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Looks Like Trump's Big Attack on Reproductive Rights Isn't Working Out So Great

Apparently Feminists Aren't Allowed to Show Their Boobs, or Something

Trump Signs Symbolic Bill to Encourage Women to Enter STEM, Probably Just for Photo-Op

Iowa Republican Trying to Remove Progressive Professors Caught Telling Embarrassing Lie About His Own Education

If You Think Sean Spicer Has a Bad Temper Now, Read This One Thing He Wrote in College

Here's the Difference Between Republicans and Theocrats

ICYMI, Even the Dictionary is Done With Kellyanne Conway's Sh*t

Bill Nye and Bernie Sanders Livestreamed Their Chat About Climate Change

Pamela Anderson Wants to Advocate for Men Who Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault

Tom Cotton Gets Destroyed By Woke 7-Year-Old, Ignores Woman Who Says She'll Die Without Obamacare

George Clooney Reminds Trump Supporters Who the Real "Hollywood Elitists" Are

Let's Celebrate This One Planned Parenthood Victory Before Everything Goes to Sh*t

Chrissy Teigen Brightened Everyone's Tuesday By Adorably Trolling John Legend on Twitter

Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart One Day After Posting Plucky Status About How "This Will Not Defeat [Him]"

These Countries Are Picking Up Trump's Slack on Reproductive Rights

Simon & Schuster Cancelled Milo Yiannopoulos's Book Deal, Which it Never Should Have Signed Anyway

So Chris Christie Spent Valentines Day How You'd Expect Him To

Jake Tapper Casually Reminds Breitbart He Owns Twitter

Just a Casual Reminder Michael Flynn Led the "Lock Her Up" Chant at the RNC in July

Guess Who Was Behind Almost Every Anti-Choice Law in 2016!

Emily Ratajkowski Reminds Us There's So Many Non-Sexist Reasons to Criticize Melania Trump

Oklahoma Rep. Non-Ironically Calls Pregnant Women "Hosts" to Defend Dehumanizing Anti-Abortion Bill

Male Lawmakers in Oklahoma Write Law Requiring Written Consent of the Father for Women to Have Abortions

Women Who Write about Their Abortions Deserve Our Thanks

Meanwhile, in Antarctica...

Why It Matters that One in Three Americans Doesn't Know Obamacare is the ACA

Pennsylvania Could be the Next State to Succumb to Anti-Choice Extremism

Ivanka Trump Offers Bizarrely Ironic Response to Nordstrom Cutting Her Brand

A Reminder that Free the Nipple Isn't About Porn

Arkansas Law Allows Men to Block Their Wives' Abortions, Since It's 2017 and Women Are Still Property Apparently

Donald Trump Doesn't Realize White Nationalist and Christian Terrorists Exist, Apparently

Iran Not Worried About "Useless Threats" of "Inexperienced Leaders," Any Guess To Whom They're Referring?

Campus Sexual Assault, Title IX Enforcement, and Betsy DeVos

African Union Official Offered a Powerful Response to Trump's Muslim Ban

Because Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Will Debate About Healthcare on CNN Next Week

State Governments Are the Last Thing We Should Rely on for Abortion Rights

Hot Mic Picks Up Unidentified Voice Calling Paul Ryan Press Conference "Waste of My F*cking Time"

Trump Reportedly Plans to Fire Sean Spicer for His Sh*tty Fashion Sense

Canadian Satirical News Website Beautifully Exposes Hypocrisy of American Restrictions on Reproductive Rights

Former Bernie Sanders Staffers Start World's Most Ironic Super PAC

The House Passed a Bill Making Abortion Pretty Much Inaccessible to Poor Women

Ted Cruz Reportedly a Basketball Star, Still a Total D-Bag

Study Asserts Higher Minimum Wage Could Be a Form of Birth Control for Teenage Girls

Kristen Stewart is Directing a New Movie about Gun Control

Donald Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Executive Order Literally Surrounded By Old White Men

Trump Likes His Briefings With "as Little [Words] as Possible," and Same, I Guess

Abortion Rates at Historic Lows, But Will Likely Sky-Rocket Without Planned Parenthood Funding

This One Aspect of the Trump Administration is Actually Cause for Optimism

What Stars of "The Bachelor" Eat (Because Yes, They Eat) Will Surprise You

Connecticut Republican Grabs Woman by the P*ssy, Calls it a "Joke"

Man Creatively Retaliates Against DMV for Wasting His Time

Abortion and Giving Rich People More Money are All Republican Lawmakers Care About these Days

Tomi Lahren Wants You to Know She Has Black Friends, is Really Proud of Herself

Peter Thiel is Really, Really Confused

Donald Trump Appoints Yet Another Alleged Domestic Abuser, Maybe this Means Something?

Woman Jailed for Self-Induced Abortion Might Just be a Frightening Preview of What's to Come

Cara Delevingne Schools Twitter Hater Who Claims She's Only Successful Because of Her Looks

Jeff Sessions Gets Roasted on Every Awful Thing He's Ever Done and it is a Delight to Watch

Here's A Preview Of 2017's Hottest Abortion Restrictions, Which Are A Pain In The Ass And Serve No Actual Purpose

Attacks On Planned Parenthood Are Attacks On Human Rights

There's Good News And Bad News About The Pay Gap For Millennial Women In The UK (But Mostly Bad News)

Free Weed To Be Distributed At Very Important Inaugural Protest

Bernie Sanders Is Not Here For Trump's Sh*t

Joe Biden Is Amused By Republicans Who Think Repealing The ACA Will Actually Be Successful

The Scary Reason More Conservatives Are Supporting OTC Birth Control