Leonardo DiCaprio Accepts the ALS #IceBucketChallenge, Nominates Prime Minister of Canada

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Leonardo DiCaprio Accepts the ALS #IceBucketChallenge, Nominates Prime Minister of Canada

By Corey Atad | Celebrities Are Better than You | August 26, 2014 | Comments ()

DiCaprio Ice Bucket.jpg

Hello everyone, your resident Canadian here, bringing you a special bulletin from the Great White North. Leonardo DiCaprio is in our neck of the woods, “learning about the Canadian tar sands” at Lake Athabasca in Alberta.

Last week, David Beckham nominated DiCaprio to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and Leo accepted. According to Us Weekly, DiCaprio donated $100,000 for ALS research along with completing the challenge.

Leo went a step further, though. Instead of simply raising money and awareness for the ALS cause, he called attention to the issue of the Canadian tar sands. It’s a thorny issue up here in Canada, stimulating our economy almost singlehandedly, but also causing untold problems for the environment, as well as the aboriginal peoples living in the region.

DiCaprio and three fellow #IceBucketChallenge participants took the opportunity to name key figures in Canadian oil. Dave Collyer president of Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Mark Little of Suncor Canada and Shell CEO Ben van Burden.

Then, Leo himself bestowed a nomination upon our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. It remains to be seen whether Harper will accept the challenge. Here’s hoping he does, though. It’s a great cause. Plus, I really want to see what his helmet of hair looks like when wet. I hear it’s full of secrets.

stephen harper hair.jpg

Corey Atad is a staff writer for Pajiba. He lives in Toronto.

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  • em.me

    Oh come on now, that hair is made of plastic just like every other lego man's hair, it will not move or change when it gets wet.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    That would interfere with Harper's 'I Don't Give A Crap About the Aboriginal Population' platform.

  • TruNorth

    Its very easy for celebrities to jump on the environmental bandwagon, without doing any kind of research or offering up any viable solutions. Firstly, it's called the 'oil' sands, not tar sands. And it's a complex issue, with no easy solutions. Leo is a hypocrite, who doesn't seem to mind using oil resources to jet around the world, partying on oil sheiks mega yachts (as he did during the World Cup), and living the luxurious lifestyle using fossil fuels affords him.

  • emerald

    I think the water might cause Harper's circuits to go kaput.

    I wonder if the government will start trash talking Leo as they did with Neil Young and pretty much anyone who dares to criticize the tar sands. But maybe they won't dare to touch Leo.

  • llp

    None of those people will ever participate, I bet.

    The oil sands make me sad. I have friends working in Fort MacMurray and in the oil and gas industry in generally, but I don't know about the oil sands.

  • emmalita

    The tar sands and the fracking makes me sad. Oil is still a finite resource.

  • My state is the only one in the country who refuses to tax fracking/natural gas extraction even though the gas companies HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO COME HERE TO GET IT!! Shockingly, our current governor (approval rating: 31 percent) won his spot due to heavy financial backing from the natural gas lobby.

  • Jessie456

    Stephen Harper was already challenged by Rob Ford, and I believe I read somewhere that he opted out and decided just to donate instead, though I don't know if that's 100% true.

  • Guest

    I'm sure with tax payer dollars.

  • Yeah, but Rod Ford's Ice Bucket Challenge involves smoking a pail full of crystal then trying to conduct a press conference. Smart move by Harper passing on that.

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