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Everyone on 'The View' Hates Meghan McCain Now, Including Abby

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | January 10, 2020 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | January 10, 2020 |


It’s not even a full week into The View’s return from the holidays and Meghan McCain has already managed to crash-land the show into a delicious stew of gossip and behind-the-scenes drama where everyone hates her. (I’m not going to pretend I’m not bathing in this.) Only this time around, everyone literally means everyone, because even her now-former best friend Abby Huntsman is tired of Meghan’s horseshit. As for what triggered this latest round of “Jesus Christ, why is she still here?” apparently tensions are still high after the blow-up with Whoopi Goldberg, and Meghan just added more fuel to the fire when she acted like a petulant child with Elizabeth Warren and made snippy remarks toward Abby during a discussion on Lindsey Graham’s blatant hypocrisy. That was enough to trigger the wave of tabloid reports below, which were boosted by Meghan taking a “sick day” on Thursday. (She had already arranged a personal day for Friday, which is a common occurrence because she hates Ana Navarro.)

In a nutshell, and you’re never going to believe this, the overall consensus is that virtually everyone on The View considers Meghan to be “rude, dismissive, and self-important,” which yup, she sure is. However, the surprising wrinkle is that Abby and Meghan stopped talking over a month ago, directly on the heels of a glowing People puff piece on their friendship. Then again, this isn’t a totally shocking development when you’re a psycho weirdo who’s been following Meghan’s every move since what feels like the dawn of time. The evidence was all there.

From the very first episode of the season, Meghan made it crystal f*cking clear that she’d throw Abby under the bus on a dime. Remember her infamous meltdown when she screamed “I’m not living without guns!” at a pitch so loud that they’re still finding exploded rodent skulls in Greenland? That was in response to Abby voicing a rational concern that she’d like to take her infant twins into public without them getting shot. Twins that Meghan has held while they were practically newborns, and yet their little lives mean nothing compared to Meghan’s guttural urge to go “PEW PEW PEW” while fisting Jell-O shots. Somehow, the two remained friends after that, so Meghan viewed that as an open invitation to repeatedly shit on Abby’s conservative credentials. Although, one time, Abby tried to pull a MY FATHER, so she dug her own grave there. That’s like swatting a salmon out of a grizzly bear’s mouth but instead of ripping out your jugular, it won’t stop shouting Ben Shapiro tweets at you. In other words, a fate worse than death. May God have mercy on your soul.

Anyway, here’s the incredible part. By late Thursday, Meghan’s “team” realized they should probably respond to the growing reports of backstage drama, so naturally, they went straight to Fox News to — let’s see here — confirm that Meghan and Abby aren’t speaking. That’ll help!

“Of course she’s polarizing, but that’s the point of the show. It’s always going to be tense after big arguments and we’re living in a polarized time, but there is no hate going on,” the source said.

“She brings views to represent the other side and it can really irk people.”

McCain recently had on-screen spats with co-hosts Abby Huntsman and Whoopi Goldberg, but the source said rumors that the on-air beefs resulted in off-camera feuds were greatly embellished.

“Meghan and Whoopi actually have a decent relationship and it’s easy to forgive and forget,” the source said, adding that McCain wasn’t as close with Huntsman as she once was — but it’s not exactly a falling out.”

Assuming that Fox’s source isn’t Meghan pulling a John Barron — a coin toss if there ever was one — you’ll never guess how she’s handling this situation on social media. Hold on to your hats.

Wait a minute, John McCain is Meghan McCain’s dad?! Holy shit, That changes EVERYTHING. (It doesn’t — at all. The opposite, in fact.)

UPDATE: Someone’s Google Alerts were busy.

UPDATE 1/13/20: And Abby just quit The View. Not even joking.

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube