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Life As We Know It: "Jackass 3: Life As We Know It contains only one stunt, and unfortunately, that stunt takes place off-screen, though we are led to believe that it entails driving a car into a ravine. The stunt...

Never Let Me Go: "I am positive that somewhere Mark Romanek has created a two-and-a-half, maybe even three hour version of this tale, which is just as poetic and haunting and beautiful as the novel. Unfortunately, the version being screened...

Red: "Robert Schwentke's Red comes at a bit of an inopportune time. This year has seen a surprising overload of "group of killers and their hijinks" movies -- The Losers, The Expendables, Operation: Endgame, The A-Team -- all movies about...

Stone: "You can tell that Stone was written by a playwright, in that it's primarily a character-driven piece for four talented actors. And the casting is magnificent: Edward Norton, Robert De Niro, Milla Jovovich, and Frances Conroy. It's the kind...

The Social Network: "What's almost poetic about The Social Network -- besides the masterfully constructed narrative, the effulgent banter, and the whooshing virtuoso performances by everyone in this film, including Justin Timberlake, but especially Eisenberg -- is the cultural metaphor...

The Film Bob Rafelson's Five Easy Pieces (1970) is a daring film insofar as it only tends to resonate at certain points in one's life. For instance, when I watched the film for the first time in 2006, I had...

Salt: "Angelina Jolie stars as Evelyn Salt in this Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger) throwback to Cold-War thrillers. And maybe it shouldn't matter, and maybe it makes me a raging asshole for saying this, but when casting...

The Other Guys: "It's meathead humor -- homophobic, macho bravado oneupmanship -- but as meathead humor goes, it's inspired, tinged with off-the-wall splats of pop-absurdity. When Will Ferrell is on his game, no one does it better -- it's early...

Barry Restrepo: After Inception

Diary of the Sleeping Vampie Apprentice: Day Eclipse

Alice Flipped: "Eat the Expendables Here"

Clash of the Airbender and Kitty Galore: The Kids' Christmas Carol

Scott St. Cloud vs. The Grown Up Ramona Love Ranch


Sex and the Girl Who Played With Winter's Bone

Please Give Holy Predators

How to Train Your Jonah Hex

It's Back

Get Iron Man To the Frozen Killer Babies

Robin Ondine

Letters to Juliet Wright: The Sands of Time

The Killers Loss of a MacGruber Diamond

Harry Brown's Why Did I Spread Marmaduke?

The Song, The Furry, The Weird

Keeping Up With The Joneses Funeral Date

Diary of a Kick Ass Life

Clash of the Repo Art Titans

The Cop Out Losers Runaway

The Bounty Hunter Chloe Greenberg

A Single Finest Dragon Tattoo

Percy Jackson and the White Hot Tub Crazies

Remember the Last Green League

The Book of Happy Youth in Rome

From Shutter Island With Love

The Wolfman in Wonderland

The Road John

Which Actress Delivered the Worst On-Screen Performances Since Tom Brady Hosted “Saturday Night Live”?

Daybreakers Legion of Darkness

Nine Fairy Years

The Complicated Descent of Doctor Parnassus in Heaven

The Crazy Young Horse Avatar Bones

The Salmon Pirate

Bad Call, Lieutenant of New Orleans Port

Sherlock Holmes Sells The Chipmunks an Education

The Fantastic Blind Brothers Who Stare At Goats

Old Planet in the Air: A Precious Saints Story

The 2012 Private Lives of Cold Wild Gentlemen

The Damned Fine Dead Sorority Freak Informant Box

Good Dynamite Citizen Abiding Revanche Hunger

The Moonlight Time Traveler Man Retreat

Amelia Loves Zombie Adam

I Hope Whip Saw Star Pontypool is This Boy's Surrogate

Whiteout: The Invention of Lying Gamer Pandorum

The Brothers Fame Can Do Big Moon Loops By Halloween II

The Final Loren Cass

500 Days of District 9

Taking the Basterds Hangover Force Goods

Public Cove: World's Greatest Half Blood Julia

Battle of the Paper Heart Terminator

Bruno Star: The Limits of My Sister's Humpday Thirst

Spread the Ugly Ink Up

G.I Beth Cooper: The Taking of Aliens in the Food, Inc.

Nothing Like Ice Age Orphan Works

Revenge of Sexy Face and Micro Penis

One for the Ladies, and One for Everyone Else

Year One in Ruins

And Away We Go

Observe and Report. But Don't Talk About the Rape Scene, Please

Sin & Sugar and a State of Play

Duplicitious Fighting in a Sunshiney Adventureland

Mike Tyson Beats Up Hannah Montana

Troma Productions Presents: Slinky. This Time, It Pushes You!

I Love 17 Again, Man

The Obsessed Mysteries of Witch Mountain

Dragonball: Fast & Furious

Spambot's Journal: July 21, 2009

Knowing When to Push the Unborn

Confessions of a Pink Panter

Bad Friday the 13th Ideas

Fired Up for Gran Torino?

He's Just Not That Into Kate and Leo

Paul Blart: My Bloody Valentine

Underworld: The Rise of Donnie Darko's Sister

The Curious Case of Wendy and Lucy

Bride Wars Won't Kill You. But You'll Wish You Were Dead

Frost Notoriously Wrestles Nixon

The Spirit ... Reader

The Day the Earth Stood Still. In the Face of a Donkey Punch.

The Dog Bites It, But the Indian Kid Wins a Million Dollars!

The Punisher Pisses Kidney Stones on Glittery Vampires

The Happy-Go-Lucky Vampire Boy in the Striped Pajamas Drinking MIlk

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