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The Interior Monologue of an Unrepentant Cynical Bitch Going to See 'The Fault in Our Stars'

By Rebecca Pahle | Posted Under PaEHba Day | Comments ()

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Canada is mainly a country of exports. This is due to a relatively low ratio of people to land and the fact that we have a lot of really good shit! As a matter of fact, the current economic crisis...

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Every country has their negative stereotype: the French? Stinky; Americans? Obnoxious; Italians? Moped riders (shudder). Canada's stereotype, in contrast, is supposed to be great. We're nice. We're nicey-nice, nice people, helping old ladies across the street and saying "sorry" even...

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As a child I had a voracious appetite for reading. I was that fat little kid at the birthday party. You know the kind. The one who snuck into the birthday kid's room, snagged a book and found a quiet...

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Every country has icons. In America they're so thick on the ground that people are forever squabbling about what they mean. See the Charlton Heston: crazed gun nut vs. Charlton Heston: passionate civil rights campaigner debate for example. Actually, don't...

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I chose Guy Gavriel Kay as my Canadian author pick because my husband has introduced me to the fantasy authors he loves (which I too have become obsessed with) and yet he has not taken my recommendation in turn. I...

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Alright my lovely Jibamericans, step this way now, and feast your eyes on Bon Cop, Bad Cop, the highest grossing Canadian film of all time ... assuming you don't consider all that pesky inflation talk. Isn't that right, James Cameron?...

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So, suppose you're a successful comedy show with two tongue-in-cheek characters deliberately made as stereotypical as possible. They become wildly popular beyond explanation. What do you do with Bob & Doug McKenzie? Give them Shakespeare and make a movie, of...

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A Canadian upbringing is about more than just playing lots of winter sports and having maple syrup instead of regular syrup on our pancakes. Regular exposure to Canadian television has long been an important part of what makes our childhood...

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As a kid growing up in Toronto, I was struck by the radically different approaches of Canadians and Americans to TV game shows. While a housewife was winning a catamaran, car, or European holiday on Buffalo's channel 2, her equivalent...

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Bienvenue au divertissement de commentaire du jour Canadien du Pajiba! Does it ever seem to you that instead of being polite, kind, and genuinely humble, Canadians are getting a little bit full of themselves? I mean, here I am tasked...

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I've heard that in one form or another, 90 percent of Canadians tuned in to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver last Friday. Canada -- the country that never gives you any real cause to...

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Not so long ago, I would never have imagined myself settling down to willingly watch a Trailer Park Boys movie. Despite being assured that their television series was "actually really funny," I had assumed that trailer park humour was synonymous...

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When we quiet and polite Canadians first began planning our non-violent take-over of Pajiba I breezily volunteered to do a Famous Canadians list. How difficult could it be to pick 10 Canadians who were famous for being more than just...

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Welcome to the Pa'eh'ba Day Dictionary. This dictionary is a collection of Canadiana terms, expressions, peoples, places, and thingys that make us Crazy Canucks so lovable. Also, don't bother to make annoying comments about how many words we fuck up...

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