck's 'Worst Experience' In a Business Full of 'S**tty Experiences'

Dr. House Returns To Combat The Woke Mind Virus

Anti-Woke Author Who Could Not Define Woke Gets Petty

James Gunn Hires James Gunn To Direct 'Superman: Legacy'

What Is Gwyneth Paltrow Putting in Her Holes Now?

Turning on AppleTV+ Today

‘Ted Lasso’ Season Premiere Recap: Let Ted Be Ted

Seth Rogen Reacts After Learning that Kevin Smith Gave Up Pot

Netflix Is About To Get A Crash Course In How To Use Urban Dictionary

SXSW Review: ‘Problemista’ is a Surreal Slice of Julio Torres’ Stylings

Twitter Users Ponder Character Actors Who Improve Everything

Freddie Prinze, Jr. Called His First Director an 'A-hole' Who Gave 'Psychotic Notes'

Netflix Cancels Nancy Meyers' Romcom Over Budget Issues and It's Understandable

A Very Special 'Oops, All FFQCC' Episode Of Podjiba!

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong Take Road Rage to the Hilarious Extreme in the Trailer for 'Beef'

John Oliver Wants To Show You Brett Favre Getting Hit In The Groin By A Football

Jonah Hill 'F---ing Hated' Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin) Before 'Superbad'

Eric Andre Claims Chet Hanks Is 'Dangerous' and 'Emotionally Disturbed'

Renewals and Cancellations: 'A League of their Own,' 'Three Pines,' Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Lindsay Lohan Has Hopped Aboard the Baby Train

The DC Universe Continues to Thrive on The CW

Gary Lineker, the BBC, and the Lie of Impartiality

Why Mary Cosby Shouldn't Return to 'RHOSLC'

Jake Johnson's 'Self Reliance' Is the Most Jake Johnson Movie Ever

'The Pandemic Had Minimal Mental Health Impacts': Twitter Reacts to the Worst Medical Study Ever

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Which Food Has the Worst Texture?'

Biden's Executive Order Aims At Tighter Gun Control

'Flamin' Hot' Is the Crowd-Pleasing Untrue True Story of the Creation of Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Kal Penn Gets 'The Daily Show' Into The White House to Interview Joe Biden

Did Bill Hader Give Rachel Bilson Her First Orgasm? Maybe!

Perry Mason is Probably Having a Bad Monday

'The Last Of Us' Season Finale: Sins Of The Father-Figure

The Oscars' Red Carpet Were Also Mostly Wins, But Jodie Turner-Smith Was the Champion

'Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre' Makes a Case For Banning Hugh Grant From Doing a 'Cockney' Accent

The Thoughtful, Touching 'The Big Door Prize' Is a Big, Wet Sloppy Kiss of a Series

How Politicians and Disinformation Campaigns Use Our Inability to Articulate Probabilities Against Us

Is the New April O'Neil Redhead Erasure? A Ginger Weighs In

SXSW Review: ‘Who I Am Not’ Presents a Deeply Personal Story of the Little-Discussed World of Intersexuality

Michelle Yeoh Relives Her Firsts

Why Were So Many Big Names Missing From the Oscars In Memoriam Segment?

The 95th Academy Awards Were, Dare We Say It, Good?

Box Office Report: Shriek!

Rainn Wilson Hates the ‘Anti-Christian Bias’ in ‘The Last of Us’

Everyone's Walking a Carpet Tonight

'SNL' Highlights: Jenna Ortega, Waffle House, and a Dark, Twisted 'Ridiculousness'

SXSW Review: ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ Rolls a 17

SXSW Review: Hulu’s ‘Appendage’ Exists

SXSW Review: 'The Arc of Oblivion' is a Thoughtful Exploration of What We Leave Behind

36-Year-Old Lauren Boebert Is Going to Be a Grandmother

Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber Reunite In 'The Last Thing He Told Me' Trailer

'The Kingdom' Season 2 Trailer: Netflix Should've Made This Religious Satire a Bigger Hit

Review: Ghostface Takes Manhattan In Uneven But Fun 'Scream VI'

Bo-Katan Rises on a Much Better ‘The Mandalorian’ Episode

The Obligatory 2023 Oscars Predictions Post

Review: 'Champions' Sure Is A Sports Movie Starring Woody Harrelson

Tom Cruise Didn’t Save Hollywood but ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ May Have Saved His Reputation

'History of the World, Part 2' Is Sober 'Drunk History'

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Jayson Greene vs. A Whole Lot of Writers on Twitter

'The Daily Show' Has An Eric Adams Problem

The Brilliantly Metafictional Use of Blue's Traveler's 'Hook' in the 'Poker Face' Finale

Supporters of Both Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson Are Losing Their Minds

Disney Is Rethinking Its Approach to Marvel Sequels (Wonder Why!)

Jensen Ackles Popped Up In A Peacoat For The Season Finale Of 'The Winchesters'

How Diane Warren Lost the Oscar for Best Song 14 Times.

Stream It or Nah: Paramount+'s Ghostly Whodunnit, 'School Spirit'

The New Season of 'Serial' Tackles a 37-Year-Old Laramie, Wyoming Cold Case

Trailer: 'No Hard Feelings,' the New Raunchy Jennifer Lawrence Comedy Looks Quite Bad

Nick Kroll Pitched A Remake Of 'The Producers' To Mel Brooks

Jenna Ortega Protected Her 'Wednesday' Character, Even If It Meant Being 'Unprofessional'

Being A High-End Chef Is The New Torture Porn In The 'Hunger' Trailer

Did Everybody Else Know That the Budweiser 'Whassup?!' Ad Was Based On a Real Short Film?!

Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel Shades Both the Golden Globes and Ricky Gervais

Why Does Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Want Out of Her NDA?

No One's Escaped the Consequences of His Rude Behavior More than Hugh Grant

One Year After the Invasion: The Russians Who Didn't Hush

Here's a Random Story about Brett Goldstein and Teri Hatcher's 'Average Vagina'

Twitter Users Ponder Films They Consider To Be Masterpieces That Aren't Talked About Enough

Late-Stage Hair Metal Was a Hell of a Thing

Tucker Carlson Unveils His Version Of 'Jaws'

'Survivor,' 'History Of The World, Part II,' And A Shocking Upset In The FFQCC On Podjiba!

Jena Malone Refuses to Name Her Abuser, And For Good Reason

Privately, Tucker Carlson Loathes Donald Trump

'Star Wars' Picks Taika Waititi Over Kevin Feige for Next Movie

'The Last of Us' Is a Reminder of How Good 'The Walking Dead' Once Was

Tomageddon: A Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss FAQ for the Bravo-Ignorant

'Schmigadoon!' Turns Into Schmicago for Season 2

Do You Remember That Time John Cena Announced the Execution of Bin Laden?

How 'Elvis' Cinematographer Mandy Walker Could Make History at This Year's Oscars

Elon Musk Dismantled By a Disabled Employee He Mocked on Twitter

'Ghosted' Turns Chris Evans into Ana de Armas's Damsel in Distress

Marlon Wayans Explores His Historic Career

Season 3 Will Be the Last for 'Ted Lasso,' But There May Be More 'Roy Kent'

Elon Musk Is Literally Breaking the Internet

'The Last Of Us' Recap: Mystery Meat, It's What's For Dinner!

A Con-Artist and a CIA Agent Collide in the Breezy, Charming 'The Company You Keep'

Does The 'Road House' Remake Understand 'Road House'?

'Navalny' Documentary Tipped for Oscar Win Despite Overlooking His Controversial Past

Marlon Wayans Covered The Slap Better than Chris Rock

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Made Your Worst Roommate Ever Earn That Title?'

'Silo' Brings Hugh Howey's Dystopian Vision to Apple+ TV

Can We Kick It With The 'TMNT: Mutant Mayhem' Trailer? Yes We Can!

John Oliver Breaks Down Why DeSantis Is Dangerous

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly About Tom Sizemore

Box Office Report: Creed Crushes Ants

Kellyanne Conway Is Single – Whee?

'SNL' Highlights: Travis Kelce and the Best Please Don't Destroy To Date

'Creed 3' Is a Disappointing Conclusion to an Otherwise Powerful Trilogy

The Backlash to the Objectification of Pedro Pascal Has Arrived

The Netflix Reality Cinematic Universe Is Upon Us

'Somebody I Used to Know' Is Not What You Expect

Season 2 of 'Carnival Row' Has Transcended the Glossy Vanity Project Label

Oh You Thought We Were Done Roasting 'Velma'?

Alright, 'The Mandalorian' Season 3, What Are We Doing Here?

Cinema's Perfect Pair Steven Spielberg And John Williams Have Never Argued

Jon Stewart Does Not Want to Hear Your Facile Right-Wing Talking Points

The 'Riverdale' Final Season Trailer Looks Deranged in All the Best/Worst Ways

Taylor Sheridan Has the Clout to Finally Tell the Story of One of America's Darkest Chapters

How Good Must Dan Harmon's 'Krapopolis' Be To Get a Third Season Renewal Before Airing a Single Episode?

Free Jack Black’s Bowser Balls!

What is the Literal Opposite of a 'Poker Face'?

The ‘Party Down’ Revival is a Worthwhile Event

'Law & Order' Is Solid TV Again

Twitter Users Ponder Their Favorite Random Jokes From ‘The Simpsons'

Allow Pedro Pascal to Introduce You to Chilean Snacks

Kevin Smith No Longer Smokes Pot

Watch the Last Trailer for the Fourth and Final Season of 'Succession'

Hasan Minhaj Enlists Marques Brownlee To Review New Tech

The Weeknd's Response to Rolling Stone Was a Choice

More Pedro Pascal is Only a Good Thing

'Euphoria' Creator 'Sam Levinson' Is Not OK

Netflix's 'Agent Elvis' Turns the King of Rock and Roll Into a Super-Spy

Watch the Teaser for Tara Hernandez and Damon Lindelof's 'Mrs. Davis'

Review: 'Red Rose' Serves Teen Horror for the 21st Century

Chris Pine Explains Precisely What Happened with That Harry Styles Spitting Situation

Joshua Jackson Sleazes It Up with Lizzy Caplan in the 'Fatal Attraction' Trailer

Conan Thought The Lyrics To Brown Eyed Girl Were Dirty

The 2023 Podjiba Fiscal First Quarter Categorization Challenge Bracket Is Here! (Also We Talk Shows And Whatnot)

Jon Stewart Wasn't Wrong

The Problem with Crossovers

Looks Like Things Aren't Going Well for the 'Dune' Prequel Series

Evan Rachel Wood Denies Manipulating Marilyn Manson Accuser

It Was Never About Cancel Culture: It Was Always About Capitalism

Netflix's 'The Strays' Has Something to Say but No Idea How to Say It

Where the Hell Has Jason Lee Been?

Disney's 'Peter Pan & Wendy' Trailer Is Sure To Upset Someone

The Real Gay Panic of 'The Real Housewives'

The Pajiba February 2023 Book Recommendations Superpost!

Kevin Hart and John Cena Star in 'Die Hart 2' for Some Reason

Who Is Currently the Highest Paid Actor in the Streaming TV Era?

John Oliver Finally Gets To Talk About Things That Make Him Happy

Schwarzenegger Is 'FUBAR' on Netflix

Bobby's Back: Damian Lewis Is Set to Return to Showtime's 'Billions'

Jessa Duggar Seewald Had an Abortion

There are How Many Episodes of 'NCIS'?

The Weekend's Red Carpet Fashion: SAGs vs Césars vs NAACPs

'The Last Of Us' Recap: Did Your First Date Start In A Mall And End With An Infection?

Ray Romano Is The True King In The 'Somewhere In Queens' Trailer

The '1923' Season Finale Is Devastating

If This Were the '90s, David Harbour's 'We Have a Ghost' Might Actually Be Good

It’s Time to Dissect the Official ‘Ted Lasso’ Season Three Trailer

The One Way You Could Make a Great Michael Jackson Biopic (While Avoiding ... 'The Thing')

Why ‘MAGA’ Can Be ‘Construed as Racist,’ According to Bryan Cranston

Elizabeth Banks Has Tips For Going To Confession

'Dilbert' Creator Scott Adams Loses Distributor, Claims He Identified as Black

The SAG Awards Were a Welcome Highlight of a Tough Awards Season

Box Office Report: Get in Line

Total Nepo Baby Hopper Penn Refuses To Admit He’s a Nepo Baby

Viola Davis Observing Awards Season

'SNL' Highlights: Woody Harrelson Goes Off Script with Unhinged Anti-Vax Nonsense

‘Cocaine Bear’ Review: This Is a Bear. This Is a Bear on Drugs.

'Better Call Saul' Star Fired from Apple TV+ Series After On-Set Clash

Netflix's 'Physical: 100' Is A Reality Competition That Refuses To Force Its Own Narrative

Apple TV+'s 'Hello Tomorrow' Is Built On a Lie

'Welcome To Derry,' The Prequel To 'It,' Gets The Green Light From HBO Max

Apple TV+'s 'Liaison' Gets Eva Green and Vincent Cassel Wrapped Up in Love and Spy Games

Marvel's 'Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur' Is a Delight

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Only Works In Movies?'

Anti-Trans Healthcare Bills Gain Terrifying Momentum Across The Country

Stephen Colbert Finds A Dummy To Drink The Water In East Palestine

Stop Groping Celebrities, You Creeps

Please Stop Asking Pedro Pascal To Do ‘The Mandalorian’ Voice for Kids

Will This Man Ever Get to Retire for Real?

The Arc Of The Moral Universe Bends More Toward Justice In R. Kelly And Weinstein Sentences

For a Brief Moment ‘Abbott Elementary’ Fans Won Last Night

Even the Real-Life Beverly Goldberg Hates What 'The Goldbergs' Has Become

'Dear Edward' Is the TV Equivalent of the Last Lingering Hug After a Break-Up

The Controversy Around 'Atomic Heart,' the Soviet-Inspired ... 'Answer' to 'Bioshock'

Conan O'Brien Needs A Doctor

Aaron Rodgers Has Completed His Darkness Retreat, Which Is a Thing

The Oscars Have a Crisis Team Now, Which Is Spectacularly Daft

Clarissa Explains How She Hooked Up With Ryan Reynolds

'Not Dead Yet' Would Be Better If It Were About Hannah Simone's Character

The Colossal Flop Shaking the French Film Industry: 'Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom'

Is that Rumor about Kevin Costner and Cal Ripken, Jr.'s Wife True?

I Feel Like This Video Was Created To Make Specifically My Brain Explode

AMC+ Has a Real Problem

Jonathan Majors Played With Himself On Stephen Colbert

Renewals and Cancellations: 'South Side,' 'Survivor,' and 'Mindhunter'

'I Am Jesus Christ' Introduces the World to the First-Person Savior

Why It Matters that Fox News Stars Knew Trump's Election Lies Were B.S.

Jeremy Strong’s Method Acting Literally Sounds Awful

'Do Americans Even Consider Soccer a Sport? Maybe!'

The 'School Spirits' Trailer Imagines What It Would Be Like To Be Trapped In High School Forever

Festival de Viña Del Mar: The Messiest, Saddest, Campiest Music Festival In the World

Keira Knightley Tries An American Accent And Owen Wilson Channels Bob Ross In Two Unrelated Trailers

The Sad Nepotism Cycle of Brooklyn Beckham

Is Anyone Watching the Second Season of Showtime's 'Your Honor'?

Don't Use The Good Pyrex When Giving Food To Somebody Else

Sometimes All You Need to Create Timeless Art Is a Mall Bathroom

Jason Segel Really Got Dumped While He Was Naked

Kevin Costner Has Been a Real Pain in the Ass for 'Yellowstone'

How Do Don Lemon's Co-Workers Feel About His CNN Return?

Zachary Levi Is Out of His Freaking Mind

Did Anyone Die On 'The Last Of Us' This Week? Plus: Menstrual Cups!

The Changes Made to Roald Dahl’s Books Are Silly, Bad for Literature

How 'Attachment' Uses What We Don't Know About Jewish Mysticism to Create a Mystery

Don Lemon Was Either 'Benched' Or Took a Personal Day, Depending on the Source

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘What Is the Greatest Episode of TV Ever Made?'

John Oliver Returns To Discuss Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

The 2023 BAFTAs Ceremony Was an Insulting Mess But the Winners Were Solid

Box Office Report: Ants Marching

Richard Belzer’s Last Words Freaking Owned

'Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania' Review: The MCU Well Is Running Dry

Megan Fox Dumped Machine Gun Kelly Because of What She Found In His DMs

'You' Reinvented Itself In the Wrong Way

The Second Season of ‘Shadow and Bone’ is Ready to Bone Down

This Apple TV+ Movie Would Be a Top 5 'Swindled' Episode

Do Not Watch 'Will Trent' for the Dog

The Mustache Unmakes The Man In The Unsettlingly Sparse 'The Integrity Of Joseph Chambers'

Elizabeth Olsen In The Trailer for 'Love And Death' On HBOMax

Even the Showrunner Concedes that Season 13 of 'The Great British Bake Off' Was Bad

Jordan Klepper Takes A Short Trip To Nikki Haley's First Rally

Don Lemon Is About To Get Himself Fired

Marvel Is Already Pulling Back on Its Disney+ Shows

Another Three Hours of 'Law & Order'?

Beverly Goldberg Has Ruined 'The Goldbergs'

This Is Why 'The Last of Us' Story Is Better in the Game

Kevin Costner Or Not, 'Yellowstone' Has Already Spoiled Its Ending

Handy Tip: Don't Rub Dog Poop On Your Critics' Faces

Bane and Orgasm Spells Take Over Gotham in Harley Quinn's Valentine Special

Matty Healy from The 1975 Is On His Dumb Rockstar Era

A Former Host Gives Jimmy Kimmel Their Blessing To Host The Oscars

There's a Tetris Movie Starring Taron Egerton. Here's the Trailer

Trailer: John Wick Adds to His Body Count in the Fourth Installment

Ryan Seacrest Is Out at 'Live with Kelly,' and Will Be Replaced by Kelly's Husband

The New Florence Pugh Boyfriend Has Arrived

Renewals and Cancellations: 'Poker Face,' 'The Mole,' and 'True Detective'

When TikTok Does a Better Job Reporting the News Than the News

Pros and Cons of the Official 'Daisy Jones and the Six' Trailer

Just 5 Images of a Beaming Brendan Fraser with His Partner

Ke Huy Quan Thought Everyone Had Forgotten About Him

Nikki Haley Announces Her 2024 Presidential Campaign

Boyz II Men Deliver a More Honest Reassessment of 'Sexy'

'The Last Of Us' Are 'Not Dead Yet' And Neither Is 'Cunk On Earth' On Podjiba!

Elon Musk's Exhausting Narcissism Has Rendered Twitter Unusable

Let Chaos Reign: Here's the First Image of Lady Gaga in 'Joker: Folie à Deux'

Steven Spielberg Is ‘Very Happy’ He Passed on ‘Harry Potter’

Procedurals: You Know What You're Getting

What's Happening in the Final Season of M. Night Shyamalan's 'Servant'?

Stop Romanticizing the Hays Code, You Ahistorical Dorks!

Bravo's Appalling 'Southern Charm,' or 'The Real Housewives of Dixie'

Fantasia Review: Carter Smith's 'Swallowed' Digs Deep Into The Dark Nooks Of Queer-Horror

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Food Can Ruin Or Elevate a Sandwich?'

Get Ready To Believe Again: We Finally Have a ‘Ted Lasso’ Release Date

The 'He Gets Us' Christians Are the Germans That Looked the Other Way

Relive Marc Summers Painful Confrontation with Burt Reynolds on 'The Tonight Show'

Olivia Wilde Causes Internet Chaos After Calling A$AP Rocky 'Hotter than Ever'

The 'Children Of The Corn' Trailer Needs More Creepy Redheads

The Trailer for Guy Ritchie's 'Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre' Boasts a Hell of a Cast

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are Going on Tour

You Can Still Watch Football, Sort Of

Unpacking the Sad Stuff in this Week's 'The Last of Us'

'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' Brings Even More Talking Animals to Disney

80th Anniversary: Life and Fate of Three Movies Called "Stalingrad"

A Note About Last Week's Trans-Focused Episode of 'Quantum Leap'

Conan's Dream Comes True: Jane Fonda Jokes About Threesome with O'Brien and Wife

But Rob Gronkowski Really Did Miss the Field Goal in that FanDuel Super Bowl Ad

The Five Best Ads of Super Bowl LVII

Box Office Report: Let's Dance the Last Dance

The Newest Trailer For 'The Flash' Is Here

Conservatives Think Ultra-Christian Chick-fil-A Is Woke Now

A Football Game, and a Rihanna Concert

Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon's 'Your Place Or Mine' Is Pure Trash

Showtime Picks Up Canceled Netflix Series After Netflix Saves Showtime Series

'Magic Mike's Last Dance' Refuses to Drop Its Damn Pants

Netflix Show About Rich Dog Proves That Facts Are Pointless. Let Chaos Reign

Is the Found-Footage Horror 'The Outwaters' a Good and Proper Brain-Break?

This Utopian Co-Living Community in Brooklyn Will Tickle Your Gag Reflex

'Criminal Minds: Evolution’ Spoilers: What Is Gold Star?

Roseanne Barr On Parenting: 'You’ve Got to Hit Your Kids'

Let Marc Maron Introduce You To The World Of Professional Wrestling

The 'Fast X' Trailer Is Here

A Seat Filler Has the Last Word on JLo and Ben Affleck at The Grammys

Adrianne Curry Accused Melanie Lynskey of Orchestrating a Bullying Campaign Against Her

Zack Snyder Called James Gunn To Support His DC Studio Plans

There's One Thing Elon Musk Hates More Than Being Mocked on Twitter

The Major Problem that Still Plagues 'A Million Little Things' In Its 5th Season

The Show Must Go On: Opera Singer Saves the Day by Pulling Double Duty

Twitter Users Ponder Actors Who Should Be Superstars But Aren't Yet

'Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey' Director Plans Twisted Children's Tale Universe

Perfect Call: Guillermo Del Toro to Adapt Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Buried Giant” as Animated Film

Legendary Composer And Songwriter Burt Bacharach Has Passed Away At 94

Watch the Trailer for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's 'AIR'

The Trailer for the 'Luther' Movie Doesn't Look a Lot Like a 'Luther' Movie

Melanie Lynskey Rips into Body Positivity Critics in a Fiery Twitter Thread

Chrissy Teigen Made Donald Trump Cry (to Twitter)

Cheap Candy Tastes Better in Red Packaging

Paul Tremblay Preferred His Ending to Shyamalan's in 'Knock at the Cabin'

A Realistic History of the Wizarding Schools In the Harry Potter Universe

Watch the Trailer for 'Strays,' Will Ferrell's Profanity-Fueled Dog Movie

Netflix' 'On My Block: Freeridge' Exists Somewhere Between Kid Show And Teen Drama

Brendan Fraser Continues to Tell the Golden Globes to Suck It

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘What’s an Obvious Sign That Someone Is American?'

James Corden's 'The Late Late Show' Will Be Replaced by a Comedy Central Reboot

'Physical: 100,' 'The Last Of Us,' 'Poker Face,' And More On Podjiba!

Mel Brooks Is Joined By An All-Star Cast In 'History of The World: Part 2' Trailer

Don't Buy Kourtney Kardashian's Vagina Taste Altering Gummies

Leonardo DiCaprio Denies Dating 19-Year-Old Model (Sure, Pal)

Political Drama, Real and Fake

Marc Maron Calls Anti-Woke Comics the New Hacks

Netflix's 'Cunk on Earth' Is Deeply Funny and Nearly Perfect

The Kiss Between Jonah Hill and Lauren London in 'You People' Was Not Real

The 'Pitch Meeting' For 'Velma' Is Appropriately Brutal

Netflix's 'Viking Wolf' Is a Paint-By-Numbers Werewolf Movie

Dan Harmon Reportedly Hasn't Had Anything to do with Justin Roiland For Years

Fred Armisen Has a New Alternative To Valentine's Day

This Tweet About Leonardo DiCaprio's Dating Preferences Will Make Your Face Do All Sorts Of Things

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Has a Trans Character? Wow, OK

America's Got... Criminals on Reality Shows

'The Last Of Us' Did the Jizz Joke After All

'Yellowstone' Reportedly Eyeing Matthew McConaughey To Replace Outgoing Kevin Costner

'All Quiet On The Western Front' Highlights the Failures of '1917'

Anna Kendrick Gives Her Strongest Performance in Abuse Drama 'Alice, Darling'

Sundance Review: Jonathan Majors Is A Muscle-Bound Powerhouse In 'Magazine Dreams'

Showtime Is Mulling a 'Trinity Killer' Series and Four 'Billions' Spin-Offs

Roy Wood Jr. Is The Next 'Daily Show' Member To Host The White House Correspondents' Dinner

Ben Affleck's Misery Is the Only Grammys Highlight Worth Mentioning

Box Office Report: Knock Knock

There Were Many Good Looking and Well Dressed People at the Grammys

Don’t Let Dave Chappelle Whine About Cancel Culture Ever Again

The Grammys Have Already Peaked for Tonight

About the Ocean-Set Cliffhanger On This Week's '1923'

Pedro Pascal Is a Better Host than 'SNL' Deserves

'80 for Brady' Is Awful, But You Already Knew That

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