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Ben Affleck, 'Gone Girl' and the Need for More Male Nudity in Hollywood

The Station Agents Ep 81: 'Jabroni' Edition

Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who is a Jerk, and That's a Good Thing

What is Ello, and Should I Care?

Why Won't Amazon Let Me Watch 'Transparent'?

The Station Agents Ep 80: 'Well Rounded Backstory' Edition

10 Years Later: The Top 16 Greatest Moments on 'Lost'

The New York Times Calls Shonda Rhimes an 'Angry Black Woman'

Celebrate the Scottish Referendum with Your Favourite Fictional Scotsmen!

The Station Agents Ep 79: 'What's Under the Blanket' Edition

5 'Daily Shows' Clips that Prove Michael Che Will Own 'Weekend Update'

Top 5 Dancing Scenes on Film

The Rehabilitation of Kristen Stewart

Taking the Time to Love a Movie

The Station Agents Ep 78: 'The Fall (TV Season) is Nigh' Edition

Is Listening to an Audiobook the Same as Reading?

Expressing Love for Movies with the #cinephilephoto Hashtag

It's Not Just Gamers, Nerd Culture is a Sick Wasteland

It Doesn't Matter Whether Tony is Dead or Alive, and Stop Asking

The Station Agents Ep 77: 'Three Finales and an Awards Ceremony' Edition

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News with an Excellent Segment on Ferguson

Leonardo DiCaprio Accepts the ALS #IceBucketChallenge, Nominates Prime Minister of Canada

Piece of Sh*t NBC Employee Donald Trump Insults Fellow NBC Star and Emmys Host Seth Meyers

Why I'm Excited about the 'Harry Potter' Spin-Off

16 Ways Jon Hamm Could React to Inevitably Losing on Emmy Night... Again

How 'True Detective' and 'The Knick' are Ushering In the Next TV Revolution

The Station Agents Ep 76: 'Yeats!' Edition

The Unexpected Joy of Finding Culture Next to a Dumpster

Nobody Gives a Damn About 'The Fantastic Four,' but They Should

Should Celebrities Be Voicing Their Opinions on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict?

The Station Agents Ep 75: 'Goodbye, Robin Williams' Edition

How Marvel Mitigated Risk and Changed the Future of Franchise Filmmaking

Modern Technology Did Not Kill the Spy Film Because The Best Spy Films Aren't About the Technology

The Station Agents Ep 74: 'Leftovers Actually' Edition

TV Review: 'The Killing' Season 4 is a Great Closer to a Redeemed Drama

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

In Defense of Episodic TV Reviews

The Station Agents Ep 73: 'Kathy Geiss Speaks' Edition

A Guide to the Best Games for Your Phone or Tablet

An Encounter with Cultural Ignorance and the Line Between Anti-Semitism and Healthy Curiosity

The Station Agents Ep 72: The 'Sad, Sad Gauntlet' Edition

Anna Kendrick Musical, Benedict Cumberbatch Movie and Lots More Announced for TIFF 2014

Dear Hollywood, Stop Making Movies About Computers and the Internet

'Rev.' is the Best Depiction of Faith and Morality on TV

The Creepy Kids Shows of My Canadian Youth

The Station Agents Ep 71: 'The Ants Go Marching' Edition

'Manakamana' and the Delights of Experimental Documentary

The Station Agents Ep 70: 'Boy Meets Illuminati' Edition

J.J. Abrams' 'Star Wars Episode VII' Shooting in IMAX

'The Leftovers': Metaphorical Bagels and Damon Lindelof's Broken Heart

'Life Itself' Review: A Too Loving Tribute to Roger Ebert

'Game of Thrones' Off-Season Reading: 'The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire'

The Station Agents Ep 69: 'Cast Your Baby Bets' Edition

Top 10 Fictional Canadians for Canada Day

The Joy of Not Watching Everything

The Best New Movie Poster Trend: Things Riding Other Things

The Station Agents Ep 68: 'Passing Papers and Swinging D*cks' Edition

Is NY Mag's Profile of Terry Richardson Fair Journalism or a Disgusting Fluff Piece? (Hint, It's the Latter)

Resurrecting 'Grim Fandango' and the Fulfillment of A Childhood Dream

The Station Agents Ep 67: 'Binge Watching is the New Black' Edition

Presenting the Next Great Action Star: Emily Blunt

Netflix Isn't Changing TV -- But it Should

Station Agents Ep 66: 'You Can Be My Hero, Baby' Edition

Why 'Last Week Tonight' has Replaced 'The Daily Show' on My TV Schedule

A Million Ways I'd Rather Die Than Watch 'A Million Ways to Die in the West'

The Station Agents Ep 65: The Moon Belongs to Everyone Edition

'In the Flesh': The Best TV Show Nobody's Watching

How the Red Wedding Broke 'Game of Thrones'

The Station Agents Ep 64: Torchlit Hero Shots Edition

A Study into the Many Facial Expressions of 'Weekend Update's' Colin Jost

On 'The Good Wife' and One of the Best Seasons of TV in Recent Memory

What Is TV's Obsession with Antlers, and What Do They Represent in 'Hannibal' and 'True Detective'?

The Station Agents Ep. 63: Six Seasons and a Threesome Edition

8 Reasons You Can't Stop the Beat... Of My Heart For Zac Efron

Station Agents Ep 62: Colin Jost's Smarmy Face Edition

Why the Lack of Nudity on 'Hannibal' is a Good Thing

'The Americans' -- 'Yousaf': 'We All Have Secrets, Right?'

A 2014 Summer Blockbuster Survival Guide

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