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Gagner le tuque du Fac-similé ! (Win Replica’s Tuque!)

By replica | PaEHba Day | February 18, 2010 |

By replica | PaEHba Day | February 18, 2010 |

Bienvenue au divertissement de commentaire du jour Canadien du Pajiba!

Does it ever seem to you that instead of being polite, kind, and genuinely humble, Canadians are getting a little bit full of themselves? I mean, here I am tasked with inspiring you to talk about YOUR perceptions, feelings and/or memories of Canada and its denizens…and the very first thing I wanted to do was to go on and on about how I feel about it.

I wanted to brag about how I’ve given birth twice in posh, alternative-medicine-embracing birthing suites and walked out without paying a dime. How I pay plenty of taxes, but I can actually feel the impact of the programs and services those taxes support. How I experience every season rendered gorgeously in a clean, vast and diverse landscape that is just now beginning to feel ‘busy’ with population density. How we have seemingly endless resources to tap into. How our culture strives to get along and accommodate its incredible mix of peoples. How at this very minute, my country and city is hosting the 2010 Summer Olympics and we have just won a gold medal and I am filled with joy and love for all mankind and my heart is soaring and…OUCH! What the…? I…it…OW!!!

Why!? WHY would you do such a thing?!?!?

Okay, fine. I felt that. I get the point.


I’ve been around the block. I’m not new here. I see I’m going to have to give you people some incentive. Some form of bribe…a token…something for nothing. Anything to pry some light from your cold dark lonely shells.

I have just the things!

Write something about Canada, a Canadian place or person or thing, you know, anything mildly related to the topic and we’ll give you something if you try to do your very, very best. Why, I’ll give you the tuque off my head, I will! Or some Saskatchewan Roughrider’s hot sauce (imagine how macho those nachos could get)! Or…whatever that last thing is! A beer box hat of some sort. Which is kinda funny with all the ‘hat strikes back’ jokes we’ve had going around…

Actually strike that. We don’t joke about you guys, ever. It’s not polite.


Pretty please leave your comments below and the Canadian Club will vote on the three best (they don’t have to be the nicest or sweetest, just, you know, the very bestest ones!) and we’ll reward you with our filthy lucre.

Get a gander at the goods below, and do your very best to deke out your opponents. Anyone who can get me one night with George Stroumboulopoulos automatically wins. One night. (*hope*hope*hope*)


replica is not joking about Strombo. No. Not one tiny little bit. Any questions, please email me.

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