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Welcome to the Author Archive for TK Burton

TK-Burton.jpg TK Burton, Editorial Consultant: TK Burton stumbled into the Pajiba offices 10 years ago and drunkenly declared himself Executive Director, and no one ever bothered to tell him to leave. South Africa-born and Boston-raised, he enjoys whiskey, tacos, video games, and plotting Seth's murder. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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A Genuinely 100 Percent Spoiler-Free Review of 'Avengers: Endgame'

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An Accurate List of Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Ranked

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'Game of Thrones' Recap: Holy Mother of Winter

'Game of Thrones' Recap: The Most Incredible 'Magnificent Seven' Remake Ever

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Under the Trump Administration, Housing for the Poor In This Country is Terrifyingly F*cked

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In Honor of National One Hit Wonder Day, Here Are VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders Of The 80s

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What's The Most Insidiously Racist Sh*t You've Ever Encountered?

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Damn It, I Know You're Better Than This: 5 Crappy Actors Who We Know Can Do Better

'Gods Of Egypt' Is The Stupid, Clumsy, Racist Kitten Of 2016 Cinema

Dear America, Stop Worrying about Macklemore and Go on With Your Lives

'Deadpool' Review: You'll Touch Yourself Afterwards... Maybe Even During

'The Choice' Review: White Nonsense

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'Point Break' Review: I'd Rather Jam A Surfboard Up My Ass

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Review: Feels Like Home

Vanilla Ice And Donkey-F*cking: The 'Ridiculous Six' Real-Time Review

'In The Heart Of The Sea' Review: High Seas! Giant Whales! Starvation! It's... Fine. It's Just Fine.

Why Casting Idris Elba as Bond Would Be a Lazy Form of Progressiveness

By Honoring The Legacy Of The Greats, 'Creed' Becomes One Of The Best

We Are Better Than This

All of You are Broken: Why Every Relationship in 'Buffy' Was Burning Garbage

Now Streaming: 'Dope,' One of the Year's Best Gems

The Ten Best Horror Movies of the Aughts (Revisited)

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Ta-Nehisi Coates Will Write Marvel's 'Black Panther' Comic, And Why That's Amazing

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'Fantastic Four' Review: At Last, A Refreshing and Original Rebo-- Just Kidding, It Sucks.

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'Ant-Man' Review: Tiny Hero, Big Heart, But A Bumpy Road

The Pajiba Guide To How To Find A Job

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I Don't Know How Much More Heartbreak I Can Take

You Work For The Devil, You Better Be Ready For Him: Meet Your New Punisher

'San Andreas' Review: Whatever The Rock Is Cooking Here Smells Like Hot Trash

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'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Review: This Is Why We Call Them Heroes

Geraldo Rivera, That Useless, Bloviating Donkey, Gets Schooled By A Baltimore Resident

There Are No Strings On Me: Your Complete 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Primer

'Game of Thrones' - 'High Sparrow': What A Wicked Game To Play

'Game of Thrones' - 'The House of Black & White': All The Nations Lying While All Our People Crying

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Darkness, Imprisoning Me: Netflix's Daredevil Is The Best Superhero Show You've Ever Seen

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'The Longest Ride' Review: The One That Broke Me

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Your First Look At An Unlikely Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor Is... Surprisingly Effective

'The Walking Dead' - 'Spend': They're Gonna Set You Up So They Can Take You Down

Shut It Down, People: Little Moppets Dubbed Over The 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Trailer (Including Sound Effects)

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'Chappie' Review: A Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World

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Rumor Has It The Next Spider-Man May Not Be White (And Why That's A Very Good Thing)

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'Kingsman: The Secret Service' Review: Anarchy In The U.K.

'The Walking Dead' - 'What Happened & What's Going On': Who Will Survive & What Will Be Left of Them?

This Is What Happens When Your Dungeon Master Drinks Drain Cleaner: Twelve Reasons To Avoid 'Seventh Son'

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Ten Of The Best Roles For Women in 2014 ... And Five Of The Worst

10 Of The Best Worst Speeches In Movie History

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Relax, Everyone. The 'Ben-Hur' Remake Is Going To Be GREAT!

'Selma' Review: Rarely Is So Pivotal A Moment In Time So Perfectly Depicted

Dragon Age And Doc McStuffins: How Some Of The Most Progressive Entertainment Is Being Found In The Unlikeliest Of Places

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Chris Rock Strives To Open Eyes And Hearts With 'Top Five', The Best Film Of His Career

A Pop Quiz To Help You Learn All The Wonderful Ways In Which 'The Pyramid' Manages To Be Terrible

'Terminator: Genisys' Trailer: They're Back, Not That Anyone Asked

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Ten Casting Decisions That Inspired Ridley Scott's 'Exodus: Gods And Kings'

Because I Am Sick And I Am Tired, And I Want You To Be Sick And Tired With Me - A Guide To Understanding Ferguson

Forget Everything You Think You Know About Romantic Movies & Go See 'Beyond The Lights' Right Now

'The Walking Dead' - 'Consumed': Heaven Beside You, Hell Within

'The Walking Dead' - 'Self Help': And I Whispered Suddenly My Greatest Fears To Anyone Who Would Hear Me

Midterms Matter. Elections Matter. Get Out There And F*cking Vote, People.

'The Walking Dead' - 'Slabtown': Can't Find A Better Way To Break You, This Ain't Livin', Gotta Do What I Gotta Do

Marvel Announces Its Phase III Slate And I Need A Drink And A Cigarette

'The Walking Dead' - 'Four Walls And A Roof': Oh Mother, Tell Your Children Not To Do What I Have Done

'John Wick' Review: Legacy of Brutality

'The Walking Dead' - 'Strangers': Everyone I Know Goes Away In The End

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Liam Neeson Shoots People, Menacingly Talks On The Phone Again In The 'Taken 3' Trailer

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The Trailer for the Sequel to Gareth Edwards's 'Monsters' Forgets Everything That Made The First One Great

I Am The Wild Blue Yonder: Amazon Resurrects 'The Tick', The World Gets A Little Bit More Awesome

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'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Review: A Crazy, Funny, Rip-Roaring Space Adventure

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'Gold' Trailer: Maisie Williams Goes Small And Indie, Doesn't Stab Anyone

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'Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes' Review: Everything That Great Science Fiction Should Be

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'Game Of Thrones' - 'The Children': Time May Change Me, But You Can't Trace Time

'The Signal' Review: Even Laurence Fishburne At His Laurence Fishburne-iest Cannot Save You

'Game Of Thrones' - 'The Watchers On The Wall': Please Lead Me Out Of The Dark

New Pics From The Next Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones' To Keep You Warm At Night

'A Walk Among The Tombstones' Trailer

The New 'Hercules' Trailer Is A Glistening, Shouty Mess

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Some Photos From The Next Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones' To Make You Tremble

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Power Ranking The Most Attractive Characters From 'Game Of Thrones'

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Vin Diesel Dances Alone In His Office to Beyonce, Just Like the Rest of Us

'I, Frankenstein' Review: Have You Seen 'Legion'? 'Underworld'? 'Priest'? Congratulations, You've Seen This Movie

Can Deathlok Save 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

'Open Grave' Review: Sharlto Copley And A Pit Full Of Bodies Makes For A Disturbingly Satisfying Horror Experience

'Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom' Review: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013: A Memorial and a Celebration

Watch the Brand-Spankin' New Trailer for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

'The Walking Dead' - 'Too Far Gone': And In The End Before All Is Said And Done, How Many Others Might Follow Him There

'The Walking Dead' - 'Dead Weight': Fallen Heroes Feed The Ground, I Started Pushin' Forward Back

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'Thor: The Dark World' Review: Smashing Good Fun

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You're The Man Now, Dog: Hollywood's Best Race-Based Historical Films

'Hours' Trailer: More White People In Peril

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'The Walking Dead' — '30 Days Without An Accident': It's Raining Dead

'Metallica: Through the Never' Review: We Got the Metal Madness

What Came First, The Music Or The Misery: 11 Songs That Tell A Story Better Than Most Movies

Riddick Review: Come For The Badasses And Space Monsters, Leave Because Of The Hideous Misogyny

Why Ben Affleck As Batman Doesn't Matter, And Why You Should Shut The F*ck Up About It

You're Next Review: The Best Little Horror Movie You'll See This Year

Meet Your New Batman

Peggy Carter Whoops Some Ass And Looks Good Doing It, Console Wars Heat Up, And, Uh, One Direction Something Something

What's The Director Of Wanted Been Up To? Oh, You Know, Just Making A Movie About Flesh-Eating Squirrels

His Body Abused But His Mind Still Free: Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Trailer

Kick-Ass 2 Review: Needs More Hit Girl. Needs Less Of... Everything Else.

We're The Millers Review: The Drug Muling, Bitten-On-The-D*ck-By Spiders Comedy Of The Year

The Wolverine Review: Not Quite Sharp Enough

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Red 2 Review: The Old Devils Are At It Again, Who Knows What They'll Do

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Dear Mr. Watterson Trailer: The Calvin and Hobbes Documentary Has Finally Arrived

Pacific Rim Review: ... And Then I Clapped My Hands With Childish Glee

Rapture-Palooza Review: I've Seen The Ways Of God, I'll Take The Devil Any Day

Man Of Steel Review: I'm Looking To The Sky To Save Me

This Is The End Review: Drugs, D*ck Jokes, And The Apocalypse

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The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.9

"Game Of Thrones" - "The Rains of Castamere": There Is Nothing Fair In This World, There Is Nothing Safe In This World

Top Ten Random Trailers For Horror Movies That You Never Knew Existed

Fast & Furious 6 Review: Cars Go Vroom Vroom, Boom Boom, Now With Extra Smashy Smash

The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.8

Ninjas! Samurai! Snake Women! The New Trailer For The Wolverine Will Cut You

"Game Of Thrones" - "Second Sons": I Never Wanted Your Love, But I Needed It All

The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.7

Riddick Trailer: Now Can You Clap For Them Killers

"Game Of Thrones" - "The Bear And The Maiden Fair": And As The World Comes To An End, I'll Be Here To Hold Your Hand

The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.6

"Game Of Thrones" - "The Climb": I've Watched Him Walk Away To Climb The Endless Shadow Side

Iron Man 3 Review: Tony Stark's Darkest Hour May Well Be His Finest

The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.5

And Then Comic Book Nerds Exploded In Rage: Michael B. Jordan Rumored To Play The Human Torch

"Game Of Thrones" - "Kissed By Fire": The Cost Of My Desire, Sleep Now In The Fire

The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.4

Kids At Coachella Lie About Digging Fake Bands, Jimmy Kimmel Again Proves He Is An Evil Genius

Alison Haislip Will C*nt Punt Her Way Into Your Heart

Thor: The Dark World Trailer: Start Praying To A New God

The Lords Of Salem Review: On And On South Of Heaven

"Game Of Thrones" - "And Now His Watch Is Ended": This City Truly Is Assaulting My Senses, Unkempt, Unruly, Devour Defenseless

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11-11-11 Trailer: Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You The Worst Trailer Narration Of All Time

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The Thing Review: No Matter How Much Love You Try To Bring, Just The Same Old Thing

Marvel's One-Shot Films Demonstrate Clark Gregg's Awesomeness

Boy Wonder Trailer: What Would Happen If Batman Was Young, Broke, And Psychotic?

Footloose Review: Brutal. Absolutely Brutal.

Because The Universe Hates You: Deconstructing The New Year's Eve Poster

Trick 'r Treat Director Mike Dougherty's Short Film Will Be The Highlight Of Your Halloween

Act Of Valor Trailer: Call Of Duty Goes Real. Like, Really Real, With Actual Navy SEALs

No, Mr. Bond. I Expect You To Die: It's Official - Javier Bardem Will Try To Kill James Bond

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow: "Game Of Thrones" News

The Avengers Trailer: Assemble, Motherf*ckers

Another Happy Day Trailer: You Solipsistic F*CK!

The Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close Trailer Makes Me Hate Myself

Right, Because We All Need More Zombie Rape In Our Lives: Zack Snyder's Army Of The Dead May Yet Live

Dragon Age: Redemption Trailer: Felicia Day Will Kick Your Ass And Look Cute Doing It

Contraband Trailer: By-The-Numbers Action Starring Wahlberg And The Ben Foster Reach-Around

Beards, Blood And Beasties: The International Trailer For The Thing That Isn't The Thing, But An Entirely Different Thing (From Another World)

50/50 Review: Somehow, Cancer And Comedy Combined To Make One Of The Year's Best Films

One For The Money Trailer: No Rainbows Were Harmed In The Making Of This Picture

Man On A Ledge Trailer: The Quest To Make Sam Worthington Happen Continues

Moneyball Review: Cash Rules Everything Around Me

The Trailer For Liam Neeson's The Grey Shows Us What We Should Already Know: That Canada Shouldn't Be Trusted

He's Coming Back Around Again: Jackie Chan's 1911 Trailer Gives Me Hope

13 Trailer: With This Cast, It's Gotta Be Good... Right?

The New "Walking Dead" Promo Is 30 Seconds Of Gun-Filled Gory Goodness

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The Best And Worst Things In Movie History: A Seriously Random List

Straw Dogs Review: The First Rule Of Remaking Peckinpah: Don't.

[REC]³ Génesis Trailer: Welcome To The Perfect Wedding

Throw Me The Idol, I'll Throw You The Whip: Why Spielberg > Lucas

They Get You Ready To Fight, The Fuse Is Ready To Blow: The Goon Trailer And Posters Are Special Gifts For Our Canadian Friends

The New "Walking Dead" Teaser And Poster Does A Lot With A Little

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Get Ready For 3D Sweaty Man-On-Man Action: Top Gun To Get A 3D Conversion

Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution: The Eight Best Actors Turned Musicians

There's All Kinds Of Bad Ways To Die: The Trailer For The Raid Has A Few To Show You

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Do Your Tattoos Whisper To You In The Darkness? The Trailer For Comforting Skin

Sadly, Number Five Is Alive: In The Battle To Decide Who Will Direct The Short Circuit Remake, Nobody Wins

Congratulations On Your Creepy New Pod Baby: The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Trailer

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In Honor Of Shark Week, Here's A Collection Of The Awesomest Shark Movie News I Could Wrangle

Twixt Trailer: Coppola's Dream Will Either Change The Game, Or Bite The Big One

The Consultant Trailer: Marvel's One-Shot Series Seeks To Give You More Hero For Your Buck

This Week In Testosterone Cinema: News About Die Hard 5 (Yes, FIVE) And The Expendables 2

Let Me Have War, Say I: Footage And Images From Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus

"Tron: Uprising" Trailer: I'll Make The Most Of It, I'm An Extraordinary Machine

Red Tails Trailer: Real World Heroes Getting Their Due

Attack The Block Review: Wolfman's Got Yarbles

It Knows No Mercy, It Has No Pity, And It Shall Destroy You All... With Its Cuteness: The Official Poster For The Muppets

Dirty Girl Trailer: Girl Is On My Mind

Can You Use Kidnapping, Rape, And Torture To Make A Statement? The Trailer For Lucky McKee's The Woman

Wherein Two Of My Favorite, Lesser-Known Characters Approach Redemption: New Ghost Rider & Judge Dredd Images

First Snow White And The Huntsman Images: I'd Eat That Apple In A Minute

Knights Of Badassdom Trailer: I Never Knew LARPing Could Be This Awesome (No, Seriously)

Haywire Trailer: You're The Pretender, What If I Say That I'll Never Surrender

"The Walking Dead," Season Two Trailer: Long Road To Ruin

The Wolverine Gets A Villain And Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Suddenly Has Potential

Kill List Trailer: How I Could Just Kill A Man

Wherein The Escape From New York Remake Escapes From Being Made And I Rant About The Thing

I Admit It, I'm Hell: Camp Hell Trailer

Cowboys, Aliens, And Captain America: Clips For You To Choke On

Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution: The Perfect Age Of Rock 'N' Roll Trailer

Image Of The Final Dwarf in The Hobbit And A Lovely Group Shot: All Your Dwarves Are Belong To - No? Too Geeky? Oh, Go Screw

This Is Why Hollywood Deserves To Be Devoured By Rabid Lampreys: Tom Cruise Confirmed For One Shot

New Red Band Trailer For Friends With Benefits: Mathematical Evidence Of How It Should Kick Natalie And Ashton's Asses

The World Of Men Will Fall, And All Will Come To Darkness: The Sean Bean Death Reel

Official Trailer for The Thing: Go Gargle Battery Acid

Wherein The Remake I Dread Begins To Show Its Face: The Thing Movie Poster And Leaked Trailer

Is It 2012 Yet? First Official Poster For The Dark Knight Rises

How Marketing Can Destroy What We Love: How To Ruin A Movie With Giamatti, Cox, Jacobi & Flemying

Jason Statham Will Battle The Fantastic Four... Or Something Like That: Michael Chiklis Cast In Parker

There's A Sudden Flood Of Spike Lee Joints Coming Our Way: Oldboy Remakes And Mookie Returns?

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Posters: These Men Are Clearly Up To Something, And I Like It

Amigo Trailer: John Sayles Directing Chris Cooper And Garret Dillahunt? Yes Please.

New Final Destination 5 Trailer: Screws Fall Out All The Time, The World Is An Imperfect Place

The Silent House Review: In My Hour Of Need, No, You Were Not There

Five Days Of War Trailer: Yes, That Is Hollywood's Newest Terror -- Giant Val Kilmer

The Mystery And Excitement Of First Looks: New Images From Tintin, Soderbergh's Haywire, And (FINALLY) Cabin In The Woods

How To Squander Your Rachel Weisz Opportunities: Which Of These Movie Posters Works For You?

Because God Hates You, That Why: Adam Sandler And Kevin James Will Inflict Hotel Transylvania Upon Us

A Brief Introduction To How To Properly Approach A Remake: Seth Gordon And The WarGames Reboot

A Devil In God's Country: Diablo Cody Will Direct Lamb Of God

The New Three Musketeers Trailer: I Can Think Of Five Good Reasons To See This Movie

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Trailer: Now Clear, In English, And With More Awesome

New Immortals Trailer: In The Midst Of All The Glistening Eye Candy, There Might Be A Great Film Hiding Here

And I Think It's Gonna Be A Long, Long Time: Animated Rocketeer Short Film Will Be The Best Part Of Your Day

Apollo 18 Trailer: The Killing Moon Will Come Too Soon

The Leaked Trailer For Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: Blurry, French, Confusing, But Kind Of Awesome

The Much Better UK Trailer For Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Is A Study In How American Marketing People Are Even Stupider Than You

The Killer Elite Trailer: The Statham, Clive Owen, And Yvonne Strahovski Will Rock You Like A Hurricane

You're A C*cksucker, Snow White: Casting News For Snow White and the Huntsman

Flypaper Trailer: McDreamy Has A Big-Ass Gun, Robs A Bank, And I Am Confuzzled

"Game Of Thrones" - "Fire And Blood"

Let's All Suffer Together

Green Lantern Review, Second Take: Like Every Hell But Kind Of Green

New Conan The Barbarian Trailer: All I Can Say Is, There Better Be Camel-Punching

The Ward Review: Welcome To Where Time Stands Still, No One Leaves And No One Will

New Cowboys And Aliens Trailer: We Deal In Lead, Friend

"Game Of Thrones" - "Baelor"

Tom Cruise Circling One Shot: Welcome To Horrendous Idea # 756,243

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Review: Nathan Fillion Gives A Crash Course In The History Of The Guardians Of The Universe

Attention Chris Columbus: We Are Gonna Rumble, You And I, Unless You Back The F*ck Off

Troll Hunter Review: The Faux Documentary Gets A Gigantic Slap In The Ass

The Guard Trailer: Brendan Gleeson, Don Cheadle and Mark Strong. Need I Say More?

Kong Will Be King Again, Conan Posters, And Idris Elba Has A Special Treat: Trade News To Feed Your Tapeworm

"Game Of Thrones" - "The Pointy End"

Killer Apes, Giant Robots, Aliens And (Shirtless) Tennant: New Clips To Help You Get Your Geek On

The New Kid News: Penny Arcade Hits The Big Time

Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 Trailer: I'm Bored. When Do We Get To The Disemboweling?

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer: Because Who Doesn't Love Seeing The Enslavement Of The Human Race?

The Tunnel Review: A Damn Fine Horror Movie Lurks Below

Whatever Doesn't Kill You Simply Makes You Stranger: DC Comics To Reboot The Entire Universe

Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World Trailer: Wherein The Spy Kids Betray Their Parents, Destroy Their Masters, And Blood Runs Through The Streets

"Game Of Thrones" - "You Win Or You Die"

If You Can Look Past Joey Potter, There's Much To Be Said For The Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Trailer

The Akira Remake Might Be Dead (HUZZAH), The Emu Pecks At One Of My Favorite Novels (BOO), And The Avengers May Have A New Baddie: Trade News That'll Smack The Taste Outta Your Mouth

Shark Night 3D Trailer: This Is My Kind Of Stupid

The War Has Begun: A Mess Of X-Men First Class Clips Show All Manner Of Mutant Mayhem

Jim Carrey, Penguins And Nut Shots: New Mr. Popper's Penguins Trailer Will Make You Curse Your Gods

I'm Only A Dolphin, Ma'am: Killer Sharks, Elvis Costello, And Other News For You To Swallow Whole

"Game Of Thrones" - "A Golden Crown"

Beyond The Hobbit: The Saga Will Continue And Will Be Greater Than We Ever Imagined

You Using The Whole Fist, Doc? Trade News To Make You Kneel Like The Dogs That You Are

New Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Trailer: Welcome To the Next Kaboomaganza

Space Lord, Mutha Mutha: New Green Lantern Trailer Gets Epic

Baby Goose Gets Even Cuter, Van Damme Gets Desecrated, And Other Trade News For You To Choke On

Moon Nazis, Devil Women, And Evil Mutants: The Best International Trailers You Haven't Seen

Armie Hammer Set to Play Masked Man in Knee-High Boots and a Kerchief who Fights Crime with a Homeless Native American

The Beastmaster Real-Time Review: Never Doubt Our Commitment To Diaper Power

Do You Love Rosario Dawson? Then Welcome To The Promised Land

I Don't Know How Much More Of This I Can Take: Beautiful Boy Trailer, Starring Michael Sheen & Maria Bello

Small Town Murder Songs Trailer: Peter Stormare Finally Gets His Chance (And It Looks Fantastic)

"Game Of Thrones" - "The Wolf And The Lion"

The Trailer For Fright Night Makes Me Want To Kill My Neighbors... In A Good Way

I Don't Know My Way Home: Straw Dogs Trailer

Stallone Gets Expendabler, Mutants Expose Themselves, and David Tennant: Trade Bits To Feed Your Mewling Mouths

We Need To Talk About Kevin Clips: Prepare To Be Absolutely Destroyed

See What You Have Wrought, Cowboys & Aliens? Sonnenfeld Developing Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens

[REC] Genesis News And Images: Welcome To The Wedding From Hell

The Future Trailer: Talking Cats, Conversations With The Moon, And A Lethal Dose Of Twee

"Game Of Thrones" - "Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things"

Beautiful Freaks: X-Men: First Class Character Trailers

Thor Review: Good God, Y'all

Oliver Sherman Review: I Just Want Something I Can Never Have

I Had A Dream I Was A Vigilante's Sidekick: Marvel To Develop Every Superhero Ever

"Game Of Thrones" - "Lord Snow"

Stake Land Review: Vampires Are Back And Feeding On The Bloody Corpse Of Twilight

Intruders Teaser Trailer: Lose The Creepy Kid, Pack Your Sh*t, And Leave

Yet Another Thor Trailer Shows New Goodies, And The Avengers Villain Revealed

Trigger Review: Break Another Little Bit Of My Heart Now, Darling

13 Assassins Review: Your Bloodlust Will Be Sated

Superman's Got Another Villain, Ah-Nuld's Back To Terminatin', And GI Joe 2 Is Unfortunately Still Alive

Two New X-Men: First Class Trailers Show How Mutants Saved The World From Communism

And Then They Were All Disemboweled By Ninjas: Monte Carlo Trailer

Lanterns, Avengers, Call Of Duty, Buffy And Danny F*cking Trejo: Trade News To Make Your Nerd Bits Tingle

Sleep Tight: Not Bloody Likely After Watching This Trailer

Troll Hunter Trailer: Get Me A Bridge And A Goat, STAT!

Reach Out And Touch Crazy: The Devil's Double Trailer

"Game Of Thrones" - "The Kingsroad"

Two New Thor Trailers Will Blow Your Sh*t Away

Disneynature's Chimpanzee Trailer: This Kind Of Cuteness Is F*cking Reprehensible And You All Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves

X-Men: First Class Trailer: Peace Was Never An Option

In The Battle Of Batman Vs. Leatherface Vs. Giant Robots, I Think Donnie Yen Wins: A Trade News Round-Up

Jason Statham Cast In Parker: I'm The King Of The Gutters, The Prince Of The Dogs

Never Play The Guessing Game With Christopher Nolan: Gordon-Levitt and Cotillard's Dark Knight Rises Roles Revealed

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II Trailer: At Last, The End Of The Boy Who Lived

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away: First Clip Of HBO's "Luck"

"Game Of Thrones" - "Winter Is Coming"

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Review | Finish Him

I Believe The Children Are Our Future, And I Also Believe That We Are F*cked: Prom & Go For It! Trailers

Cowboys And Aliens Trailer: You See Us Coming And You Altogether Run For Cover

Fly Away Trailer: One Of My SXSW Faves

The Silent House Trailer: Darkness, Imprisoning Me

Stake Land Trailers And Clips: I'll Be Damned - Vampires Are Scary Again

Wrong. F*cking. Bird: Bradley Cooper In Talks To Play The Crow

They Live Remake Isn't A Remake: Matt Reeves To Direct 8 O'Clock In The Morning

The Perfect Host Trailer: Who Knew Niles Crane Could Be Such A Delightful Psycho?

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, Ah-Nuld Returns, And The Newest Avenger Revealed: Your Geek News Roundup

Exodus Fall Trailer: A Look At The Art Of The Movie Trailer

Kneel Before Zod... For Real This Time: Michael Shannon Cast In Man Of Steel

Abashed, The Devil Stood And Felt How Awful Goodness Is: Yet Another Director Attached To The Crow Remake

Werewolves And Haunted Houses: Starbuck, You Deserve Better Than This

Snowtown Trailer: Your Best Friend Is A Killer, And You Might Be Too

An Invisible Sign Trailer: I'm Sorry, Did You Say Jessica Alba As A Math Teacher, Or Did The Universe Just Implode?

Netflix Instant Review of Red: The Dog Days Are Over, The Dog Days Are Done

Cat Run Trailer: You Had Me At "Paz Vega"

First 15 Minutes Of Game Of Thrones: Ours Is The Fury

Underworld 4, Trick 'R Treat 2, And Other Horror/Sci-Fi News To Ponder While The Zombies Scratch At The Door

Animated Thor, Live-Action Thor, Motion Comic Thor: You've Been Thunderstruck

Why We Drink: Terry Gilliam Remake Edition

Want To See Kat Dennings Kick Thor's Ass? New Thor Clip

Introducing The Antichrist: Craig Robinson Cast In Rapturepalooza

Geoffrey Rush Cast In Green Lantern And More Justice League Weirdness

Warner Bros Developing Justice League Movie: Where's The Evil League Of Evil When You Need Them

13 Assassins Trailer: History, Politics, And A Healthy Dose Of Samurai Ass-Kicking

It's Gonna Be Lousy With Mutants Up In Here: First Class Images, X-Men And Deadpool Updates

Writers Hired For Candyland Movie: Prepare For Suffering

The Three Musketeers Trailer: All For One, And One For What The F*ck?

Sucker Punch Review: A Spectacular Display Of Breathtaking Incompetence

Amy Adams Cast As Lois Lane In Superman: It Will Take A Herculean Effort for Zack Snyder To Screw This Up

Clash Of The Titans 2 Plot Details And Casting: More Titans, Less Suckery Please

Full-Length Captain America Trailer: Coming Again To Save The Motherf**king Day, Yeah

The Divide Review: Worse Than The Bomb Is What Comes After

New Clip From Captain America: "ET" Ruins Everything

I Had A Long John But No Silver: The Increasingly Ridiculous Cast Of New Year's Eve

For Better Or Worse, You're Probably Going To Get A Cloverfield 2

Attack The Block Poster and Trailer: Because Nick Frost Would Want You To See It

Natural Selection Review: Quite Simply The Best SXSW Had To Offer

Conan's Villain, Robot Fighters, And Remakes: A Trade News Round-Up

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Alberto Falcone In The Dark Knight Rises, Plus More Casting News

Viva Riva! Review: The Joke Is Over, Smell The Smoke From All Around

Cracks Review: Not One Thing That I Would Not Do If You Would Hold Me Close to You

Fly Away Review: An Emotionally Affecting, But Never Manipulative Look At Parenthood

Inside America Review: The Youth Are Getting Restless

Conan The Barbarian Trailer: Contemplate This On The Tree Of Woe

Bunohan Trailer: Rampant Badassery

Next Up - Video Game Movie Reboots!: Stop Trying To Make Video Game Movies Happen.

News, First Image From Silent Hill: Revelation

Pirates Of The Carribean:On Stranger Tides Trailer: Wait, There's A Guy On Our Team Who Dresses Like A Pirate?

Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night Trailer: Brandon Routh Fights Zombies, Werewolves, Obscurity

Puss In Boots Trailer: Get Bent, Dreamworks

Detention Trailer: That's My Kind Of Prom Queen

Superman's Mom Will Be Way Hotter Than Lois Lane: Diane Lane Cast As Martha Kent

The Dark Knight Rises Rumors Go Round And Round: Catwomen And Ninjas

F**k The Academy: The 2010 Pajiba Fun Oscars

Guns And Swords And Really Bad Hair: Devil May Cry Coming To The Big Screen

White Irish Drinkers Trailer: We Drink And We Fight And We Bleed And We Cry

Superheroes, Thundercats, And Giant Robots: A Geek News Roundup

Drive Angry Review: I Hate Myself For Loving You

KNEEL: Zach Snyder Wants Viggo Mortensen For Superman: Man Of Steel

Wolfgang Peterson To Direct Old Man's War: It's Not A Matter Of Rights, It's Just A Matter Of War

Bereavement Trailer: That Ain't No Way To Raise A Child

New "Falling Skies" Trailers: Noah Wyle: Defender Of The Universe

The Bleeding Trailer: You Will Watch It, You Will Love It, And You Will Hate Yourself

DC Animated Fails Us, And Other Random Bits Of Crazy

Zack Snyder Casts Kevin Costner In Superman, And I'm Suddenly Annoyed

Trailers For Apollo 18 And Transformers III: This Is The Year The Moon Destroys Us All

Dead Island Rights Picked Up | The Zombie Movie Rampage Is Crazier Than An Actual Zombie Rampage

Thor Trailer: The Hammer Of The Gods

The 10 Most Cheesilicious Sword And Sorcery Films

Meet Your New Wonder Woman

In Her Skin Trailer: Daddy, Our Baby's Gone

Primal Review: Hello, My Treacherous Friends

Cracks Trailer: She Cries Your Name

Where Amazing Happens: The Spider-Man Reboot Gets A Title And A New Image

Oliver Sherman Trailer: I'll Build A Wall And We Can Keep Them On The Other Side

Anne Hathaway's Got A Fight On Her Hands as Marion Cotillard is in Talks to Join Batman 3

11-11-11 Trailer: Did We Learn Nothing From The Number 23?

"Howlin' For You" Video: I Will Get The Information I Want, Even If I Have To Stab It Outta You

X-Men: First Class Trailer: I Halted That Illusion, I'm Not Your Average Guy

They're My Theme Music. Every Hero's Got To Have Some

How To Fight Loneliness

A Thinly Veiled Excuse To Post Pictures Of Famke Janssen And Other Pretties

You're Finally Getting The Green Lantern You Wanted

You're Much Too Young, Girl

Finally, Some Good Remake News

I'm Hell

Needs More T-Rex

Gods And Robots And Painful Stereotypes

Heroes, Pandas And Pirates

Look Upon Its Ghastly Visage And Tremble

It's All Ball Bearings These Days

Man, Just Cause It's A Theme Song, Don't Make It Not True

Wherein I Combine Minotaurs, The Civil War, The Magna Carta, Tom Hardy, and Tony Todd All In One Post

You Are Everything That Is Wrong In The World

Dogtooth Review: It's Cool To Love Your Family

This Man. Fat Suit. 'Nuff Said.

Like Tron, But French... And Sexier

Now This Is How You Make A Friggin' Ensemble Comedy

The Rite Review: By Demons Be Driven


More Mysteries, Fewer C*cksuckers

Sometimes I Despair The World Will Never See Another Man Like Him

Wild And Bereft, Assassin Is Born

Welcome To The Most Insanely, Awesomely Ridiculous Thing You Will Ever See

I Must Be Tripping Balls

You Can Get With This, Or You Can Get With That

Sunsets Are Beautiful. Newborn Babies Are Beautiful. This... This Is F*cking Spectacular!

Believe Me, I Know You Work Insidiously

Study Says a Specific Subset of Couples Unable to Agree on Monogamy (Blogosphere Loses Its Mind In Response)

That Is The Sound Of Inevitability

Whoops - Wrong Crappy 3D Movie About Blue People

Some Who Say I've Lost My Mind, Brother Try And Hope To Find

There Goes My Hero

The Charming Potato Image Re-Invention Project, Vol. 2.0

I Don't Remember Half The Time If I'm Hiding Or I'm Lost

So Let's Kick, And Push, And Coast

If You Wanna Find Hell With Me, I Can Show You What It's Like

What Crappy Movies You Have

Genital Warts On The Face Of British Comedy

Now We're Shooting With Mind Bullets


Can't You See What You Have Wrought Here, Bloody Battles Will Be Fought Here

Yesterday's Children Of Tomorrow Are Here Today

The Movie We Wanted Isn't Happening... But There's Still Good News (For Once)

If You're Gonna Scream, Scream With Me... Moments Like This Never Last

Trying To Tame The American Horse

Welcome To The Most Baffling Trailer Of The Week

Who Knew Falling In Love With The Dead Could Be So Charming?

An Instructional Video On How To Get Kidnapped In Argentina

The Sun's Gone Dim And We Are Screwed

Have Faith In Me, Cause There Are Things That I've Seen I Don't Believe

Lena Headey Cares Not For The Law

Because More Noomi Rapace Is Never A Bad Thing

It's The Best Mindf*ck Yet

Classical Bible Stories Get Modernized. Or Not. It's Complicated... Meaning Stupid.

I Don't Know What's Going On, But I Think I Like It

The Best Fake Band Names Created By Pajiba Commenters

They Call Me... They Call Me... Stalker!

And If We Threw It All Away, Things Can Only Get Better

Hansel Gets A New Gretel To Hunt With

Absent Gods And Creatures Foul

A Study In Boobs, Butts, And Blood

I Had A World Where I Still Had You, Oh I Wish I Was Crazy Again

The Lights Are Blinding My Eyes


Cthulhu Is Calling, And He Is No Longer F**king Around

Sometimes The Best Ones Are The Ones You Don't See

Remorse Is For The Dead

I Have Lost The Will To Live, Simply Nothing More To Give

Girl Is On My Mind

I Was Comin' Down The Mountain, Met A Child She Had Pin Eyes

I Don't Know What The F*ck Just Happened, But I'm Interested

Robert Pattinson To Detonate Panties Without Sparkling

A Handy Guide To Green Heroes, And Cameron Diaz Is Melting

Go To Sleep My Brothers, I'm Alright To Drive

This Isn't My First Rodeo, Mr. Stark

Somedays You Get The Bear. Today Is That Day.

The Pirate In Me Is Lost Somewhere At Sea

I Wanna Savage Your Spinal Remains

On And On South Of Heaven

Yet Another Rowlesian Work Of Whimsy... Featuring John Cleese

How We Calmed The Tides Of War... We Are Your Overlords

Australia Wants To Scare The Sh*t Out Of You - For Free

Is That You Bay, Or Just A Brilliant Disguise

All Shall Love Me And Despair

Because Everything Is Better With More Olyphant

I Want To Live, I Want To Love, But It's A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

The Downfall Of Val Kilmer - A Study In Posters

The Greatest Thing In The History Of The Universe

High School Puke-ical

And Now The Screaming Starts

I Said Jump Down On Jump Street

20 Years After "Twin Peaks" And He Still Freaks Me The F*ck Out

Still Trying To Get Her Groove Back

I Remember My Dream Now... Why I Dug The Holes

I'm The Guy Who Does His Job. You Must Be The Other Guy

Give Me Sweet Lies, And Keep Your Bitter Truths

The Hopelessly Hopeless Marching

Oh, You English Are So Superior


I'm Pretty Sure Kemo Sabe Just Means Dumbass Cracker

Somehow, Someone Has Made Russell Brand Adorable

Happy Thanksgiving, Pajibans.

I Guess The Good Times, They Were All Just Killing Me

That Girl Is Dope

Karl Urban Really Is The Law

On A Steel Horse I Ride

What Big Eyes You Have, Amanda Seyfried

In Brightest Day...

I Know There's Better Brothers, But You're The Only One That's Mine

The Unofficial Faster Trailer Makes You Want To Smash Things

I Dub Thee Unforgiven... With Aliens

Nicolas Cage Battles Witches, Hairstylists, And Narcolepsy

What I Do Best Isn't Very Nice

First Trailer and Images Of Winnie The Pooh -- IN 3D!

Charming Potato: Legionnaire

I Won't Tell You You Can Save Yourself, Because You Can't

The Island Is Silent Now, But The Ghosts Still Haunt The Waves

I Can't Sleep Until I Devour You

Prove Yourself. A Pajiba Test Of Wills

The Unthinkable Has Become Thinkable

At Last, A Remake Of A Film That Hasn't Even Been Released Yet

We Are One Step Closer To The Inevitable Pirates Vs. Ninjas Movie

She Wanted To Be A Secret Girl, A Waking Dream

How Can You Say That This Town Is Insane? Perhaps It's We Who Are Insane.

Welcome To Awesometown

Batman Needs A Woman

Undead Cowboys And The End Of The World

She Looks So Good In Red, American Nightmare Running Scared

Wake Up Dead

The Statham. 'Nuff Said.

Oh Captain My Captain

Broken Bodies In A Death Rock Dance Hall

The Music Is Reason Enough

The Heart's A Lonely Hunter

No One Is Safe From The Ratnerf*cking

A Terrifying New Serial Killer Movie! By Which I Mean... Stupid.

This Week In Hollywood Casting Word Jumble!

You Asked The Question, Here's The Answer. Let's Get Bloody

It's Hard To Believe We Need A Place Called Hell

So You're Him, Huh? The Avenger. The Killer Of Killers

All My Cat Does Is Bite People


Suck Out The Poison

It's The Loneliness That's The Killer

I Just Want Your Extra Time And Your...

Over Hills, This Lovely Creature, Over Mountains, Over Ranges

Tongues Flash And Flick As If They're Screaming


Tower Of Suck Is More Like It

Whipping You Up Into An Undead Fever Pitch

Why Can't We Brothers Protect One Another

Wolverine 2 May Feature More Lesbian Ballerinas, Time Travel

Call Sign Of Cthulhu

Will These White Girls Never Learn?

Spider-Man Gets A Villain, The Flash Gets A Deadline And A Rumor

There Goes My Hero, Watch Him As He Goes

The Rock Finally Stops F*cking Around

They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!

You People Deserve To Die

Emma Stone Confirmed In Spider-Man To Play ...

What Makes You Think You Can Be A Black Hero?


Why Don't We Just Wait Here For A Little While... See What Happens

Your Mission Is To Put Your Shirt Back On

The Jackal's Eaten Enough For Today

Now Begins My Reign Of Horror

Santa Claus Will Straight-Up Murder Your Sh!t

The Coen Brothers Head West And Damn, Does It Looks Badass

The Flash! Avengers! Green Lantern! Superman! I'm Gonna Throw Up!

Excuse Me Baby, I Can't Control Myself In The Octopus Mode

We're Not Done Yet

Through The Darkest Hour, Grace Did Not Shine On Me

Death To Overcomplicate Things For A Fifth Time

The Mother Of All Garden Gnome Movies. No, Seriously.

Oh No, There Goes Tokyo


Cthulhu Hates Airplanes

The Five Freebies: Sugar, No Cream Edition


Thank God, No Purple

Maximum Fastisciousness With An Extra Side of Double Furiousitictacity

We Drink And We Fight And We Drink And We Die

Maximus To Wield Liquid Swords, And Everyone Is Kung Fu Fighting

Murder And Other Family Matters

Too Much Horror Business

You Can't Kill What's Already Dead

Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World

A Faithless Preacher? Or A Mean Motherf**kin' Servant Of God?

The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown

Janice Ian Gits Her Gun

Uwe Boll Tries To Win "Most Loathed Director" Award

Drokk It, This Really Is Happening

The Mystery Of Paul W.S. Anderson

The Bums Will Always Lose

We've Got To Fight The Powers That Be

Seriously. Shoot Your Agent.

Don't You Tell Me You Don't Remember Me Because I Sure As Heckfire Remember You

Your Suffering Will Be Legendary, Even In Hell

Let's Try To Make The Flaming Skull, Demon Possessed Biker Less Boring This Time, OK?

From The Good Star Wars Producer -- Nazis! Tanks! Monsters!

Just How Deep Do You Believe? Will You Bite The Hand That Feeds?

The Zombie Apocalypse -- Bringing Back My Faith In Television

OK, Calm Down, It Was Just A Bird. You Don't Control The Birds. You Will Some Day, But Not Today.

Hail Satan!

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Just Another Happy Bloodbath

What The F*ck, Rachel?

It's Baby Punching Time

Bad Blood Ties

I Would For You

RIP, Wes Craven's Career

Prepare To Witness Everything I Hate

Face The Thing That Should Not Be

The Chronic(WHAT!)les Of Narnia

Matthew Vaughn's Mutantpalooza Continues

Try To Ignore The Cliches

You Bawling, Blasphemous, Incharitable Dog!

Come To Me, Nerdlingers, And Let Us Plan Our Takeover

Maximum Ridiculosity

Far Too Cute

Turk Does The Dance With Aliens

The Dark Knight Rejuvenated

Felicia Day: Werewolf Killer

You Whip Out A Couple Of Swords At Your Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding? They Will Never, Ever Forget It.

Dear Dustin: No. Hell No.

How Much You Wanna Bet A "Monkeying Around" Joke Will Be Used?

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

To Fight The Horde, Sing And Cry: Valhalla, I Am Coming

Like Office Space With More Murderous Rage

Because You Are All Beautiful Snowflakes

Ray Harryhausen Would Be Proud

A Dark And Grim Force Set Sail

Charlie Is Gonna Be Pissed

Oh, Suck It

Dragons, Samurai, and Giant Robots. You Will Be Unprepared

There Is No Day Greater Than New Nic Cage Hair Day

I, For One, Welcome Our New Tentacled Overlords

Nasty, Brutish, and Short

Will Karl Urban Be the Law?

The Newest Soldier in the Zombie Apocalypse

Nobody Kills Me Until I Say So

Now That's More Like It

What Do Katherine Heigl and Ferris Bueller Have in Common?

I Did It for My Family

Your Friends May Get Me in a Rush, But Not Before I Make Your Head Into a Canoe

The Hall of Asgard, Sneering Barbarians, and... Some Very Impressive Abs

We're Running Out of Ideas!

Battling Seizure Robots!

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, The Downey, and Galifianakis

You've Never Seen Me Very Upset

This Isn't Mischief, This Is Mayhem

Trapped in an Elevator With M. Night Shyamalan

Soon, The Nolans Will Direct Everything

Hell Awaits

¿Quien Es Mas Macho?

She Will Hide in Silence, Then Her Day Will Come

Edward Norton No Smash

Chris Columbus to Direct Superman?

Best Buy Develops New Mobile App for Despicable Me

I Love Them Whores They Never Judge You

Do You Like the Smell of Adventure?

Meet the World's Deadliest Assassin

If I Should Fall From Grace With God

No Gods. No Kings. Only Men.

Marcus Nispel Does Not Understand the Riddle of Steel

Welcome Back to the Hell of Being Cut to Pieces

The Clowns Have Been Sent In to Ruin Everything

This Lady Is Not for Turning

A New Kind of Fan Film

Lindsay Lohan to Do a Pile of Drugs, Have a Lot of Freaky Sex

The Ants Go Marching and Will F*ck You Up

Heeeere, Lizard Lizard Lizard

Johnny Depp Is a Chameleon. No, I Mean a Literal, Actual Chameleon

Emma Frost, Paul Bettany, and Bruce Campbell Is Absolutely Delicious

Too Much Horror Business

You Are a God Among Insects. Never Let Anyone Tell You Different.

Let's Run Away Somewhere. Anywhere. The Farther the Better.

I'm Gonna Have Me Some Fun

Yes, That's Helen Mirren. With a Machine Gun

Is This the Next Snake Plissken?

They Will Devour Your Soul

Disney's Newest Fairy Tale Is Decidedly Not Grimm

What I Do Best Isn't Very Nice

Milla Jovovich Will Kill Zombies In Your Lap

I Know It Isn't Your Scene, It's Better Than a Sex Scene

When We Meet You Will See, I Will Destroy Everything of Beauty

Yours Is Not a God of Love

Words Fail Me

The Moppet And The Annoying Kid Get On A Boat

The Greatest Star Wars Movie Since Return of the Jedi

Nic Cage's Head to Burst Into Flames Once More

The Rebirth of Slick

Hurtpool! Where's the Fun in That?

Can You See Kristen Stewart Here?

When You Play the Game of Thrones, You Win or You Die. There Is No Middle Ground.

Sam Worthington Will Be All Up In Your Sh*t Next Year

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth Are Really Quite Charming Together

Jay Baruchel, Monica Bellucci and the Continuing Adventures of Nic Cage's Hair

Are We Slowly Headed Towards a Justice League Film?

Can We Start an Official "Save Idris Elba" Campaign?

Michael Jai White in The Unthinkable

After The Ratnerf*cking, There's Nowhere to Go But Up

One of the Greatest Comic Books Ever Getting Adapted

Will Billy Elliot Be the Next Spider-Man? Plus, More Captain America News

Today in Hollywood Word Jumble:

It's Not What You Think

Gary Oldman to Add Spy to an Already Impressive List

Captain America, The Avengers Just Got Better

Armies Of The Dead Surviving, Armies Of The Hungry Ones

This Is The Really Real World, There Ain't No Comin' Back

America, F**k Yeah

Back Into The Nightmare

District 9's Sharlto Copley - Director? With Bonus Rutger Hauer!

Further Lessons in How to Make a Movie Poster

Our Time Honored Tradition of Cannibalism

I Like to Keep This Handy for Close Encounters

The Money Still Gleams in My Hand Like a Light

The Next Great Horror Innovation?

What Kind of Crazy Person Would Mess With Danny Trejo's Family?

Adventures in the Awesomely Awful, Starring Kevin Sorbo... And Boobs

How Is It That a Movie That Doesn't Exist Has Such Awesome Trailers?

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Mickey Rourke Continues to Look Freaky

This Place Is a Prison and These People Aren't Your Friends

What If You're Not Meant to Love the One You Love?

It Must Be Bizarro Day - Fox Is Making Smart Decisions

Shuck and Jive Will Not Return in Transformers 3

A Man So Hard His Veins Bleed Ice

Jon Favreau Has Some Ideas for Iron Man's Next Foe

I Live My Life a Quarter Mile at a -- Oh, Sorry. Wrong Crappy Diesel Franchise

Sigh. Yet Another Mexican - Indian Romance/ Revenge/ Kidnapping Movie

Never Trust a Talking Dog

Nothing More Dangerous Than a Woman With an Ass-Katana

Robert Rodriguez Directs Kat Dennings and Puppies

I'm Gonna Have Me Some Fun

Diane Lane Races Horses, Is Still Beautiful

Do Not Attempt to Resist the Clooneyness

In Case You Were Wondering, Yes, Transformers 3 Will Out-Stupid Its Predecessors

Taste the Pain

Mailing It In, Zombie-Style

Meet the New Jackie Kennedy

Great Odin's Raven!

Boromir Gets a Second Chance

The Scream 4 Teaser Poster Is a Picture of Awesome

Luc Besson Creating The Transporter TV Show

Exclusive: Warner Brothers Developing Starman Film

What the Hell Is Leelee Sobieski Doing Here?

Killer? Savior? Both?

Mutilation Is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

You Made Me Love You

In Madness You Dwell

John Woo Getting Back to Greatness

My Sh*t Always Works Sometimes

Dumb Movie Featuring Useless Actor Gets Crappy Writer

The Awesome Movie You'll Probably Never See

Now That's My Kind of Crazy

Oh Neil Patrick Harris, What Do They Have On You?

Well You're Kinda Looking at Me Like I've Got to Set You Free

I Admire Your Adherence to Violence as a Necessary Adjunct to the Job.

Joss Whedon's Involvement With Marvel Films Even Bigger Than Expected

You Can Teach Them to Hate the Things You Hate

Everyone's a Hero In Their Own Way

Tell Them Riddick's Dead. He Died Somewhere Back On That Planet.

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night...

Colin Farrell to Enter Rom-Com Hell

Get Ready for the Next Great Female Action Star

Just a Feast of Gore and Blood, We Bite

The Youth Are Getting Restless

Brad Dourif Is Still Creepy, and How to Make a Great Movie Poster

Drop Your Tacos or I'll Blow Your Brains Out.

This Is The Man Who Will Save Us From the Zombie Apocalypse?

Ryan Reynolds to Rise From the Dead, Crack Wise

Let's Try This Yet Again, Shall We?

Milla, Kicking Your Ass in 3-D

Not As Bad As You'd Imagine. Trust Me.

You'll Beg for the Centipede After This

These Hybrid Moments

Assembling All The Avengers News Is Getting to Be a F**king Chore

Titanically Awesome

Staggeringly Beautiful

Navy Seals and the Battle for Atlantis?

It's a Transformation With an Urge to Kill

Death Comes Ripping

Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?

Less Rourke, More Cheadle

Very Anxious to Learn the Business

If Man's Dignity Lies In Thought, Then Let Us All Strive To Think Well

Luck Favors the Prepared

This Week In Hollywood Word Jumble:

Will Smith Needs To Choose: Unnecessary Sequel, or Interesting Concept Piece

Abandon Your Friends

Shake Your Body Down to the Ground

Who Will Assemble The Avengers

Update: Took Friggin' Long Enough

Get Ready To Break Your Brain

How Does It Feel to Be Hunted?

The Awesomeness of The Statham Cancels Out the Awfulness of Simon West

Suicide Bomber Comedy. Need I Say More?

You Had Me at Ed Harris, But the Rest Is Pretty Damn Interesting Too

Sigourney Weaver Gets In on the Vampire Action

Just Cause She Dances Go-Go, It Don't Make Her A Ho, No

Really? Charming Potato Might Be Captain America? Really?

Conan Has a New Daddy

Daddy's Little Girl... Is a Killer

She Says the Jungle... It Just Came Alive and Took Him

Captain America, Meet Your Big Bad

Make Peace With Your Gods

The Real Glory Is Being Knocked to Your Knees and Then Coming Back.

How to Market a Movie Properly

Not to Worry - The Man Pictured Here Will Not Be Captain America

Florida Bill Seeks to Fund Films With "Traditional Family Values"

Greetings, Programs

Felicia Day to Fight Werewolves

I Think This Is a Great Idea

In War We're Tough and Able

The Bank is Worth the Risk

Avatar Baddie Might Kill Conan's Daddy

Death Race 2: 2 Deathy 2 Racey Features a Disturbing Lack of The Statham

As I Would Not Be a Slave, So I Would Not Be a Master

Copycats and Needless Remakes

Can Liam Neeson Raise Christina Ricci From the Dead?

I Know I'm With 'Em, But I Ain't Like Them

Got the Time Tick Tick Tickin' in My Head

I Swear to God, I'm Gonna Pistol-Whip the Next Guy Who Says "Shenanigans."

The Work of Angels

Superman Lives

What Is Best in Life?

When It's Time To Collect, It's Only Heroes Who Pay

This Pic Is the Least I Could Do for You

Get Rich and Stop Tryin'

Those Who Worship Evil's Might

Vikings at the Gates

Ben Stiller, There's Hope for You Yet

This Lie of a Life Came as Quickly as it Can Dissolve

Six Degrees to Southeast Asia

I Like to Play With Things a While Before Annihilation.

Wolves Are Speedier Than Little Girls, Barely Pausing to Devour Jackrabbits and Squirrels

You've Brought This on Yourselves, And I Will Never Forgive You

Original? No. But Hey... Rip Torn!

Now It's Better Than Real, It's a Real Imitation

She Is Good And She Is Bad, No One Understands

Less Sparkly, More Stabby

She Always Brings Me What I Need


Your Local Multiplex Is About to Get Impossibler

The Beautiful People Get Sick

The Heist Flick Gets Teenified

I Don't Know What the Hell's In There, But It's Weird and Pissed Off

Does This Look Infected?

America, F*ck Yeah

The Boy That You Loved Is The Man That You Fear

Fasterousness and Furiousity

Yup. Again.

I'm Definitely Too Old for This Sh*t

Puny Humans

From Naked Blue Superhero to Insurance Sales

There Can Be Only One... Teen Wolf

By the Beard of Zeus!

You Think This "A" Stands for France?

Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo

Let's Forget Tomorrow, It's Too Far Away

Say Good-Bye to Your Big Ugly Friend

Avengers: Assembled

My Favorite Part Was When They Used the Ponytail of Life as a Joystick to Drive the Dragons

Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Everything, Ever

This Is Where You Fall Down


The Grapes of Maynard James Keenan's Wrath

God Damn You All to Hell

Madness Down Under

Very Simple: There's a Ghost in the House? Get the F**k Out

Your Suffering Shall Be Endless

The Ten Best Comic Book Movies of the Aughts

Back to the Beginning

Iron Man Lives Again

Take a Look at These Crazy Eyes, Mama Tell Me if I'll Be All Right

Daddy's Little Girl

Surprisingly Creepy

My Head Is Bloody But Unbowed

More Titans Clashing and Krakens ... Um... Krakening

With a Bang, Followed by a Long, Miserable Whimper

You're Thrashing All Around, Acting Like a Maniac - Whiplash!

The Thirteen Best Movie Villains of the Decade

A Boondock Saint Goes to Space

Hey Everybody! Look! Look! It's New Nic Cage Hair Day!

Everything Is Better With Explosions

'Cause Now Youve Got to Fly, (Fly High) Fly to the Angels

The First Look at the Final Chapter

McG Determined to Further Ruin Everything You've Ever Loved

Richard B. Riddick. Escaped Convict. Murderer.

Insert "Hole" Joke Here

Steve Buscemi and a Whole Lot More

Brittany Murphy Is Gonna Get Herself Shot

Martial Arts Kickassery ... In French

Will I Last Through This Glorious Nightmare

Introducing War Machine

Clash of the Tweens... Now Featuring Sean Bean!

Needs More Jet Li, Less Crappiness

Jeremy Renner Could Be Hawkeye

Matthew Broderick and ... Omar?

The Six Worst Movie Sidekicks

Good Writing Gets Bad Writers

Great Odin's Raven!

The Howling Gets Neutered

Where's a Bear Trap When You Need One?

Stringer Bell Goes to Asgard

Idiots Rule

A Taste of Next Year's Horrible Horror Movies

Brad Pitt Gets Into Games

Robert Pattinson Acts, Doesn't Sparkle

Behold ... I Will Destroy You All

Don't Worry, It's Not a Remake

Deep Rising on a Plane

Unsuspecting Victims, No Warnings No Signs

Starring Edward Norton and Edward Norton

All Right Meow, Where Were We?

The Dude Goes Country and Gets Some Oscar Buzz

Welcome Back to Fright Night

Kristen Stewart Throws Bella Down the Stairs, Starts Acting for Real

Let's Play "What the Hell Is This Movie About"

Introducing the Next Great Superhero

Don't Imagine Anything, You'll Become Brave as Hell.

Reptiles and Felines Abound

Game Movies to Have Little to Do With Games

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Let's Have a Bachelor Party With Chicks and Guns and Fire Trucks and Hookers and Drugs and Booze!

Will You Bite the Hand that Feeds?


That Sand's Gonna Get Everywhere

Night of the Living Rednecks

Let's Play "Phrases That Don't Belong Together"

I'm Screaming Revenge Again

Up Above Aliens Hover Making Home Movies for the Folks Back Home

He Hates Me Like A Bastard

Now Drink to Desolation, Drink to God's Demise

Adam Sandler with the Greatest Comedic Idea of All Time

Freeman? Damon? Eastwood? There's an Oscar in there Somewhere

Fill Your Hands, You Son of a Bitch.

No Man of the Flesh Could Ever Stop Me

If He Dies, He Dies

He Rights Wrongs and Punishes Evildoers

Shoot to Thrill, Play to Kill

Boring Just Got Slightly Less Boring

It's Like The Pacifier. But Worse.

No, It's Not a Black Dynamite Sequel

Neil Patrick Harris Fights Batman. With Song.

The Good and the Flat-Out F**king Weird

If You Want to Make Peace With Your Enemy, You Have to Work With Your Enemy.

I Have an Iron Man In My Pants

It's Not That I Can't Help These People. It's Just I Don't Want To.

Blow Up the Outside World

Proyas Tackles the Tripods

What Took You So Long?

Actressin' Ain't Always Bad

Bring Out Your Dead

Pray, True Believers

This Day Anything Goes, Burning Bodies Hanging from Poles, I Remember Halloween

I'm Not Addicted to Cocaine... I Just Like the Way It Smells.

Some Say that Pirates Steal and Should Be Feared and Hated; I Say We're Victims of Bad Press, It's All Exaggerated

How Does It Feel to Be Hunted?

Just 'Cause She Dances Go-Go, It Don't Make Her a Ho, No

It's Freaky Hybrid Baby Time!

Finally, A Man Worth Killing

Picture Me Rollin'

Because We All Need More KABOOM! In Our Lives

They're Gonna Set You Up, So They Can Take You Down

Here Is Something You Can't Understand

The Beast Of The Jungle, Killing Just For His Existence, Is Called Savage.

It's About Friggin' Time

The Predator Is F**ked

I'll Spit My Venom In The Eyes Of Your World

If You're Gonna Scream, Scream With Me

Click It. You Know You Want To.

Never Sleep Again

People Come And Go So Quickly Here

Battleship, Take Notice

Barbie? He-Man? The Toys Will Destroy Us All

Marvel Movies A-Plenty

Archie! Jughead! That Other Guy!

There Will Be More Than One

No, Not Legion: The Series

Mutant Fever Continues

Madchen Amick Returns! Um... Yay?

Michael Caine Will Mess You Up

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It:


The Zombie Apocalypse Has Arrived


Superman Might Actually Be Dead

Anybody Who Speaks Badly Of Revenge Ain't Never Lost Nothing Important

Your Daily Stupid Movie News

Today's Obligatory Variety-Style Headline:

Bear Left! Right Frog!

A Man So Hard, His Veins Bleed Ice

Prime Directive: Exterminate The Whole Human Race

This Is The Ghouls Night Out

Deep Is The Dark From The Depths Of The Dive

They Drew First Blood, Not Me

I Pity The Fool Who... No. I Refuse To Make That Joke

Zombies & Scientists & Guns &... Wait... This Sounds Familiar

She Gives A Smile When The Pain Comes

Your Daily Remake News

So I'm Sailin, Yeah I'm Sailin' On

He Who Devours Your Entrails And Thoroughly Enjoys It

Do It Again

The Killer In Me Is The Killer In You

They Call Us Walking Corpses, Unholy Living Dead

Journeys Veer This Way And That

You're Wading Knee Deep And Going In, And You May Never Come Back Again.

The Mouse's Rampage Continues

You Kids And Your Sparkly Vampires... Musical Edition

Back Up, Put The Gun Down, And Get Me A Pack Of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious.

The News About Brighton Rock?

Quirky Songstresses, Take 2

Vin Diesel To Blow More Sh*t Up

The Truth Is That I Feel Better Because I've Forgiven Everyone

Even More Good News!

Son's Gonna Rise

Will Smith To Get Called An A-Hole One More Time

Could It Be? An Actor's Musical Project That Doesn't Suck?

Oh, What a World!

The Apocalypse Sure Is Catchy

Robert Zemekis And The Face That He Keeps In A Jar By The Door


Spider-Man News. Does Anyone Even Care?

And Out Of The Beats Of Tomorrow, Tell Me What Beat Fills The Night

Robert Redford At It Again

Burn Hollywood Burn

The Day The Music Died

The Vampire Tony Stark

Don't Ever Tell Anyone What She Did

I Do Believe I Understand Now

God Hates Us All

And The Sun Will Never Shine On This Cold Dead Heart Of Mine

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

It's About Damn Time

Hey Bands I Like, Don’t Listen To Me

Who's Ready For More Vamp/Werewolf Dullness?

Peace and Love Goes Broke

"A Gummo-esque musical"

A Gentle Urban Folk Explosion

Sh*tkickin' Zombie Goodness

Seth Bullock You Ain't, Buddy

Wilco (The Review)

Hands Down, the Illest Ventriloquist...

Though We May Deserve It, It Will Be Worth It

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

Here Comes Your Man

To Die Unsung Would Really Bring You Down

Some Say It's Mystic, You Can't Resist It

Rusted From the Rain

Disorder, Chaos, Anarchy: Now That's Fun!

The South Rises Again

Get Well Soon

Simplicity Is Beautiful


A Catacomb Is A Dusty, Barren Graveyard

Hip Hop Started Out In The Heart

Commence Geekgasm!

Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho

I Don't Know My Way Home.

Picture Him. Only Smaller.

From Rhythm and Blues to Death Metal

Don't Stop Dragging the Lake

Whatever Doesn't Kill You Simply Makes You Stranger

Rocking Your Face Off. Now That's Progressive

The Kid Is Not My Son

The Riddle of Steel

The Baffled King Said No More Hallelujah

Forget About Deadpool

Welcome To Music Town, May I Service You?

Delicate Hearts, Diabolical Minds

Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson, The Pixies, and Devo?!?

Radical Rock Meets Revolution Rap

You've... been... BAD!

The Best Albums of the Last Six Months

Trent Reznor Will Save Your Life

Gaze Into Insanity

Death Comes Ripping

From the First to the Last of It, Delivery is Passionate

Don't Confront Me With My Failures

Please Refine Your Search For Hip Hop

Tell Me I'm A Keeper

I swear I Want 'Em to Play That Song on the Pipes At My Funeral When I Die

There Is Some Weird S**t Going Down

No One Wants To Be Defeated

Give the Coasts a Rest, the Midwest is Truly the Best

Avengers Assemble!

I’ve Had a Good Time But This Wasn’t It

Grab a Glass and Shake Your Ass

Rise Up, With or Without Fists

Everything Is Possible and Nothing Is Real

I've Seen A Million Faces, And I've Rocked Them All

In the Court of Kings

To a New World of Gods and Monsters

Take a Look at Your Life, You Kneel Before Your Heroes - You're Nothing Till the Weekend

I'm Wondering Why I Got Out Of Bed At All

Got the Cure if You Love Cats Are Feelin' Depressed

Playing For Change - Now Featuring Zombies!

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow

Next Stop: Mars

Geek Armageddon Narrowly Avoided

This Shark, Swallow You Whole.

Top 10 Songs by Terrible Singers Saying "I Love You"

Orchestrating the Guitar Like An Army, a Guitar Army

We Don't Need Another xXx

Superficially Deep

You Who Quote the Legends, You Who Poisoned All of My Dreams

You Should Have Killed Me When You Had the Chance

Your College Tastes Like Dogs**t.

Once Again Back Is The Incredible

Sh!t Just Got Weird

Enjoy The Silence, WalMart

George W. Bush Doesn't Like Black Music

Ben Folds' Grand Experiment

People Are Turning Into Pigs. War Pigs, That Is.

Watching the Mighty Fall

Bands That Still Have the Benefit of the Doubt

Welcome To Your Doom

Disorder. Chaos. Anarchy: Now That's Fun.

Genius and Beauty in Music

Reznor Slaps Prince and Weezer Around A Bit

Gerard Butler To Try On The Statham's Pants

Get Ready To See Another Classic Novel Ruined

At Last, Good Movie News! No, Really!

Bands That Need To Stop

You Can't Stop The ROCK

There Is Nothing Zoe Can't Do

Kevin Grievoux Getting Noticed

Beastie Boys Storm Texas and More

Because Ghost World and Ghost Town Were Taken...


If Music Is The Victim, Then So Am I

Holding Hands, Skipping Like a Stone, Burn the Witch, Burn to Ash and Bone

I'm Not the One You Want, Babe, I'm Not the One You Need

Well... I Damn Sure Didn't See This Coming...

On A Thursday Lord I Begged 'Em Not To Knock Me Down Again

Here Comes Your Man

Bees, Castles, and Boris Yeltsin

Take Your Turtle Power And...

Doom and Theatre and mmm... Karen O

Brett Ratner Might Destroy The Universe

Talk Hard

Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho

No, It's Pronounced "Fronkensteen"

Music Has A Pulse

Echos, Storms and Tough Girls

English, Motherfu**er, Do You Speak It?

Getting So Much Better All The Time

This Week In Weird Wolverine News

Late For The Future

Supersonic Bionic Robot Voodoo Power

Because There Can Never Be Enough Trent Reznor News

My Time's Like Water Down a Drain

Musical Tourism: Roll Up for the Magical Mystery Tour

Hoboing It at the 2009 SXSW Music Conference

You Wait For Someone That'll Make the Waiting Worth the Wait

What's Next? The Blue Beetle?

PajibaCon East Update and More!