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TK-Burton.jpg TK Burton, Editorial Consultant: TK Burton stumbled into the Pajiba offices 10 years ago and drunkenly declared himself Executive Director, and no one ever bothered to tell him to leave. South Africa-born and Boston-raised, he enjoys whiskey, tacos, video games, and plotting Seth's murder. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

Anti-Qatar 2022: 'El Presidente: Corruption Game' Is an Outstanding Crime Biopic About How Football Became the Lifeblood of Capitalism

Twitter Users Ponder the Films That Would Be Best to Muppetize

Netflix's ‘Bardo’ is Bloody Exhausting

Anti-Qatar 2022: Prime Video's 'El Presidente' Is a Fun, Meta-take on Scorsese and FIFA-gate

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Help Stephen Colbert Rescue Rescue Dogs

David Beckham's Statement to Joe Lycett on Why He Took the Qatar 2022 Money Is As Cowardly As You'd Expect

What Elon Musk Is Doing on Twitter Now Is Really Bad

Watch the Electrifying Teaser for Margot Robbie's 'Barbie'

No, Henry Cavill Is Not Coming Back to ‘The Witcher’

'Adult Swim Yule Log' On HBOMax: What Did I Just Watch?

Are You Satisfied By The 'Survivor' 43 Finale?

Everything You Need To Know About 'Good Will Hunting' For Its 25th Anniversary

'You Reap What You Woe' Is a Great Exploration of the Mother-Daughter Dynamic in 'Wednesday'

The Artist Making the Best Music Videos Today Isn't Who You Think It Is

Donald Trump's 'MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT' Is the Cringiest Cringe that Ever Cringed

Petty Elon Musk Only Suppresses 'Free Speech' When It's About Him

Stephen Colbert Wants You To Have A Very Goldblum Christmas

James Gunn Has Decided That Henry Cavill Will No Longer Return As Superman

Sarah Michelle Gellar Calls 'Buffy' An 'Extremely Toxic Male Set'

Prime Video's Middling 'Riches' Is a Misfire but Not a Disaster

To The Neighbor On NextDoor Trying To Sell A Banged Up Hope Chest For $275

Adam Driver Time Travels into the Past to Fight Dinosaurs in the '65' Trailer

This Week's 'Yellowstone' Was Bad TV, But Perfect 'Yellowstone'

Hulu's 'It's A Wonderful Binge' Is One of the the Worst Movies In Years

HBO, 'Westworld,' and Why Freevee and Roku May Save the Streaming Industry

'The White Lotus,' 'Chainsaw Man,' And More On Podjiba!

Seth Meyers And Lizzo Go Holiday Day Drinking

Watch the Trailer for 'Scream 6,' the Sequel to 'Scream' and Also 'Scream'

Patty Jenkins Sets the Record Straight on ‘Wonder Woman 3’ and Surprisingly ‘Rogue Squadron'

Holidays are Always a Tricky Time with Families

“Emancipation” Review: I Want Reparations For Slogging Through This

'Harry and Meghan' and the Manufactured Outrage Over the Meghan Curtsy

Why No Award Season Love for 'Reservation Dogs'?

Miles Morales And Gwen Stacy Reunite In New Across The Spiderverse Trailer

Which Streamer Was the Biggest A-Hole About Cancellations in 2022?

Twitter Users Ponder Things From 'The Simpsons' They Thought Were Real But That Turned Out To Be Jokes

ABC Is Reportedly Looking into the Morality of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's Affair

Eric Trump Does Sleep Training Wrong Too

'Beau Is Afraid': Ari Aster Is Back to Ruin Our Lives with a New Movie

‘Westworld’ Isn’t Just Canceled, It’s Being Wiped From HBO Max

Let's Talk about the Finale of Showtime's 'Let the Right One In'

Why Hollywood Loves Fat Suits and Why They Suck

Anti-Qatar 2022: Netflix's 'FIFA Uncovered' Is a Great Introduction to Its History, but Gives Too Much Time to the Crooks' Side

'The Vow' Season 2 Is Over. What Did We Learn?

Let's Talk about the Ending to 'White Lotus' Season Two

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Worst Mistake You've Seen Someone Make at Their Job?'

One Of Conan's Engineers Was Watching The World Cup While They Were Recording His Podcast

Elon Musk Roundly Booed During an Awkward Onstage Appearance at a Chappelle Show

Box Office Report: I Wakanda Be Where the People Are

Ben Affleck, No, That’s Your One True Love!

Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story

Steve Martin and Martin Short's 'SNL' Features the Best Sketch in Years

Guillermo del Toro's 'Pinocchio' Delivers a Darkly Whimsical Anti-War Story

David Letterman's Experience with Kanye West Was Not a Good One

'Spoiler Alert' Will Have You Crying Under the Mistletoe

'Matt Rogers: Have You Heard of Christmas?' Is the Moment

Review: Just Let Me Look At Olivia Colman, 'Empire of Light'!

‘Abbott Elementary’ Is Trying to Kill Us

The Picturesque 'Lady Chatterley’s Lover' Has All the Heat of a Wet Log

'The Whale' Is the Most Miserable Entry in Darren Aronofsky's Self-Martyrdom Canon

Let The Dream Casting Of Mike Flanagan's 'Dark Tower' Adaptation Commence

Let's Talk About the Ending to the Final Season of 'Dead to Me' on Netflix

Twitter Users Ponder Their Favorite Sentences From the 'The Simpsons'

Ranting Keith Olbermann Trashes Ex-Girlfriend Katy Tur on His Podcast

'Diablo IV' and 'Baldur's Gate 3' Finally Get Release Dates

Kyrsten Sinema Leaves the Democratic Party; Bari Weiss Releases 'Twitter Files Part 2'

Backstreet Boys Christmas Series Pulled After Latest Nick Carter Rape Allegation

Trevor Noah Says His Goodbyes To 'The Daily Show'

James Gunn Doesn’t Confirm or Deny the Report on His Plans To Drastically Reboot the DC Universe

Anti-Qatar 2022: Triangle of Cowardice

'Tis the Season for Family

The Latest 'Pitch Meeting' Highlights the Many Problems With 'The Rings Of Power'

'Miracle Workers: End Times' Trailer Asks What If Thunderdome Was A Suburban Paradise?

Mike Flanagan Is Tackling 'The Dark Tower'

The Golden Globes Chose the Perfect Host, but Why did the Perfect Host Agree to Host the Golden Globes?

What The Hell Is Going On With DC Studios?

Stephen Colbert Sang Karaoke With Space Force

‘Wonder Woman 3’ Is Reportedly Dead at James Gunn’s DC Studios

Which of the Dickens Ghosts Are These?

Libraries Across The Nation Confirm Kirk Cameron Is Still A Loser

Are You Looking for a Good Television Mystery?

The Problem with 'Yellowstone' Isn't the Nonexistent Plot, It's the Static Characters

'Christmas Bloody Christmas' Is Not as Cool as It Wants You To Think It Is

Twitter Users Ponder the Most Chronically Online Discourse Of the Year

The 'Avatar: Way of the Water' Early Reactions Are Beyond Effusive

Amy Poehler And Maya Rudolph Avoid Saying Who Should Replace Lorne Michaels

Back By Popular Demand (Or Really My Mistake), Wood Talk! (Also 'Three Pines,' 'Willow,' 'Mythic Quest,' And More On Podjiba!)

Morning Briefing: A Good for Democrats, a Bad Day for Trump, a Heartbreaking Day for Ted Cruz, and One Neverending Day for Twitter Employees

Jenna Ortega Filmed the Big Dance Scene in ‘Wednesday’ While She Had COVID (With Symptoms)

TV Seasons End, Great Hats are Forever

It's Sad that 'Willow' Isn't Better

Anti-Qatar 2022: The Exceptional Tragedy of this World Cup

Prime Video's 'Three Pines' Is Canada's Cozy 'Twin Peaks'

Matt Lucas Is Leaving 'The Great British Bake Off'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Worst Candy?'

Trevor Noah Wonders What He Would Do If He Weren't An Entertainer

Terrifying Future Horror Cult Classic 'Skinamarink' Gets a Release Date

Sorry Dwayne: 'Black Adam' Set to Be a Box Office Disappointment for DC

T.J. Holmes Is Reportedly a 'Serial Cheater' and a 'D--k'

Kirstie Alley Has Reportedly Died of Cancer at Age 71

How '1923' Connects to '1883' and 'Yellowstone'

Who Will Die in the 'White Lotus' Season Finale?

Watch the Trailer for the Fourth and Final Season of M. Night Shyamalan's 'Servant'

Oh Dear Lord, Andrew Dominik, Just Leave Marilyn Monroe Alone!

GOP Outraged About Perceived Constitutional Violation, But Mum On Terminating Constitution

Desi Lydic Investigates Threats Against Election Officials

HBO's Full Length 'The Last Of Us' Trailer Is Spellbinding

Box Office Report: All Wakanda for Christmas Is You

T.J. Holmes Reportedly Had Another ‘GMA’ Affair Before Amy Robach

Tis the Season to Stand By Your Man

The Multitalented Keke Palmer Hosts the Season's Best 'SNL'

Santa Shatters Bones and Crushes Skulls in the Delightfully Bloody 'Violent Night'

Elon Musk's Pathetic 'The Twitter Files' Is an Embarrassing Bellyflop of a Scandal

Netflix's 'Troll' Is A King Kong Story Out of Legend

Review: George Clooney and Julia Roberts' Pleasant Romcom 'Ticket to Paradise'

Dear Rian Johnson: Please Cast These Actors in ‘Knives Out 3’

Casey Anthony Spins Wild New Defense in Peacock's Documentary 'Where the Truth Lies'

Review: Lars von Trier Returns to Hospital With the Long-Awaited ‘Kingdom Exodus’

There's Twice The Tilda Swinton To Haunt Joanna Hogg's Perfect Ghost Story 'The Eternal Daughter'

Jimmy Kimmel Sent Jake Byrd To Infiltrate A Herschel Walker Rally And It Worked Like A Vampire

Mike Flanagan Moves to Amazon As Netflix Cancels His Latest

Elon Musk Incurs Backlash for Suspending Ye from Twitter for Antisemitism

It's Not Looking Good for Rocket in the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3' Trailer

Lindsay Lohan and Her ‘Pilk’ Are the Real War on Christmas

Watch James Mangold's 'Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny' Trailer Starring Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Society Has Progressed Beyond the Need for Tim Burton

'People We Hate at the Wedding' Is Harmless Holiday Background Noise

What It Took for the GOP To Finally Delete Its Infamous 'Kanye. Elon. Trump.' Tweet

'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' Promises Action AND Spectacle In the Same Movie

'A Christmas Story Christmas': Sometimes It Really Is the Thought That Counts

Now on Shudder: Mythic WTF Weirdness Abounds In The Surreal Freak-Out 'A Wounded Fawn'

Marvel's Superheroes: Defenders of the Status Quo

Paramount Renews the Most Watched Cable Series Debut of 2022

Nick Fuentes Is Fox News And Fox News Is The Republican Party

On T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach: It's Not Cheating If You Have a Good Publicist

Sarah Silverman Calls Friend Dave Chappelle's 'SNL' Monologue 'Wildly Antisemitic'

Danny Masterson’s Lawyers Got What They Wanted: A Mistrial

Netflix's 'Wednesday' Fails to Represent What It Means to be an Addams

Beth Needs To Get Over Her Hatred of Jamie on 'Yellowstone'

'The Calling' Makes an Attempt at Jewish Representation; Too Bad It's Awful

Behold The Majesty That Is the 'Cocaine Bear' Trailer

'Emily in Paris' Season 3 Trailer: Now She's Two-Timing Employers!

The Pajiba November 2022 Book Recommendations Superpost!

Buckingham Palace Aide Resigns After Repeatedly Asking Black Guest Where She Was 'Really From'

We Discuss Our (Television) Thanksgiving Leftovers On This Week's Podjiba!

Jimmy Kimmel Turns Ye's Downfall Into A Board Game

It's Marjorie Taylor Greene's Party Now

Watch the Teaser for Apple TV+'s 'Shrinking': You Had Me At ... All Of It. Every Bit

'The Super Mario Bros Movie' Official Trailer Makes Us Ask: 'They Really Couldn't Get Anyone Else To Voice Mario? Really?'

Kanye and His White Power Cabal Claim They ‘Trolled’ Trump With Nick Fuentes Dinner

'Leopard Skin' Is a Sensual Crime Story and a True Hidden Gem

Are Viewers Over the Vampire Genre?

Frank Miller Will Adapt 'Corto Maltese' for TV and That Is Worrisome

Peacock's 'Bumper in Berlin' Is a Show You Want to Watch with a Face You Want to Slap

'The Mean One' Trailer: Everything From Our Childhood Is Terrifying Now

'Every Silent Takedown In Video Games' Is An Expert Parody of Stealth Video Games

The Trailer for Netflix's 'That '90s Show' Is Better Than a Foot Up Your Ass

Why Your Horrible Boss Wants Elon Musk to Succeed

James Austin Johnson Channels Bob Dylan Through The Years

Will Smith Has a Real Conversation with Trevor Noah About the Thing

Scarlett Johansson Will Take Some Amazon Money, Please

Does She Still Clean Anything Or...?

Sylvester Stallone's 'Tulsa King' Is Goofy, Dumb, and Wildly Entertaining

'The Crown' Season 5 and Our Republican Obsession With Monarchies

Netflix's Must-Watch 'The Swimmers' Is Harrowing and Triumphant

Drax And Mantis Save Christmas in Disney+'s 'The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special'

Disney+'s 'The Santa Clauses' Review: Boomer Santa Is a Bummer

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Scandal is Currently Happening in Your Area That the General Public Might Not Know About?'

Bob Dylan Apologizes for Going Electric

Elon Musk Posted an Image of His Sad Bedside Table and Twitter Has Jokes

When It Comes to Donald Trump, What Is 'News' in 2022?

Conan O'Brien Celebrates His New Sirius Channel By Annoying A Group Of Jingle Singers

Box Office Report: I Don't Wakanda Grow Up

Helena Bonham Carter Defends Johnny Depp and J.K. Rowling, Calls Cancel Culture ‘Boring’

Elon Musk Thinks that Ron DeSantis Is ‘Sensible and Centrist’

Spoilers: Unpacking Netflix's Polarizing Head-Scratcher '1899'

The ‘Andor’ Season Finale Is a Beautiful Triumph

‘Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?’ Is Exactly the Kind of Thing Netflix Should be Making

Now on Netflix: 'The Wonder' Cements Florence Pugh as One of the Best Actresses in her Age Range

Is 'Survivor' 43 Finally Getting Good?

Kanye West Says He's Running For President Again

'Mythic Quest' Makes a Triumphant Return for Season 3

'Strange World' Isn't the Thanksgiving Hit It Wanted to Be

Shudder's 'Blood Relatives' or As I Like to Call it, 'Farkakte Mishpucha'

Review: 'Skinamarink' Is Gonna Scare You Right Back To The Dark Ages

'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Is the Rare Reboot Better Than the Original

'Corsage' Review: Eat Your Heart Out Peter Morgan

How Different Dog Breeds React to Robbers

Racist Royal Reporter Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

Elon Musk Has Gone Full Authoritarian

Review: Spielberg Wrestles Spielberg in 'The Fabelmans'

Review: 'Devotion' One, 'Top Gun' Nothing

‘Kingdom Hospital’: Remember That Time Stephen King Remade a Lars von Trier Miniseries?

Can 'Grey's Anatomy' Survive Without Grey?

Pablo Milanés 1943-2022: The Heart Beats on the Left

'Bar Fight' is Barely a Film That Gets Barely a Review

Now (Briefly) In Theaters: 'Glass Onion' Is Rian Johnson's Whodunit Reaction to Our Hellish Reality

TFG's Very Bad Day, Balenciaga, and Twitter Drama that's Not About Elon Musk

Stephen Colbert Isn't Going To Help You With Your Turkey

Dustin And Tori Debate The New Hole Show '1899', 'The Walking Dead' Ends, And More On Podjiba!

Thomas Jane to Anne Heche’s Estate: Where’s My Money, Man?

Amy Adams’s Career Slump Sucks and She Deserves Better

'She Said' Is a Righteous Recap and a Bad Movie

Don't Let Netflix's Lively 'The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself' Get Lost in the Crowd

'Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend' Is the Olive Garden of Movies about Italian Car Manufacturers

Zeljko Ivanek Is in 'Dead City' So It's Legit Now

Elon Musk, Who Lost $100 Billion, Is Butthurt Over Twitter Departure of Trent Reznor

Daniel Craig Thinks Stuffing Is An 'Abomination'

These Wealthy White People Are Going to Prison

James Cameron Got the Idea for ‘Avatar’ in a Dream Because His Mind Is F*cking Awesome, You Idiots

'The Walking Dead' Is Over. This Is How It Ends

Review: 'Disenchanted' Isn't as Magical as its Predecessor

Actual Working Models Took to Instagram to Read Nepo Babies For Filth

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘What’s a Common Element From '90s or 2000s Sitcoms That Has Aged Poorly?'

Did Reinstating Twitter's Biggest Haters Lead To Violence?

Conan O'Brien Only Misses Two Things About Boston

Are We Supposed to Care that One Bob Replaced Another Bob as CEO of Disney?

FIFA and the 2022 World Cup Continue to Be Awful

Box Office Report: I Wakanda Be Adored

Lauren Boebert Doesn’t Get To Feign Concern About the Club Q Shooting

The Dead Stop Walking

'The Menu' Is Food Snob 'Succession' ... Until It All Goes Deliciously Sideways

Aw Man, Someone Got ‘Star Wars’ All Over My ‘Andor’

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles' 'Priorities' Drove The Couple Apart

HBO’s ‘The White Lotus’ Season Two Review: This Vacation Sucks

'Mammals' Is the TV Equivalent of the Worst Person You Know Made a Good Point Meme

Has ‘The Great British Bake Off’ Lost its Magic?

Jeremy Pope and Gabrielle Union Wow In Elegance Britton's Excellent 'The Inspection'

The Pajiba 2022 World Cup Preview

'Fleishman Is In Trouble' Is About the Unseen Emotional Labor Working Mothers Have to Carry

Let's Be Honest: This is Probably the Most Correct Way to React to Any Prank Against the Public

Noah Centineo Might Actually Have Some Promise in 'The Recruit' Trailer

Learn The History of Black Friday From 'The Daily Show's' Desi Lydic

By The Time You Read This Twitter Might Be Gone

Twitter Just Had a ‘Mass Exodus’ of Employees

Are We Ready for Dad Jesse Eisenberg?

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell's 'Spirited' Is a Crowd-Pleasing Blast

Pop Divas vs. The Pandemic: Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, and Rina Sawayama

Emily Blunt's 'The English' Is a Brilliant Reincarnation of the Western

‘Stutz’: Jonah Hill Made a Movie About His Therapist and It’s Interesting

Even the Creator of 'The Goldbergs' Isn't a Fan of 'The Goldbergs' Anymore

I Haven’t Seen ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Yet, but I Do Now Know What It Would Look Like With a Kitty in It

Why Does Ticketmaster Still Suck?

Jimmy Fallon Seems Genuinely Bereft About His Alleged Twitter Death

The '80 for Brady' Trailer Wastes a Phenomenal Cast on Tom Brady

Jay Leno Is Gonna Be Alright

A Man Trying to Live Longer

National Feminist Organizations Pen Open Letter In Support of Amber Heard

Sharpwin Fans Can Breathe a Little Easier After This Week's 'New Amsterdam'

Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua Return with 'Emancipation'

This 2001 BBC News Report on the New Trend of Mobile Phones Has Shaken Me To the Core

Brendan Fraser Very Politely Tells the Golden Globes to Suck It

Hilarie Burton Calls Out Candace Cameron Bure's Straight White Christian Christmas

EVERYONE SHUT UP, ROXANA IS HERE! (Plus 'Tulsa King,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Andor,' And More On Podjiba!)

Sisqo And Amber Ruffin Deserve Their Own Game Show

Jon Stewart Confronts the Antisemitism of Kanye and Dave Chappelle Very Differently

Sorry Jacob Elordi, But We Already Have Elvis at Home

Donald Trump Announces His Presidential Run, and the World Shrugs

Facebook Won’t Fact Check Trump if He Runs Again (Wonderful)

Fall Finale Time. Life (or a Sabertooth Tiger) Comes At You Fast.

'Yellowstone' Doesn't Have a Monica Problem, It Has a Taylor Sheridan Problem

If You Want to Save the World, Choose Your Targets Wisely

Review: The Super-Sweet ‘My Father’s Dragon’ Brings Cartoon Saloon to Netflix

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Absolute Best Smell in the World to You?'

The Trailer for 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' Will Talk Dirty to You

Dave Chappelle Duped 'SNL' Producers with a Fake Monologue During Rehearsal

Stephen Colbert And Michelle Obama Want To Have A Talk With You

Elon Musk Is a Petty Little Man

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski Might Be a Thing Now

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells 'The Walking Dead' Finale Story?

Joe Lycett Takes on David Beckham's Qatar Sponsorship with a Money Shredder Ultimatum

'Why Is Everyone Fine with Making Fun of Jews?'

Twitter Users Ponder the Dumbest Tweets They've Ever Seen

Is 'Manifest' Over Yet?

'Atlanta' Series Finale Recap, 'It Was All A Dream'

The Consequences of Elon Musk's Failure

Let Conan O'Brien Help You With Your Self-Doubt

Morning Briefing: Dems Take Senate, GOP Tries to Break Up with Trump

Box Office Report: If Wakanda Be My Lover

Alec Baldwin Is Suing ‘Rust’ Crew Members Now

You Can Take the Mob Guy Out of New York

Highlights (and Lowlights) from the Dave Chappelle Hosted 'SNL'

The Flawed but Impressive 'Wakanda Forever' Is a Loving Eulogy Worthy of Chadwick Boseman

‘Andor’ Delivered a Jailbreak and One Helluva Shoe Drop

Marc Maron Recalls Heated Interview with the Difficult, Bigoted Gallagaher, Who Passed Away Yesterday

In a Nutshell, What Exactly Is 'Manifest' About?

The USWNT Has Lost Three Straight Games For The First Time Since 1993

Don't Forget about the Fourth Wildest Story of the Week

In Praise of Quiet, Subtle Performances in Film

Is Elon Musk a Glomgold, a Beaks, or a Doofus?

Chris Evans Has a New Girlfriend, and He’s Letting the Media Know

Stephen Colbert Celebrates the Lack of a 'Red Wave'

Elon Musk Reportedly Suspends Disastrous Twitter Blue After Two Days

Morning Briefing: Midterms, Trump's Meltdown, NY, Boebert, AZ and NV

‘SNL’ Writers Are Reportedly Planning To Boycott Dave Chappelle’s Upcoming Episode

Giving Up the Fight, and Burning 'Atlanta'

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Recap: If We Met At Midnight In The Hanging Tree

The 'Manifest' Episode that Pissed Off the Pediatric Cancer Parents

The Lohanaissance Is Here With ‘Falling for Christmas'

Kanye West Is No Tragic Figure

Pasting Musicians Into Performances They Weren't At Is the New Best Thing On the Internet

'John Wick: Chapter 4' Brings Us the Donnie Yen Content We Deserve

The Situation On Twitter is Bad

Post-Election Morning Briefing: Sweating the Mail-In Ballots

Conan O'Brien Once Laid Under His Desk After A Bad Review

Tom Brady Reportedly Lost a Buttload in FTX Crypto Crash

Why Are People So Mad About ‘The Crown’ Not Being 100% True?

It's All About the Sapphires on 'Manifest'

Let's Talk About The 'Recast T'Challa' Hashtag For 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

Netflix's 'Blockbuster' Is Pleasant But Dull

Casey Anthony Is Ready to Talk, But She Doesn't Look Happy About It

The Red Waves Bye Bye as Democrats Stomp the Face of Political Gravity

Mike Birbiglia Thought Someone Was Catfishing Him As Taylor Swift

'Blockbuster,' 'Inside Man,' 'Quantum Leap,' And More As Podjiba Returns!

Jimmy Kimmel Relays a Gossipy and Telling Story About Donald Trump and Dr. Oz

Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Make a Britney Spears Biopic

TV Will Not Help you Avoid Doom-Scrolling

Election Night on CNN Won't Have Wolf Blitzer to Kick Around Anymore

'Manifest' Hand Waves Away Logic by Replacing It with Religion

The 'Quantum Leap' Midseason Finale Introduces an Unexpected Twist

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's Your Most 'I’m With the Boomers On This' Opinion?

The Narrative for the 2024 Presidential Election Is Taking Shape

Wordle Now Has an Editor; She Is Making a Slight Change

Review: ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Is Now Streaming on HBO Max

The First Trailer for Darren Aronofsky's 'The Whale' Shows Very Little of Brendan Fraser (For a Reason)

John Oliver Enlists Nick Offerman To Combat Election Deniers

Second or Third Best Chris is People's Sexiest Man Alive

Kiernan Shipka Is Reportedly Dating John Mayer? How? Why?!

Tell Me This Would be Used for Stock Manipulation

'Manifest' Recap: I Am Cal's Manic Expression

See How The Other Half Lives In The 'Knives Out: Glass Onion' Trailer

‘The Suspect,’ a Murder Mystery with Hot People Is, Inconveniently, Not Very Good

Neither Jennifer Lawrence Nor Brian Tyree Henry Can Elevate the Flat Drama of ‘Causeway'

Where 'The Walking Dead' Stands with Two Episodes Remaining

'Atlanta' Recap: Even Black People Need To Wear Sunscreen

Hasan Minhaj Disingenuously Apologizes After Obnoxious 'Celebrity Jeopardy' Appearance

Amber Ruffin Has Fun With The Urgency Of The Midterms

Box Office Report: Black and Red

Elon Musk Hates Free Speech, Comedy

Hilary Duff Sends Love to Aaron Carter in Touching Tribute

Influencers are Trying to Get on TV, and TV is Being Made About Influencers

Beard Watch Begins on 'Manifest'

Cecily Strong's Midterm Plea Caps the Amy Schumer Hosted 'SNL'

‘Andor’ Woke Up This Morning and Got Himself a Gollum

'Manifest' and the Boy with the Dragon Tattoo

"Manifest' Is Back to Continue Smoothing Our Brains

Stanley Tucci Is Death-Row Sherlock in Netflix's Riveting, Strangely Fun 'Inside Man'

Daniel Radcliffe Elevates the Absurdity in 'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story'

'The Goldbergs' Plumbs New Depths of Stupidity

Eva Green Is Back With 'Nocebo'

'The Good Fight' Offers an Instruction Manual on Rebuilding the Democratic Party

Daniel Radcliffe And Weird Al Yankovic Are The Perfect Promotional Pair

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Recap: The Home Of The Brave

Joe Rogan Admits His High School Litter Box Story Is Full of $#!%

Jordan Klepper Offers A Bleak Look At The Upcoming Midterms

This New CNN Is Not Working

Rihanna Invited Johnny Depp To Appear in Her Fashion Show Because Nothing Means Anything Anymore

This Man Needs a Psychiatrist Friend

For Those Wondering About Netflix's ‘The Sandman’

Daniel Radcliffe Is Not J.K. Rowling's B*tch

Jimmy Kimmel Brings Back His Annual Halloween Tradition: Making Kids Cry

What the Hell Is Going On at the CW Network?

Conan O'Brien Can't Believe An Audience Member For His Podcast Has Never Listened To His Podcast

Trailer Watch: Spirited Santa Clauses Go Bumper in the Ragnarok

Once Again the Real World Media Makes 'Don't Look Up' Look Tame

Adele (Psychic, Sage) Warned Jennifer Lawrence Not To Make ‘Passengers’

Amazon Prime's 'Run Sweetheart Run' Is Awful

Double Your Swinton Pleasure In 'The Eternal Daughter' Trailer

Hasan Minhaj's 'Celebrity Jeopardy' Appearance Was Excruciating

What if 'Steamed Hams' Happened For Real, Underneath the Real Northern Lights

Be Enchanted By The Trailer For Disney's 'Disenchanted

Trevor Noah and Roy Wood Jr. Fight Outside of a Waffle House

Elon Musk's Futility Is One of the Internet's Last Remaining Joys

The Modern GOP Is the George Bush Laugh on Steroids

'Avatar: The Way of Water' Trailer: Is James Cameron Too Big to Fail?

Daniel Radcliffe Refused To Let J.K. Rowling Harm Trans Kids

The Extended 'Reno 911!' Universe Will Not Be Denied

With One Week Until Election Day, the Political Climate Is Dicey

Review: Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine Are Captivating in Amazon Prime's 'The Devil's Hour' (Spoilers)

'Tár' and the Language of Prestige

Everything You Need to Know About 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' On Its 25th Anniversary

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's Something That's Considered Normal That Creeps You Out Immediately?'

Leave the 'Heartstopper' Kids Alone!

James Corden Might Have Stolen A Ricky Gervais Joke Because Cretin Recognizes Cretin

Elon Musk Seems Frustrated

Keke Palmer’s Rogue Costume Freaking Crushed It

Janelle Monae Won Halloween This Year

'Atlanta' Recap: How Disney Made The Blackest Movie Of All Time

What Awaits Us All In The Darkness of Netflix's 'Cabinet Of Curiosities'?

The Pajiba October 2022 Book Recommendations Superpost!

'The Walking Dead' Wastes an Episode Setting Up the Spin-Offs

Lessons Ryan Murphy Could Learn from ;Five Days at Memorial'

Hulu's 'Reboot' Is a Stacked, Binge-Worthy Meta-Comedy

Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn Do the Opposite of Sizzle in the Disappointing 'Stars at Noon'

Stephen Colbert and Some Adorable Grade Schoolers Make A Spooky Movie

Liam Hemsworth Is a Poor Substitute for Henry Cavill in 'The Witcher'

Elon Musk Is Already Destroying Twitter

Box Office Report: Paint It Black (Adam)

Holy Sh*t, Henry Cavill Quit ‘The Witcher’

This Halloween, The Real Monster is Obscene Wealth

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Recap: When The Night Wind Starts To Sing A Lonesome Lullaby

David S. Pumpkins and Drunk Uncle Shine in 'SNL's Best Episode of the Year

Don't Watch 'Prey for the Devil'

‘Andor’ Gets Crushed Beneath the Empire’s Boot in the Bleakest Piece of ‘Star Wars’ Ever Made

Everything You Need To Know About 'The Thing' For Its 40th Anniversary

Both Sides Should At Least Agree on This Basic Principle: Murder Is Not OK

Cate Blanchett Is Maestra Of Us All In The Career-Defining 'Tár'

'The Banshees of Inisherin' is a Quiet, Simple Story of a Tall Handsome Man in a Dusty Black Coat with a Red Left Hand

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