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Hollywood's He-Man Woman-Haters: Seven Stars Whose Careers and Misogyny Aligned with Dismayingly Varied Results

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15 Cinematic Sevenths; Or, Five 7s that JJ Abrams’ Star Wars VII Should Emulate, and 10 Sevens that It Should Not

Would You Rather A) Watch Would Your Rather or B) Live It?

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I Don't Wish I Could Quit You: 10 Classic Movies from the Modern Era That Never Got Old

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Six Predictions For "Game of Thrones" Season 3 By A Non-Book Reading Fan

Happiness Can be Found in the Darkest of Times, if One Only Remembers to Turn on the Light: A Comment Diversion

FemShep, You’re My Hero: How Mass Effect Helps the Understanding of Unequal Gender Portrayals in Mass Media

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Don't Worry, We'll Get to the New Catching Fire Portraits. But First Let's Discuss Oprah's "Tig Ol' Bitties"

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Gender Issues in Comic Books are Real and They're Getting Their Own Online College Course

Meeting the Hippies Halfway: 10 Non-Fictional TV and Movie Presidents Who Can and Will Break Your Funnybone

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Say Goodbye to THESE, Michael... and Say Hello to Some New Kickstarter Campaigns!

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Batcowl Revisted: 9 Performers Who Could Believably Answer the Bat-Signal in a Post-Bale Gotham

Going to Infinity and Beyond: 13 More Space Suits That Could Help Inspire NASA Engineers

Meet Neil deGrasse Tyson, Scientific American [email protected]$$: 8 Great YouTube Videos of Everyone's Favorite Astrophysicist

From the Quantum to the Galactic: 7 YouTube Documentaries about Space and Our Universe that Won’t Make You Dumber

Five Ways Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are Better than Each Other

The Walking Dead Game Isn't Just an Emotional Rollercoaster, It's Also an Ingenious Post-Apocalypse Survival Simulator: Review

11 Actors with the Necessary TV Experience Who Could Replace Chevy Chase on "Community"

Double-Feature December: Movies for Every Day of the Week to Help Stave Off Cabin Fever

A Tale of Two TV Pilots: Understanding the Failure of “Wonder Woman” Through the Success of “Arrow”

My Pop Cultural Thanksgiving: The Four Ephemera Getting All My Gratitude This Year

Forget About Triplets, We've Got "Leaked" Scenes from the Un-Produced Kindergarten Cop II

Two Sitcoms Diverged on a Low-Rated Network, and One Took the Road Less Traveled By: Comparing the Season Five Starts of "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation"

Why Do All the Best "Bond Girls" Have All the Best Worst Names?

That Obi-Wan Kenobi's Full of Sh*t, Man: Dream Casting Disney's Star Wars Episode VII from a Certain Point of View

'Tis the Season to be Scary: Why Trick R Treat is to Halloween as A Christmas Story is to Christmas

The Best Stephen King Movies to Kick Back and Enjoy This Halloween Season, Unless You Suffer from Any of These Seven Phobias

Godwin's Lawbreakers 2012: The Laziest Analogy in the Entertainment Industry

The Superhero Yin and Yang: 10 Ways The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises Can't be Better than Each Other

The Superhero Auteur Theory: 8 Reasons Why Truffaut and Sarris are Probably Rolling Over in Their Graves

Which Legendary Character Actor Has the Crazy Eyes and Wants To Be This Pint-Sized [email protected], Rocket Raccoon?

Joss the Beloved Character Slayer: Deconstructing One of the Director's Most Common Tropes (**UPDATED**)

What If 2012 Was 1982? Re-Imagining the TV Hits from Three Decades Ago with the Talent of Today

See You, Space Cowboy: Wherein I Dream Cast a Live-Action "Cowboy Bebop"

What If 2012 Were 1982? Re-Imagining Three 1982 Classics As If They Were Made Today

Twinsyndrome: Photographic Evidence that the Guy from "Ghost Adventures" and Michael Cera are Genetic Duplicates

Guilty Pleasures, Schmuilty Schmleasures: Or, Only the Penitent Man Will Pass (Judgment)

Labor Day Pains: Celebrating The Hardest Working Men and Women In Movies and TV

The Nolan Brunette: An Examination of the Director's Most Commonly Used Trope

And Here We... Go! (Again.): Why Rotten Tomatoes Closing Its Comments For The Dark Knight Rises Is A Net Good

Wherein I Nightmare Cast A "Firefly" Reboot That Would Make Even Reavers Give Up The Black

Wherein I Dream Cast A Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reboot That Wouldn't Make Me Gag

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut: The Review: This Time It’s Personal(er)

Our Cinematic Autobiography: Jurassic Park

With A Brand Spankin' New International Trailer, Looper Continues To Look Positively Kickass

Planning Against The Sequel: Why Not Every Genre Movie Needs To Be A Franchise

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Is A Mere Relay Jump From Invading Earth And Wiping Out Our Collective Memory

Can The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Writers Return Jurassic Park To A Time When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth?

Speculating On The Future "Barbarella" TV Show From The Director Of Drive

"Community" Continues To Court Controversy As Emmy Eligibility Starts Cartoon War Kerfuffle

No, It Is Not 20 Years Ago, Arsenio Hall Just Has A New Show. Yes, You Are Old.

Get Back In The Bat-Game With A New The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot And Early Ticket Sales (Before It's Too Late)

NBC Announces Their Fall Schedule And It's Cruel. Cruel, Cruel, Cruel.

If You Ever Wished To See A President's Head On A Pike, "Game Of Thrones" Already Made Your Dreams Come True

Yvonne Strahovski Joining "Dexter" For Season 7 Is Totally Reason Enough For Gratuitous Pictures

Damn It, Bill Murray, When Someone Asks If Ghostbusters 3 Is Dead, You Say Yes!

Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid Of A Bomb: 46 Years Later, "Batman" '66 Merchandise Will Finally Be For Sale

"Community" Boys Make Good, Win Patriot Games For Captain America 2 Gig

Already Sick And Tired Of Prometheus? Fear Not! This Isn't About That. It's About The Sequel...

How Could MTV's "Scream" TV Show Work? Do Everything Different.

It's Now The End Of The World As They Know It, And They Don't Look Fine In These First Images

Six Pseudo-Spoilerish Reasons Why You're Wrong To Doubt Ridley Scott And The Women Of Prometheus

The Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending Sounds Insane: But What's Jupiter Got To Do, Got To Do With It?

Reason The 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Can't Happen Soon Enough 1,609: The Situation Is Starring In His Own Comic Book

And Boom Goes The Wildfire: "Game of Thrones" Season Finale Will Be Ten More Minutes Of Epic Epicness

We're Through The Looking Glass Here, People: Barry Sonnenfeld Still Trying To Make Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens Happen

The Dark Knight Poses: Welcome To The Machine, The Movie Marketing Machine

The Dark Knight Returns For The First Time For The Last Time: Animated Adaptation Gets A Cast, Stills

More Proof That Charlize Theron Is A Goddess, As If You Needed Any

...Love Blossoms, And A Whole Lot Of Gross Zombie Kills: Here's A Glimpse At Season Three Of "The Walking Dead"

The Most Reasonable Reactions To The News That Dan Harmon Was Fired From "Community"

Bill Murray As FDR May Top My List of the 5 Most Inspired Casting Decisions In History

How Does The Skyfall Poster Match Up Against Daniel Craig's Leading Man Oeuvre?

Prepare For The Season Finale Of "Community" With Six Images And A Video!

Ant-Man Vs. The World's End: What Movie Should Edgar Wright Direct Next?

Songs Covered For Movies That Are Better Than Their Original Recordings, Said The Joker To The Thief

Lance Henriksen Says To Look For A Millennium Movie Soon, Forgets Nobody Cares

Who Wears The Space Suit Better In The Latest Prometheus Pictures?

Marion Cotillard Is About To Break Bat-Fans' Hearts, But She'll Look Fabulous Doing It

In A Bid To Join The Avengers As Captain Obvious, Bruce Willis Calls Moonrise Kingdom "A Wes Anderson Film"

Politics! Politics! Politics! The Campaign Ads Are Almost Too Real

Handicapping The Odds On The Plot Of Damon Lindelof's 1952

When You Play The Walking Dead, You Either Win Or You Work With Frank Darabont Again

You Will Soon Learn To Hate These Two Men, Remember Their Faces

The New Men In Black 3 Poster: A Pictorial Comparison Presented Sans Comment

The Dark Knight Rises Again In The Movie's Last, Awe-Inspiring Trailer

A Tale Of Two Battleships: Universal Sues The Asylum

Not To Be Outdone By Fox, Adult Swim Announces "Robot Chicken" And "Super Friends" Team-Up

Yes, Axe Cop Is Real, And Soon It Will Be A TV Show. Get Used To It.

The Most Deplorable Comments On The Only Negative Review (So Far) Of The Avengers

And There Was Much Rejoicing: Zach Galifianakis Will Return To TV With "Between Two Ferns"

Celebrating 4/20 With Our Favorite Potheads In Film And Television

America's Sweetstoner, Doug Benson, Is Pilfering From Morgan Spurlock (Again)

Saved By The Community: The Truth Behind The Meta Behind The Truth

Darren Aronofsky's Next-Next Project Might Be About George Washington, American Badass

"Shia LaBeouf Is Making Comics Now?" I Know Those Words, But That Headline Makes No Sense

Russian Trailers For Prometheus And Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: [Insert Hackneyed Yakov Smirnoff Joke Here.]

Hopefully Donald Glover Won't Be The Only Reason To Watch Another Live "30 Rock"

False Advertising? Even The Better Business Bureau Has An Opinion On Mass Effect 3

More Avengers Clips Than You Can Shake A Demi-God's Hammer At

10 Reasons Casting Ben Kingsley As The Next Iron Man Villain Doesn't Mean A Damn Thing

Two Out Of Three Looper Trailer Teasers Ain't Bad (UPDATE: Three Is Here)

The Only Question About Disney's Marvel Animated Movie Is, What Will It Be About?

The Answer (To A Blood On The Tracks Film Adaptation) Is Blowin' In The Wind

Scientific Accuracy? Schmientific Schmaccuracy!

This Is The End, Beautiful Friend: Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Will Offer Closure, Not Changes

If You Have To Ask, You're Streets Behind: The Best Of Pierce Hawthorne On "Community"

When New Photos From Prometheus Arrive, They Bring The Fire

These Amazing Spider-Man Clips Are Complete And Utter Sh*t, Technically Speaking

Will "Happy Endings" Get A Happy Ending? All Signs Point To Maybe In The First Four Minutes Of The Finale

Aaack... Aack... Ack-Aack-Ack Ack Aaack*: We're Certain The Mars Attacks Musical Isn't An April Fool's Joke? (Update: Nope!)

WANTED: Someone To Go Back In Time With Me. Safety Not Guaranteed.

The Continuing Saga Of Mass Effect Continues With A Paragon Lost

Chris Hardwick May Not Be Felicia Day, But The Nerdist YouTube Channel Looks More Than Okay

Watch The Official Bollywood Music Video For The Avengers! What Else Did You Have Planned For Today?

Well Played, Miramax 2.0... "Clerks: The Animated Series" To Possibly Return In 2013

The Mass Effect 3 Endings: In The Eye Of The Beholder? Or, Do They Just Suck Vorcha Balls?

Queen Of The Internet, Felicia Day, Formally Requests You Watch Her New YouTube Channel

Misunderstanding The Lessons Learned From The Back Half Of The George Lucas Catalogue: The "Blood & Chrome" Teaser (UPDATED)

The Beautiful Destruction Of Mass Effect 3: Review

Whose "House?" 13's "House!" Celebrate Olivia Wilde's Season Finale Return With This Picture Parade

For Once, A Post On Pajiba About Boobs That Isn't A Pun: The Pirahna 3DD Red Band Trailer

Breaking: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is a Shapeshifter

Alas, Poor Yorick! The Y: The Last Man Adaptation Somehow Survives

Who Wants To Bet That Errol Morris' Interview With Donald Rumsfeld Won't Go As Well As The One With Robert McNamara?

"Community" Is Back Tonight And That's Nice! Pre-Game It With "Abed's Master Key" And Dan Harmon's Tilted Bean Can...

The Avengers Team-Up In New Character Posters. Meanwhile At SXSW, Joss Whedon Spoils The Spoilers

The Garbage Pail Kids Are Rearing Their Ugly Cinematic Heads Again: "Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair!"

Action No. 1 Will Explore What It's Like Being Nicolas Cage In An Adaptation Of His Life, Without Him

The Japanese Trailer For Brave Is All About Merida And The Frightening Forest

Greendale's Most Colorful Study Group Returns A Week Early As "Community" Gets Animated

"Life... Give My Creation LIFE!" (The Frankenweenie Trailer)

The Dueling Natures Of The Piranha 3DD Trailer: "Whatever It Is, I Don't Like It..." And "Let's Get Wet!"

Guy Pearce May Be Weyland From Weyland-Yutani, But That Doesn't Make Prometheus An Alien Movie?

And Now Star Trek 2 Will Beam Aboard The Good Ship IMAX, Plus Benedict Cumberbatch Revealed! (Sorta!)

James Bond Will Now Skyfall Into An IMAX Near You; Please Accept These HD Promotional Materials In The Meantime

Should The Oscars Ban Sacha Baron Cohen From Attending The, Er, Oscars? You Decide!

A Tale Of Two Movies About The End Of The World As We Know It, And I... Have Heartburn: Wrath Of The Titans And 4:44 Last Day On Earth Trailers

Johnny Depp To Adapt "The Night Stalker" With Edgar Wright For Disney? Funny, I Always Thought Of Kolchak As More A Fox And Less A Sparrow

Patton Oswalt Isn't The Hero Fox's "Animation Domination" Deserves, He's The One It Needs Right Now

Profiles In Courage: The 10 Most Inspiring Fictional Presidents In Film and Television

Click Here To Find Out What Happens When The Amazing Spider-Man Takes On The Dreaded Door Man!

Capes? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Capes! The Best Superhero Movies Not Based On A Comic Book (Or Other Source Material)

The Good, The Bad, And The WTF, Seriously?! (Trailers For Intruders, Dark Tide, And Pizza Man)

Now That Paget Brewster Is Leaving "Criminal Minds" She Can Finally Claim Her Spot Among The Funniest Damn Women On The Planet

For The Love Of Gozer The Gozerian, Will Somebody Just Shake Dan Aykroyd Until He Stops Talking About Ghostbusters 3?

Seven Score And Ten Years Ago Abraham Lincoln Hunted Vampires, But It Wasn't Nearly As Radass As It Sounds (UPDATED)

Kirk Cameron Knows How We Can Make It Through America's Current "Growing Pains": Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Children?!

Apokolips Now? "Smallville" Is Getting An Eleventh Season In Comic Book Form (...The Horror, The Horror...)

He May Be The Best There Is, But What He Does Isn't Always Great Filmmaking: Five Wolverine Comics That Should Be Adaptated After The "Frank Miller One"

I'mma Let You Finish Making Your Jetsons Movie, Kanye, But "Hammer Man" Was The Best Rap/Cartoon Crossover Of All Time

Not Even Memory-Erasing Adamantium Bullets Can Keep A Good Mutant Down: The Wolverine Is Back On

Court's Adjourned: Ranking The New Dredd Images In Terms Of Their "Adorkability"

Lego Captain America Came To Kill Nazis And Smoke Lucky Strikes, And He's All Out Of Lucky Strikes (Because They No Longer Exist)

Gustav Klimt Fingered His Paintings And 9 Other Things I Learned By Watching 9 Minutes Of This Means War

Two More Reasons You Don't Need To Watch The Super Bowl: Darth Vader vs. Cobra Commander Edition

These People Were Made For Biting: The Opening Scene Of "The Walking Dead" Mid-Season Premiere Is Here (Plus A New Casting Rumor)

This Ain't No Donkey Semen: The All-Time Top 10 "Community" Clips On Hulu

Did You Know Magneto Was The Real Culprit On The Grassy Knoll?

We Know How This Game Is Played: "Game Of Thrones" And "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Trailers

How Is It Possible That The Help Is Viola Davis' First Leading Role?

Hi, Hitler! The Nine Movie Nazis We Most Love To Hate To Love

Motherf*cking Space Nazis From The Dark Side Of The Moon: The Iron Sky Trailer

So, Just What Are Those Two Surprise Foreign Films Nominated For Best Animated Feature? (A Cat In Paris and Chico & Rita Trailers)

One Of These Cast Members Of "The Walking Dead" Probably Won't Survive The Season: Fans Of The Comic Rejoice

Jason Segel Who Makes Movies Is Jeff, Who Lives At Home

The 15 Best Character-Driven Fight Scenes In Movies

7 Reasons Why The Dark Knight Rises Won't Be An Epic Fail

You Better Start Swimmin' Or You'll Sink Like A Stone: Investigate The Future Of Movies In The Side By Side Trailer

"Survivor: One World" Cast Revealed! Can You Guess The Gay Republican?

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Meet FDR, American Badass

Rumors Of The Fantastic Four Film Franchise's Demise Have (Unfortunately) Been Greatly Exaggerated

Only A Real Psycho Would Think The "Bates Motel" Is A Good Idea For A TV Show

Five Ways Star Trek And Star Wars Are Better Than Each Other

The First Five Minutes Of Haywire Will Make You Spit Blood (But In A Good Way)

Okay, So Maybe Calling An End To The James Franco Backlash Was A Bit Premature: The Broken Tower Trailer

At This Rate It Probably Will Be 2030 Before We Actually Meet Your Mother, Kids

David Cross Warns Us Against Seeing Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. But Where Was He When These 7 Pieces Of Cinematic Garbage Were Released?

The Live-Action Star Wars TV Show (That Will Never Happen) Finally Has A Name!

Frank Darabont Escapes The Zombies By Traveling Back To "L.A. Noir" (Not To Be Confused With L.A. Noire)

Three Reasons To Expect A Backlash Against The Post-Oscars James Franco Backlash

There Is No Hope For Any Of Us: "The Walking Dead" Season 2.5 Trailer And Promo Clips

They Keep Hacking Akira To Bits, But The American Remake Just Won't Die

Benedict Cumberbatch In Star Trek 2? That's elementary, My Dear Dr. McCoy!

BBC America's "Copper" Finally Has A Cast! And... Wait. Who Are These People?

You Can Watch The First Ten Minutes Of Tonight's "Revenge" RIGHT NOW!

Can You Tell The Difference Between The Asus Transformer Prime Laptop/Tablet Computer And Transformers Autobot Leader Optimus Prime?

Kirsten Dunst Seems To Really Enjoy Kissing Upside Down

Based On These Posters Alone Which Of The Following Are You Most Likely To See?

Stop What You're Doing RIGHT NOW And Look At The First Official Image From Ben Affleck's Argo!

Former Big Man On Campus Taylor Kitsch Is The Big Man In Japan: Japanese Trailers For John Carter And Battleship

You! Shall! Not! Pass... Up! The Chance To Watch All Five Of The Hobbit Video Diaries

The Devil Is In The Details: Hi-Res Images From The Dark Knight Rises To Obsess Over (And A New Trailer)

Oh, The Latest Underworld 4 Trailer Is Frightful, But Kate Beckinsale Is So Delightful... Let It Blow, Let It Blow, Let It Blow

Paul Bunyan As A Horror Movie Monster? It's Real, And It's Not Spectacular

Merry Not-Christmas Christmas From Netflix Instant And Hulu Plus: Finally, It's Okay To Cross The Streams

I Love You, New "Spartacus: Vengeance" Trailer (Yes, And You, Too, Crazy-Eyed Lucy Lawless)

#SaveCommunity #OccupyNBC To Flash Mob 30 Rock... efeller Center Today

Wolverine Pirate Sentenced: He's The Worst There Is At What He Does, And What He Does Isn't Very Nice

Our Precious Is Back Again: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer

Daniel Craig Will (Not) Be In Five More James Bond Films, No Matter What The Producer Says

Madre De Dios! Will Ferrell's Spanish Is Impeccable In The Casa De Mi Padre Teaser

Without "Community" The Return of "30 Rock" Isn't Nearly As "Exciting" As NBC Would Like You To Believe (No Matter How Much Tina Fey Exposes Herself)

Guy Pearce Chews Even More Scenery (And I Mean That In The Best Possible Way) In The New Lock-Out Trailer

The Expendables 2 Trailer Is Basically A Planet Hollywood Owners Reunion (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That)

The 10 Least, And 5 Most, Surprising Hollywood (Registered) Republicans

Thursday Night TV News and Video Round-Up: "I'm Attributing The Quality Of Our Show To God."

The Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Poster Is Off The Chain

The Flowers Of War Looks Like A Master Oscar-Baiter: U.S. Trailer (And Posters)

The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Poster Has A Case Of Literal "Foreshadowitis" (*Set Photos and Concept Art Included)

I've Got The Need, The Need For Speed; Specifically 299,792 Kilometers per Second: The C Trailer

The Sadly Sad Lindsay Lohan

Three Of TV's Most Huggable Sitcom Stars And Emily Blunt Are In A Five-Year Engagement

Why We Need "Community" Now: Pop Culture Homages Dan Harmon And Co. Haven't Gotten To Yet

Even Rob Schneider Seems Confused As To Why He Has A New CBS Sitcom Starting Next Year

Robocop To Meet Captain Kirk In Star Trek 2 (Unicorn May Or May Not Be Involved): Updated With KHAAAAAAAAN!

Today In Mesmerization: The 8 Minute Preview Of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Near, Far, Wherever You Are (Not): Is The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Prologue Playing In Your City?

"The Audience Is Gonna Have The Comfort Of The Familiar, But This Really Special Chemistry Of The New." (TNT's "Dallas" Trailer)

If The Director Of Rubber Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right: 50 Seconds Of WTF?! Perfection

Today In Hollywood Legal Briefs: Harlan Ellison Drops Out, Jesse Eisenberg Gets Off

Daniel Radcliffe Continues To Prove Crazy People May Be Right About His Anti-Christ Tendencies

These Men In Black III Posters Are Lazier Than The Entirety Of Men In Black II

Which Of These Two Mid-Season TV Promos Most Excites You? ("Alcatraz" and "The Firm" Teasers)

If They Must, Six Batman Movies That Hollywood Should Adapt After Nolan Finishes Showing Everyone How It's Done

Prevented From Sullying The Live Action Akira, Keanu Reeves Decides To Star In A Lesser Known Iconic Japanese Tale

Real Comedies That Could'a Been Oscar Contenders

Five Episodes Of Television For Which To Be Thankful

In 2013 Star Trek 2 Will Boldly Go Where It's Gone Before

Things Are Looking Pretty "Grimm" For NBC Thursdays... And Fridays! (Dun Dun Dunnnnn)

Judd Apatow Wants A Best Comedy Oscar Category, Dreams Of Own "King Of The World" Speech

Katy Perry Will Host SNL. Host, Not Sing. Host. HOST. (Bwuh?)

TV Trade News Round-Up: But Only "Arrested Development" Is A Somewhat Suitable Salve For That Open "Community" Wound

Not To Be Out Did By Glenn Beck, Victoria Jackson Is For Real And Has Her Own Web Show, Too

The 5 Best #SAVECOMMUNITY Campaign Posters Made To Avert The Darkest Timeline

Two Early [Fill In Your Holiday After Thanksgiving Of Choice Here] Presents Coming To TV: Boobs And Peeeeeeeeeeter Sagal!

Glenn Beck Wants To Be A Cartoon? Huh. I Thought He Already Was.

Thank You, Captain Obvious: Tim Burton Will Direct Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Six "Advanced" Modern American Filmmakers (And One "Advanced" Actor)

Character Designs From The Crow Starring The Emu Are A Hoot

10 Movie Characters Who Should Have Died When They Had The Chance

M. Night Shyamalan May Finally Become Self-Aware In One Thousand A.E.

Calling It: Strippers Vs. Werewolves Could Be One Of The Worst Movies Of 2012 (And By "Worst" I Mean "Worst")

Calling It: Looper Could Be One Of The Best Films Of 2012 (Based On Little More Than This First Pic)

Leonardo Da Vinci: Renaissance Man, Super Hero

Hagrid Lived, So Why Did These 10 Movie Characters Have To Die To Manipulate Your Emotions?

Benicio Del Toro Might Be A Villain, Specifically The New Star Trek Nemesis

Q: Where In The World Are Waldo And Carmen Sandiego? (A: Coming Soon To A Theater Near You.)

"Happy Endings" Won't Be Ending Any Time Soon, And That Should Make Everyone Happy

Underworld 4: We've Still Got Kate Beckinsale In Skintight Leather: The Trailer

Todd Philips Completely Abandons The Concepts Of Story Or Comedy For The Sake Of Showcasing Nubile Flesh

Who Cares How Frodo Fits Into The Hobbit Films When Hobbiton Itself Will Be A Real Life Tourist Attraction?

Ron Weasley Almost Died, And Five Movie Sidekicks Who Should Still Be Alive

Joss Whedon's Magical Mystery Tour Continues Unabated With A "Timeless Romance"

Coco Now Pronounces You Dude And Dude, You May Kiss The Dude

Jason Segel To Make Sex Tape, And Here's The (Last) Trailer (Parody For The Muppets)

Good News, Everyone! Updates On Whedon's Ado, Jackson's Tintin, And Grazer's Tower

Fan-Made Tintin Opening Credits Sequence Wins At The Internet, Animator Wins At Life

The Dark Tower Film Adaptation Continues To Be A Thing That Will Not Die, And The Prospects Are Darker Than Ever.

"The Punisher" Sounds Like A "Dexter"-ous TV Show

Ben Affleck Is Going To Make A Stand. Er, The Stand. Supposedly. For Now. We'll See.

Actually, There Will Be One More Harry Potter Movie: When Harry Left Hogwarts: The Trailer

The Worst Offenders Of Godwin's Law 2011: Celebrity Edition

One Of These Five People Will Be On "Community" This Season, Can You Guess Which One?

The Dark Knight Rises Is Merely An IMAX Prologue To Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Arnold “The ‘Governator’ Is No Longer An Appropriate Nickname For Me” Schwarzenegger Will Make His Big Screen Re-Debut Playing A Border Town Sheriff

Marshall And Lily Show Us Their Goods, And Once Again Jason Segel Proves His Superiority: The Muppets and American Reunion Trailers

Katie Holmes Is A Slutty Pumpkin And Now There's Photographic Evidence

Watch "The Walking Dead" Prologue Web Series Before Season Two Starts This Sunday

Mark Your Calendars: Valentine's Day 2013 Will Be A Good Day To Die Hard

Well, That Was Quick: Sony To Make Steve Jobs Biopic, The MythBusters To Host Documentary

Should Obama Be More Like Spock Or Kirk? And 10 More Film/TV Dynamic Duos Who Make For "Unfair" Presidential Comparisons

Today In Facepalm: Woman Sues Drive For Being Neither Fast Nor Furious Enough

25 Years Later, "The Simpsons" May Finally Bow Out Gracefully

Charlize Theron Is A "Bad" Writer: Young Adult's Dueling Trailers

If You're Impatient For Nolan's Next, The Animated Batman: Year One Is Here To Tide You Over

Eight New A Very Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas Posters (From First To Worst)

Showtime, Netflix, Or Hulu To Finally Answer The Call Of S.O.B.S (Save Our Bluths)

Money Fight!: Why We No Longer Need “The Simpsons"

Unpaid Interns Finally Strike Back Against The Man! (But Before They Triumph, I Want My Damn Iced Venti Quad Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte – NOW. Updated.)

With Two New Movies On The Precipice, Charlie Kaufman Clearly Hasn't Been Suffering From "Charlie Kaufman's" Writer's Block

If You Thought The Only Thing Missing From Marvel's Thor Was A Sarcastic, Anthropomorphic Hammer... Then Boy, Do I Have An Icelandic Animated 3D Movie For You: Legends of Valhalla: Thor Trailers

This Just In, Zombies Are Still A Thing: Trailers and Photos for "The Walking Dead" Season Two

In Case You Needed Another Reason Not To Watch "Whitney"

Oh, Hey, Did You Know About This The Avengers Movie Based On The Marvel Comic Book That's Coming Out?

NBC Sells Out With A Dane Cook Sitcom Shocker (Read Between The Lines)

This Just In, A Zombie Could Literally "Jump The Shark" In The Dead Island Movie Adaptation (Artist Rendering Included)

Clark Kent's Got A Brand New Pair Of Glasses In The Man Of Steel. Wait, No, The Opposite Of That. But He Does Have A New Mom

It's Not A Spoiler, It's In The Title: John Dies At The End Trailer

Blake Lively Offered Lead Role In Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (Not As A Zombie, Apparently)

New Images Of Anne Hathaway's Catwoman Arise Online: Are These The Cat Ears That Staunched A Thousand Internet Debates?

Yes, It's True... Ghostbusters Is Returning To Multiplexes Near You. (Or Is It? -- Yes It Is: UPDATED)

What Do You Think Of "The Walking Dead" Getting A Talk Show, Mrs. Zombie? (Grr! Argh!)

Today In Facepalm: The Identity Of "How I Met Your Mother's" Slutty Pumpkin Revealed

It's Uncanny, This Valley: The Ups And Downs Of Cinematic CGI (In)Humanity

Wocka Wocka Wocka: The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo Trailer (A The Muppets Parody)

The 5 Best Trey Parker & Matt Stone Musical Numbers (Sans Comment)

Good News, Everyone! The Book Of Mormon Is Going To Be A Movie!

Conan O'Brien Has Mouths To Feed, Too, Y'Know (And It's Not Just Andy Richter's)

"How I Met Your Mother" Season 7 Trailer And 13 Things I Learned About HIMYM From Carter Bays and Craig Thomas

Because You Asked For It, More Michael Keaton: You Wanna Get Nuts? C'mon, Let's Get Nuts!

Judging By Its Trailer, The Big Year Probably Isn't Going To Have One

Jay And Seth Vs. The Apocalypse Is, Like, Totally Happening, You Guys

X-Files 3! We Got X-Files 3 Here! See? Nobody Cares...

"Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse!" Don’t Blame Me If You're Haunted, A New Beetle Juice Is Already In The Works

AMC Cuts "The Walking Dead" Season 2 In Twain, Like A Katana Slicing Through So Many Zombies

This Sh*t Is F*ckin’ Filthy But It’s Better Than Balls To The Chin: An In-Depth Look At The Dirty Mouths On “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

Now That’s What I Call Music: Another “Community” Season 3 Promo Is Hilarious Harmon-y (With Bonus Material!)

The Star Wars Bluray Editions Continue To Reveal The Hypocrisy Of George Lucas: These Aren't The DVDs We're Looking For

"Community" Season 3 Promo Is Good, Man, John Goodman. But Is He Really The Show's trongest Selling Point? (WARNING: There Be Man-Flesh Here; Lady-Flesh, Too.)

The News Of The Film Rights To Akira Kurosawa's Ouevre Is Not At All Resplendent: Wherein I Prophesize The Terrifying Remake Possibilities

Ghostbusters 3 Without Bill Murray, Dogs And Cats Living Together, Mass Hysteria! Also, Chevy Chase Wants Another Vacation (Movie).

In A New HBO/Scorsese Documentary, George Harrison Is A Material Girl Living In The Material World

Creator Of The Inexplicable "Glee" And "Nip/Tuck" Has A New TV Show, And It Looks Decidedly More Like The Latter

The Head Jackass and Remy the Rat Will Be Boy Scouts and Battling Brothers, Respectively, Apparently

"Ghost Riding The Whip" Takes On A Whole New Meaning In The Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

Ridley Scott To Direct A "Follow Up" To Blade Runner: I Do Not Think "Fresh and Original" Means What You Think It Means

In The Hysteria Trailer, The Vagina Finally Gets Its Day In The Sun

Jason Patric's "Powers" Protagonist Pic Points to Potentially Precise Production

Captain Trips' Wild Ride: Stephen King's The Stand To Be Adapted Into A Film (Possible Trilogy; Not By Ron Howard)

In This Image, Our Heroes Represent AMC And The Walking Dead Represents "The Walking Dead"

Christmas Came Early This Year, Too Bad The Stocking Is Full Of Coal: A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Trailer

Organic Produce And Birthday Cakes Are The Two Most Common Types Of Terrorist Acts In The U.S.: "NTSF: SD: SUV::" Public Service Announcements

The Amazing Spider-Man and The Hunger Games Sequels: Is It Love At First Sight, Or Merely Dollar Signs?

The News Of The Demise Of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

David Heyman's Nonplayer Movie Adaptation Is Proof This Is Not The Worst Of All Possible Worlds

Are You Not Entertained By The “Spartacus: Vengeance” Trailer?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Breaks $1 Billion Worldwide, And This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (But 3D Dinosaurs Help)

Tired Of Comic Book Movies? You're In Luck, There's Still More Coming!

Spoiler Alert! Do The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos Reveal Bane, JGL, and Marion Cotillard Characters/Plot?

The Avengers Throws 12-Second Teaser Teaser Online Like Thor Launches Mjolnir At Frost Giants

Funny, Mine Are Usually Neither Good Nor Old Fashioned: The A Good Old Fashioned Orgy Trailer

BBC America’s “Copper” Sounds Like Gangs Of New York Meets “Deadwood” Meets "NYPD Blue" Minus The Rampant Cursing, Graphic Violence, and Nude Male Buttocks

That Is One Big Pile Of Sh*t: Wherein I Pitch A Few Movies Based On The Vague Plot Details Of Jurassic Park IV

Concept Art For Robert Rodriguez's Frank Frazetta's Fire And Ice, Which Is Not To Be Confused With A Song Of Ice And Fire

Can Kevin Smith Host A Daily TV SMalk Show?

Avengers Concept Art: Some Assembly Required, Indeed

Wherein I Dream Cast The Voltron Movie... Lions?

Wonder Woman Came Here To Leak Clips From Her Failed TV Pilot And Chew Bubble Gum, And She's All Out Of Bubble Gum

Wherein I Dream Cast The Captain Planet Movie. Yes, You Read That Correctly. (UPDATE: Now Containing Captain Planet!)

"The Walking Dead" Season Two Preview Is Mostly Meh

Kevin Costner Is Only Good In Westerns and Baseball Movies, So It's A Good Thing Tarantino's Django Unchained Is The Former

TETSUOOOOOOO! Why, Oh Why is the Akira Remake Still Happening?

Bruce Is His Name: Meditations On A Possible Sequel To My Name Is Bruce

Juan De Los Muertos is Juan Of The Dead, He Kills Your Beloved Ones So You Don't Have To

Sean Penn Is Hunting Nazis In Robert Smith Biopic, Or Something: This Must Be The Place Trailer

In The Best of All Possible Worlds, The Five Senses Trailer Would Not Be Unique

The King of Kong Sequel/Remake/Whatever Should Not Be a Mockumentary

Will The Dark Knight Rises Tease Fans Before The Final Harry Potter? Outlook: Decent.

First Look at Five of The Hobbit's 13 Dwarves (Plus Ray Stevenson Accepts His Place in Hollywood)

All The Bat-Updates You Can Throw A Batarang At, Bat-Sans The Dark Knight Rises Rumors

The New Conan Might Be Worth Seeing For Beardless Khal Drogo, Even Without a Giant-Metal-Chain-To-Horse-Face Shot in the U.K. Trailer

The Project Nim Trailer Goes From Chimpan-A to Chimpanzee

Wonder Woman Is a Real American Hero: Adrianne Palicki Joins the Cast of G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes

The Captains Trailer: To Boldly Go Where Six Actors Have Gone Before

Spoiler Alert! Possible Plot Details for Ridley Scott's Prometheus are Promising

Favreau/Ford: The Cowboys & Aliens Interviews

Are We Having Fun Talking About a “Party Down” Movie Yet?

Martin Short, Not Dave Foley, Will Be Marshall’s New Boss in Season 7 of “How I Met Your Mother”

Will Someone Please Tell Nick Swardson To Stop? Pretty Please? I'll Be Your Best Friend: The Bucky Larson Trailer

My Secret Crush on the T-Mobile Girl is Vindicated: Carly Foulkes To Play Retro Girl in “Powers” Adaptation

Christopher Meloni is Shining An Army Helmet for The Man of Steel, Not Lex Luthor's Chrome Dome

Why Don't We Say 9:30, And Then Make It Your Beeswax To Be Here By 9:30: Will There Be A Wet Hot American Summer II: This Time It's Personal?

Superman's Mama and the New Captain American (F**k Yeah!) Trailer

Two Independent Comic Books You've Never Heard of Are Being Adapted into Cable Television Series

Nerd Alert: Pottermore Revealed! And Watch All 8 Harry Potter Movies at an AMC Theater Near You

Jake Gyllenhaal to Sleep with Bear on National Television

Attention Aspiring Models: Brett Ratner Wants You to Send Him Nude Photos of Yourself! (And Maybe Design a Logo While You’re At It?)

Does William Shatner Have a Role in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Sequel?

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