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Six Pseudo-Spoilerish Reasons Why You're Wrong To Doubt Ridley Scott And The Women Of Prometheus

By Rob Payne | Lists | June 1, 2012 |

By Rob Payne | Lists | June 1, 2012 |

Joanna recently posted an SRL detailing why — beyond all the science fiction trappings, the possible likely return to the Alien universe director Ridley Scott first created in 1979, and the sheer, unadulterated awesomesauce of the movie’s trailers — we should all be very excited for Prometheus next Friday. (So soon!) Because Scott knows what to do with his female leads and has never let fans of ass kicking ladies down, starting with Ripley, then Thelma and Louise and G.I. Jane, and now almost assuredly with Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw and Charlize Theron’s Meredith Vickers. The evidence seemed irrefutable to many, but some of you questioned if it was too soon to put Shaw and Vickers on that list.

After all, the movie isn’t even out, yet!

But, oh, ye of little faith, behold six new videos featuring the ladies of Prometheus that ought to set the record straight and prove once and for all (or, until the movie comes out) that Ridley Scott was Joss Whedon before it was cool. And, yes, if you view any actual footage from the movie as spoilerish, there be possible (incredibly minor) spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own risk…

First, we have a companion piece to Guy Pearce’s TEDtalk and Michael Fassbender’s cyborg birthday. Noomi Rapace’s Dr. Shaw is bound and determined to get funding for her archeological space mission, and she won’t take anything but, “Yes, take your money and go!” for an answer. She might just be the most adorable scientist since Dr. Alan Grant first saw that brachiosaurus in Jurassic Park. Watch:

Next, we have three short snippets from the movie proper, and while Fassbender’s David does his best to steal the scenes he’s in, Shaw and Vickers, as played by Charlize Theron, more than hold their own. Hell, you’d be be lucky to have any of them watching your back in a bout of dark alley fisticuffs. Oh, and since I’ve placed these in what I believe is the correct chronological order, this is probably the most spoiler-heavy 153 seconds of the movie we’ve seen thus far:

Finally, we have two interviews with Rapace and Theron describing their characters and what it was like to work with a living legend like Scott. To be fair, these showcase the actresses’ badassitude more than their characters, but, hey, if they are this is obviously excited about Prometheus, then who are we to argue? Yes, I’m conveniently ignoring the fact that we can and will argue about anything here, but nobody likes a smart ass, smart ass. Just watch:

If you aren’t convinced by now, if none of this blows your skirt up, then I don’t know what else we can do for you. I guess you’ll just have to see the movie on June 8 with the rest of us, huh? Did I mention that was soon? So soon!

Rob Payne also writes the comic The Unstoppable Force, tweets on the Twitter @RobOfWar, and his wares can be purchased here and here (if you’re into that sort of thing). He really can’t believe Prometheus is just one week away; he’s so excited, he’s so scared.