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The Weekly Murdertank: Dismissive Pricks, Nazis, Female Empowerment, Man-Do's and Stark Week

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 7, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 7, 2011 |

  • The Word that Turned the Entire Internet into Sneering Dismissive Pricks

  • The 7 Most Promising Movies of the Fall Based Only on the Trailer

  • Choke on These Apples: Matt Damon’s 5 Best Unscripted Political Moments

  • Let’s Pour Some Out for the Stars that Never Were

  • Showing off Your Boobs is Not the Same as Female Empowerment, Anyone that Tells You Different is Trying to Sell You Something

  • Hollywood’s Worst Man-Do’s

  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review

  • 20 of the Best 66 Movie Taglines of the Last 30 Years

  • Tied to the ’90s: 8 Random Present-Day Performers Who Got Their Start On Nickelodeon

  • If I Were Casting a World War II Film, These are the First Five Men I’d Audition for the Evil Nazis

  • The 10 Best Phillip K. Dick Movies that Aren’t Actually Phillip K. Dick Movies

  • Two Truths and a Lie: Can You Identify Which of these 3 News Stories is the Lie?

  • The Change-Up Review