Who Will End the Year as the Biggest Movie Star of 2012?
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Who Will End the Year as the Biggest Movie Star of 2012?

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | June 28, 2012 | Comments ()


I don't remember where, but I saw a headline recently that proclaimed 2012 to be the Year of Channing Tatum. Every year seems to be the year of someone. 2011 was the year of Ryan Gosling (Blue Valentine, Drive, The Ides of March, Crazy, Stupid, Love). 2008 was the year of Robert Downey. Jr. (Iron Man, Tropic Thunder). 2004 was the year of Jude Law (all the movies). Nicolas Cage and Sam Jackson probably traded positions on all the years in between.

You get the idea: A big year in terms of quality, quantity, and box office. Will 2012 be the year of Channing Tatum? In the end, I think not: It'll be the year of Renner. But here are the 10 Candidates for "Year of" Honors, in the order in which they will likely end the year(ish) in terms of quality, quantity, and box office.

1. Jeremy Renner (December 21, 2011 - January 13, 2013) -- Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol, The Avengers, The Bourne Legacy and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.


2. Charming Potato (January 20, 2012 - March 29, 2013) -- Haywire, The Vow, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike and G.I. Joe Retaliation.


3. Leonardo DiCaprio (November 11, 2011 - December 21, 2012) -- J. Edgar, Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby


4. Charlize Theron (December 16, 2011 -- June 1, 2012) -- Young Adult, Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman


5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (July 20, 2012 - December 21, 2012) -- The Dark Knight Rises, Premium Rush, Looper and Lincoln.


6. Tom Hardy (September 21, 2011 - August 29, 2012) -- Warrior, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, This Means War, Heroes and Demons, The Dark Knight Rises, and Lawless.


7. Liam Neeson (January 27, 2012 - October 5, 2012) -- The Grey, Wrath of the Titans, Battleship, The Dark Knight Rises and Taken 2.


8. Jennifer Lawrence (March 23, 2012 - November 21, 2012) -- The Hunger Games, House at the End of the Street, Silver Linings Playbook.


9. Tom Cruise (December 21, 2011 - December 18, 2012) -- Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol, Rock of Ages and Jack Reacher.


10. Taylor Kitsch (March 9, 2012 - July 6, 2012) -- John Carter, Battleship and Savages


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  • mudywaters

    Taylor Kitsch is a star. He just needs to be more selective.

  • Pepper

    Chris Hemsworth and Michael Fassbender ought to be on the list too...

  • DominaNefret

    I would like to nominate Mark Duplass, who I would like to father all of my children.
    April 2012 - November 2012
    Your Sister's Sister
    Safety Not Guaranteed
    Darling Companion (which I hear was terrible, but he was still in it)
    People Like Us
    "Untitled Katherine Bigelow Project". About Navy SEAL team 6 tracking down Osama Bin Laden, it is supposedly coming out in November. It also stars Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, and Joel Edgerton, and screams Oscar bait.

    Your Sister's Sister and Safety Not Guaranteed are two of the best movies I've seen in a long time, which puts him squarely at the top of my list.

  • llp

    I think Tom Hiddleston is a contender, as well.

  • EthanG

    Ah Rowles, you forgot about "The Bitter Pill," Potato's new Soderbergh film with Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jude Law..a prison drama written by Scott Z. Burns. If you're including "GI Joe" that is way more than enough to put Mr. Potato over the top, for better or worse.

  • Oh, Dustin. Sometimes you know so much, sometimes you know so little.

    It's either the year of Chris Hemsworth or the year of Kristen Stewart. Charming Potato, too. But to completely ignore Stewart, who did Snow White AND has the final Twilight monstrosity coming out...come on.

    JGL? Renner? Seriously? I think the general public hardly even knows who JGL is, and I'm thinking the Bourne movie won't be that big. I'll give you Jennifer Lawrence, but I think the others have just always been...around. Their careers won't get any bigger after this year. At best, they'll stay as good as they are. Mark my words.

  • Please

    No one watches those films for Kristen Stewart.

  • Maybe not, but remember that she's the highest paid actress in Hollywood. And she's profitable as hell. I think her career has nowhere to go but up.

  • Arjuna

    I choose jennifer Lawrence...The Hunger Games was huge and Lawrence received excellent reviews. Lawrence is also garnering great buzz for The silver linings Playbook. My oh my how I love that photo of Jennifer Lawrence you chose.

  • Ballymena Bob

    How can anyone say that Tom cruise is gay? Just look at that photo. It's as if Marlon Brando and James Dean had a child together. And what can be more hetero than the thought of Marlon Brando and James Dean making salty, sticky love to each other?

  • DeistBrawler

    Does this mean Olivia Wilde will get a year of (December 17, 2010-2013)? Relanxious, Squirrel to the Nuts, Untitled Spike Jonze Project, Rush, Better Living Through Chemistry, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Black Dog, Red Dog, The Longest Week, People Like Us, "House M.D.", Deadfall, The Words, In Time, Butter, The Change-Up, Cowboys & Aliens, On the Inside, TRON: Legacy.

  • John G.

    It's between Tom Hardy and Charming Potato. On the one hand, Hardy has been in every movie this year, and Dark Knight Rises is going to make a billion dollars, but his face is covered. Charming Potato has been all over the place with his face uncovered, but everywhere he goes, he's been acting silly and talking about his time as a stripper, which might affect how people view him.

  • AudioSuede

    If The Dark Knight Rises does as well as predicted, Hardy and Levitt will crush this list. Renner's gonna be high up there too, as will Charlize and even Charming Potato. But if TDKR does even close to the numbers and quality of its predecessor, we're looking at an astronomical jump in the popularity of two young actors.

  • john

    Kitsch already had two of his three movies completely bomb . . . I don't think it's his year.

  • Adrien

    He's the opposite of Chris Hemsworth.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    The elder Hemsworth brother. And J. Lawrence. With Renner a close third.

    Both Hemsworth and Lawrence have at least one franchise going, Hemsy has 2 and so will Renner possibly.

  • True_Blue

    Just how old is that photo of Cruise? As for my choice--I would say the Charming Potato. It's not about acting ability or anything--he's just got a lot of movies out this year, including "the Citizen Kane of stripper movies".

  • fracas

    Chris Hemsworth! He's been in almost all of the movies I've seen this year. He had great parts in both of the awesome movies Avengers and Cabin in the Woods, and the pretty good movie Snow White and the Huntsman. I heard Avengers made a few bucks at the box office too.

  • celery

    Seriously! I don't understand why he's not on this list...maybe not enough movies?

  • blorft

    I read great pants instead of great parts.

    He did have great pants, though.

  • Just so y'all know, I know think of Channing Tatum as Charming Potato. In fact, I referred to him as Charming Potato in conversation the other day and got nothing but blank looks. Once I explained, the light dawned and now that whole circle of people refer to him as Charming Potato. *mission accomplished*

  • Bert_McGurt

    It's really an excellent nickname. I wonder if anyone's told HIM about it yet?

  • layla

    Actually conversation last night wiht a girl friend...
    her: We should go see Magic Mike.
    me: Looks like shit, but damn if the Charming Potato isnt winning me over.
    her: Hahaha. Charming Potato, that's awesome.
    me: Can we drink first?
    her: Yes. *still giggling* And you're right... that potato IS charming.

  • KatSings

    I'm hoping for Charlize. Mostly because I'm tired of The Year of BLAHBLAHBLAH always ending in a man's name. Charlize is WORKING this year. Like Chastain last year.

  • Pat

    Hear, hear. Sad that only two of the Year of potentials are women.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    What does it say that Channing Tatum's body of work is actually more diverse than Renner's? He's really working it.

  • Melody Be

    I would also support Charming Potato, he is having a great year!

  • Becca

    The story one man, who had crossed the line and out of the People's Grace. Yet in spite of huge pressure, this person refused to simply apologize and brokenly crawl back to the other side, NO! He resolved instead to walk further into the insanity and ridicule, facing many hardships and defeating many foes. Eventually, he went full circle, becoming so unstable the People began to shakily respect his reckless courage. And so Tom Cruise, defeater of Oprah's Coach, climber of skyscrapers, and singer of hair metal, MADE HOLLYWOOD ITSELF HIS B*TCH!
    RATED C for Cruise, Warning: any references made to Mr. Cruise's height will result in a giant spring loaded punching glove to appear and nail said speaker in the genitals.

  • Jenny

    I'm so over Renner. I think it's Chris Hemsworth.

  • maureenc

    I thought 2011 was the year of Michael Fassbender?

  • justvisiting

    I say go ahead and give Gosling the year since every day is Fassbender day...

  • Mr_Grumpypants

    Fassbender is gunning for the decade title

  • Melody Be

    I'm going to give this one to J. Lawrence, I think that Bourne and Hansel and Gretel are going to bomb hard.

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