16 Ways Jon Hamm Could React to Inevitably Losing on Emmy Night... Again

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16 Ways Jon Hamm Could React to Inevitably Losing on Emmy Night... Again

By Corey Atad | Seriously Random Lists | August 21, 2014 | Comments ()

Hamm emmys.jpg

Emmy night. We all love it. A time when our favourite TV stars get together to pat each other on the back and have a grand ol’ time. There’s much laughter, much rejoicing, much Twitter snarking, and many endless awards for mini-series or TV movies that we don’t really care about anyway. Or, as my good friend Jon Hamm would put it, the Emmys are…

Hamm fabulosity.gif

Unfortunately for Jon Hamm, my good friend, the Emmys never seem to appreciate him. You see, year after year, my friend Jon Hamm has given the very best male lead performance in a drama series, and yet the man still hasn’t received a statue for his trouble. Every year he gets nominated. Every year he attends the ceremony. Every year he leaves empty-handed. It’s disappointing to the extreme, and it’s wrong. Just plain wrong.

Okay, sure, for a bunch of those years the award went to Bryan Cranston, and that’s fair. Cranston was excellent throughout his entire run on Breaking Bad, delivering top-notch actoring all the way. Still, couldn’t one of those years have gone to my good friend, Mr. Hamm? And what about the year Cranston wasn’t eligible? Okay, yeah, Kyle Chandler won it for his superb Coach Tayloring. Fine. But what about last year? Jeff Daniels from The Newsroom? COME ON!

I’d say that this is my best friend Jon Hamm’s year, but let’s face it, between Cranston’s final season of Breaking Bad and Matty McConaguhaedgadd (I still can’t spell it and you can’t make me learn) going for broke in True Detective, there’s just no way he’ll take home the prize on Monday night. It’s not going to happen.

So instead, let’s envision all the ways Jon Hamm, my old buddy, might react to his inevitable loss. WITH GIFS!

First off, he might not be pleased. He’ll just look on, with mild disgust and annoyance…


Or maybe he’ll let that disgust show a little more, inelegant as that might be…

Hamm shock disgust.gif

As long as he doesn’t totally lose it…

Don draper loses it.gif

Or go on a bender…

Don on a bender.gif

Or make himself sick over it…

Don draper nausea.gif

And I certainly hope he doesn’t lose himself in a haze sadness…

Don contemplating.gif

Or worse, a complete existential meltdown…


Though he might let out a plea for help in his sorrow…

Don will you help.gif

Or maybe he’ll pretend he doesn’t even care…

Don not think about you.gif

As any good award nominee knows, the worst thing he could do is break down crying…

Don Draper crying.gif

Seriously, I hope he doesn’t cry…

John Hamm crying.gif

He’s got to keep that bottled in…

Don screams internally.gif

More likely, since my friend John Hamm is a cool guy, he’ll clap for whoever wins…


And then he’ll nod, like so…


Of course, there’s always the off chance my deserving friend Jon Hamm could win the Emmy, and if that happens I’m pretty sure he’ll be extremely happy…

Jon Hamm fun in bed.gif

Hopefully that wouldn’t go to his head, though. All that build up? He might faint.

Draper faints.gif

Corey Atad is a Staff Writer for Pajiba. He lives in Toronto.

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